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  • :: Researchers from the Pacific Northwest Research Institute (PNRI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have uncovered a pattern of DNA damage in connective tissues in the human breast that could shed light on the early stages of breast cancer and possibly serve as an early warning of a heightened risk of cancer

    Algae Eating Cyprinids
    Information on the Siamese Algae Eater, Crossocheilus siamensis, which is the
    only fish known to eat red algae.

  • It is a strong jumper and should not be kept in uncovered tank, because it will eventually jump

    Women and Sufism, by Camille Adams Helminski
    An article by Camille Adams Helminski exploring the role played by women in the
    history and development of Sufism.

  • He later told of how, when her body was uncovered, it was totally intact and the fragrance of roses filled the air

    A serious scholarly paper by Merlijn de Smit, published online in 2001. It furnishes
    serious criticisms of some new trends in research into the reconstruction ...


    Island Cookbook
    Island recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts.

  • Chill uncovered for 20-40 minutes before serving

    Glossary of financial terms.

    The Story of the Greatest Nations and the World's Famous Events ...
    Book by Edward S. Ellis and Charles F. Home. First published in 1913. Tells the
    story of the Ancient World.

    THE PRINCE OF INDIA by Lew. Wallace
    All in one big (1.68M) HTML file. With illustrations. The online equivalent of
    a "large print" edition.

  • At length an immense uncovered sarcophagus barred the way

  • The floor was a confusion of fragments knocked from sarcophagi, which, massive as they were, had been tilted, overturned, uncovered, mutilated, and robbed

  • Slowly and with labor the movement was continued until the space behind was uncovered

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    Truck and Barter: Iraqi Dinar - Discussion & Commentary
    Discussion thread about the Iraqi dinar, including speculation and analysis.

    Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde
    Framed. Each chapter has several pages. Fixed line length can make this difficult
    to read. Requires JavaScript and cookies; does not work in some browsers.


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