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    All your base are belong to us | The Register
    All your base are belong to us.

  • Well clearly it's some very badly translated computer game but beyond that, we're really not sure

  • It is an old Sega Megadrive game called Zero Wing

    Wired News: When Gamer Humor Attacks
    When Gamer Humor Attacks.

  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  When Gamer Humor Attacks       Page 1 of 2  Breaking News from AP: See Also Discover more Net Take your chances in Discover more Net Take your chances in By | by this reporter16:00 PM Feb, 23, 2001 'In AD 2101

  • Armies of marketers toiling for years can't figure out how to grab Web-users' attention, and then a flash file with screen-shots from an outdated arcade game accompanied by clumsy subtitles conquers the world

  • 'From what I was told, it's a sort of obsessive/compulsive cult surrounding the poorly translated text from a Japanese video game, ' said one answer to the query

  • 'The quote is from an old, mistranslated game called

  • If you want, an animated GIF of that segment of the game is here.' Reached at UCSD, Truex admitted he didn't really understand the quote and accompanying video game's sudden fame either

    Armed and Dangerous: PC Game Reviews - The Armchair Empire
    Review of Windows edition, with screen shots. Score: 8.5 out of 10.


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    Armed and Dangerous - Xbox (XB) Reviews - The Armchair Empire
    Review of Xbox version. Includes screen shots. Score: 8.5 out of 10.

  • Platform : Xbox Genre : Action Publisher : LucasArts Developer : Planet Moon Studios ESRB : T (Teen) Released : Q4 2003 Support AE! Buy Games Here: Be notified of site updates

  • Enter E-Mail Address Below: Subscribe | Unsubscribe Armed and Dangerous Score: 8.5 / 10 Pros : - Great humor and characters - Some good action - Level design and architecture is cool - Base defend missions offer more entertainment than you might think - Concentrated single-player story - Some extras Cons : - No action figure tie-in Related Links: Review: Giants - Citizen Kabuto (PS2) "The collected cutscenes are funnier 100 times over than an episode of Friends and on par with Monty Python for being off-kilter..." It’s hard to write an objective review of Armed and Dangerous (AAD), because if there was ever a game that seemed to be made for me – and people like me – AAD is that game

  • The game that will forever be attached to Planet Moon is Giants: Citizen Kabuto (that appeared on the PC and PS2), a madcap title from couple of years ago that featured a nearly-naked and very deadly Sea Reaper, a trio of crash-landed aliens, and the aforementioned Kabuto

  • Later in the game the action is almost unmanageable with your attention pulled 7 or 8 different directions

    Dvorak Card Game - The All Your Base Deck
    Printable card game with screenshots from the game. If you control at least three
    bases, and your opponents control none, you win the Game.

  • ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US If you control at least three Bases, and your Opponents control none, you win the Game

  • I like this deck! 17.6.02 what the hell is the point in this piece of shit?? more fun had watching pant dry Populi 17.6.02 It's a card game

  • It's a game that you play with cards

  • And this game owns

  • I like this game

  • 23.9.02 Top stuff; the Sunday Times calls it 'a game design of such staggering consequence and brilliance that it blanches all others into puny and forgettable insignificance.” I thought, in my most humble opinion, that it looked QuiteGood™

  • Specifically, there need to be at least two 'Take off every zig's because these are the cards that really make Zigs matter (otherwise they jsut sit there lookin perdy) and there need to be more 'Somebody set up us the bomb's because these move the game along and would get a nice warfare going if they were draw more often

  • Roninoutlaw 13.8.03 used this for my first game of dvorak, it was really fun

  • 14.8.03 CATS IS YOUR MASTER I LOVE THIS GAME I ONLY PLAY THE CATS CARDS THE ZIGS ARE MY EVIL DOWN FALL Andy 27.9.03 This game is REALLY cool! 27.11.03 I've played this game 4-5 times (2 players).It's quick and fun.But after 2-3 tries, I feel that the game is too random, and the last game we played drag on for about 30 minutes, then we agree to end it as a draw

    War on Terror
    A collection of Anti-Osama flash games and movies to either download or play
    online from Newgrounds.

  • | / / War on Terror America is ANGRY, and we're here to help! Newgrounds fans have been submitting tons of anti-Osama games and movies, so we have picked out the best (?) ones to showcase here! - Your very own Osama, to maim and brutalize! - Fill Osama with enough cocaine to withstand nuclear holocaust! - What a great idea for a cartoon series! - Maybe the best Osama/Terrorist game yet! - Four new missions to blow away terrorist scum bags! - Your very own war prisoner! How will you treat him? - Taliban women get fed up and start showing some boobies! - The Legion of Doom discusses recruiting Usama Bin Laden! - Can peace and love bring us all together? Be sure to watch the whole thing! - Osama Bin Laden has been captured

  • Are you a bad enough dude to kick his ass? - Fire missiles at Osama while he tries to escape - on foot, camel and magic carpet! - Forget dead or alive! Blow Osama's rotten head clean off his body! - The Taliban are in the middle of training when it begins to snow! - Just in time for the holidays, a nice Christmas story starring Usama! - Will Stamper brings you the complex details of Osama Bin Laden's life! - A lone gerbil sets out on a mission to make a difference by becoming a martyr! - Here is a really good Dress-Up game where you can dress up Osama Bin Laden! - Osama gets some free samples in the mail! - Nuke the Middle East! - Osama covers some classic party hits like "Stroke It", "Pretty Woman" and more! - Take a look at Kabul's local weather forecast! - From the creator of Diplomacy and Taliban Twister comes a Halloween greating for Osama and his men! - A modern rendition of the classic Dr - The MUD You Should Be Playing!
    Includes player profiles, areas, quest list, calendar, and FAQs.

  • See our complete list of online or in-game! A new section is now online

  • A highly interactive, free alternative to playing in the new Microsoft-dominated RPG landscape, Hexonyx is a text-based, multi-player game that's been online for more than a decade

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  • Category: | Views: 6198 | Posted on 08/18/2006 06:30 am This game had me addicted for a through the levels to avoid the mobster

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  • Drunk Freshman: The Drinking Game Besides crippling social anxiety and trying to ‘keep things together’ with their high school sweethearts, every freshman guy has one thing in common: they love getting drunk

  • As an experienced college student you should know that every negative has a positive and that positive is usually a drinking game

  • So next time you’re at your favorite bar and a herd of freshmen dudes come tramping through the door, filling the juke box with their TRL favorites and ordering shot after shot of Jager, don’t get mad, just play Drunk Freshman: The Drinking Game! Posted by on August 05, 2006 |

  • Movie Celebrate the X-Games with some of the greatest X-wipeouts of all time

  • Movie Years of fancy classical music training, and now you get to play music to Centipede and other old video games

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  • () 2459 8/8/2006 2:03:58 AM 15 years old already? () 1571 8/8/2006 2:00:33 AM Play online classic games from the 80s, remade in flash


    Brief descriptions of games played in teams, circles and opposing lines.

  • OUTDOOR GAMES FOR KIDS Outdoor Games 1 GREAT FUN PARTY GAMES FOR KIDS OUTDOOR GAMES PAGE 1 TOMATO An enjoyable outdoor game for kids Everyone sits in a circle

  • (Obviously other funny Questions can be used for variety ) CAPTURE THE FLAG - A favorite game to play outdoors There are two teams

  • DOGGY DOGGY WHERE'S THE BONE? - A common outdoor game It's also an inside game

  • HIDE AND SEEK - Most popular Outdoor game First you pick someone to be it (the person to seek) then he/she turns around and counts with their eyes closed at the "base" while the rest of the people hide

  • RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT In this game, one person plays the "stop light" and the rest try to touch him/her

  • Otherwise, the first player to touch the stop light wins the game and earns the right to be "stop light" for the next game

  • The last person who is standing can then be "Simon"! This game is very common and easy to play

  • It sounds noisy, but is an interesting game

  • They would then choose which person would be next to weave in and out of the windows and doors Outdoor Games 1 Copyright (c) 2000

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    The Dig: PIB PC Game Review
    "I can recommend it for your next adventure game fix."

  • Search WWW Search The Dig From Brief game description You are Boston Low, astronaut

  • The game puts you on an alien world and you'll need to learn its secrets before you can find your way home

  • A reasonable amount of depth to the game

  • Beginning adventurers may find this a bit difficult, but it's recommended for intermediate to advanced adventure gamers

  • This is another game where the interface has been simplified to one base cursor

  • The inventory also includes a comm unit so you can talk to the other members of your party or play a really ancient computer game Lunar Lander

  • LucasArts also has a tendency to include at least one colour-coded puzzle in a game

  • There are a few times in the game when talking to people is necessary to go much further, but frequently it's just the same old topics when you try to start a conversation

  • The second is that the longer I play the game, the more the sound breaks up as you ride the tram from place to place

  • When I first start the game, there is no noticeable problem

  • It may be my computer setup, but it is the *only* game I have which does this

    Miniclip Games - Play Free Games
    Proposes games organized by genre.

    Blue's News - All the carnage that's fit to post!
    Includes news, resources, and forums.

  • Combat Announced [August 08, 2006, 9:34 pm ET] - has the answer to what the recent tease () for Monolith's first-person shooter was about: The coming distribution of the multiplayer component from the game as a free release on August 17: LOS ANGELES, Aug

  • and includes all the updates, additional official maps and additional official game modes all in one downloadable file

  • Combat features: * 10 Multiplayer Game modes

  • The demo offers a tutorial along with the first level of the game, in exchange for a fairly startling 1415 MB download

  • Maarten in the Caribbean and include 2 airports and 3 missions of progressing difficulty." Gothic 3 Dated [August 08, 2006, 11:59 am ET] - JoWooD announces October 13 as the official release date for Gothic 3 in Europe: Liezen, Austria, 8th August 2006; JoWooD Productions and Deep Silver announce the final release date for the most anticipated role-playing game of this year: Gothic 3 will be released on the 13th of October in Europe! “It’s fixed – Gothic 3 fans will get their hands on Gothic 3 this October and will be rewarded with a great game for their patience”, says Stefan Berger, Senior Brand Manager JoWooD Productions

    All your base are belong to us - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article discussion the origin of the phenomenon, its mutations over
    time, and mass media coverage.

  • Although the fad has died down, the phrase continues to be one of the most commonly quoted examples of '.' The phrase is also often used as a on many competitive video games, particularly ones played over the

  • Due to its immense popularity, the phrase or some variation of the lines from the game has been seen in innumerable articles, books, comics, clothing, movies, radio shows, songs, television shows, video games, webcomics, and websites

  • A selection of those that have garnered such coverage follows: On -, provided an early report on the phenomenon in an article entitled 'When Gamer Humor Attacks, ' which covered everything from the Flash animation to its spread through and Internet forums to bearing the phrase

  • the bomb.' On, an episode of the television show (', ' episode #403) featured a segment in which a robot from the arcade game said, 'All your base are belong to us.' On, in, seven men aged 17 to 20 placed signs all over town that read, 'All your base are belong to us

  • The phrase is also a cheat to automatically win the game in Warcraft III [] Related phrases and usage The final phrase 'for great justice' has been adopted by various groups as their slogan, including being the name of a skill in the , and there is also some adoption of 'move 'zig'' (which resembles '' — a universal command to action; 'Zig' was the name of the small fighter craft piloted by the player in Zero Wing ) and 'Somebody set up us the bomb' or its derivative, 'Someone set up us the bomb' (basically 'uh-oh!' or 'We're under fire!')

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    In Games Begin Responsibilities
    Preview by Ralph Lombreglia includes interview Howard Cushnir, co-author of Obsidian.
    [The Atlantic]

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