Cheney's Firm Backed Bill To Limit Asbestos Liability
Article discusses efforts of Halliburton to change federal law to reduce asbestos

  • Published on Friday, August 4, 2000 in the Cheney's Firm Backed Bill To Limit Asbestos Liability by Andrew Schneider and Lise Olsen Dick Cheney and the giant energy company he will leave to run for vice president have contributed more than $150, 000 to members of Congress who sponsored legislation that would limit the ability of workers to sue companies for asbestos exposure

  • Cheney, as an individual, donated $12, 500 to members who sponsored or co-sponsored the asbestos bills

  • Dave Gribbins, Halliburton's vice president for government affairs, added, 'We give money to candidates for a variety of reasons, usually to those who are supportive of the business agenda, the things that are important to us, like taxes, trade or something specific like this asbestos issue.' A controversial bill The legislation is a highly controversial package promoted and financed by the GAF Corp

  • This year, for the third straight year, the bill didn't make it to the floor for a vote

  • But seeing dwindling support, Illinois Republican Henry Hyde, the Judiciary Committee chairman, did not send the bill to the full House for a vote

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  • (12/6/05) - Survey of Asbestos in the News Billable Hours? RGW (12/17/03) : Solve the Problem, Cure the Cancer RGW (3/31/03) - From the Evidence Archives What industry knew, and when they knew it

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  • Risks 268, 5 August 2006 The majority of shopworkers in Scotland support a new bill which aims to ban large stores from opening on Christmas and New Year's Day, retail union Usdaw has said

  • The Christmas Day and New Year's Day (Scotland) Bill is currently being scrutinised by the Scottish Parliament's Justice 2 Committee

  • Risks 267, 29 July 2006 • Unions and safety campaigners have warned that the corporate manslaughter bill does not go far enough

  • A spokesperson for campaign group Families Against Corporate Killers (Fack) said: “This bill is not fit for purpose and will not have any major effect in deterring negligent employers from injuring and killing people as it does not carry the threat of imprisonment for gross negligence.” Risks 267, 29 July 2006 Trade union leaders in Scotland have reacted angrily to plans for UK-wide legislation on corporate killing, claiming the proposed bill does not go far enough

  • The Home Office says the new corporate manslaughter bill would also be introduced as a corporate homicide law in Scotland, which would mean a much weaker law than that proposed by a Scottish expert group

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  • The insurance industry has made a practice of collecting billions of dollars from policyholders and then delaying and denying claims in their time of need, in an effort to boost its bottom line

  • Insurance companies posted a record industry-wide profit of more than $40 billion in 2005, increasing their surplus to more than $427 billion

  • From Bad to Worse on Asbestos June 19, 2006 - 10:23AM Last week another version of the Asbestos Bailout Bill was introduced in the Senate

  • Even though this bill was derailed in February, industry lobbyists have managed put together a version that is even worse for victims and their families

  • Friday's lays out the bills numerous flaws

  • Congratulations on another victory! It is now the fourth consecutive time in the past three years a medical malpractice bill, written by the HMO and insurance industries, has been thwarted by the Senate

  • The two bills, which were written with no regard for families devastated by injury or the loss of a loved one, could not even muster enough support to be debated on the floor of the Senate

  • Despite being rejected time and time again, leaders in the House have pledged to take up the bill sometime next month

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  • BILL 208 MAKES YOU LIABLE FOR ASBESTOS CONTAMINATION As you are no doubt aware, non-compliance with Asbestos Removal Regulations can have very serious consequences or costly shutdowns, Ministry of Labour fines, court appearances, employee discontent and unfavorable media attention, to name a few

  • BILL 208 MAKES YOU LIABLE FOR ASBESTOS CONTAMINATION As you are no doubt aware, non-compliance with Asbestos Removal Regulations can have very serious consequences or costly shutdowns, Ministry of Labour fines, court appearances, employee discontent and unfavorable media attention, to name a few

  • References must be checked thoroughly to determine the quality of services: was the client satisfied with the contractor's performance? was the contractor's staff knowledgeable and fully trained? did they complete the job on time? what is the availability and schedule performance? PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL AND CORPORATE ASSETS Remember, under Bill 208, Management and Corporate Liability can lead to possible personal exposure and liability

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  • Believing education is the key to our children's futures, Dewhurst worked with the Senate to pass bills three times to improve public education by raising standards, increasing accountability, and raising teacher salaries, and to lower local school property taxes by one-third

  • He certified almost $1 billion in below-market interest rate loans to veterans to stimulate the Texas economy, and helped protect the environment and increase tourism by restoring Texas' beaches and bays

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  • SUPPORT AB 815 & 816 OPPOSE S 852 SEE OUR NEW LINKS MEETINGS & EVENTS L O B B Y Days nothing pending Bill & Author : by Assembly Member Sally Lieber (D - Santa Clara) Position: SUPPORT Dates: Pending in Senate Appropriations (suspense file) Description : for details re AB 815

  • Bill & Author : by Senator Richard Alarcon (D - Sun Valley) Position: SUPPORT Dates: Pending in Assembly

  • This bill was originally focused on another subject and was recently amended (June 13, 2006) to focus on controlling worker silica exposure

  • for that amended version of the bill

  • GENERALLY - for more information about pending California legislation related to occupational safety and health and for a list of the bills we are tracking

  • Bill & Author : by Senator Arlen Specter (R - PA) and others Position: Votes: On Feb 15, 2006, by a vote of 58 to 41, the bill was defeated

  • The bill's authors vow to keep trying to pass the bill

  • sings! Description : This bill will eliminate lawsuits for asbestos-related disease in federal and state courts and establish instead an workers' compensation system for asbestos

  • Benefits

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  • California Air Toxics 'Hot Spots' List (Assembly Bill 2588)

  • California Toxic Air Contaminants (Assembly Bill 1807)

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  • to Bill Gates charitable foundation

  • That's $30.7 BILLION.Buffett's comment to on his kids is most interesting: 'But I would argue that when your kids have all the advantages anyway, in terms of how they grow up and the opportunities they have for education, including what they learn at home -- I would say it's neither right nor rational to be flooding them with money

  • Who knows? posted by Frank | Thursday, March 23, 2006 has a great post the new written by Republican legislators.I wonder if the Republican Party of Wisconsin will issue a second press release now?? Here's press release it put out after the Governor vetoed a prior bill


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  • 'On behalf of ALEC’s 2, 400 state legislator members, I applaud the House Judiciary Committee for passing this important bill and am hopeful Congress will adopt this commonsense policy.' for full statement U.S

  • 4890, the Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006, is an important victory for taxpayers because the line item veto empowers the President to cut wasteful spending from appropriation bills and discourages the practice of “earmarks, ” which cost taxpayers an estimated $30 billion per year

  • Bills have been introduced in each legislative chamber and could pass the General Assembly within days

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  • Truth, Justice, and the American Way! Vote Libertarian in 2006! Kelley Ross for United States Congress, 28th District of California Oh No! A Libertarian! He's against all these: Teddy Kennedy Sensitivity Trainers This is not Liberalism! But he's in favor of all these: Jerry Springer Strippers This is not Conservatism! No, but these are all the Freedom and Constitutional Government, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, especially the and Amendments ! Reject the Left! Reject the Right! Libertarians, the Founding Fathers sent us! A thief is more moral than a congressman; when a thief steals your money, he doesn't demand you thank him

  • Beware: Bill Maher, formerly of 'Politically Incorrect, ' who has often called himself a libertarian, is all too often a standard, politically correct leftist -- though he is seen in Playboy , which not all Democrats (Gore-Lieberman), apparently, can tolerate

  • When Harry Browne was on the August 24, 2000 show, Bill told him 'You're my guy, ' and in answer to the question whether he would vote for him said, 'Would I vote for Harry? Absolutely I would.' Now, however, it turns out that Bill voted for Ralph Nader, a socialist whom no self-respecting libertarian would touch with a ten foot pole
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  • RetireSafe Joins with the Savings Coalition in Calling for Retirement Savings Incentives in Pension Reform Bill Medicare Part B Premiums Expected to Rise 11% in 2007 New Study Shows Seniors' COLAs Can't Keep Up Unintended Consequences of Sarbanes-Oxley Who will Account for the Sick and Dying? RetireSafe Launches Fair COLA Campaign COLA Impact Survey reveals majority of seniors feel annual COLA is too low

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  • I am pleased we are introducing this bill with Senators Glenn, Abraham, Robb, Roth, Rockefeller and Stevens

  • Congress responded by passing a sweeping law that led cities and states to spend nearly $20 billion to remove asbestos from public buildings

  • The bill explicitly recognizes that sometimes an agency will issue a rule that would not pass a cost-benefit test

  • Second, this bill does not contain a petition process that would allow outside parties to sue agencies in court to change particular rules that the litigant does not like

  • Finally, this bill strikes a balanced approach to judicial review

  • By some estimates, the annual regulatory burden is nearly $700 billion per year -- almost $7, 000 for the average American household

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