Coral Calcium Supplements Scam Alert!
Explains that the content of coral calcium is not very different from the calcium
carbonate found in other supplements.

Be Wary of Multiple Sclerosis "Cures"
Debunks some alleged 'cures' and 'treatments' for MS.

  • Calcium EAP Calcium ethylamino-phosphate (calcium EAP) has been promoted as a therapy or cure for MS and many other diseases

  • The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has concluded that there is no objective evidence calcium EAP is effective against MS and "because the treatment protocol includes many different agents and may include a powerful drug that suppresses the immune system, the proposed therapy is not without serious risk." [4] The major proponent, a German physician named Hans Nieper, died in 1998, but the substance is still marketed here and abroad

  • Coral Calcium "Coral calcium" is a dietary supplement said to be derived from "remnants of living coral that have fallen from coral reefs, as a result of wave action or other natural processes." Since coral reefs are protected by law, "coral calcium" is made by grinding up limestone that no longer contains live organisms

  • Their principal promoter, Robert Barefoot, has claimed in widely aired infomercials that he has witnessed people with multiple sclerosis "get out of wheelchairs just by getting on the coral." He doesn't say how he determined that patients with multiple sclerosis were actually helped by coral calcium

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  • is "" ! " " by Generation+ Corazyme offers great value and is touted as best in class when compared to other coral calcium products on the market today

  • Corazyme is making a difference with more than just coral calcium

  • by Generation+ Corazyme offers great value and is touted as best in class when compared to other coral calcium products on the market today

  • Corazyme is making a difference with more than just coral calcium

  • by Generation+ Corazyme offers great value and is touted as best in class when compared to other coral calcium products on the market today

  • Corazyme is making a difference with more than just coral calcium

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  • They lie about mercury in vaccines, they lie about the ability of EDTA to chelate mercury (it is far more likely to extract calcium, leading to heart failure), they lie about the results they get.


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  • Arthritis Information-MSM-Coral Calcium-Liquid Glucosamine-CLA Tonalin Supplement Center

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  • upright bikes; new drug for peanut allergy sufferers; getting calcium from your food and how calcium gets into your bones; more

  • Faster running tips from T-Rex; why no one should take calcium supplements without taking Vitamin D; spermicide coated condoms may encourage infection; how to control excessive sweating; why allergy shots are often a waste of money; more

  • Barefoot and the nonsense of coral calcium claims; pervasive ignorance about nutrition; more

  • How taking calcium without Vitamin D increases risk for prostate cancer; SARS and other communicable disease risks to airline attendants; ''Smoke Away' products; false positives with Hepatitis C and interferon treatment; more

  • (with Diana) Evolution of the diabetic gene; get calcium in food rather than supplements; 'burning foot syndrome' from nerve damage; tropical oils maligned by the soybean industry; a new poison ivy cream; will eating chicken feet help your joints?; the Mediterranean diet; more

  • Benefits

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  • Coral-Calcium and MSM from House of Gold Health Products At House of Gold Health Products we sell only the finest quality health products

  • We wholesale over 90 health products including Ericsson's Coral Calcium, Robert Barefoot's CoralCal Daily, vitamin and mineral supplements like Glucosamine Sulfate with Chondroitan, MSM, coral calcium, colloidal silver in our Mild Silver Protein, homeopathic combinations, herbal remedies, the antioxidant Microwater water ionizer, Oxozone air purifiers, and much, much more at great low prices

  • Coral Calcium is the world's perfect natural water treatment, binding elements like chlorine to itself and pulling them from the water

  • In addition, it supplies 994 mg of ionic trace minerals found naturally in ocean water, including Calcium and Magnesium that are highly bio-available for better absorption than with colloidal minerals

  • Coral-Calcium is a mini water ionizer as it transforms ordinary tap water into "milk of the ocean." It provides all the trace minerals found in ocean water, which is similar in mineral composition to blood plasma

  • These ionic minerals, which are smaller and more absorbable than colloidal minerals, include everything from calcium and magnesium to trace minerals that are often missing from our diets

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  • You can also find Coral Calcium by Bob Barefoot that helps to guard against bone loss, restructured alkaline water; nutritional snack products; and hormonal balancing products such as Inner Cellular Energy Multi-Vitamin, Black Cohash and Advanced Bio Anti-Oxidant


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    Robyn's Mollusk Page
    Information on the care and biology of snails and clams in the aquarium, including
    profiles of several snail species.

  • Snails require the calcium, magnesium, and other minerals to grow and maintain their shells

  • Those with calcium can be added to help snails in soft water

  • These will all leach calcium over time into the water

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