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Propone una serie di videogiochi da scaricare ogni settimana. E archivi per il
download di videogiochi gratis.

Ludus - Recensioni: recensione di "Streets of Simcity" per Pc
Recensione del gioco a cura di Luca Chichizola, con voti, download e immagini.

SimCity™ 4 - SimCity.com
Official site. Offers information, news, downloads and screenshots.

info: 2000 CITY SIM

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SimCity 3000 Unlimited for PC - SimCity 3000 Unlimited PC Game ...
Reviewed by Greg Kasavin. Includes hints, screen shots, news, and movies. Score:
7.5 out of 10.

The Sims: Livin' Large for PC - The Sims: Livin' Large PC Game ...
Information, screenshots, news, previews, links, and a review.

Loki | Products | SimCity 3000 | Overview
Includes reviews, a downloadable demo and a link to buy the Linux port of SimCity 3000.

SimCity 2000 Center
Tips, hints, FAQ and cheat codes for making a city in this simulation game.


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CNN.com - Technology - Sim City 3000: Unlimited now available for ...

Sim Web
Contains links, cheats, and downloads to many of the Sim Games.

SC3000.COM's SimCity 2000 Resource Page - Welcome!
Strategy, downloadable cities and downloadable city kits.

SimCity Essay
Essay about video games including an analysis of SimCity written by Ted Friedman.

2000 CITY SIM ?

Game Reviews
Detailed reviews with interactive user comment system and screenshots.

Roger Jackson (VI)
Filmography and TV schedule.

Tik Tok
Includes a walkthrough/review that covers most aspects of the game.

Sim Isle - PC Review - Coming Soon Magazine!
Sim Isle text only review.

Thomas Thü Hürlimann's Personal Webspace
Stellt die Vorteile von Mac OS X im Vergleich zu Windows heraus.

AVault | PC | The Sims Review
Review by Nick Stewart, [4.5/5]. Also has screen shots.

The Sims Review
Review includes a game overview, gameplay stories as well as pages on gameplay,
graphics, sound and online support.

Nextgame.it: SimCity 3000 Unlimited - Recensione
Recensione del gioco nella sua versione per Linux a cura di Emanuele Gesuato,
con immagini e requisiti hardware.

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