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  • Todd's Frank Sinatra Lyrics Page Buy this Poster at Frank Sinatra, while not necessarily the "purest" singer ever, was certainly one of the greatest entertainers of this century

  • I of course file away the lyrics of his that I happen to have CDs for

  • I've also discovered a nice benefit to throwing my list out into the ether; many kind readers see what I'm looking for and send me lyrics

  • Larry Henares of the Philippines recently sent me his Sinatra lyric collection (some 760 songs!) and they have been added here

  • Ron Hontz discovered a Most of the lyrics are in English, however

  • Here's another good one, that took the lyric files presented here and added recording data:

  • Ron Hontz' transcriptions are quite reliable, though I sometimes will copy his transcription from a different version (different recording session) and paste it into a lyric field for a CD that I own

  • If a song is missing the lyric, there's an asterisk (*) at the end of the link, and I'm either looking for it or it's on my "to do" list to transcribe

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  • And her passion for the lyrics shines through and rings true

  • The lyrics—a thankful, happy tale of being in love—are sweet enough to eat

  • One of the album’s musical, vocal and lyrical highlights is “Dear Ben, ” a declaration of her love for the special someone in her life and the result is nothing short of breathtaking

  • With subtle samples from The Beatnuts “Off The Books” and KRS-1’s “South Bronx” Jennifer brings it back to her roots, with help from respected lyricists Styles and Jadakiss from The Lox


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  • Are you a fan site webmaster? Watch 'SexyBack' Watch 'Ain't No Other Man' Watch 'Pulic Affair' Watch 'I Can't Hate You Anymore' Watch 'déjà vu' Watch 'Love Train' Watch 'About Us' Positive messages and breakdancing are integral parts of hip-hop culture, but by 1990 those elements had been temporarily eclipsed by the tough gangsta image and bleak but compelling lyrics of West Coast groups like N.W.A

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  • While that's how he started, he soon revealed a lyrical and musical talent that were far more developed than in any other folk-singer of his or any previous generation

  • Dylan wrote unusually refined lyrics

  • He was more of a surrealistic poet than a folk singer; his lyrics built literary bridges between metaphysical visions and the ferocious sociopolitical reality, to express the yearning and the anguish of his generation

  • His nasal tone, at times unable to carry the tune, is the incarnation of ambiguity, the double face of a poetry always swinging between profound lyricism and burlesque cynicism, always able to confuse the literary meaning of a grunt with the crying of a baby and to confer to it one hundred emotional reflexes

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  • Hey...he's right! When you feel the urge, burst out in song by following these lyrics

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  • 'And everything is still hook-oriented: every instrumental, every chorus, even some of the lyrics.' 'But I think this album we've gone back to something like the attack of our very first release, Read All About It, when we first came over from Australia

  • And oi! I like it!' If there's growth in music, there is even more change in lyrics on Going Public

  • Taylor wrote two-thirds of the lyrics, which are challenging, intriguing, sometimes funny, and always insightful

  • 'And he hasn't just written Steve Taylor lyrics or songs, ' Furler says

  • He didn't say, 'Here, let me fix you.' He runs each lyric by each band member, asking 'Are you comfortable with this?' And if one of us says, 'Well, we might not say something quite that way, ' he'll come back with something even better!' Consequently, from a lyric standpoint, Going Public is more in-your-face and upfront than even Not Ashamed

  • 'Going Public is about making disciples of Christ.' But through Going Public, another lyric thread emerges

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  • In addition to writing more than half of the lyrics for both Mezmerize and Hypnotize, he played acoustic guitars, pianos and synths on the new album, as well as handling the string arrangements, doing most of it in his well-appointed home studio

  • To me, it’s always been interesting both musically and lyrically to put two things next to each other that don’t have a previous relationship and see what kind of relationship I can create out of them, because I think that’s creating something new

  • “And since I did write a good part of the lyrics on this record, the songs tend to take a middle ground rather than being one-sided about it

  • I think that’s why my world and Serj’s come together so well lyrically, because he’s more politically motivated and I’m not, but some of his stuff makes mine more serious, and some of my stuff makes his stuff a little bit more human

    Stop clapping, this is serious -
    Article from the Sydney Morning Herald examines his views on the current state
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  • He says Stephen Sondheim 'is the greatest lyricist the English language has produced and that's not an opinion, that's a fact'

  • 'The Australian Opera had just done Salome in Adelaide, ' remembers Lehrer, 'where she cuts off the guy's head and carries it around, but they objected to my song.' Unfortunately for authorities, they couldn't ban what they didn't know about, so Lehrer was able to sing several songs then unreleased in Australia, such as The Masochism Tango (Sample lyric: 'Take your cigarette from its holder/ And burn your initials in my shoulder/ Fracture my spine/ And swear that you're mine/ As we dance to the Masochism Tango.') By the time he left, it was fair to say Lehrer was more famous in Australia than anywhere else

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  • Her voice is unlike anyone you’ve heard before, combining raw intimacy with a gruff, chalky confidence, and while any attempt to interpret her lyrics comes up short, their plain-spoken lines belie an otherwordly perspective on primal human emotions

  • Just Click For Non Albums Songs Lyrics of Cat Power - 1995 - No Matter ( Instrumental ) - 1996 - Fiancé ( Instrumental ) - 1996 - - 1998 - - 2000 - - 2003 - ***Most of the pictures by Stefano Giovanni *** - 2006-01-24 - Add some NEW lyrics (B-sides, live tracks, Cover), want to CORRECT some of them or found a BUG ? Just send a little or simply post a message on the

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  • And, nobody had ever quite matched lyrics like these before to what were essentially Rock songs, although quite out of step with other music of the era, especially commercial chart music

  • Morrissey felt as if it should have charted though, there was already a buzz surrounding the group, and 'Hand In Glove' with it's see-sawing harmonica and eloquent lyric mentioning the sun shining out of someone's behind was indeed quite striking! The second single was 'This Charming Man', and although it wasn't originally on this debut album, it has been present on every single CD edition, so it makes up part of the album now

  • The lyrics are poetry, and good poetry at that

  • I may as well mention the third single, whilst i'm at it, hadn't I? 'What Difference Does It Make' isn't as good a Morrissey vocal or lyric as 'This Charming Man', but now it's Johnny's turn to shine with a catchy, snappy, bouncy happy melody

  • 'Reel Around The Fountain' opens the record, a six minute story that never quite catches fire musically, but the lyrics are interesting and the closing section of the song beautiful in particular thanks to the higher register of Morrissey's voice

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  • There still isn't anything else quite like this marriage of bizarre lyrical imagery and soaring vocals rising to a near scream for the chorus when the guitars thrash away

  • 'Vamos' has some demented guitar work to match Black Francis lyrical work which mixes Spanish with English

  • A fun song! As is 'Isla De Encanta' which features more Spanish / Mexican lyrics through a sub two minute guitar workout

  • sun' in the lyrics and a vague surf guitar feeling with a wonderful melody

  • 'Nimrods Sun' would prove to be a durable concert favourite largely thanks to the lyric section 'you are the son of a motherfucker' which had crowds of fans singing along with glee

  • The lyrics are as unusual and wonderful as ever with mentions of whores and Lou Reed

  • When it meets the song proper everything is loud as hell and Black Francis screams the lyric to some effect

  • The surf guitars, the mellow vocals, the lyrics...

  • 'drive my car into the ocean, you think I'm dead....' 'I Bleed' opens with very deep bass notes, Joeys guitar arrives, the lyrics and vocal performance are both wonderful and inspired and the guitars through the chorus classic Pixies guitars

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  • 27 June 2003 Cleaning out my hard drive, I discovered a recording I was sent in 1996 of a Pinky & The Brain intro from Israel, along a text file I received in 1998 of the Hebrew lyrics from the first season of the Pinky & The Brain series (Romanized -- not in a Hebrew font)

  • If you can provide something better (the theme to the actual series would be terrific), please let me know! Likewise, if you have recordings or lyrics from other countries not yet represented, I'd love to hear and read them, and add them to the collection

  • Select any of the Lyrics Files from the menu below, then click on the Other Languages link within

  • Also, I've added some things to the foreign lyrics/recordings pages! One of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Poland; both Pinky & The Brain intros and the series theme from France plus an MP3 of the series theme; one of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Japan plus an MP3 of it; an MP3 of the Pinky & The Brain theme from Germany; and I've added an MP3 of the Season 3 Animaniacs theme from Brazil, though don't have the lyrics yet (or can't find them 'cause I've been sitting on some of this stuff for so long)

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