Boston Travel Story Part 1
How to eat and walk your way through Boston in 3 days.

  • I had the Portabella mushroom appetizer and the Maine Rock crab cakes and Margherita had the corn breaded Monk Fish

  • I liked the crab cakes the best and just to frustrate Margherita I told her how good they were but how there was not enough to share

    XXXIV. SANDWICHES AND CANAPÈS. Farmer, Fannie Merritt. 1918. The ...
    Recipes and sandwich making advice from The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book,
    1918, by Fannie Merritt Farmer.

  • Spread slices of bread, rounding with Crab Mixture, cover with creamed butter, sprinkle with cheese, and brown in the oven

  • Crab Mixture

  • Finely chop crab meat, season with salt, cayenne, and a few drops of lemon juice, then moisten with Thick White Sauce

  • Lobster meat may be used in place of crab meat

    XI. FISH. Farmer, Fannie Merritt. 1918. The Boston Cooking-School ...
    Recipes and general information about types and cooking of fish and shellfish
    from The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, 1918, by Fannie Merritt Farmer.

  • Crabs among Crustaceans are next in importance to lobsters, commercially speaking

  • Crabs, like lobsters, change their shells

  • Soft-shell crabs are those which have recently shed their old shells, and the new shells have not had time to harden; these are considered by many a great luxury

  • Oyster crabs (very small crabs found in shells with oysters) are a delicacy not often indulged in

  • Crabs are in season during the spring and summer

  • .7 32.5 Carbohydrates Lobsters 61.7 5.9 .7 .8 .2 30.7 Clams, out of shell 10.6 1.1 2.3 5.2 80.8 Oysters, solid 6.1 1.4 .9 3.3 88.3 Crabs, soft shell 15.8 1.5 2

    The Lambertville Station
    The etched glass, polished oak, gleaming brass and antiques of Lambertville's
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  • Enjoy signature dishes like Chesapeake Lump Crab Cakes, Dijon-Rosemary Encrusted Rack Of Lamb and rare Ahi-Tuna with Wasabi Puree

  • info: BOSTON CRAB

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    Cream of crab soup - A Maryland seafood gourmet cream of crab soup.
    Legal Spirits Tavern offers a gourmet Maryland seafood cream of crab soup home

  • Cream of crab soup - A Maryland seafood cream of crab soup - Gourmet cream of crab soup

  • Shore Boys is a Maryland seafood tradition specializing in our Maryland seafood gourmet cream of crab soup

  • It was of no significance what I ate after the soup." - Newsday , June 12, 2002 "Undoubtedly the best soup in all of Maryland." - Boston Globe "The Locals Favorite" - Southern Living , August 2002 Legal Spirits Tavern 42 East Dover Street Easton, MD 21601 410-820-0765 ©2002 Shoreboys Cream of Crab Soup John and I took the stewardship of Legal Spirits Tavern on April 1st of 2001

  • Since gourmet soup is a specialty of Chef John's stable of fine cuisine and Maryland Eastern Shore cuisine requires excellent Maryland Seafood, we knew that we needed crab soup on the menu and we believed that cream of crab soup was and is the most popular crab soup

  • It seems that we were right! I believe a gourmet soup becomes a gourmet soup by how the customer reacts to a soup; and our customers quite often and on a multitude of occasions have referred to our cream of crab soup as a gourmet soup

  • We need no other proof than our customers taste that our Cream of Crab Soup has truly become a part of the Maryland Seafood tradition and that Shore Boy's Cream of Crab Soup is the best crab soup any where

    MA & IFE | Hermit Crab
    Images and facts about the hermit crab.

  • Publishing Ask the Experts! Have a question on an animal or how we do the amazing things we do here?  us and find out more! » » » » Hermit Crab Hermit Crab Some Facts About The Hermit Crab Description: Hermit crabs are members of the class Crustacea (kruh-STAY-shuh)

  • Because of their 5 pairs of appendages, hermit crabs belong to the order Decapoda (DECK-uh-pod-uh)

  • Hermit crabs are distributed from shallow waters; some tropical species are land-dwellers

  • There are 2 local species of Hermit crab: the long-clawed hermit (Pagurus longicarpus) and the flat-clawed hermit (Pagurus pollicaris)

  • Size: A hermit crab grows rapidly when young and must move often to a larger shell

  • If it proves suitable, the crab very quickly withdraws its abdomen from the old shell and thrusts it into the new one

  • Habitat and Distribution:  Hermit crabs have a hard exoskeleton that protects all of the body except the abdomen

  • Because the abdomen is very soft and vulnerable to predators, hermit crabs generally inhabit the empty shell of a gastropod (one-shelled mollusk) the abdomen is asymmetrical and twisted so that is fits easily into the coils of a gastropod shell

    A Tour of the Historic Lake Champlain Islands by Jim Millard
    Scenic history tour through the Lake Champlain Islands provided by author and
    local historian Jim Millard.

  • Crab Island, New York State Crab Island from the air- Photo courtesy of Doug and Roger Harwood The small, densely forested island just to the north of Valcour was the home to a small American battery of two guns and more importantly, a large hospital

  • The physicians and hospital tents remained however, for the suffering and death was to continue on Crab Island

  • Army physician assigned to Crab Island during the battle

  • To purchase click the image above or call Toll Free 1-877-809-1659 Be sure to visit The Secrets of Crab Island by Jim Millard

  • Valcour Island, New York State This beautiful island, much larger than Crab Island, stands proudly just to the South of Plattsburgh Bay

  • Bailey, "THE FORGOTTEN GRAVES OF CRAB ISLAND" (The Antiquarian-Fall 1988, Allan Everest, Editor Clinton County Historical Association, Plattsburgh, NY) 13 also republished with permission: America's Historic Lakes , <> May 2001 7 State of Vermont, Secretary of State

    SoYouWanna enjoy sushi?
    Brief information on what sushi is, and how and where to eat it.

  • Shrimp ( ebi ) and crab ( kani ) are both cooked before they are laid to rest on the rice bed

  • Here are some typical rolls: Tekka : tuna (the name refers to gambling parlors where patrons snacked on the roll) Kappa : cucumber (the name refers to a mythological goblin fond of the vegetable) California : famous combination of avocado, crab, and cucumber Avocado : figure this one out on your own Boston : scallion, crab, and salmon New York : apple, avocado, and salmon Philadelphia : smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber Texas : beef and cucumber As you probably could have guessed, these are not the names that the ancient Japenese maki-makers chose for these dishes

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    CNN Food Central - Imported crab creates controversy in Maryland ...

  • Imported crab creates controversy in Maryland The importing of asian crabs is putting a strain on Maryland watermen and local companies who process crabs from the Atlantic VIDEO Jonathan Aiken reports on the rise of Asian crabs imported into the U.S

  • EDT (2036 GMT) From Reporter Jonathan Aiken (CNN) -- Crab cakes are a Maryland tradition that have helped to sustain a way of life for generations of Chesapeake Bay watermen and their families

  • But the crab cake has become something of a political and emotional issue in Maryland

  • The controversy surrounds crabcakes made of crab from Asia and not from the Maryland blue crab or its Atlantic cousin

  • 'The import of crab meat is a real phenomenon that's growing and has a tremendous impact that's going to happen for a long time for this industry, ' said maritime economist Dr

  • The domestic catch, mostly blue crabs caught from New York to Louisiana, have lost much of their market in the last five years

  • Domestic crabs made up 56 percent of U.S

  • Asian crab imports, however, are on the rise, up 78 percent in 1998 alone

  • Crab cakes are a Maryland tradition Phillips is now a leading importer and processor of Asian crab meat, employing 12, 000 people at eight processing plants in Indonesia, the Philippines and Sumatra

    CNN Food Central - Restaurants:

  • For a less costly option, consider taking your main meal at lunch, especially at Legal Seafoods or the Barking Crab for clams or lobster

  • | LOCAL AND REGIONAL SPECIALTIES Barking Crab —A 'clam shack' in the city

  • Go for the lobster and fried clams, not crab

    Aneka Rasa Boston's Best Malaysian Cuisine.
    Malaysian dining in Allston. Includes a menu, pictures, and directions.


    Matt Furey's Farmer Burns Catch Wrestling Submission Fighting Book ...
    Offers submission fighting instructional videos.

    Office of Science and Technology
    The primary function of this joint Federal/industry program is to provide accurate
    and unbiased reports depicting current conditions affecting the trade in fish ...

    Bank of America Pavilion
    Live music center; includes events schedule, ticket information, and seating chart.

    History of Salads, History of Salad Dressings
    Includes Caesar Salad, Cobb Salad, Crab Louie Salad, Coleslaw, Panzanella, Salad
    Nicoise, Salad Olivier, Waldorf Salad, Green Goddess Dressing, and Thousand ...

  • You be the judge! Crab Louie/Louis Salad – Both spellings of the salad are used on restaurant menus, but it is usually pronounced LOO-ey

  • This famous west coast salad is also called “King of Salads, ” and is sometimes written as Crab Louis Salad

  • Credit for the origin of Crab Louie Salad depends on who you talk to and which state of the West Coast you are in

  • 1904 - Some credit the origin of Crab Louis Salad to the chef at Seattle’s Olympic Club in Washington

  • 1917 - James Beard (1903-1985), a native of Portland, Oregon spoke highly of the Crab Louis

  • One of these was the Bohemian, a commendable dining place that Beard remembered particularly for a dish called Crab Louis, Writing about this chili-tinged way of serving Dungeness crab, he wanted to believe it had been first served at the Bohemian and later he sparred with his friend, Helen Evans Brown, who credited San Francisco's Solari REstaurant for its origin

  • Dungeness crab is considered the symbol of the San Francisco fishing industry with sidewalk vendors selling fresh-boiled crab during the winter months

  • The Cookbook by "Oscar" of the Waldorf, Oscar Tschirky, Saafield Publishing Company, Chicago, 1896 The crab Louis' origin may be cloudy, but the salad's popularity is clear, by Penelope Corcoran, Seattle Port-Intelligencer newspaper, Wednesday, July 23, 2003,, an internet web site

    California Rolls, American Style Sushi Rolls, Sushi
    Recipe for California Rolls with ideas for different fillings.

  • During the 1970s, a smart unknown California chef, realizing that many Americans did not like the though of eating raw fish, created the now famous California Roll, made with crab, avocado, and cucumbers

  • Be creative! Let's Make Sushi! Bamboo sushi-roll mat Clean cutting board Sushi knife or very sharp knife A pack of roasted-seaweed (Nori) Wood spoon or wood or plastic rice paddle for spreading rice Plastic wrap Ingredients: 6 tablespoons rice vinegar 2 tablespoons sugar 2 teaspoons salt 3 cups uncooked Japanese short or medium grain rice 4 cups water 5 sheets or sushi nori (seaweed in big squares)* 1 large cucumber 2 to 3 s Fresh Cooked snow crab meat or imitation crab sticks** Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) Soy Sauce Pickled Ginger * Sheets of thin seaweed which is pressed and dried

  • ** Imitation crab sticks are the easiest to use

  • If you are using snow, crab, remove the crab meat from the thicker portion of the legs and cut in half lengthwise

  • If you are using imitation crab sticks, remove the plastic wrapping and cut each in half lengthwise

  • Place the cucumber slices, avocado slice, and crab slices on a plate; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until you are ready to use

    GNP, Canadian Seafood, Turbot, Rock Crab, Snow Crab, Cod, Mussels ...
    US company offering seafood products harvested and processed by its family of
    affiliated Canadian producers. Product and contact information.

    The Harvard Crimson :: Online Edition
    Daily student newspaper of Harvard University in Cambridge.

  • By Friday, July 28, 2006 3:23 AM NEW YORK—Not far from the seventy-five sons of Harvard munching on soft-shell crab in the Grill Room, up two flights of crimson-carpeted stairs, past the mounted moose heads, beyond the Library and the conspicuously displayed copies of the Harvard Gazette, lies the Mahogany Room, where daughters and granddaughters of those soft-shell crab-munching sons of Harvard pawed and prodded at frocks hawked by one Lewis Albert

    Boston Lobster Feast Online
    Lobster and seafood restaurant in Orlando.

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