IGN: Soul Calibur Review
Rated 10.0/10.0 by Anoop Gantayat. "The most enjoyable fighting game on the planet
is also the number one reason to buy a Dreamcast."

  • SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES » » » (DC) Guide Features Soul Calibur The most enjoyable fighting game on the planet is also the number one reason to buy a Dreamcast by September 20, 1999 - I'm reviewing in a somewhat biased state

  • Soul Edge was probably my most favorite 3D fighter of all time

  • Throughout the latter part of the Saturn's life, you could easily spot me arguing with Saturn fanatics about how much better Soul Edge looked compared to Virtua Fighter II , and I'm still willing to defend that statement

  • So, Soul Calibur obviously had a lot to live up to

  • While a few glitches here and there and an occasionally bad piece of background music would be easily forgiven in any other game, my expectations of Soul Calibur were such that there'd be no similar leniency

  • Not only is Soul Calibur the finest fighting game I've ever played, but, with possible exception to titles such as Sonic and NFL 2K , it's also the number one reason to buy a Dreamcast later this year

  • It all begins, apparently, with Cervantes, the evil pirate, and an apparent misunderstanding about the intentions of a particularly powerful twin sword, the Soul Edge mentioned in the first game's title

    Soul Calibur for DC - Soul Calibur Dreamcast - Soul Calibur DC Game
    Rated 10/10 by James Mielke, "state of the art."

  • By: Genre: Release Date: Sep 8, 1999 Players: 1-2 () Most Popular News Mar 3, 2004 News Aug 16, 1999 News Jul 21, 1999 Game Guide In the following guide, you get details on the changes from Soul Edge to Soul Calibur; an overview of the fighting system and strategies within it; the characters, their moves, and more Posted May 15, 1998 Latest Images Latest GameSpot Updates News Mar 3, 2004 News Jul 31, 2001 News Jun 25, 2001 News Apr 4, 2001 Feature Oct 23, 2000 News Dec 17, 1999 News Dec 15, 1999 News Aug 31, 1999 Latest Player Reviews 3 users agree with this review superb 'Revolutionary' One of the reasons you need to own a Dreamcast! Posted Aug 15, 2006 11:33 am PT superb 'Grows on you' Very fun and addictive fighter

  • Posted Aug 14, 2006 12:11 pm PT perfect 'Instant classic' No wonder they said it was the greatest game of ALL TIME!! Posted Aug 4, 2006 3:58 pm PT 1 user agrees with this review perfect 'Instant classic' An Excelent work of art, Soul Calibur is fine example of how hard work from Namco game producers lead to a perfect game

  • Posted Aug 1, 2006 1:49 pm PT 2 users agree with this review perfect 'Masterpiece' Even to this day, Soul Calibur is still one of the best fighting games of all time

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    PlanetDreamcast: Games - Reviews - Soul Calibur
    Rated 9.5/10.0 by Fargo. "The graphics, particularly the character models and
    animation, are stunning. The fighting is both strategic and intense, ...

  • Games Subscribe - - - - - - - - - - / - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Services MMORPG Classic/Console Community | Soul Calibur The Soul Still Burns - Review By The Dreamcast hit the US market like a sledgehammer -- busting sales records with the largest console release in history -- thanks mainly to a sizeable initial software library

  • Count Soul Calibur among them

  • Soul Calibur is Namco's most recent fighting game, the latest in the SoulEdge/SoulBlade series

  • As a two-player fighting game, Soul Calibur polishes rather than innovates

  • We're giving Soul Calibur high marks because we think it's an outstanding example of what the Dreamcast is capable of

  • What ultimately counts is good, solid fighting action, something that Soul Calibur isn't lacking in the slightest

  • The Final Word Soul Calibur has a lot to love

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  • RECENT SITE UPDATES :- 06-25-06 -: Brand New NAMCO 48-Pin Extended connector harnesses are now here! Games such as Tekken, Soul Edge, Soul Caliber, etc

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  • Remember when, blind from birth, who totally conquered Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber ? Then of course there are the obligatory accessible web design links I'm so found of listing here-- and correctly

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  • For every Postal 2 there is a game like , and for every Soul Caliber fighting game, there is a console experience like Zelda: The Wind Waker


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  • You could argue that the gentle soul sound espoused by Flack, Donny Hathaway and others was R&B's answer to soft rock; you could also argue it just developed from the more contemplative work of and

  • Besides the hit title cut (remarkable for its echoey choral effect), there's lots of pensive mood music ('I'm The Girl, ' 's 'Jesse') and snappy pop-soul ('No Tears (In The End)' by percussionist Ralph MacDonald, Eugene McDaniel's 'River' with a freaky, shifting arrangement)

  • The arrangements are overpolished and soulless, and Bryson spotlights his incredibly routine pop-soul songwriting (like without guts or good melodies) on several endless features - the longest is a twelve minute medley, 'Love In Every Season/I Believe In You, ' though 'Feel The Fire' is arguably more painful

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  • Chuck and his band, the Soul Searchers, were finishing up 'Hoochie-Coochie Man, ' a song that would end up on the seventh album of his career

  • As the last of the Soul Searchers left, Biondo nodded at a bottle of vodka Chuck had been lugging around, a gift from a fan, and offered to mix some martinis

  • The two men sipped as the tape rolled on to another song: When my soul was in the lost and found You came along to claim it

  • By 1966 he'd hustled up a band, the Soul Searchers, and a job driving furniture trucks up and down the East Coast

  • All the while he was soaking up the rock and soul sounds of the '60s and '70s, writing songs in his head, pounding out the rhythms on the steering wheel

  • 1 on the national soul charts and stayed there for four weeks that February and March

  • In the spring of 1991, Biondo began working with Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers

  • Ask them.' And in February 1992, as Chuck and the Soul Searchers were playing before a full house at a club in Adams-Morgan, someone shot a 20-year-old man dead not 25 feet from the stage

  • Did she want to be a blue-eyed soul diva? A folkie? A rock-and-roll belter? A cabaret singer? 'Just don't make me sing that pop crap, ' was about as helpful as Eva got

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  • So, as much as the sordid tales of lawsuits, fights, drink, drugs, shootings, court-martials, and prisons can be wishfully dismissed as mere 'lurid ephemera' (as it is on the back cover of The Soul and the Edge , Epic/Legacy's fine new collection of Paycheck's most famous 1970's work) that serves only to sensationalize the man and to obscure his music, his own unsavory legend, truths, half-truths, and fabrications included, must be considered when weighing Johnny Paycheck's brilliance

  • The deep root blues of the Mississippi Delta, the aching soul and blues of Memphis, and the swamp boogie soul of Muscle Shoals had all begun to migrate north in the 1960's and had gained widespread recognition in the early '70's as more and more popular rock and roll took its inspiration from these sounds

  • Johnny Paycheck had indeed, as Morthland suggested, finally 'run everything into the ground.' On Legacy's new The Soul & The Edge there is an anomaly of sorts that becomes a retrospective revelation

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