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CDrom cards for business, marketing and sales promotion.

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  • No CD Business Cards The latest and most powerful new marketing tool for years from a leading UK provider

  • Consider how the revolutionary concept of cd business cards could get your business message to your customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional means

  • Here are just a few possible uses: Multimedia sales presentations Take new clients to your web site Product information Brochures and catalogues Newsletters and press kits Product demonstrations Store pages of data Your entire catalogue Play music & sound-tracks Sample product give-aways Toucan eMedia can complete the entire cd business card procedure from concept to production or just provide some of the resources you want for your cd business card project to compliment your own resources; be that presentation building, design, cd programming or bespoke packaging or even if you just want blank cd business card media

    CD Rom Business Card .net
    CD business cards and multimedia.

  • CD Business Cards from CD Cards from CD ROM Business Cards .net are replicated and sold by Custom multimedia presentations for your interactive business cards project provided by same

  • E-marcom provides complete turnkey production of your CD-ROM Cards project

  • CD Business Cards - You need 'um, we got 'um! E-marcom provides full turnkey production of multimedia and other marketing materials

  • E-marcom's services include: · Internet marketing · Collateral design and printing · Fulfillment and distribution for mass mailing · Presentation engineering · Multimedia programming · Graphic design and layout · Website creation/development · Complete turnkey services · Project management from storyboard to delivery · Ability to meet the most stringent of deadlines (including overseas) · Mailing and distribution expertise · High quality CD-ROMs, mini CDs, webcards, DVD-ROMs, CD Business Cards · Proprietary CD Cards shaping technique produces highest quality and best looking CD possible (edges and top card graphic printing) · Program testing/debugging prior to production · Existing distribution contracts enabling new reach

    Mississauga Web Design & CD Rom Business Cards: Start With Skynet ...
    CD-ROM development, graphic design for print, and website design, hosting, and
    marketing services.

  • Mississauga Web Design & CD Rom Business Cards: Start With Skynet New Media Inc

  • "The Ultimate Marketing Tool" Kick start your company's marketing with a CD Rom Business Card

  • Fully Interactive Flash™ Websites, CD Rom Business Cards, Logo Design, Print Media, Web Hosting Solutions & Networking Solutions are among the many services Skynet New Media has to offer

    Debian -- Network install from a minimal CD
    ISO images and package files to install Debian Linux on PPC.

  • Internal (PCI) ISDN cards and WLAN cards are not supported — sorry! What is the difference between the netinst and the business card images? The netinst image contains the installer and the base system

  • The business card image is smaller than the netinst image to fit on business-card sized cds

  • The following minimal bootable CD images are available for download: Official netinst images for the stable release — see below Official businesscard images for the stable release — see below Images for the testing release, both daily builds and known working snapshots, see the Debian-Installer page

  • Sweden: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] Official businesscard images for the stable release This image has a size of up to 40 MB

  • It is small enough to fit on business card-shaped CDs (available in differing sizes, e.g


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    Linux Bootable Business Card; mini Linux distribution small enough to fit on this
    CD-ROM format. [Open Source]

  • LNX-BBC Insert into CD-ROM drive Reboot computer Use as GNU/Linux system until removed The LNX-BBC is a mini Linux-distribution, small enough to fit on a CD-ROM that has been cut, pressed, or molded to the size and shape of a business card

  • So feel free to ! The LNX-BBC project has released version 2.1 of the bootable business card! To download an ISO, please hit our

    WEBS Ltd ~ CD ROM Business Cards
    Full-service CD, DVD and shaped digital disc suppliers.

    CD duplication, CD replication, manufacturing, SACD,CD-ROM DVD ...
    Offers CD, DVD and CD-ROM duplication and replication services.

  • Shop wholesale CD's, manufactured under ISO 9002 certification, including standard silver data or DVD-r, audio CD's, mini diameter CD's, studios, special mini CDs, mini business CD's, data CDs, credit card cd, CD-ROM replication, CD-ROM Duplication, and data cd

    CD FRONT END - create / make autorun autoplay CD ROM presentation ...
    Create autorun CDs, built-in browser, and the ability to password protect all or
    part of the presentation. Product description, FAQs, screenshots, visual online ...

  • Main benefits: - autorun CD (or DVD) with one click (File >Create autorun CD); - useful either for a single page CD menu, a ten pages CD business card, or a complex hyperlinked CD with 10000 pages; - can launch any kind of file : PDF, PowerPoint PPS PPT, DOC, AutoCAD...; any kind of video and audio: MP3, MPEG, WMV, MOV, AVI...; - one presentation, one source file ; - built-in browser (no Internet Explorer or other browsers required; completely self-contained, will run off the CD without problems on any PC; not blocked by popup killer applications); - CDs freely distributable, i.e

  • MS Windows 95, 98, 98se, ME, NT, 2000, XP, XP Service Pack 2, 2003, Vista; even an old PC with 16MB RAM and Windows 95 is fine; DVDs not ok for TV boxes; - new! supports external plugins (such as ) [ - - - - -  - - - - ] It is simply the most productive authoring application for creating CDs / DVDs: either catalogues, CD business cards, presentations, CD menus, e-brochures

  • Benefits

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    Crea il tuo sito Web senza complicazioni: Easy Web Editor - il ...
    Per creare siti Web e pagine Internet, in Italiano. Visuale (no Html, no codice).
    FTP interno automatico e migliaia di funzioni.

    Duplication, blank cd-r, cd card, business card, pressage, Mini cd ...
    Mini cd-rom gravable pressable, capacité 30, 40, 50 et 60 Mo pour réalisations
    multimédia sur Pc et Mac. Mougins, Alpes Maritimes (06).

  • ! UN NOUVEAU FORMAT DE CD ROM & DVD ROM Nouveauté exclusive mondiale réservation sur commande uniquement de votre DVD-r Card 400 Mb ..

    duplication, pressage cd-rom et dvd, sites Internet, transfert ...
    Duplication et pressage de CD-Rom, DVD, CD-card. Création et référencement de
    sites Internet, transferts audio et vidéo. Bernac-Debat.

  • Duplication et pressage de CD, DVD, Cd card gravure, copie, reproduction industrielle , business card Création, reprise de sites web

  • Référencement et optimisation de pages HTML, CD & DVD Multimédia ► Duplication CD - DVD ■ (blank) ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - - Gravure - Duplication - Replication - Pressage - Duplication CD & DVD par gravure ou pressage : CD carte de visite 30 & 60 M, business card 60, Mini cd 8 cm, CD 12 cm, DVD..

    ISOMEDIA - Business Solutions from Internet to eMedia
    Offers DSL, T1, national dialup, hosting and colocation. Based in Redmond, WA.

  • With over 10 years of experience, ISOMEDIA's CD/DVD Solutions Division provides CD/DVD duplication, replication, printing, packaging and blank media solutions along with CD business card options


    BORGIA STUDIO siti internet, promozioni, posizionamento motori di ...
    Progettazione, realizzazione ed aggiornamento di siti web, cataloghi online e
    stampati, campagne web-marketing e soluzioni integrate per la comunicazione ...

  • Serigrafia a colori del CD stampa in quadricromia della copertina o inlay cards

  • CD-Card Integrazione con campagne promozionali sul web Integrazione con stampati     » Realizzazione chiavi in mano di: depliant brochure cataloghi manifesti locandine marchi e logotipi fotoritocchi fotomontaggi esecutivi per stampa stampati pubblicitari in genere servizio stampa per qualsiasi tiratura Hai già un sito ma nessuno ti trova? Vuoi aprire un E-commerce? Hai bisogno di una strategia mirata per il tuo business? Vuoi presentare la tua azienda su Cd-Card o mini Cd? » » » » Adobe™ Acrobat | || || || || | ©2005 by: Studio Amedeo Borgia - Riproduzione Vietata Via N

    Office Supplies -
    Computer, software, books, games, CD-ROMs, autos and other computing and
    entertainment products.

    Create Autorun CD Menu's and Autoplay CD's / DVD's
    The configurable CD ROM autostart menu maker for audio, image and program CDs
    and any storage media. [Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000]

  • Do you want to: Create an autorun CD Create an autorun CD menu Design a product or company presentation on CD Create CD autorun brochures, slide shows or business cards Make sure that Html, Pdf and Pps files start reliably from your CD

  • Application possibilities: CD presentation Company presentation Product presentation Product catalog Electronic brochure CD documentation Slideshow CD A CD program archive CD Business Card Autorun CD Menus Job applications Dissertations CD Autorun Applications CD ROM Presentation DVD Autorun Applications Autorun Pdf files Autorun Html files Autorun Power Point CDMenuPro is future-proof CDMenuPro has been tested successfully on the new Windows Vista operating system

    CD Duplication, CD Replication, CD Manufacturing, DVD Duplication ...
    Manufacture, duplicate and replicate audio CDs and CD-ROMs. We Offer Top-rated Games and Educational Products ...
    Features selection of titles for PC and for Mac, categorized by theme, price
    range, and release date.

  • Ordering: You can order online with or without a credit card via our SSL secure server

  • We also accept credit card orders by telephone during business hours

    -= Компания CD-COLA - CD DVD Дубликаторы Принтеры. Тиражирование ...
    Manufactures compact discs for audio and video.

    Small Unix
    Links to small distributions that usually load from one or two floppies.
    Includes utilities for making small Linux distributions of your own.

  • It is based on FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE and takes up less than 6 MB on a Compact Flash card or CDROM

  • It will fit on a compact flash card and is targeted at wireless embedded devices

  • Small and live CD Linux based distributions is a Debian-based bootable CD with automatic hardware detection and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, USB and SCSI devices and other peripherals

  • It is a small linux system that boots from a credit card-sized CD-ROM

  • is a business card size (50MB) Live CD Linux distribution

  • (stands for FREE ciSCO) is a free replacement for commercial routers supporting up to 3 ethernet/arcnet/token_ring/arlan network cards and up to 2 modems

  • It has networking capabilities and supports many network cards, disk controllers and USB controllers

  • is a mini Linux-distribution which is small enough to fit on a CDROM that has been cut, pressed, or molded to the size and shape of a business card

  • It is a derivative of the Linuxcare Bootable Business Card

    CD Media Website Design and Multimedia CD-ROM/DVD Development
    CD/DVD authoring, duplication, web design, hosting, audio/video production, and
    graphic design. Based in Surfside Beach, Texas, United States.

  • We'd love to design your company brochures, newsletters, letterhead and business cards

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