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    The official Web site of AOL Instant Messenger. Exchange messages with friends,
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    Movies, showtimes, theaters, trailers, celebrity photos, news, dvd ...
    Showtimes and tickets for the United States and part of Canada. Also includes
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    EA - Action, Fantasy, Sports, and Strategy Videogames
    Distributor for seven North American publishing companies including Accolade,
    DreamWorks Interactive, Intergraph, H3D Entertainment, and NovaLogic Inc.

    English language practice
    Exercises and references, newspapers, TV and radio stations and software.

  • October 16, 2001 LANGUAGE EXERCISES a free online textbook-reader SCHOOLS and BOOKS Learn English in Canada MIXED EXERCISES in listening, grammar, conversation ESL games & lessons with pages in Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Macedonian English Exercises Daily worksheets for advanced students Online lessons, e-mail lessons, fun and games Very nice site **Many,

  • & even a MAGIC trick! Word games, sentences, proverbs Lots of online activities for adults and children FREE English School on the Net Nice sample exercises for idioms, slang, listening and humor

  • A lot of great ESL links for students and teachers Find people interested in making language-exchanges in the city of your choice Very nice pronunciation and minimal pairs Excellent site for ALL students who need pronunciation help Pronunciation help for learners of American English Pronunciation program for ESL Chat room for learners and teachers of English Online ESL conversation practice Pronunciation practice, also a link to tongue twisters from around the world

  • First week is free trial Books recommended by the ESL program at Oregon University Stories written by ESL/EFL students Many quotations from famous (and not so famous) people Interesting stories that are retold over and over Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World Online magazine for ESL News reader for intermediate to advanced ESL students (not updated since 1995)

    OnLine of Departure
    Web site supporting Line of Departure, the leading quarterly wargaming magazine.

  • In addition, OnLine of Departure Support was inaugurated in early 1998

  • Another major development came in July 1999, with the birth of Line of Departure@The Gamers Net, a new online newsletter launched in close cooperation with one of the premier game sites, The Gamers Net

  • Since then, The Gamers Net was succeeded by Military Gamer Online, now merged with the Wargamer , and Line of Departure-Wargamer has followed the whole way accordingly

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    Classroom Resources for K-12 Students and Teachers - AOL@SCHOOL
    This education portal provides 40000+ K-12 educator-reviewed lesson plans,
    curricular materials, reference resources and classroom activities for both students ...

  • Safe Surfin' with AOL@SCHOOL Use our free Safe Surfin' guide to show students how to be safe and savvy online

    Student Reference, Homework Help, Learning Games & Tutorials - AOL ...
    K-12 students can search through thousands of educational Web sites for reference
    materials, tutorials, homework help, games and much more for all school ...

    Steven's On-line Fantasy Sports Games, Sports eCards, and Sports ...
    Free fantasy sports sites and sports news, plus links to kids with sports pages
    around the world.

    AOL Canada
    AOL's search engine for Canadian users.


    Sports News, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and More - AOL Sports
    Find the latest sports news from professional and college games at AOL Sports.
    Offers team stats, scores and highlights from college leagues and professional ...

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    Free Internet Radio Stations featuring XM Satellite Radio - AOL Music
    Offers over 200 streaming radio channels from country to pop to rock to hip-hop.

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    Music Videos, Watch Concert Videos Online, Search Archive - AOL Music
    Watch new music videos online or search a concert and video archive.

    WINAMP.COM | Media Player, Skins, Plug-ins, Videos ...
    The leading high fidelity music player for Windows 95/98/NT that plays MP3s,
    MP2s, WAVs, VOCs and MIDIs.

  • 14, 2006 Want to start your own radio station but don’t where to begin? Use the awesome plug in software for Winamp, secure hosting, build a playlist and go! All online documentation can be found right ...

    TIME Magazine -- Breaking News, Analysis, Opinions, Multimedia and ...
    Comprehensive news articles from the magazine. Updated daily.

    Champions of Norrath
    Official site from Sony. Offers game information, screenshots, ordering information
    and frequently asked questions.

  • Champion Combat over the Internet or via Multitap - 4-player combat via Multitap or remote Network Adaptors Champion Progression and Customization Hundreds of Levels of combat and magic skills and abilities to master Ability to select and specialize your skills, equipment and abilities Customize your champions name, face, hair, skin tone and more Save Your Champion - Import and download characters via Memory Card Master Cold Steel and Wicked Magic - Combination, weapon and magic attacks ensure thrilling non-stop action Combat ViewCam -Total camera control allows you to zoom in up close or view the battles from above Announcing SOE Worlds Magazine! Sony Online Entertainment, the premier name for massively multiplayer online games, is now taking orders for the Collector's Edition of SOE Worlds, the ultimate print resource for players and player communities of EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest Online Adventures, PlanetSide, Untold Legends and EverQuest II

  • Game Over Online Previews Return to Arms Take a look at Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes' in-depth of Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms! RtA Preview Check out IGN Insider's of Champions: Return to Arms along with several in-game screenshots Your Online Game Blog and Gaming Resource
    Video game headlines.

  • Posted on August 4, 2006 | Blogs linking to this post : | Create a Superhero With Online Hero Machine The Sci Fi Channel has created a to promote their upcoming tv series,

  • Posted on July 24, 2006 | Blogs linking to this post : | You Sunk My Google Earth Battleship Julian Bleecker at University of Southern California has embarked on a summer project to create an online version of the popular Battleship gaming using a Google Earth mashup

  • You already have persistent online worlds for people that want to immerse themselves in a particular universe

  • Griefers are the trolls of the online gaming world

  • They intentionally wreck havoc in MMORPGs and persistent online worlds and ruin the game for others

  • The next generation consoles are on offer as 'pre-orders' to Europeans for £550 ($1, 020) at online shop,

  • Posted on June 21, 2006 | Blogs linking to this post : | Fashion Retailer to Open Second Life Store Now even real retailers are building stores inside the popular persistent online world

  • (thx ) that fashion retailer has hired designer to build them an online store inside Second Life

    About Internet for Beginners: Your Complete Guide to Being Online.
    Information on online communities, personal pages, information on hackers and
    cyber-liberties, and examination the nature of online life and identity.

  • it's true, folks. After resisting for two years, I have finally succumbed to the enchantment of World of Warcraft online

  • At an online store, a cookie can bring up the last three items you were browsing

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