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  • Go to the 14 hrs ago | Magnoy's Samsara Thailand's folk hero - ' a man of many parts and talents - ' is loved for his songs of conscience as well as his steadfast support for causes that fight for the rights and the well-being of the ordinary people, ..

  • WILMINGTON -- Toddlers with dreadlocks, young men dancing barefoot in the grass, the image of the late Sunday Aug 6 | Jamaica Gleaner LUST members from left are Lukie D, Saturday Aug 5 | News Journal Toddlers with dreadlocks, young men dancing barefoot in the grass, the image of the late Wednesday Aug 2 | Forward 'I'm here as a soldier of love, ' Wednesday Aug 2 | River Cities Reader Rude Punch to open for Blue Island Tribe at the Redstone Room Rude Punch, a local Wednesday Aug 2 | Voice of America Elmasry report voiced by F

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  • Little Richard's Black Jacket With Appliques Photo by Design Photography I Shot the Sheriff Get Up, Stand Up Lively Up Yourself No Woman, No Cry Redemption Song One Love Roots, Rock, Reggae Buffalo Soldiers Tretchtown Rock Soul Rebel Songs of Freedom by, Bob Marley and the Wailers

  • “We should all come together and creative music and love, but [there] is too much poverty, ” Marley told writer Timothy White in 1976

  • In a crowning irony, given the reviled status that Rastafarians and their music had once suffered at the hands of the Jamaican government, Marley’s pacifist reggae anthem, “One Love, ” was adapted as a theme song by the Jamaican Tourist Board

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  • why not catch them when they're coming through your town? Thursday August 3, 2006 | Yeah, You Right! for Beginners I love

  • I really, really love it

  • I love old smoky Louisiana dancehalls, late-night zydeco dance parties at festivals, shaking my groove thang until my cowboy boots feel like they weigh a thousand pounds..

  • I love it all

  • Thursday July 6, 2006 | to Tour the USA! Okay, I confess that when I start talking about, I probably sound like a 13-year-old girl, but I am seriously quite in love with the man

  • However, in the spirit of self-deprecation, I'd love for you all to share your best accordion jokes, because I know there are some great ones out there

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  • The Gathering of the Peacemakers Labor Day 2006 Monday, September 4th Santa Cruz, California 3:00 - 8:00 pm Who are the healers? They are the “peacemakers, “ the “spiritual elders.“ They are anyone who strives to exercise unconditional love and true forgiveness and thereby teaches this to others

  • By doing so, they lead people back Home - back to the Creator - as all paths but the path of love leads us astray

  • Every one of us is potentially a peacemaker, as the teaching and learning of love is our true purpose on Earth

  • Through our books and events, our family, along with many other people, both known and unknown, are calling forth the healers, the peacemakers, in all communities to come forward and lead the people back to love

  • It is conceivable, however, that individual healers in communities worldwide can activate a grassroots wave of love and forgiveness that will allow us to heal our societies and the world

  • The road to Zion (love) is not blocked by Babylon (fear)

  • Join us on the path Home.' Julia, Alicia & Robert Roskind have organized and hosted 70+ 'One Love Events' in Jamaica and on Native American Reservations, colleges and at public venues in the U.S

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  • Strangelove: Life After the Bomb Peter Sellers plays the dual roles of the president and Dr

  • Strangelove in this scene where the doctor explains life after nuclear holocaust

  • Strangelove: Life After the Bomb (1341 hits) : 8 -Great | Votes: 27 Found by: Link: | Needs Player: ( | ) 2006-08-08 14:47:46 The Simpsons: Yellow 3D The Simpsons intro redone in 3D using Lightwave

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  • Are you a fan site webmaster? Watch 'SexyBack' Watch 'Ain't No Other Man' Watch 'Pulic Affair' Watch 'I Can't Hate You Anymore' Watch 'déjà vu' Watch 'Love Train' Watch 'About Us' Reggae's most transcendent and iconic figure, Bob Marley was the first Jamaican artist to achieve international superstardom, in the process introducing the music of his native island nation to the far-flung corners of the globe

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  • This is clear in the lives of Nanny, the woman who led a successful slave revolt against the English redcoats in 1738; of, who became the first prophet of black self determination in the 1920s, founding the Black Star shipping line, intended to transport descendants of slaves back to Africa; and of Bob Marley, the Third World's first superstar, with his musical gospel of love and global unity | Official Bob Marley Web Site
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    Damian Jr. Gong Marley the Afiwi Interview
    An interview with Damian Jr. Marley about the reggae Grammy and his Motown debut.

  • At the same time still, our father () didn't receive a Grammy award in the Reggae category, and everyone know that our Father ()is one of the greatest Reggae musicians, you-understand? So it's really the love of the people that is the greatest reward for us, you-understand? So we give thanks for the Grammy, but as we say, the love of the people is the greatest reward

  • One thing I love about the Marley brothers is the unity

  • Do you think that this is the way your dad would have wanted it? Jr Gong: Yeah, check this right; "Could You Be Loved"

  • When you listen to "Could YouBe Loved", you wouldn't really listen it as a traditional reggae record you-understand? Yeah, but it have a whole heap of funk and R & B influence; you-understand-weh-me-a-deal-wid? So as you said earlier, my father's music was geared towards the African-American audience, Black America

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  • I don't know you yet, haven't fallen in love with you, haven't let my tongue flicker lightly across your nipples in a curtained room

  • I had been woken up by 'Is this love' by Bob Marley, not because of the volume or the quiet giggles and whispers coming from the hallway, but because of the warmth

  • The lyrics pushed my spine back and forth, ' I wanna love ya, I wanna love and treat you right..

  • They made me believe that having little couldn't stop love and God would provide whatever couldn’t be provided by love

    Bunny Wailer tribute
    Biography and history.

  • However, this never got in his way, and after 30 years in the music business, Bunny still puts out the music that he wants to put out, and music that his true fans will respect and love

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  • (Bob Sinclair sings for the future) (Manu Chao rocking out...) (Young Dro doesn't know how to dance) (something for South Beach and Dade County) (double oh soul coming soon!) (dedicated to Parisian nights by Paris Hilton) (Chamillionaire ridin' dirty...) (not in Notting Hill but still rocking) (Outkast back at it in Idlewild...) (love and happiness in this generation) (Lily Allen sings around...) (Gnarls Barkley says put on a smiley face) (Gnarls Barkley just might tell it like it is) (creamy dreamy beats to feast on) (beats inspired by the borough) (lounge to the sounds from Heathrow to JFK) (Tony Yayo seduces your ears) (R

  • Tropez) (Magic System remixed like it's 4am in Paris) (sweet beats from the dirty south to south beach) (hotter than Dubai) (sizzlin' into 2005) (the streets and beats are getting hectic) (better than a hot night in Buenos Aires) (one sip and you are addicted) (solar powered mix) (an ice cold wintry mix) (chillsnillzen in the caribbean) (one night in the kitchen) (artistic grooves) (like honey on my graham crackers -it's good) (Jack Johnson & Ben Harper) (Chingy and more) (Ben Harper/Bob Marley mix) (Sean Paul - Cuba Libre!) (Where is the Love - Casa Bacardì) (B2K, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, and Cassius) (Sean Paul and Diwali Riddims) (Cassius..

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