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A collection of diabetic bread and cake recipes, including their nutritional and
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    Cooks Recipes for Bread Recipes for Quick Breads, Yeast Breads and ...
    A sponsored collection of recipes for quick or yeast breads, muffins, and for
    bread machines.

  • Web Bread Recipes Find hundreds of bread recipes from quick breads to yeast breads, including a whole section for bread machine recipes

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    Baked Goods Recipes like Bread Machine Recipes, Bread Recipes ...
    A collection of over 60 bread recipes including yeast and quick breads.

  • All Recipe Title Ingredients | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------- - - - - » » » » » » Cookies, Thin Batter If you flour a cookie sheet after greasing it, cookies made from thin batters will be less likely to spread during baking

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  • Recipes specifically for automatic bread machines Additional Recipe Categories: Bread recipes of all kinds from traditional to the unusual

  • Additional Recipe Categories: Site Sponsor Advertisement:Recipe listing continued below A variety of muffins, rolls, scones, dinner rolls and more

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    Oat Recipes at
    Over 150 low fat vegetarian recipes using oats or oatmeal, including Oat Burgers
    and Blueberry Oatmeal Cake.

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    Breads, Scones, Muffins and Pizza Recipes
    A mostly reader submitted list of recipes at

    Collection of recipes for muffins, sauce, pie, chutney, chicken breasts, smoothies,
    soup and granola bars, from the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.

  • So delicious, so easy and so good for you! Wild Blueberries make your favorite recipes irrestible

  • To GET YOUR DAILY DOSE OF BLUE add them to your own recipes, try some of ours or use some from The Color Code

    Course and Breads 10898 Recipes | Recipezaar
    Browse baking recipes by item to make or find ingredients. Each recipe includes
    complete nutritional information. Post your own recipes.

    Dessert Recipes
    Includes cheesecakes, candies, cookies, and a variety of frozen desserts.

  • Low Fat-Cholesterol Dessert Recipes

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    Searchable collection of recipes largely gathered from usenet groups.

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  • Senate dining room Very hot, very simple, very good beef stir-fry A tasty marinated fish appetizer from Mexico A non-alcoholic party punch recipe Shortbread-like biscuits Soft shortbread Rich shortbread cookies A high-cholesterol appetizer with shrimp, cheese, and bacon Fine pea soup with shrimp and champagne Steamed dumplings (meatballs) A spicy and simple sloppy joe A pizza-like dish smothered in escargot and mushrooms Nut-butter holiday cookie with a sugar coating Chocolate cookies with powdered sugar coating A nice body and face soap Two white soda loaves Aztec soup: a simple cheese, tomato, and beef soup An old-fashioned sourdough French bread The most lip smackin' pickles you ever tasted

  • Amazingly good baking-powder and yogurt pancakes A low-calorie frozen dessert with yogurt and fruit Zucchini with ginger and chili peppers Ladyfingers with cream and rum A Bavarian plum delicacy for dessert Enter keywords: in the recipes

    Microwave by Recipe Cottage
    A comprehensive list of dishes from appetizers through desserts. Also included
    is a recipe search and a message board.

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    Recipes Today: Breads and Muffins Archive
    Collection of recipes including Flaxseed Bread, Broccoli Cornbread, and Strawberry
    Cream Cheese Muffins from Recipes Today.

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    Diabetic Recipes from Rumela's Web
    A collection of continental diabetic recipes.

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    Bread Recipes
    Garlic Basil Bread and Cranberry Cornbread are just two of over 40 low-fat bread
    recipes offered.

  • Who doesn't remember a slice of hot bread, right out of the oven, slathered in butter? Well, hot bread is just as good without the butter! Bread recipes are not too difficult to convert to a low-fat lifestyle

  • Do not use tomatoes that are reconstituted and packed in oil for this recipe

    Unofficial Global Internet Bread Recipe Archive -- BREAD NET
    The Free Internet Bread Recipe Archive featuring recipes for yeast, wheat-free,
    sourdough and quick breads. Includes recipes for bread machines.

  • The Free Internet Bread Recipe Archive Bread Net Celebrating Ten Years <Up> on the World-Wide-Web This archive was started with the notion that although it is impossible to break bread with ALL the PEOPLES of the WORLD, at least through the global medium of the Internet we can SHARE some recipes! This isn't a HALF-BAKED idea-- For over NINE years this low-key, little-publicized archive has been used to share bread recipes with thousands all over the world! A CALL For Recipes and Links! Do you have a favorite bread recipe? A traditional recipe from home that you would like to share? Do you have a WHEAT-FREE or GLUTEN-FREE recipe you could share with those on special diets? Send your Favorite Bread Recipe to:

  • Wheat-Free! -- 23 amazing recipes Indian Sunday Joshua's Tim Goes -- 20 Great Banana-Fest-ations pop<Up>shop From Betty Reynold's Cookbook: Bread Machine Recipe for Bread Machine For Bread Machine For Bread Machine For Bread Machine Machine Recipe for Bread Machines for Bread Machines For Bread Machines NEW! To Submit your Favorite Bread Recipe, E-mail to: Recipes will be given their own web page and be freely accessible to anyone on the World Wide Web

    NutriFit Online - Hi Fiber Recipes
    Two examples are garbanzo pita pockets and blueberry oat bran muffins, plus other
    healthy recipes and articles.

  • Hi Fiber Recipes These High Fiber recipes aid in weight management and digestion, and helps reduce the risk of disease

  • Enjoy these recipes the focus on fiber-rich foods that taste great! If you're interested in additional topics on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, take a moment to browse our Reference Library for information on Cooking Well, Eating Well & Living Well

    Astray Recipes: Microwave
    A recipe database with a list of over 900 microwave dishes available. May also
    be searched by recipe name.

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    Aaron's A to Z Recipe Garden of Easy Recipes of Microwave Recipes ...
    Easy to prepare microwave recipes.

  • Aaron's A to Z Garden of Information Free Index Informational Articles Aaron's A to Z Recipe Garden of Easy Recipes of Microwave Recipes Double click mouse on recipe title to access

  • Recipes Copyright © 2005 by Aaron's A to Z Easy Recipe Garden Recipes copyrighted by Aaron's A to Z Garden of Information and Recipes You may publish limited numbers of recipes to your site or newsletter if the recipe(s) include the name of the site and a clickable link to Online Daily and Weekly Horoscopes

    MacNut Farms - Macadamia Recipes
    A few recipes plus tips on cooking and handling macadamia nuts.

  • MACADAMIA RECIPES Handy Hint: to enhance the flavour of the fabulous macadamia nuts in your cooking, always roast the nuts before adding them to any of your favourite recipes

  • The following recipes are all 'tried and true' by our staff here at MacNut Farms, and each staff member has kindly contributed their favourite gourmet delight! These recipes are all very easy to make, ideal for the busy cook with a hectic lifestyle

  • Recipes : Show a little bakery creativity by using your favourite nuts to make friends and family delicious Macadamia Nut Christmas gifts

  • For a gourmet-looking cake use 1½ quantity of the recipe

  • Use the same recipe and method for Macadamia & Courgette Slice as above, omitting the edam cheese

    Oat Bran Recipes
    A small selection of oat bran recipes, including Banana Oat Bran Muffins.

    Dakota Flax : Recipes
    Recipes include Orange Cranberry Flax Muffins, Flax Cinnamon Buns, and Soft Pretzels.

  • Flax Healthy Recipes of all recipes

  • How to use MAGCO Dakota Flax Flax can be incorporated into your diet in a variety of ways: Adapt your existing recipes substituting flax for the oil or shortening specified in a recipe

  • If a recipe calls for 1/3 cup of oil, replace with 1 cup of ground flaxseed - a 3:1 substitution ratio

  • As an alternative, the flour specified in a recipe can be reduced by 25% and replaced with ground flax seed.Baked goods tend to brown more quickly if flaxseed is substituted in the recipe so you will need to keep a close eye on the baking time until you have tried a particular recipe once or twice

  • We have included a typical recipe following this section that has been adapted to substitute flax - Banana and Nut Bread

  • Due to the rising popularity of flax, recipes are beginning to surface in current health and cooking magazines and publications

  • These recipes may still include butter, shortening or other oil in addition to the flaxseed

  • You can continue to adapt the recipe using the substitution ratios if you want to add further flax health benefits

  • Adapting your Recipes to include MAGCO Dakota Flax™ We would like to share a typical recipe to show you how to make the substitution of ground MAGCO Dakota Flax™

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