Proxify anonymous proxy - surf the Web privately and securely
Free web proxy with optional removal of cookies, scripts, ads and referers.
Requires cookies.

the-cloak anonymous web surfing (anonymous proxy)
Anonymizing proxy with option to remove Java, JavaScript, and block cookies and
ads. Requires JavaScript. Pay service offers more bandwidth than free version.

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  • the-Cloak anonymous web proxy - surf the web safely and anonymously Features: Anonymous web proxy allows you to surf without compromising your privacy SSL encryption to prevent local snooping - keep your surfing habits out of the proxy logs, and your ISP's or boss's hands Selective content filtration - Filter out risky content that could compromise your privacy Remote cookie handling - Access sites that require cookies, but without leaving cookies on your machine Defeat advertiser tracking - advertisers can't track you from session to session and build up a picture of your surfing habits Ad blocking - automatically block out access to most banners using a list of over 10000 ad servers

    Software for Anonymous Surfing
    Advanced proxy agent operating a database with hundreds of public anonymous proxy
    servers from all over the world.

  • iNetPrivacy Software Internet Privacy & Data Security Solutions | Anonymity 4 Proxy: | Surf the Web and Download Files Leaving No Trace Anonymity 4 Proxy (A4Proxy) is a personal anonymous proxy server and anonymizing software

  • Once you install on your own computer, it will allow you to surf the Web with privacy

  • The program is essential for those who value their privacy and who want to surf the web anonymously

  • Advanced features allow you to actively hide yourself while surfing: A4Proxy can generate a fake IP address for each request, selectively modify HTTP variables, block cookies, and more

    Java Anonymous Proxy - JAP
    Acts as a local proxy between the browser and the insecure Internet. All web
    pages requested by the browser go directly to JAP, and are multiply encrypted there ...

  • [ | ] Protection of Privacy on the Internet JAP makes it possible to surf the internet anonymously and unobservably


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    EPIC - Tools for Protecting Online Privacy
    Email, web, telnet, and disk encryption, anonymous email and surfing, cookie
    busters, private voice phone over net, disk and file erasing.

  • Also offers anonymous Web surfing and newsgroup posting

  • Provides users with a secure way to surf and browse the Internet, without others monitoring and recording the sites visited

  • Free anonymous web-surfing

  • Anonymous surfing and web hosting

  • Anonymous surfing, secure email and secure online storage

  • Anonymous web surfing proxy that hides the user's IP and other personal information from the Web stie they're viewing

  • Surf privately, kill pop-up ads, prevent spam, encrypt surfing, filter content, and avoid online fraud

  • Get the web-surfing experience that you want

    anonymous surfing, internet cleanup and index.dat files
    Privacy and security utility to clear the hidden records (like index.dat) left
    from Web browsing.

  • Anonymous Internet Anonymous Surfing index.dat cleaner Anonymous surfing and index.dat files PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing is an internet utility to hide your while you are browsing the web

  • PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing is fully automatic

  • PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing will check your real IP, verify a large number of proxy servers with a lightning fast speed, delete the non-functional proxies, sort them by ping, select the fastest proxy, check your IP again and compare it with your real IP

  • You can also go through the above mentioned steps manually, which makes PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing suitable for experienced users as well

  • PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing supports MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape and Opera browsers; and runs on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

  • Menu - - - - - - Offer All Products Pack only $49.95 You save $45 Contains: - PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing - PCMesh Internet Cleanup - Defrag for Windows - Popup Silencer II Ordering options FAQ Is there a money-back guarantee? Do you charge for product updates? What is PCMesh Customers Area? What is your privacy statement? TESTIMONIALS I thank you for all of the support that I have received with the problem installation of Version 1.2 - Anonymous Web Surfing
    Anonymous Web surfing via CGI proxy.

  • Anonymous Web Surfing lets you surf the web with privacy and anonymity

  • Anonymous Web Surfing prevents data spies from unauthorized tracking of your Internet activity

  • With's Anonymous Web Surfing Service, while browsing the web or downloading files, data will be transferred through our server instead of calling it directly from the target system

  • Using 128-bit SSL Technology for Secure & Encrypted Surfing Sessions's Anonymous Web Surfing Service supports access to sites both http and https (non-SSL and SSL web pages) as well as ftp (uploading and downloading of files)

  •'s Anonymous Web Surfing also enables you to: remove banner ads from the most common ad servers in our database, disable scripts and block cookies

    Primedius - Home
    Online privacy software providing secured, anonymous web browsing with ad blocking,
    cookie management, encrypted email, and encrypted critical data storage.

  • Benefits

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    Proxy List: Free Anonymous Proxy Server - Hide IP Address
    Information about using proxy servers for privacy, with socks and proxy lists.

  • Web-surfing is not without threats to internet privacy and every visit to Web Site may be risk to you because everything is automatically recorded for analyzing purpose

  • Pretty cool!!! ( ProxyBlind Recommended ) GhostSurf Proxy Platinum provides an anonymous and encrypted Internet connection

  • GhostSurf use own proxy servers to help you surf anonymously and also as addition may stops spyware, eliminates ads, erases your tracks etc..

    Surf the Web Anonymously and in Privacy -
    Web-based privacy enhancing proxy service. Offers URL encryption, advertisement
    blocking, anonymous email and an IE toolbar.

    Private and Anonymous surfing tutorial - Configurations for safety ...
    Offers a few tips for configurations for your computer programs to obtain a higher
    degree of privacy, safety and anonymity. [English and Dutch]

  • Anonymous Surfing and Privacy of gaining a higher degree of PRIVACY, SAFETY and ANONYMITY This site was made by someone who thinks it's important that an individual visiting the Internet can be assured of a high degree of Privacy and Anonimity

  • -Did you know that while you're comfortably sufting the net certain programs contact websites to exchange information about your surfing-habits? I'm not talking about spyware but about your standard-software

  • -Did you know that your surfing-tracks are stored in dozens of folders on your computer? -Did you know that everything that you do on the Net can easily be traced back to your computer? -Did you know that the standard-settings of your software don't help you with the previously named problems? Even worse the settings of your "Word"-program, mediaplayer and even your browser leak huge amounts of data to sites

  • The standardsettings of your MediaPlayer for example enable sites to track your surfing-behaviour

  • CLEANING OF INTERNET- AND USERTRACKS FROM YOUR COMPUTER: To those who are not charmed by the overdose of tracks that stay on your computer after an evening of surfing, I'd like to recommend a few free programs

    Freeware Files
    Directory of free software for Windows. Includes backup, ftp, graphics, pims,
    and privacy freeware.

  • Lists and explains the files you are most likely to encounter including compressed files - why not bookmark the page? August 5th 2006 - Added / Updated a new safe surfing page to the site

  • March 1st 2006 - Updated the information page which features the best free Windows Anonymous Surfing Software plus links and information on anonymous sufing services and anonymous proxy servers

  • Image Width: 110 Image Height: 40 Hsin Lin Hints, Tips and Secrets for Windows Free Windows Hints, Tips and Secrets Selections of the best Free Hints and Tips! Hsin Lin Best Freeware! Selections of the best Freeware Files! Hsin Lin Online Guides Anonymous Surfing - Watch your back, Jack! You have a right to your online privacy and to surf anonymously

  • Backup! - did you back up your important files today? Safe Surfing! - Be safe online, protect you and your family


    Cotse.Net Privacy Service
    Daily updated watch for privacy-related issues such as online privacy, anonymity,
    web surfing, spyware, workplace and public surveillance.

    Privacy software. Free Internet privacy software. Privacy ...
    Tips for protecting online privacy and security. Privacy Test.

  • Even if you are not surfing the web, if you have a connection to the Internet you are highly vulnerable

  • When you surf the Internet, any web resource you access can gather and record usage information about you such as your IP address, location, time of day, browser type, browser language, software configuration, operating system you are using, web pages last visited and other information that you might want to keep confidential

  • This prevents online snoops from tracking your surfing habits and using it for undesirable purposes

  • And while there is no actual physical danger to web surfing, chat, or e-mail, most users are either poorly informed or misinformed about what really happens while they're online

  • This prevents online snoops from tracking your surfing habits and using it for undesirable purposes

  • Internet Privacy protection includes the following privacy software: • • • Why you need anonymous surfing software Internet is full of potential risk to your privacy and security

  • Every time you surf the web you leave traces of your Internet activity that can reveal your real-life identity

    Anonymity complete GUIDE
    Anonymity on the web means being able to use all of its services with no concern
    about someone snooping on your data. Here's how.

  • Someone like your employer, someone trying to hack your system, companies gathering all your info to sell to yet other companies, or even the government, may be on your track while you peacefully surf the web

  • Use an anonymous proxy to surf the web

  • Here are some anonymous proxies that you can use to surf anonymously (notice that some of these may be a payed service): Aixs - Rewebber - Anonymizer - The Cloak - You'll highly probably find many websites that provide the lists of unauthorised proxies and remailers

  • Also Java and JavaScript applets can take control of your browser unexpectedly, and if you are surfing to unknown and potentially dangerous places you should be aware of that

  • Some, like Gator for instance, send out detailed information about your surfing habits, operating system, income, age demographic et cetera

  • Here are some links, if you wish to learn more about spyware: [ cleaning tracks ] Resources: Burnt Cookies - allows automatic detection and optional deletion of Cookies deposited by Banner Ad web-sites Surfsecret - automatically kills files like your Internet cache files, cookies, history, temporary files, recent documents, and the contents of the Recycle Bin, for the benefit of all users of shareware ...
    Site for the benefit of all users of shareware, authors and companies and downloads

  • - All-in-one to make your Internet surfing easy

    Guardster - Welcome to Guardster - Your Privacy Headquarters
    Anonymous web proxy, with additional features for subscribers. - Enterprise Technology News and Reviews
    The online version of the enterprise tech magazine.

    Is your e-mail watching you? | CNET
    Watch out--the spam choking your e-mail in-box may be loaded with software that
    lets marketers track your moves online, and you may not even be aware that ...

  • By contrast, junk e-mailers and even some legitimate marketers have begun to use cookies and other techniques to link specific addresses to surfing behavior, security experts said

  • How to block cookies in e-mail If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 to surf the Web, new privacy settings allow you to accept or reject cookies from sites based on their data-collection standards

    Share PSP tubes, fonts, glitter, mask links and information.

  • After uploading, you can optionally secure/protect your file with a password - offers secure anonymous web surfing proxy service for online anonymity and private Internet browsing

  • Surf anonymously with our fast, encrypted Web SSL VPN service -Archive For The P2P File Sharing Forums - The Largest Arcade Game Over then 4000 Game - P2P Reciprocal Link Exchange Directory Reciprocal link exchange directory with links organized into categories

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