WHYFOR - License Plate Update - Vanity / Personalized License Plates
Ontario collector specializes in personalized plates.

Dr. Schneider and his cure for road rage?
Humorous article explores ways to de-fuse road rage. From The Cincinnati Enquirer.

  • Trains for somebody else In 1996, 1995 and 1994 - the latest years for which statistics are available - Cincinnati led the state in car wrecks, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety

    Big radio airs the sound of sameness
    Article which explains how Clear Channel has contributed to the homoginazation
    of modern radio.

    Mr. Whizard Technical Services - Electronic Instrument Cluster and ...
    Repairs electronic and digital instrument clusters for many vehicle types.


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    Motorcycle Resource and Information Center, Discussion Forum ...
    Non-profit resource for Honda Shadow motorcycle owners. Includes discussion
    forums, downloadable maintenance images and owners page.

    Mortgage Office - American Real Mortgage Corporation
    Full service mortgage lender.

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    PaddockTalk :: Two drivers, Two cars... Drop the flag...It's all good!
    News, commentary and forums for Formula One, NASCAR and IRL.

    Environmental Remediation Consultant - Leslie R. Dole, Ph.D., CM
    Environmental remediation consultant, with experience in the areas of treatment
    and disposal of radioactive, chemical hazardous wastes.

  • Education: CM, Institute of Certified Professional Managers, James Madison University, 1995 Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1972 MS, Physical/Surface Chemistry, Lehigh University, 1969 BA, Zoology/Chemistry, Ohio University, 1964 Professional Experience: Mixed Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Treatment Investigator in the comparative systems and life-cycle costs analyses of the plasma hearth mixed waste treatment process for mixed radioactive and hazardous waste solids from the U.S

  • Department of Energy uranium enrichment plants in Tenessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and South Carolina

  • Principal Investigator of the comparative risk analysis of treatment/transport scenarios for the Fernald facility in Ohio

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    Rajeev Jain - ICS - WICA - Director of Photography ...
    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker.
    Arriflex rate cards.

    Shreveport Gas Prices - Find Cheap Gas Prices in Louisiana
    User submitted lowest and highest priced gas stations in the area, a message
    forum and a fuel logbook.

    For Sale By Owner (FSBO), Sell home house condo Buy Real Estate MLS
    Contains database of properties in North America, searchable by state (or eqivalent)
    or by city.

    The Original ASCII Airplane Collection
    This collection was begun by Paul Tomblin, around 1989. Dan Grunloh rearranged
    it, added lots of planes.

  • Tyler ---=o=--- o/!o 727 from KANNO HIDEO _ .--- _/ |_--'@/ (_PAN AM/_|_=-~ Rob Logan -----|----- *>=[_]L) -'-`- Helicopter from -----|----- E Curtis *>=[_]D -'-`- Sailplane Shamim Mohamed / ------------()----------- PA-23-250 Piper Aztec _|_ Andrew Boyd ---X-(_)-X--- T33 _|_ Andrew Boyd o----(_)----o F-104 (taxiing and in flight) _ _ _ _ Andrew Boyd | x---(_)---x x---(_)---x o/ o C17? _|_ Greg Scarich /ooo =(*)=(*)=( .o

  • / # Origin unknown o_(*)_o --4-------------------- FOUR LINE AIRPLANES ------------------------ | from ----|---- x------(o)------x 0 0 0 _ PA38 | Mark Ferraretto -----O----- / | _ from: , _.o.._ / +********=++-' ` o/ _ _ by Gregg D Short [* /***\_ ---************)-| ' b Rex L


    ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports
    Sports news network. Includes broadcast schedule, game scores and results, and
    articles on college and professional sports.

    Actor: Harrison Ford [The Movie Times]
    Box office information for all his movies, a biography, links, and four pictures.

    Green Car Congress: Biodiesel
    News articles concerning the biodiesel industry.

    PRIVATE ENTERPRISE NUMBERS (last updated 2006-09-22) SMI Network ...
    Liste mit den aktuell zugewiesenen MIB-Nummern für Firmen (weltweit).

  • Arthur Salazar lcc.arthur@SEAS.UCLA.EDU 71 NASA Elizabeth Sudderth 72 Retix Alex Martin ---none--- 73 Boeing John O'Meara 74 AT&T Yzhak Ronen 75 Ungermann-Bass Didier Moretti ---none--- 76 Digital Analysis Corporation Skip Koppenhaver stubby!skip@uunet.UU.NET 77 LAN Manager Doug Karl KARL-D@OSU-20.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU 78 OpenService Inc

  • Baasch etinc! 99 SNMP Research Jeffrey Case case@SNMP.COM 100 Ohio State University Shamim Ahmed 101 Ultra Network Technologies Julie Dmytryk 102 Microcom Annmarie Freitas ---none--- 103 Lockheed Martin David Rageth 104 Micro Technology Mike Erlinger 105 Process Software Corporation Bernie Volz VOLZ@PROCESS.COM 106 EMC Data General Division Rene Fontaine 107 Bull Company Anthony Berent 108 Emulex Corporation Jeff Freeman ---none--- 109 Warwick University Computing Services Israel Drori 110 Network General Corporation Rick Morris 111 Oracle John Hanley 112 Control Data Corporation Nelluri L

    Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
    Web links directory.

    Aaron Fuegi's Fortunes page
    Quotes by famous people such as Mark Twain, HL Mencken and Abraham Lincoln and others.

    Auctions on Ebay Guide to Collectibles Guide Ebay Prices for ...
    Local resident reviews the good and bad about Lincolnton. Features warnings about
    traffic, restaurants, and other things to avoid.

    RFC 1700 (rfc1700) - Assigned Numbers
    Assigned Numbers. J. Reynolds, J. Postel. October 1994.

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