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  • Lori and Keith have tried a variety of beers from around the world

  • Probably our favorite beers come from Belgium

  • Both of us have been to Germany (Keith many times) and like the locally brewed beer in the Beer Gardens there as well

  • We have started to experiment with brewing our own beer at home

  • Here is a list of beer that we enjoy very much

  • Usually you can find at least three of the following beers in our 'beer fridge' at any given time

  • Chimay is an authentic Trappist beer which means that it is brewed within a Trappist monastery, under the control and responsibility of the monastic community

  • Only 6 beers in Belgium can carry the appellation 'Trappist': Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren and Achel

  • Chimay brews three different beers

  • Hoegaarden White Hoegaarden White is an authentic Belgian wheat beer

  • This beer is slightly spicy, with a strong touch of coriander and a hint of orange

  • This brewery makes eight types of beers: Pale Ale, Stoudt, Porter, Wheat, Summerfest, Celebration Ale, Bigfoot, and Pale Bock - State House Inn, Annapolis, MD
    A consumer's review of experiences while staying at the State House Inn.

  • We were seated in a comfortable booth at the back of a dining room that had glass windows which viewed the tanks of fermenting beer (there are several dining rooms at Rams Head)

  • Keith decided to try some of Fordham's beer: he started with the Helles Lager and then moved on to the Copperhead Ale (which he preferred)

  • Rams Head is unique when it comes to micro-breweries as it also offers some 170 beers on a lengthy beer menu (in addition to its own beer)

  • After her first beer, Lori ordered very reasonably priced splits of Frexinet sparkling brut

  • Griffin's Restaurant - 22-24 Market Space, Annapolis, MD, 410-268-2576 Griffin's had a good selection of beer on tap (16 taps), as well as a wine cruvinet

    Microbrewery Beer Ratings and Reviews Beer Labels .com
    Reviews each beer they drink for their label collection.

  • : Keep us online: Search Beer Labels: This page is devoted to our ratings of microbrew offerings

  • We rate all the beers we drink (i.e., the ones in the section), including seasonal beers, barleywines, and all other microbrewed beers

  • We love getting emails like 'How could you ever leave Foster's off the list ?!' Eventually, we'll have our entire series of microbrew beer reviews online in a searchable format, so you can see exactly what our distinguished pallates have to say about specific brews

  • Red Ale Downtown Brown Espresso Stout Arrogant Bastard Ale Bottom Ten Poo Beers (avoid at all costs!) Corey's Nate's Fruity Crappy Piss Beers All American Macrobrews (aka 'Piss Beer') Anything from Brew Co

  • Best Bitter Ale Brown Ale London Porter Winter Ale ESP ('Extra Smooth Piss') Caveman Jack's Chili Beer Anything with Fruit, Lemon, or any of that other crap All Piss Beer (aka 'American Macrobrews') All Filtered Wheats Belgian White Mardi Gras Winterbräu Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale Blue Moon Raspberry Cream Ale Wheatberry Brew Anything from the ('We spared no expense'???) Last Modified: 10/12/2000 This list is somewhat of a historical document now

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    Arctic Liquor - Online Store!
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    and a beer of the month club.

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    Beer Links and Simple Recipes
    Several simple recipes that require a minimum of preparation.

  • Beer links and simple recipes A riotous tutorial on beer brewing that contains useful advice found in no other text

  • Where I get My brew supplies A very good tutorial and comprehensive reference for brewing: An excellent article on partial mash brewing's beer recipe calculator, recipe database, carbonation calculator, and hydrometer correction

  • easiest way to make beer is to buy bulk malt extract in the 33 lb containers

  • The following recipes are pretty much what I do in the summer: Low to medium gravity beers that are easy to make, cheap, and quick to to mature

  • Bring your hoppy crystal malt tea to a boil and make beer as usual, adding 1 oz NB hops at the beginning of the boil and the other 1/2 for the last 15 minutes

  • A good summer beer because honey ferments better at higher temps and the belgian yeast works at high temp too

  • No claims here for authenticity, but don't try this beer if you think that 'Blue Moon' is an authentic belgian ale

  • Almost all Belgian ales suck, as do most beers brewed with brettanomyces yeast strains.For some reason I like this beer and Hoegaarden, which this beer does NOT resemble

    Blue Moon Cafe: Sedona, Arizona - affordable family restaurant
    Family dining, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Includes menu and beverage
    list in PDF format, and TV ad in Quicktime format.

  • Burgers • Chicken Breast Sandwiches • Philly Steak and Chicken Sandwiches • Best Phillys in town! • New York Style Pizzas (( (Fresh Dough made every day and hand-tossed!) • Best Wings in Town! • Country Style Dinners • Large Variety of Fresh Salads • Pet Friendly Patio • Free bowls of water for your pet! to see our beer and wine list

    frontline: merchants of cool: douglas rushkoff: coercion | PBS
    Extract from the 'Advertising' chapter of the book.

  • As consumers became weary of major beer brands and their relentless over-the-top media campaigns, they turned to local breweries and brands for a sense of authenticity

  • No longer content with supporting a national brand devoid of character, consumers sought the distinction and individuality that came with buying a bottle of beer that may well have been brewed around the corner

  • Miller Brewing Company released a fake microbrew beer called Red Dog, whose label advertised that it was brewed at the charmingly remote-sounding Plank Road Brewery

  • Anheuser-Busch bought a quiet interest in Seattle's Redhook Ale Brewery, and Coors launched its own line of imitation microbrews from the Blue Moon Brewing Company, whose marketing campaign touted the beer as 'handcrafted once in a blue moon.' Fake microbrands are created for a new population of consumers who have learned to resist the pressures of conformity imposed by well-known brand images

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    The Brew Lounge : Beer Tasting Brewing and Culture
    Blog for beginning homebrewers and beer lovers.

  • The Brew Lounge : Beer Tasting Brewing and Culture Sunday, September 24, 2006 Beer Tasting: Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve This raspberry fruit beer is a wheat ale style brewed by of Phoenixville, PA

  • Brian O'Reilly continues to impress.Bryan's Notes: brilliant, reddish-purple glow substantial head that settles to a nice lavender crown hints of strawberry and raspberry in the nose; some barley too? easy-drinking wheat with significant raspberry flavor but not overly sweet or tart, just right effervescent, fresh flavor and mouthfeel swirl up a few chunks from the bottom for extra texture 8% ABV? Hard to believe perfect after a late summer day of hard outdoor work posted by Bryan at Saturday, September 23, 2006 Monument Wine & Spirits (Concord, CA) & Jackson's Wine and Spirits (Lafayette, CA) If you're in the East Bay area of San Francisco, CA and are looking for a good retail beer selection you can't go wrong at either of these locations

  • Both are managed by the same ownership (in addition to Moraga Wine and Spirits in, that's right, the city of Moraga) and carry a decent selection of high quality beers, wines, and liquors.Generally speaking, the Concord location () has a greater emphasis on beer, while the Lafayette location () has a greater emphasis on wine

    Pawleys Pub
    Nightclub and tavern. Includes entertainment schedule, directions, photo gallery.

    Half-Mind Catalog USA Hash Contacts - Pennsylvania
    The Half-Mind Catalog's listing of contacts for all Pennsylvania Hashes, maintained
    by Flying Booger.

  • Mixture of hashers who actually enjoy running and those who only leave their recliners because we have beer

  • Also some fun trail hashes with beer pre-hidden (cooled in gurgling brooks!) by the hare

  • Updated 10/3/2005 Country USA State Pennsylvania HHH Name TMI Nuclear Meltdown (Harrisburg)Hash House Harriers HHH URL HHH Hotline (717)810-1973 HHH Email HHH Address (name) TMI Nuclear Meltdown HHH HHH Address (street) 3015 N Progress Ave HHH Address (city/state/zip) Harrisburg, PA 17110 HHH Address (additional) HHH Contact #1 Stan 'ICBM' Smith (717)671-9350, HHH Contact #2 Mike 'Screw' Handschew (717)938-5373, HHH Contact #3 'Fuzz Buster', (717)810-1972, Kennel Details Mixed halfminds gather every full moon under the shadow of Three Mile Island to run and drink beer

  • Trails are characterized by at least one 'nuclear waste' check of some non-beer alcoholic (usually green)beverage

    European Beer Guide: Pubs, Bars, Beerhalls, Beer Gardens and ...
    In-depth listing of pubs and breweries.

  • European Beer Guide Brewery Guides - Pub Guides - Beer Articles Introduction Latest updates Brewery guides Pub guides Pub reviews Articles Beer, beer, beer, beer

  • Beer, beer, beer - what more can I say about beer

  • Just in case - beer, bier, birra bière - yep, this page is about beer, ale, lager, porter and stout

  • And beer

  • This is the index page to the site I have constructed to celebrate my beer obsession

  • I'm lunatic enough to attempt assembling a beer guide to Europe single handed

  • The listings include all the information essential when organising a serious pubcrawl: pub name, location, opening times and, vitally important, the range of beer on sale

  • While I have tried to be as objective and fair as possible in my observations, I feel myself under no obligation to be polite when I encounter a beer I consider below standard

  • This - and the fact that it's awfully unfair to expect any non-native English speaker to recognise my poor attempts at humour - decided me against this strategy, worried that you could be misled into thinking that I genuinely like karaoke machines, surly barstaff, short measures or music played at a volume intended to permit an airliner to land unnoticed in the carpark.) Even the best pubs have been known to sell beers more suited to pouring down the sink than the throat


    Propeller Skies
    A blog covering area events and concerts.

  • I am not fond of Belgian beers, as they have a nasty habit of making them out of wheat

  • It blows away other Belgian style beers I have sampled, like the utterly disgusting Blue Moon, or actual Belgian beers such as Hoegaarden

  • Although tasty, I was disappointed because none of the trademark grapefruit notes were present and the beer was not at all bitter

  • This beer would be a decent American Pale Ale, but is certainly not an IPA

  • Forget finding details of how the beer pours, the mouth feel, and all that shit on Propeller Skies

  • I found this beer too sweet

    RustyCans: Information on Beer Can Collecting
    Collector buys, sells, and trades beer cans. Gives information and short history
    on collecting, dumping, and where to find cans. Includes information on Billy ...

  • WWW.RUSTYCANS.COM Information for the Beer Can Collector

  • Anybody can brew beer, but only GOD can make rust! Site Search : search tips sitemap Welcome to the RUSTYCANS web site, dedicated to providing information about beer can collecting in general, and about my collection and collecting interests as well

  • A member of the Beer Can Collectors of America since 1977, I have been collecting beer cans since about 1975 with a long time out for grad school in the 1980s-1990s

  • That way I get beer cans from the "rust belt" (I'm from Ohio), New England (where my wife is from), as well as from Maryland and Virginia (where I live now)

  • I'm a professional historian, so I have designed this site to have as much information on collecting beer cans and the history of beer cans as possible

  • I am also a member of the Beer Can Collectors of American chapter called the Rusty Bunch, a club that goes out into the woods with metal detectors looking for dumps with old beer cans in them

  • I update this site continuously, so please check back often! As heard on Beer Radio! February 11, 2006! A row of some of my favorite cans

    Search Seattle Happy Hours
    Search happy hours by time, day, location and keyword.

  • Check happy hours for | - Side Bar - Worse for beer, bites panda, worse for bear ----------------------------- 2006-09-21 A drunken Chinese migrant worker who was bitten by a panda at Beijing Zoo when he jumped into its enclosure to hug it retaliated by chomping down on the animal’s back

  • ----------------------------- Activists protest beer-swilling pigs ----------------------------- 2006-07-27 A pair of beer-swilling pigs has embroiled an Australian pub in an animal cruelty debate

    BrickHouse Brewery & Restaurant--Fine Food, Great Beer in a 150 ...
    Patchogue microbrewers of Street Light, Hurricane Kitty, Summer Buzz, and Paul
    Brown Ale. Includes band schedule, menus, history, directions, photos, and beer ...

  • Great Beer

  • Patchogue, NY 11772 631-447-BEER Fax: 631-447-6532 The Hops Garden Open again in the Spring —Next at the BrickHouse: Sept

  • With what used to be a wooden porch converted to a brick brew house , The BrickHouse, with the help of the brewing professionals at Blue Point Brewery , turns out some of the finest beer anywhere with a broad selection of ales and an occasional lager

    Intigue News Section
    By Jeff Pruitt. Highlights the Flyin' Gypsy studio. [The Auburn Plainsman]

  • Another aspect that will set Mellow Mushroom apart from other pizza places in town is the extensive selection of beers

  • They will have 18 beers on tap, including Warsteiner, Blue Moon Belgian White and Newcastle

  • Mellow Mushroom will open this Friday, and Bradshaw said he is 'looking forward to seeing students come in, try a new beer and try a new product.' Student 'smokes up' in downtown Auburn ELIOTT C

    Rainier / Pearl / Lucky Lager Beer Bottle Cap Puzzles Solved ...
    The answers to the bottlecap rebus style puzzles found on Rainier Beer and Pearl
    Beer caps.

    Hashes in Kansai and Japan
    Listings and links to all the Hash kennels within that region.

  • Men, women, some of the world's fastest beer drinkers and more fun than ever

  • Run is followed by beer and snacks then circle with down-downs, outdoors at run venue (or possibly somewhere warmer after winter runs)

  • Beer and food available after run

  • Boasts biggest beer mug and the smallest T-Shirts! Check out their

  • After the run there is beer and different food available for reasonble prices

  • $6.00 or Yen 700 includes run, down downs, and sodas, beer, and munchies during down downs

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    Laughlin Nevada, Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall-Laughlin Casinos
    Casino and family vacation resort on the Colorado River in Laughlin.

  • SASSY SUES RIVER BAR We've added 12 specialty draft beers such as Fat Tire, Guiness Bass, Harp, Blue Moon, Newcastle Brown Ale, G.B

  • Hefeweizen and more, While sipping your beer, grab an order of nachos, tempura shrimp, a burger or Thai cigar rolls

  • 24oz DRAFT BEER $3.00 Keep the glass REFILLS ONLY $2.00 (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) MUNCHIES & PRIZES Pioneer Coffee Company Serving Espresso, Cappuccino Latte and your favorite flavors of Frozen Drinks

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