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Free articles covering issues such as puppy control, working with rescued dogs
and teaching leadership and respect.

  • Articles: Since 1996, this web site has helped thousands of dog owners discover the secrets - and benefits - of successful training

  • That's just a fraction of what a personal consultation or even a dog training book would cost

  • Thank you for your support! Puppies Ease those busy "puppy days" & save your sanity! Your puppy training checklist At last - your guide to successful housebreaking! By popular request - stopping those tiny teeth! Help your pup accept these strange new devices! The right & wrong way to teach your dog to come! YOU control destructive behavior! Problem Solvers Advice for cutting "poopsicles" and "cat cookies" from your dog's diet

  • Rules to live by, from backyard to dog park How to make trips like these easier Tips for making the right decision Helpful hints for more fun and less stress! Keep your dog happy while you're at work! Basic Training A rescue dog CAN be renamed! Why physical punishment doesn't accomplish anything! Secrets for successful training What is "trained" after all? Food for thought..

  • Hear the proper way to use commands & get results! One simple command is the foundation of training

    Tritronics FREE BOOKLET - Basic Dog Training
    Free online version of the manual that accompanies each electronic collar.

  • You are here: > Tritronics FREE BOOKLET - Basic Dog Training Tritronics FREE BOOKLET - Basic Dog Training Tritronics, Inc

  • The following dog training material is from the Tritronics Basic Training manual , 2nd Edition July, 2002

  • They provide both a free training video and a training manual with all their remote trainers

  • Buy your Tritronics today! We personally use and recommend their quality remote training collars available at a very reasonable prices

  • for their assistance in giving our customers access to this free dog training information

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    Tritronics Innotek DT Systems FREE SHIPPING on e-collars remote ...
    Supplying training and no bark collars, wireless fences, and training books and videos.

  • Thank you E-Collars! - Cynthia MacQuarrie Wireless Pet Containment & Dog Training Collars , no bark control collars, and wireless pet containment & dog fences

  • Whether you are looking for dog training collars from Innotek, DT Systems or Tri-Tronics, is your one stop shop for your electronic dog training needs! We've been in the dog training supply business since 1972

  • Call Allen, David, or Jonathan, at 1-800-251-6133 or email and we'll be more than happy to help you decide which Innotek, DT Systems or Tritronics dog training collar is right for you and your dog! List: $266.00 Only: $239.00 List: $299.99 Only: $259.99 List: $329.99 Only: $199.99 List: $169.99 Only: $124.99 Try out our on-line shopping cart! Click the 'Add to My Shopping Cart' button

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    Leerburg Dog Training Articles
    A professional trainer provides articles on all types and applications.

  • Click on Pictures Dog Training Categories Leerburg's Top DVDs Leerburg® Dog Training Articles Extra vom Leerburg -- call name "Snickers"

  • CATEGORIES OF DOG TRAINING ARTICLES or Dominant & Aggressive Dog Problems: These emails are separated by catagory

  • This is serious business - educate yourself !!! NEW ARTICLE House Training Puppies & Adult Dogs: Dog Bites & Kids: by Judy Mann from The Washington Post - Lessons to be Learned by Many Mistakes - Owner is Charged with Murder People Being Killed By Dogs: - Lessons to be Learned by Many Mistakes - Owner is Charged with Murder Questions and Answers on Aggression: Questions & Answers: Q&A on Puppies: Q&A on Breeding, Feeding and Health: Q&A on Police, Protection & Schutzhund Training: Protection Training Articles: Understanding the drives of protection work Police K-9 Training Articles: NEW ARTICLE Police K-9 Certifications: Tracking and Scent Work: -- By Gunnar Berg, Norway Obedience: - it's exciting and fun for both the handler and the dog! NEW ARTICLE By T.D

  • Leerburg's Most Pupular Dog Training DVD's: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- Copyright 2006 Leerburg® Enterprises, Inc


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    Leerburg Dog Training - Dog Training Videos & German Shepherd Kennel
    Offers instructional tapes for basic obedience, police service and sheep herding.
    Includes a variety of healthcare products.

  • Click on Pictures Dog Training Categories Leerburg's Top DVDs Over 10, 000 Printed Pages of Information on Dog Training and Leerburg Dog Training Videos Ed Frawley with 3 of our house dogs - Rainy, Morgi and CJ Leerburg Video is a small, family-owned business

  • It has produced over 100 dog training videos since 1979

  • The Leerburg® web site is the largest dog training web site on the internet

  • - click here to see over 5, 000 pages of information on German Shepherd puppies, dog training videos, dog training articles, dog training books and Leerburg training equipment

  • (8, 300 registered members with over 100, 000 posts on dog training in it's archives) Information on and - Leerburg Video Production P.O

    Bird Dog training from basic obedience through advanced field training
    Easy-to-follow video training lessons.

  • | Order | Bird Dog retriever training from basic obedience through advanced field training ATTN: LABRADORS - GOLDENS - CHESAPEAKES - SPRINGERS Great For Duck Hunters! Having problems with obedience training, fetching the bird or advancing your dog in the field? to see the top 9 training challenges and how the "Teach Me, Please" course will help you

  • Jean Smith, internationally acclaimed dog trainer, has condensed 30 years experience onto a 60 minute basic obedience video and a 73 minute field training video for hunting dogs

  • Combo special *Our most Popular Item* Over 2 hours of video instruction 2 workbooks 2 audio CD's 2 packs of training tips **** Also Included with your Order Puppy Manual 6 articles written by Jean Smith "How to Train Your Retriever" All for only $36.90 (+ $7.00 Shipping and Handling) DOG TRAINING QUESTIONS? ASK JEAN or call 858-752-0219 **** Individual Course Information: Use our Secure (click yes to accept our 128 bit high encryption certificate) If you are picking out a new puppy, ask for the Pick of the litter article to be included with your order

    Paws-Abilities Dog Training Center
    The Paws-Abilities dog training center offers all levels of dog and puppy
    kindergarten training classes including agility, flyball and other dog events.

  • PAWS-ABILITIES Dog Training Center ' Begin with a common sense approach to Dog Obedience' -Larry and Dana Babb Larry and Dana Babb are the Greater Seattle area's only husband and wife team to offer and personally instruct all levels of dog and puppy kindergarten training classes for any dog 10 weeks of age and up! The Paws-Abilities Dog Training Center is fully matted and brightly lit for the safety of your family and dog

  • We feature more than 9, 500 square feet dedicated to dog training and sports, including 3, 000 square feet of matted space in our separate 'PuppyGarten' training room and a 360 sq

  • Proudly serving Western Washington since 1988! PRE-PAY a September Class and get $5.00 off!! Please click the links or pictures below for Class Information! Remember to REFRESH your Screen for Up-To-Date information! Obedience Training Classes: Specialized Classes: Featured Pages: and all other contents: Copyright © 2000-2006 by: Larry and Dana Babb PAWS-ABILITIES Dog Training Center 1007 Industry Drive, Tukwila, WA, 98188 (425) 277-3794

    Karen Pryor Clicker Training: clicker training for dogs, stop dog ...
    Karen Pryor method of operant conditioning using clickers to manage animal behavior.

  • Benefits

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    Dog obedience training video, dog obedience video, dog potty training
    Obedience video course for all breeds and ages.

  • | Dog Obedience Training Made Easy Available on DVD or VHS Puppy training - Basic obedience lessons - Fun in the field Learn how you can create your own perfect dog - Dog Training Kit Includes - 60 Minute Video 45 Page Illustrated Workbook Audio CD Also Includes Literature For Behavior Problems Such As: Housebreaking Chewing Barking And other Common Problems Teach Me Please Dog Series Training kit ....$19.95 To learn more about the course Jean Smith A true animal lover, Jean hopes the basic obedience dog training course will save dogs' lives

    Puppy and dog training in Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire - DogBasics
    Offering a range of accessories and equipment including clickers, harnesses and
    leads as well as private consultations and classes.

  • We are mainly a dog training school serving Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire, UK, but we also offer a few other dog services for the caring dog owner

  • All our training clients are now asked to go through a crash course in dog behaviour, dog language and dog training

  • This course is aimed to help you understand your dogs behaviour and language, so that you can make educated decisions about the type of training you do with your dog

  • Once you have finished the Introduction Course, you can choose your lessons individually, anything from puppy socialisation to advanced obedience, clicker training or agility

  • Dog training should be fun, not just in puppy class, but on all levels

  • Go to our for information on puppy classes, basic to advanced dog training, behaviour consultations, our ideology, free advice, dog training book reviews and more

    Army Dog Training
    An article by the Commander describes the process.

  • Training Center for Army Dogs Captain John F

  • Riddick Military Police Corps Commander, Army Dog Training Center Camp Carson, Colorado Army Information Digest, June 1953 The place was Kobe, Japan, during the occupation years

  • Today the Army Dog Training Center at Camp Carson, Colorado, is receiving a steady stream of dogs and is turning them into competent assistants for our troops in combat

  • Camp Carson-training ground for the Army's pack animal units-was selected as the site for this unique activity because of its varied terrain

  • a staff of officers and cadremen, many of whom had dog training experience in World War II, opened the Center in December 1951 under direction of the Provost Marshall General

  • There the training consists of a three-week basic course and an eight to twelve-week specialized course

  • To accustom the dog to sounds which would otherwise make him flinch, the training area is alive with giant firecrackers, explosive charges and rifle fire

  • They also study dog psychology, principles of training, uses and training of specialized dogs, kennel care and management, and transportation for their charges

    Dog Remedy Behavioral Modification & Training
    Dog training services. Includes training programs, gallery and testimonials.

  •         Dog Training programs offered by Animal Behaviorist and Los Angeles Dog Trainer, David Reinecker.  Programs for dog aggression, dog barking, puppy training, separation anxiety, dog hyperactivity, basic obedience training and more

  • Quick Search: Dog Training programs offered by Animal Behaviorist and, David Reinecker

  • For more information about Los Angeles dog trainer and animal behaviorist David Reinecker, please read his bio We offer programs for dog aggression, dog barking, puppy training, separation anxiety, dog hyperactivity, basic obedience training and more

  • David is not only a dog trainer who provides basic obedience training, but he also has more than 20 years of proven experience preventing and managing dog behavior problems in Los Angeles area


    Dr. P's Dog Training & Behavior Main Page
    A university-sponsored library of articles on behaviour, training and dog psychology.

  • P's virtual library of info about dog training & behavior

  • - talk with other people about training

    Canis Sapiens Chicago Dog Training / Chicago Dog and Puppy Training
    Reward-based dog training in the Hyde Park area. Includes contact information,
    description of services, online registration, links and training philosophy.

  • WELCOME! | Reward-based dog training in Chicago's Hyde Park and vicinity We offer force-free, positive dog training and behavior counseling to enhance your relationship with your dog

  • Our training methods are dog-friendly and effective: positive methods are the best choice to train your dog into a trusting and well-mannered companion

  • We offer a variety of training classes and services to suit your needs and budget

  • Group classes, private and semi-private lessons through classes: now offering Specialized training classes include Unique course offerings include We will help you train your dog in 1/2 hour outdoor sessions in Hyde Park: check out our ™ programs NEWS: Contact information-- Email: Phone: Leave a message at 773 913 2030 Join Our Email List Email: No classes November 30-December 2 Winter break December 20-January 1 FREE DOG EVENTS THIS FALL TALK AND DEMO: HOW TO PLAY WITH DOGS AND BE SAFE AROUND THEM 57th Street Children's Bookfair 57th and Kimbark September 17 5 pm at Stage 3 'EAT, DRINK AND BE HAIRY' September 23 11:30- sunset cgc test running from 11:30-1:30 Eggers Grove Forset Preserve 11200 S Avenue E, Grove #1 demonstrations of agility, rally, tracking rescue groups contests: longest tail, best trick etc

    Cat and Kitten Training and Behavior by Perfect Paws
    Cat temperament and psychology explained with links to a range behavioral treatments.

  • Cat and Kitten Training, Behavior and Psychology The key to cat training is to make sure that whatever you want your cat to do is exceedingly rewarding and pleasurable

  • Reprimands simply do not work when training your cat

  • Your cat may be territorial scent marking (spraying) or he may simply need a refresher course in litterbox training

  • Training a cat to stop play biting is relatively easy with both an adult cat and kitten

  • However, training a cat not to bite in fear and anger is best and most easily accomplished thru socialization during kittenhood

  • Basically they have been training and rewarding him to do so.....Click link to read more

  • For more information on Cat Training and Kitten Training, take a look at Gwen's Award Winning Publication ..

    The SF/SPCA
    Free pdf articles to download cover many common issues.

  • First Name: Last Name: My email: Welcome to the San Francisco SPCA Online Dog Behavior and Training Library At the San Francisco SPCA we are committed to making San Francisco a city of safe, happy, well-behaved dogs and responsible dog owners

  • Our Behavior and Training Department offers a broad range of educational programs and services

  • The goal is to help the public understand dog behavior and to assist people in training their dogs and dealing with common behavior problems

  • The material in our Online Dog Behavior and Training Library covers common issues and questions; click on the topics below

  • SF/SPCA Dog Behavior and Training Library Items are PDF format

  • Reprinted from The Woofer Times | Other dog behavior and training resources at The SF/SPCA: For more information: (415) 522-3509 or (415) 554-3095 dog info | © 2001-2005 The SF/SPCA comments about this site? email our

    Los Angeles Dog Training Classes - Puppy Obedience Training School
    Puppy and dog training classes in the Los Angeles area. All breeds welcome.

  • Los Angeles Dog Training Classes & Canine Obedience School for Puppies Los Angeles dog obedience classes - 2 1st consecutive year! Venues: Mar Vista Park & Palms Park, West LA, California Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc

  • 90064 Phone 310-474-3776 to enroll Enroll today to join Los Angeles dog training classes on: Saturday, September 23rd @ 10:00 am

  • Polsky's Dog Obedience Training School Los Angeles puppy training classes conveniently held on Saturday mornings at two convenient locations in West Los Angeles: Mar Vista Park & Palms Park; Flexible enrollment policy: Attend training classes on dates that fit your schedule; Individual registration session prior to the start of classes; Five group training classes plus more if needed at no additional cost; Education and instruction for both the owner and dog; Hundreds of satisified owners and well-trained dogs

  • Optional private training session prior to the start of classes at a reduced rate; Behavioral counseling, if needed, on an individual basis after each class session; Competent instruction assured: Dr

  • Polsky has a Ph.D in animal behavior; Written instructions provided at each class session; No choke chains; training methods do not rely heavily on food treats; Class size limited: Average class size between 10 - 15 puppies; All breeds welcome: Ages 10 weeks - 18 months Reasonable enrollment fee of $299 (Basic enrollment)

    Dog Services Unlimited
    In-home or group dog training classes at local parks. Program information, class
    schedule, and maps.

  • For over 30 years now, we have been helping Southern California dog owners fulfill the needs of their canine family members by providing all aspects of training, activities, products and services to keep them healthy and happy

  • Private one-on-one training can be scheduled any time - to fit your busy schedule! Personalized lessons to help you with your specific needs ..

  • For puppies and dogs of all ages! For In-Home fees and details , click here:, We do In-Home training in every city throughout Orange County, as well as adjacent areas of Los Angeles County, including Long Beach, Lakewood, Norwalk, Cerritos, Whittier, Pico Rivera, and parts of the San Gabriel Valley

  • BOARD TRAINING is another option available for very busy people who don't have the time needed to work with their dog on obedience commands, behavior problems or house manners

  • DOG OBEDIENCE TRAINING, an Eight-week course (Fee: $65 - $75) for dogs over five months is our most popular class

  • see NO TIME IN YOUR SCHEDULE TO COMMIT TO AN EIGHT-WEEK GROUP TRAINING CLASS??? WE HAVE A SOLUTION: JOIN A 4-WEEK "CRASH COURSE IN CANINE MANNERS" STARTING SOON!! Crash Course Class Fee: $56 - $66 for the 6-hour course! for a list of our Crash Course upcoming class times and dates

    Adams Dog Training and Dog Behavior Hub
    Offering a variety of tips and techniques. Topics include housebreaking and
    perimeter training.

  • | Get Your Dog To Listen To You, Anywhere You Go! An all-in-one dog training resource for owning, training and fixing your dog's behavior problems

  • 'Transform Your Dog Into The Pet You've Always Dreamed Of Owning!' FEATURED RESOURCES ' height='38' width='420'> Nothing on the market explained dog training the way we thought it should be explained

  • So I wrote my own dog training book

  • You can start learning how to get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go, with my best-kept and most effective training secrets you can start transforming your dog in less than 10 minutes

  • Once you have this information, you'll be able to obtain practically any pet product or dog training supply at rock bottom prices

  • You'll also learn one simple technique I used to fix 90% of the aggression problems we saw at my dog training company, South Bay K-9 Academy

  • All you need is a 6 foot leather leash, a training collar and this one technique..

  • These commands provide the building blocks for more advanced dog training

  • Ever dreamed of having a dog who can carry things for you? This article explains one dog training approach to the introduction of teaching what's commonly called the "forced retrieve"

    K9 Clickers Dog Training Services Clicker training is a gentle ...
    Free articles can be downloaded which cover basic and advanced methods.

  • Clicker training is a gentle hands-off approach to dog training using positive reinforcement to reward your dog for the desired behaviour

  • Dogs love it and respond because they are getting something out of the training for themselves and quickly learn good actions earn good rewards

  • After all, if children behave well they get treats so why not extend this philosophy to the canine member of your household - your beloved pooch! One to one training sessions in your own home are available throughout the year in Harlow and surrounding areas

  • Training covers all the basics pet owners need plus trick training

  • Why include trick training Well, dogs love to learn new moves and it keeps them interested

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