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  • Aug 11, 2006 | The Joplin Independent Director of Public Safety Mark James announced Missouri used U.S

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    John's 1971 Dodge Dart
    Owner's story, photographs, wiring diagrams, and information.

    Quality Motors--Kansas,Oklahoma,Missouri,Arkansas;Ford Lincoln ...
    Dealership for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge. Includes online
    inventory search, service request form, hours and contact information.

  • Quality Motors Independence, Kansas Quality Motors--Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas;Ford Lincoln Mercury Dodge Chrysler Jeep; new and used cars Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth dealer for southeastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma -- Wichita, Independence, Coffeyville, Bartlesville, Tulsa, Joplin and surrounding area

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    Route 66 News
    Blog dedicated to Route 66 news.

    Lundgren's MG NOS/Used Parts
    Collection of MG parts vendors.

  • Lundgren's New/Used MG Parts Home Page My '70 MGB! Total Hits on this page

  • They would then dismantle them and sell the used parts

  • Didn't work, as he sold some parts, more found him and joined his they have taken over their own small building and a corner of his cars come & go daily along with new & used parts

  • He's even branched out as a new parts dealer in addition to his used inventory

  • Box 534 Smithville, Ontario L0R 2A0 Canada We have an extensive stock of and used parts on hand and order from our suppliers weekly

  • We purchase most of our cars and used parts from California and are always looking to buy stock.

  • We also established a large area of new and used parts for M.G

  • They stock the parts that are used quickly, and the prices are about the same as you will find in the catalogs

  • Specializing in new and used parts for British cars

  • We have also stripped about 40 cars and have some used parts

  • Selling new and used parts for your British marque at a fair price

  • British Racing Green 888-749-8033, 302 368-1117 30 Aleph Drive Newark, Delaware 19702 British Racing Green are suppliers of new, NOS, rebuilt and used parts for your British car

    Popcorn Workers Lung: 2006 Update: Butter Flavoring Lung Injury ...
    Information on lung damage to factory workers allegedly caused by butter flavoring,
    from a national law firm.

  • It is used for aroma and taste in butter, some cheeses and snack and bakery products

  • Health officials are also investigating the safety of workers exposed to other flavoring agents including acetaldehyd (used in citrus flavoring) and bensaldehyde (common cherry and fruit flavors)

  • In lawsuits by workers at factories using artificial butter flavoring, it has been alleged that exposure to compounds used in the oils and butter flavor mixture has resulted in damage to respiratory systems leading to asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchiolitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and severe lung impairment

  • The Teamsters and United Food and Commercial Workers plan to file an emergency petition today demanding that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration set exposure limits for diacetyl, a flavoring agent used in the manufacture of artificial popcorn butter, dog food and other products

    US Route 66 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  • Modern-day sign in, along a section of Route 66 named a Modern-day shield that would have been used in California if not decommisioned (note the black background cut off and the addition of the US indicator) Contents [] History of the highway [] Birth and rise of Route 66 Lengths 314 505 401 645 487 784 186 299 432 695 13 21 317 510 301 484 Total in 1926 2448 3939 Location of U.S

  • The same scenario was used in western Oklahoma when US 66 was initially upgraded to a four-lane highway such as from Sayre through Erick to the Texas border at Texola in 1957 and 1958 where the old paving was retained for westbound traffic and a new parallel lane built for eastbound traffic (Much of this section was entirely bypassed I-40 in 1975), and on two other sections; from Canute to Elk City in 1959 and Hydro to Weatherford in 1960 - both of which were upgraded with the construction of a new westbound lane in 1966 to bring the highway up to full interstate standards and demoting the old US 66 paving to frontage road status

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    The Oklahoma Birding List
    Recent messages from the e-mail group for Oklahoma birders.

  • From: Don & Joyce Varner <varner AT INTELLEX.COM> Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 11:42:33 -0500 MAPS BIRDBANDING 2006 #8 On August 6th Stacy Dunkin, Mia Revels, Jim Harman, David Gill, Jeri McMahon, Paul Ribitzki, Ken Williams, James & Megan Gulley, Blake Moore, Jim Winner and Joyce and Don Varner caught 41 birds of 13 species as follows: 5 Traill's Flycatcher* G3 B4 D1 B1 C2 1 American Goldfinch B3 3 Bell's Vireo B4 D2 D2 1 Common Yellowthroat D1 1 Black & White Warbler C2 2 Indigo Bunting G3 B4 1 Kentucky Warbler G1 6 Carolina Wren B2 B1 G1 B3 B1 F2 1 Orchard Oriole A1 11 Northern Cardinal E1 D2 F2 F2 G1 G2 D2 G1 F3 G3 G4 2 Gray Catbird D1 B5 5 Yellow-breasted Chat B2 B3 A1 B4 A2 2 Brown Thrasher B1 C1 41 birds 13 species *The name Traill's Flycatcher is used by banders in place of Alder and Willow Flycatcher since there is no known way to tell them apart in the hand

  • Legal Disclaimer #AZ$9-14-04 From: Terri Savage <DEUXMOOSE AT AOL.COM> Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 19:12:43 -0400 (EDT) _NASA Joins Search for Elusive Woodpecker_ ( NASA used a laser-equipped research aircraft to fly over the Big Woods area of the Mississippi Delta to learn more about the ivory-billed woodpecker's potential habitat, the U.S

    Jazz/Jerry Jazz Musician/Billy Tipton biographer Diane Wood ...
    Biographer Diane Wood Middlebrook talks about the cross dressing jazz musician
    in an interview.

  • I used to have one of those childhood fantasies where I was really a goddess

  • I was a first child too, so I was an indulged, contented child with a certain sense of entitlement, so I used to have this fantasy that I was actually a goddess

  • I used to buy those thick Wonderwoman comic books… JJM You grew up in Spokane, Washington, where Billy Tipton lived the last part of his life

  • Later, Billy used to say that she played music with Jack Teagarden

  • People would drop by, and he would tend to get run into by people who used to know him in his past

    John Huskey and Allen C. Huber, Diary of a Doughboy
    The diary of Private Allen Huber of the 138th Infantry, 35th Division, American
    Expeditionary Force for June 1917 to October 1918, covering his service on the ...

  • Camp Mills is a dreary, muddy place used as a concentration place for troops before leaving for Camp Merritt , the embarking point

  • Could never get Huskey , my buddy, to go to town after we were excused from duty in the evening so he stayed around camp mostly

  • This is the first time our ship (which belongs to the Canadian-Pacific Steamship Co.) has taken over troops from an American port as it has been used only for transport for Canadian troops

  • All ships in our fleet are flying the British flag, which caused a bit of regret, for which we would all prefer to cross under our own colors

  • The pitching and tossing caused me to have a dizzy headache and feel tired but did not cause me to get sick

    Martin Mathis' Route 66 Photo Gallery And Essay
    Private page illustrating roadside features.

  • We were unable to find out what the ruins just before the climb up the hill used to be


    Skatepark Warranties, 24 February 2004
    Article dealing with warranties on skateparks and skate ramps.

  • But whether the warranty lasts for a year or 20 years seems to have more to do with marketing than the strength of the materials used

  • They want to fix any defects caused by manufacture and/or installation, but then the customer is on their own

  • The length of warranties also seems to depend on the materials used, with steel and aluminum towards the long end of the scale, paper and plastic towards the short end, and wood somewhere in the middle

  • "The gauge of steel we use -- 3/16-ths-inch plate steel -- that would be the same gauge used for bulldozer buckets, " he said

  • not caused by vandalism, neglect, or normal wear and tear), ARC will either ship out a new part or send out a technician to install it

  • "The material will last longer than the warranty, but we have to have some sort of cut off as far as a warranty goes." Richlite also makes countertops and paper-based food preparation surfaces, as well as some of the composite materials used to construct and repair pleasure boats

  • The warranty on Skatelite Pro specifically covers manufacturing defects and specifically excludes damage caused by abuse or normal wear and tear

    KFX **** Leader in Kia Performance Parts
    Sells body, engine, interior, exterior and suspension parts and accessories for Kias.

  • Contact us if you need one of these This new kit was installed by in Joplin Missouri The body kit includes the front and rear lips as well as a new grill and eyebrows The car has lowering springs that have been selected and tested by KFXPerformance, they are adjustable and do a great job when used with the installed rear sway bar and strut bar

    WHYFOR - License Plate Update - Vanity / Personalized License Plates
    Ontario collector specializes in personalized plates.

  • } BEBITA (Oregon, OR) -- {My nickname....means baby girl in spanish..=o)} BEERRUN (WI) -- {I'm a college student and will always be one!} BEG4ME (Auckland New Zealand, --- Provinces ---) -- {Becuase i am New Zealand TOP MALE MODEL on a 1999 R33 NISSIAN SKYLINE } BIMRBRAT (VA) -- {Hottie in a BMW convertible} BITAHVN (Daytona Beach, FL) -- {my screenname and how I feel about my Dodge Stealth} BKINHAND (NY) -- {Our business name (Used Book sales)} BLT4SPD (Florida, FL) -- {BUILT FOR SPEED (ON MY CORVETTE)} BLT4SPD (MI) -- {On my 1984 Corvette} BOOPSTR (ND, ND) -- {my car is totally decked out in Betty Boop} BOWDOWN (IDAHO, ID) -- {bow down} BRUZEN (Oregon) -- {Cruzen For A Bruzen} BTCH (Beverly Hills, CA) -- {I can be a bitch so I am when I feel like it

    Handbook of Texas Online:
    Current and historical information about Hildago County.

  • The Coahuiltecans in the future county hunted a wide variety of animals, fished, gathered berries, fruits, and roots, and used mountain laurel for its narcotic effects

  • The "Cortina Wars" also caused disturbances, especially when Juan Nepomuceno Cortina, qv on his way to a robbery, was intercepted by a force of Texas Rangers

  • He was accused of mistreating prisoners, and he later admitted that he could have gone a little too far in pressuring suspects to confess to crimes

  • Thus Wells and Closner's political machine, which ran Hidalgo County and caused its economic boom, was in the end ousted by the settlers it attracted

  • Though the raiders disrupted lives and stole cattle, law-enforcement officers were also accused of excessive violence and unjust practices

    The Rhetorica Network: Analysis of Rhetoric, Propaganda, and Spin ...
    Regularly updated commentary and analysis of rhetoric and spin in politics and

    MyMonroe. Opening Up Government. | Monroe County, NY
    Official site with news items, departments and agencies, and policies.

    eMedicine - Retinitis Pigmentosa : Article by Anthony de Beus, MD, PhD
    Article by Anthony de Beus, MD, PhD.

  • Like many areas of medicine, new knowledge of the underlying genetic mechanisms has revealed surprising findings; several conditions that previously were considered identical or closely related actually are caused by completely different mechanisms, and apparently dissimilar conditions may be varying expressions of a single genetic defect

  • The following tests are useful in excluding masquerading diseases or detecting conditions that are associated with RP: Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) test and fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS) test Serum phytanic acid when other neurologic abnormalities are present Ornithine levels in patients where a diagnosis of gyrate atrophy may be confused with RP ECG to rule out heart block in patients with suspected Kearns-Sayre syndrome Lipid profile with possible protein electrophoresis in patients with suspected abetalipoproteinemia Antibodies Antiretinal antibodies, particularly antirecoverin antibodies, may be observed, especially in CAR or in severe cases of RP

    AUTO WORLD OF SPRINGFIELD Car Dealers in Springfield, MO ...
    Used car dealer.

  • AUTO WORLD OF SPRINGFIELD USED CAR INVENTORY CONTACT INFORMATION DEALER INFORMATION Contact: Vern Thom Phone: 417-839-7800 Fax: 417-864-4848 Email: AUTO WORLD OF SPRINGFIELD 511 South Ingram Mill Springfield, MO 65802 SEARCH FOR A VEHICLE Your Zipcode: Make: Model: Oldest Year: Max Mileage: This page is a service of Dealers, log in Inventory for this Dealer has been provided by Dealer Specialties For questions or comments about this page or the site, contact

  • We're interested in your input, ideas, suggestions & complaints: KEYWORDS: Used car dealers, used cars for sale, new car price, auto dealers, car dealer, auto sales, classified ads, shopping, cars for sale, car prices, for sale by owner ads GEOGRAPHIC KEYS/MARKETS: Springfield, MO, Missouri, Southwest Missouri, Ozark, Nixa, Aurora, Joplin, Lebanon, Bolivar, Marshfield, Ava, Greene County Missouri 9/14/2006 1:41:54 PM

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