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  • Ital International sells all types of new and used rides for amusement parks, carnivals, family entertainment centers and amusement rides for location based entertainment venues

  • We have clients looking for the following rides: Carousel (very-good+ condition, approximately 20' diameter, park model) Tea Cups Ride (park model, very-good+ condition) Frog Hopper (park model, very-good+ condition) COMPLETE OUR FORM IF YOU HAVE THIS OR OTHER EQUIPMENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SELL

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  • Amusement Rides: We represent amusement ride manufacturers

  • We have new and used amusement rides for amusement parks, carnivals & family entertainment center owners and operators

  • Rides-4-U 221 Evans Way, Suite E, Somerville, NJ 08876 Telephone: 908-526-8009 - FAX: 908-526-4535 E-mail us: Sales: Len Soled Customer Support: Nancy Buckley This site uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them

    Custom manufacture park rides, attractions and vehicles.

  • AMUSEMENT RIDES, THEME PARK DESIGNS, MANUFACTURING & ENTERTAINMENT CONSORTIUM Enhanced Tourist Destinations By Our Service Network Of: Designers, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturer, Suppliers, Construction, Equipment, Consultants AMUSEMENT and RIDES MANUFACTURERS Supply & Services For Theme Parks, Resort Hotels, City Planning, Theme Restaurants, Playgrounds, Leisure Facilities & Transportation Custom Manufacture , Construction, Consultation & Management, Including Turnkey Service, Buildings/Structures, Landscaping, Signage, Selection & Training of Personnel

  • We accept challenges to include the following areas: Open Consortium representing clients for project and bespoke design development of leisure property, theme parks, family entertainment centers, ride and attraction design and fabrication, i.e

  • Specializing in : custom people mover rides , railroad, live steam locomotive, trackless trains, trams, trolley, replica ships, reproduction boats, pirate vessels, specialty vehicle, amusement and theme park design, consultation and management

    Amusement Ride Accident Reports and News
    Complete resource of amusement ride accident reports and safety information.
    This website documents the history of amusement ride fatalities in the United ...

  • is the world's single most comprehensive, detailed, updated, accurate, and complete source of amusement ride accident reports and related news

  • The site includes a record of fatal amusement ride accidents in the United States since 1972, and, for the past six years, has recorded all types of accidents, including many from outside the United States

  • The number of injuries and fatalities recorded at this site does not reflect the total number of injuries and deaths that have occurred as a result of amusement ride accidents

  • is not affiliated with any government agency, amusement industry organization, or consumer advocacy group

  • Petersburg Times September 1, 2004 Hernando Today September 1, 2004 Lincoln Journal Star August 23, 2004 Greeley Tribune August 20, 2004) WEWS News August 15, 2004 WEWS News August 3, 2004 SAFETY - WebMD July 19, 2004 - WTAP News SEARCH RIDEACCIDENTS Hint: Try searching by location, using city and/or state

  • EDITORIAL - USA Today, July 31, 2006 'Though a huge accident could change our minds, the current fatality statistics on rides suggest that, despite our hand-wringing, Americans might be willing to tolerate a handful of deaths per year in the pursuit of happiness


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    Directory of North American Amusement Ride Safety Officials
    The US Consumer Product Safety Commission's list of state offices dedicated to
    ride safety. [PDF Format - Requires Adobe Acrobat].

    Fabbri Group - Amusement Rides Manufacturers
    Manufacturer of attractions for amusement parks, kiddie rides, family rides,
    adult rides, in both traveling and permanent park version features news, ...

  • Register to the Newsletter [] Fabbri presented the New Ride for family, good for both Indoor and Park...

    Joyrides - Amusement Park and Roller Coaster Photos
    Large number of high-resolution coaster photographs, organized by park.

  • a photo gallery celebrating the joy and beauty of amusement park rides, especially roller coasters! What's New — Nothing, nada, zip, zilch! 11 photos 13 photos 12 photos 15 photos 45 photos 13 photos 12 photos 25 photos 11 photos 25 photos 7 photos 5 photos 12 photos 5 photos 25 photos 25 photos 25 photos 30 photos 63 photos 14 photos 14 photos 7 photos © 1994-2004 Joe Schwartz ()

    Designed to help consumers learn about amusement ride safety. Safety tips and
    statistics come from governmental and industry sources.

  • | Quick Links Rider Safety Oversight Data Saferparks Editorial 7/29/06 - Most people understand that children need special protection from some of the design elements that make amusement rides so exciting: heights, open containers on moving vehicles, fixed metal restraints sized for adults, accelerations in multiple dimensions, intense physical and emotional experiences based on speed and surprise, and potential exposure to machinery hazards

  • Recent Events National Child Safety Standards for Amusement Rides On July 29, 2006, Saferparks posted an outline of proposed

  • The proposal would create uniform protections for children under ten who use amusement rides, and may be implemented through federal, state, or local law

  • New Updates to Saferparks Accident Database Michigan: Florida non-exempt facilities: Florida exempt facilites (theme parks): Washington state: California tallies/logs of reportable accidents: Saferparks Report on Falls/Ejections On July 17, Saferparks posted an analyzing available regulatory data on accidents involving falls and ejections from amusement rides

  • Saferparks Scores States on Ride Regulations On April 16, 2006 Saferparks added an inventory and scoring system for state ride safety regulations

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    Kiddie Rides for sale, new and used kiddie rides, amusement rides
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  • | Vending Yellow Pages Directory | Vending Classifieds | Site Map KIDDIE RIDES FOR SALE, Coin Operated, Kiddie ride suppliers for amusement industry professionals

  • Amusement coin operated kiddie rides for sale, new and used

  • Wholesale Children coin operated fun rides, parts and supplies for Coin Op Kiddie rides

  • Fun Coin op rides for kids, Equipment for sale, Suppliers listed! Contact the kiddie ride equipment suppliers listed below for more information

  • Only $25 per month to add your company listing - CLICK HERE! Company /Website Kiddie Rides Description of Services Contact Info BMI Gaming - World's Largest Gaming Superstore with over 950 + pinball machines, video games, table games, arcade games, jukeboxes, photo booths, Kiddie Rides, casino gaming tables and slots, vending machines and much more! Phone: 800-746-2255 Local: 561-391-7200 Nova Resolution Industries Inc

  • EZcount® has wireless electronic Data Transferring capabilities intended for Data Acquisition using PDAs for a Web Based EZcount® Route Management Software and Data Collection System that allows for Internet Accessible Data! Phone: 866-392-6868 Local: 718-792-6099 Fax 718-863-1778 Funriders offers forty years of combined experience in the design, manufacturing, refurbishing and operation of children's coin operated kiddie rides in the United States

    Cedar Point Amusement Park, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World!
    Two 18-hole miniature golf courses and about anything else you can imagine can
    be found at this popular amusement park. Sandusky, OH.

    Exhibits Collection -- Amusement Park Physics
    This interactive exhibit explores how the laws of physics play a role in the
    design of amusement park rides. Activities in the exhibit invite visitors to design ...

  • The only thing separating you from total disaster is a safety harness...but are you really in danger? The designers of the roller coaster carefully crafted this thrilling ride to be just that, but you're actually in less danger than you think

  • You face a greater threat of injury playing sports or riding a bike than you do on a park ride

  • Amusement park rides use physics laws to simulate danger, while the rides themselves are typically very safe

  • How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? In this exhibit, you'll have a chance to find out by designing your own roller coaster

  • Ready to roll? Go on to the first ride: "Amusement Park Physics" is inspired by programs from

    Mondial, World of Rides
    Website for Mondial Rides, creators of thrilling flat rides worldwide.

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  • Other ride manufacturers amtech, barbieri, Chance, Chance rides, Chance-rides, FAB, Fabbri, Huss, Intamin, KMG, KMG rides, KMG-rides, Mack, Maurer, Maurer Soehne, Maurer Sohne, Maurer Söhne, Moser, Moser rides, Moser-rides, Nauta Bussink, Nauta-Bussink, pinfari, Preston, Reverchon, Reverchon Industries, sartori, SBF, schwarzkopf, Soriani and Moser, Soriani Moser, Soriani-Moser, tivoli, Vekoma, Visa, wisdom, wisdom rides, Zamperla, Zierer, Temp-Group, Helmut, Schreiber

  • Rides that we don't produce Swing Wave, Swinger, Wave-Swinger, Waveswing, Waverswinger, Wellenflug, Wellenflieger, Ketten carousel, Ketten-carousel, Ketten carousels, Ketten-carousels, Kettencarousel, Kettencarousels, Break, dance, Break-dance, Teppich, Fliegender Teppich, Fliegender-Teppich, Flying Carpet, Flying-Carpet, Top Spin, Top-Spin, Frisbee, Fris bee, Fris-bee, Move it, Move-it, Discovery, Afterburner, Beachparty, Beach party, Beach-party, Experience, Tango, Take off, Take-off, Tropical trip, Tropical-trip, Miami trip, Miami-trip, after-burner, revolution, gallopers, dogems, twist, tagada, inverter, log fume, crazy frog, crazy twister, power surge, superstar, hangover, spring ride, topspin, sound machine, topbuzz,  stargate, star-gate


    DPV Rides by Daniel Pinfari - Amusement Equipment Rides
    One of the oldest amusement rides manufacturers in the world specializing in
    compact coasters.

  • Rides by Daniel Pinfari Amusement Equipment Rides Office: via Corridoni 8/B - 46029 Suzzara (MN) Workshop: via Gaiolo 9 - 42045 Codisotto di Luzzara (RE) Italy Tel./Fax ++39 522 978091 Mobile ph

  • Rides can offer all New and Second Hand Equipment As Rides present on the Market giostre, attrazioni, luna park, amusement rides, ottovolante, roundabout, rollercoaster, coaster, themed park, pinfari, suzzara, daniel pinfari, flume ride, go kart, technology, minicoaster, ruota panoramica, ferris wheel E-MAIL: Site created and maintained by Search - Find it now!
    What to do if you buy a sick puppy and links to many states' lemon laws.

    Tilt-A-Whirl Tribute - Info, images and related links
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  • Random Terrain's Tilt-A-Whirl Tribute One of the best amusement park rides ever invented

  • Most amusement park rides have two problems: they are devoid of randomness and your participation usually starts and ends with getting in and holding on

  • No matter how exciting the ride is, you're usually stuck with what you might call a passive experience

  • Tilt-A-Whirl Control The person at the controls can affect your spin at certain times if they want to, but skillful riders can also: Influence the direction of the spin during lulls

  • If you don't fight it and choose to help it along, the ride will usually be more enjoyable since you'll get faster spins

  • When you don't want to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl because of one of the reasons above, but someone talks you into it anyway, watch the cars while standing in line

  • Tilt-A-Whirl Links Builders of the Tilt-A-Whirl and other family amusement rides

  • Side view (

  • Two pics, side view and on ride

  • 5centride Photos Following 3 photos courtesy of Sue Nichols from

    Amusement Park and Leisure Industry Expert Witness and Safety ...
    Safety consultation and testimony for the sports, leisure, and entertainment
    industries, specializing in amusement parks, recreational facilities, ...

  • Amusement and Leisure Industry Expert Witness and Safety Consultant Specializing in Amusement Rides, Devices, Facilities and Leisure Activities

  • We look forward to hearing from you! Company Profile Services Recent Verdicts & Settlements $4 Million - Largest verdict in the history of Little Valley, New York; amusement park roller coaster injury; 2004 56.8 Million - 10th Largest verdict in the United Sates in 2003; amusement Park injury; New York 2003 One of the largest soft tissue injury verdicts in the history of the State of Florida; water park stair fall; over 1-Million awarded; 2003 $4.7 Million - Verdict in binding arbitration; amusement park ride injury; California 2003 7.5 Million - Amusement ride injury; Massachusetts 2 Million - Go-kart injury; Pennsylvania Avery Safety Consulting, Inc

  • We specialize in amusement ride, device, facility and leisure activity safety

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    New York City Department of Consumer Affairs
    Protects the rights of consumers in New York City and to serve the needs of New
    York City's business owners.

    RideZone - Amusement Parks & Rides
    Photos and news about US theme parks, arranged by state and attraction.

  • About RideZone RideZone is an ever growing array of photographs and general information about select US amusement parks and rides

  • About the Images RideZone strives for the highest quality photos possible

  • Photography from RideZone has been featured in books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, trade shows, presentations and countless web sites including those owned by the amusement parks

  • All images used at RideZone are copyrighted

  • Don't forget to visit the Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts for ride and membership information Coming Soon RideZone's "How to Photograph Amusement Parks" guide

  • RideZone is not affiliated in any way with the companies, manufacturers and amusement parks listed at this site

    Ultimate Rollercoaster | Roller Coasters, Theme Parks, Thrill Rides
    Information on parks, coasters, and thrill rides. Also features a discussion
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  • 8/23/06 The park's fifth roller coaster Griffon will take riders over the edge when it at Busch Gardens Europe in 2007

  • 8/14/06 Ten hardy souls endured 45 hours of rides on the Judge Roy Scream roller coaster in celebration of Six Flags Over Texas 45th anniversary

    Amusement Today - All about the BUSINESS of FUN!
    Monthly magazine serving the amusement industry, includes park attendance trends.

  • Little Amerricka is also home to three steel roller coasters, go-karts, bumper boats, miniature golf and a unique scenic train ride, the Whiskey River Railway

  • Lake Compounce Zooms Into Gear for 2007 (AUG 1, 2006) - America’s oldest amusement park and Connecticut’s largest water park, unveiled plans today for a new ride and other expansions for 2007 and beyond

  • Lake Compounce will add Zoomers Gas ‘n’ Go, a family ride that takes parents and kids on a journey through the 1950's in a 1956 Corvette replica

  • “Lake Compounce is a Family Theme Park, so we think it’s important to have great new rides that can accommodate both parents and their children, ” said General Manager, Jerry Brick

  • We expect to be able to accommodate between 400 – 450 riders each hour.” Groundbreaking for the new ride has already occurred and it will be ready for park visitors on opening day of next season

  • This old-fashioned traditional amusement park features nine adult rides and nine kiddie rides, including a carousel, Lusse bumper cars, The Frightzone dark ride and The Brat roller coaster

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