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  • To Listen To Neil Young's Living With War Album The ! We're looking for unsigned band for the upcoming film: Anti-Flag's Pat Thetic Supposedly, Old-time Doo-wop, Rock and Oldies Bands are touring, sometimes in ! Read our interview with, costarring in National Lampoon's Pucked with Jon Bon Jovi AT LAST! - 2 out of 3 people prefer to watch Americal Idol than hand each other Grammys! Get Harvey Danger's new album for

  • by Kevin Snook Is "Declaration of Independence"? - A lite discussion about Paul McCartney Pop Culture Madness Needs Your Help With Our Newest List! The Top One Hundred Pop Music Countdown Songs of All Time! (We're still working on this list - send your suggestion ) We dont want to use snackwagon's suggestion - " That 99 bottles of beer on the wall tune will take care of the missing numbers.

    NPR 100
    The one hundred most important American musical works of the 20th century.
    Includes audio of the radio programs and of the songs.

  • 'Alexander's Ragtime Band' March 20 -- NPR's Susan Stamberg reports on the Irving Berlin tune that launched the era of American popular song

  • 'As Time Goes By' March 15 -- Susan Stamberg reports on this unforgettable ballad, written by a 26-year-old Tin Pan Alley writer named Herman Hupfeld in 1931, and made famous by its central role in the 1942 film Casablanca

  • The title track took the 24-year-old Springsteen six months to write and at the time, he described it as his 'shot at the title.' You need the free player to listen to audio files

  • Married at 13, she settled in Bellingham, Washington, where her career took off after she performed several times on local radio stations

  • 'Crazy' September 4 -- This 1961 hit, written by Willie Nelson and sung by Patsy Cline, is the number one jukebox single of all time

  • In a conversation with NPR's, Taylor revisits his feelings about that troublesome time in his life and shares thoughts on the song's longevity

  • Gone with the Wind (Film Score) December 17 -- The music from one of the most popular American films of all time had a tremendous impact on movie scores in the decades following its 1939 release

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    Ultimate '80s Songs - Reliving the Best Songs of the 1980s - Lyrics
    List of over 400 popular songs, categorized by group name, by year, and by song title.

    The Best Videogame Music of All Time
    A site honoring songs by 'medals', with MIDI and SPC downloads.

    The History of Rock Music. Bob Dylan: biography, discography ...
    Offre le recensione degli album e la biografia.

  • Blonde On Blonde (1966), the first double-LP album ever, remains one of rock's all-time masterpieces: two lengthy, rambling, free-form, organ-driven elegies, Visions Of Johanna and Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands , and a bunch of arcanely haunting melodies ( I Want You , Absolutely Sweet Marie , One Of Us Must Know ) completely changed the landscape of rock music

  • One decade later, Dylan would still be surprising the rock audience, this time with Time Out Of Mind (1997), perhaps in the attempt to prove that he is as immortal as humanly possible

  • (Translated by ) Very few musician have influenced the music and the culture of their times as Bob Dylan has

  • Dylan was a bursting visionary who addressed the times in apocalyptic terms, who commented as a universal judge would, who threw mournful condemnations against the forces of evil ('the masters of war) and who raised gentle tributes to his guardian angels ('sad-eyed lady of the lowlands')

  • The ethical and political perspectives of his times were natural offsprings of the heroic Neo-Christianity of which he was the prophet, the inflexible repository of the truth, and the enforcer of the commandments

    Error - Review - Movies - New York Times
    Review by Vincent Canby. "A solemn, ponderously silly film about the dangers of
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    CD Baby: a little CD store with the best new independent music
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  • Juxtaposing the raw, sometimes icy, sometimes brittle and hair-raising and gut-clenching cry of the cello backed by fat, rich, supple and watery electronic ripples, in turn, backed by thick and bumpy beats that carve out juicy grooves magical enough for trip hop fans, Plantastic Joyage turns what's normally a side-thought for most musicians into a treasured focus

  • CD Price: Los Soberanos: Francamente One of the greatest trios of our time, keeping this romantic and musical tradition alive, Los Soberanos deliver supple and elegant Mexican ballads, stemming from the 'bolero' tradition from Cuba

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  • Jump right in with live tracks, rarities, remixes and more for a limited time! They're kind, sincere, and heartfelt...What a bunch of Wusses

  • AOL Radio counts down the top 111 wussiest songs of all time

  • Listen to a mix of timeless and from the good old days from , and

    '80s Music
    Article detailing the accomplishments of women in pop, rock, new wave, and country
    music during the 1980s.

  • '80s Flashback: Fizzle & Fade Away, An Undeniable Truth by 1986 Although the writing had already been on the wall for years and a breakup pretty much expected since the ironically named, the devastating truth that perhaps the greatest band of the '80s thus far had completely dissolved was painfully clear by this time 20 years ago

  • Now, when's the last time you had an experience like that while watching the current incarnation of MTV or VH1? Oh well, I guess that's why I rely on satellite radio for that kind of thing these days

  • Tuesday August 1, 2006 | Throughout history, and even in literature and music, the English have typically received much credit and attention for their accomplishments, sometimes at the expense of worthy feats done by other sons and daughters of the British Isles

  • Well, my underdog-favorable chip on my shoulder has led me to offer first dibs on the spotlight this time around

  • If you'll be so kind as to indulge my lingering geographical obsession, look for similar lists to show up in this space from time to time

  • Don't worry; I'll spare you that this time, at least after this paragraph

    Time Life
    Music and video collections as seen on TV.


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  • This time, it's the would-be grifters who get taken for a humiliating ride

    The Best Song of the millennium, main
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  • [Pitchfork Staff] Tue: 08-01-06: Evoking comparisons to the Shins, Built to Spill, and My Morning Jacket, this Sub Pop band aims to charm a sometimes disinterested big-room audience with its big-room sound

    Downhill Battle - Music Activism
    Non-profit organization promoting a fairer music industry. News, links, and action

  • There is a core group of people working full-time, based in Worcester, MA

  • Downhill Battle has been leading the fight for reform, and it's become a full-time effort for several of us

  • Kembrew Mcleod's NYTimes op-ed explains legalized filesharing with a flat-fee collective licensing system

  • It doesn't take much time at all, and your son or daughter can help you make the mix (so you don't pick anything 'uncool')

  • It’s timed to sync up with – it should be an excellent location for the conference

  • | Swarm of Angels Nicholas, May 10 5:55PM As has been predicted so many times, the internet is both destroying and creating ways of developing and distributing media

  • | Payola action time holmes, March 22 5:10PM The battle to end payola has been heating up lately; New York attorney general Elliot Spitzer has been suing radio stations, members of Congress are pushing for new laws against payola, and the FCC is under fire for not enforcing existing laws

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