CNN.com - Carter expects to win Bush approval for Cuba trip ...

CNN.com - Kerry leads Bush in new poll - Feb. 3, 2004

  • Wesley Clark also emerge as formidable opponents, according to hypothetical matchups in the poll, which found a decline in Bush's approval numbers

  • The poll showed Bush's job approval rating at 49 percent among all the adults surveyed, the first time since he became president that his job approval has dipped below 50 percent

  • A month ago his rating was at 60 percent, as he enjoyed a spike in approval after the capture of Saddam Hussein

  • The poll also showed the nation evenly divided -- 49 percent to 49 percent -- on the question of whether it was worth going to war in Iraq, marking the first time approval of the war has dropped below 50 percent

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  • During his first term, Bush sought and obtained Congressional approval for two additional tax cuts: the and the

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  • An Associated Press/IPSOS poll conducted August 7-9 found Bush's approval rating at 33%, matching a record low

  • Approval for Bush's handling of the war in Iraq matched his overall approval rating, and also represented a record low

  • In a letter he wrote to freelance reporter Ron Suskind in 2002, John DiIulio, who served briefly as head of the Bush's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, to members of the administration as "Mayberry Machiavellis." Bush's failure to enact many of his key agenda items, and the continuing decline in approval ratings suggest that the emphasis should probably be on "Mayberry" in DiIulio's characterization

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  • posted by Randy Ray at George Bush Approval Rate - 36% This shows Bush's approval rate at an abysmal 36%.68% of Americans think that the USA is heading in the wrong direction.More than half of American now think that Bush is not 'honest and ethical'.Cheney's situation is even worse

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  • With a job-approval rating of about 90% for more than four months, something unparalleled since polling began, Bush used his 2002 State of the Union address to restate his grim resolve to fight terrorism and the countries that sponsor it and to propose the largest defense-spending increase in 20 years, as well as more money for airport policing, for bioterrorism research, for tougher border enforcement, and for technology to track visitors coming to the United States

  • The United States and Britain, however, soon won unanimous approval for a UN Security Council resolution calling for the imposition of a tough new weapons-inspection regime on Iraq

  • argument that it did not require UN approval to pursue war with Iraq, the extent of world opposition to such a war apparently convinced the administration that it needed to make its case to the international community

  • As far as the public was concerned, various opinion polls showed that Bush's approval rating had fallen to below 50%

    BBC News | AMERICAS | Analysis: Bush wins America's approval
    BBC Washington correspondent Paul Reynolds analyses George Bush's high approval
    ratings, and wonders how long it can last.

  • SEARCH You are in: ------------- ------------- SERVICES Monday, 17 September, 2001, 22:20 GMT 23:20 UK Analysis: Bush wins America's approval Bush has recovered from a shaky start as the crisis hit By Paul Reynolds on Washington A New York Times editorial this week will be welcome reading in the White House

  • He has developed a much surer touch and he is using his basic one-on-one charm to win approval

  • Approval ratings Such comments reflect Mr Bush's approval ratings of well over 80% - compared with 50% a short time ago

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