Art Of Texturing - A guide to Texturing/Artexing
Guide to texturing walls and ceilings, including preparation, patterning,
re-texturing, repairs, painting, maintenance, and problem solving.

  • Whether you are a professional texturer or Artexer, you fancy having a go yourself or your a householder looking to employ a tradesman you'll find all you need to know to ensure you end up with a quality long lasting finish

  • What sealers or primers to use, dry wall taping and jointing plus much more There are many patterns to choose, from basic brush patterns such as Scroll, Stipple and Swirl to more elaborate comb patterns like Hook & Line, Circle & Fan and Basket & Roses From time to time things can go wrong whether it's during preparation or after your textured ceiling or wall has dried

    Image * After - currently 14275 free textures and images available
    Free high-resolution images and textures database.

  • You can download and use any image or texture from our site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial

    Jim's Drywall Repair / Dry wall / Sheetrock / Plaster / Service ...
    Drywall, finishing, painting contractor.

    Eagle Painting is a paint contractor serving Northern VA
    A residential painting contractor serving Northern Virginia. Purchase paint,
    sundries and wallpaper at wholesale prices throughout the world.


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    Information about building materials containing asbestos and legislation regarding
    asbestos, from organization in Bethesda, MD.

  • Among the building materials found to contain asbestos are: accoustical texture Fire-proofing plaster joint compound wall texture spackle attic and wall insulation resilient flooring mastic recessed lighting fixtures wiring elevator brakes fire doors piping insulation piping joints gaskets valve packing and insulation exhaust pipe exhaust hoods lab benches blackboards duct insulation duct tape boiler blocking vibration damping cloth building panels siding shingles roofing felt roofing tar textured paint flashing water-proofing putty window caulking door insulation stucco mortar concrete swimming pool plaster asbestos cement pipe, shingles, panels, siding (transite™) Asbestos is hazardous when inhaled

  • Typical friable materials are fireproofing on beams, acoustical texture and ceiling tiles

    Flooring, Ceiling and Cabinet Products by Armstrong
    USA. Woven and tufted carpets and carpet tiles for contract markets. Technical
    information and press releases. List of subsidiaries. Part of Armstrong Holdings, ...

    Lancaster PA - Homes for Sale, buy a house built by Garman Builders
    Builds and sell homes.

  • The smooth, cool look of the walls gives way to contemporary, rounded corners and special ceiling texture full of character and dimension

    The Mordeth TC Site
    A full four episodes set in medieval times.

  • The texture set is more or less complete but there are still a few things missing which I haven't gotten around to do yet

  • Meanwhile, the rest of the team have sent me an older Mordeth draft, and our losses seem to be not as crippling as I first feared: Latest texture resources

  • I'm currently taking a break from re-doing those texture resources..

  • Benefits

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    Ray Game Designer Home Page
    Freeware 3D construction kit for Windows based on a RayCaster.

  • RGD consists in 5 different editors, available in 640x480, 800x600 et 1024x768: The Image editor allows you to group PCX 128x128 pictures in order to design your levels, The allows you to define the animations of the textures of the game, The allows you to create new mobiles (monsters, etc ...), The allows you to visualy define the path and the behaviour of each mobile of the game, The allows you to design your levels with cubic walls

  • Technical caracteristics of an RGD game: 3D Engine: fixed-height cubic walls for each level, patterned textured floors and textured ceiling (or sky)

  • 255 animated textures among 100 PCX pictures for each level

  • RGD is also provided with: - A game compiler & installer generator, - A game player that you can freely provide with your games, - An element importing software, - A general parameters setting software (speed, keys, etc ...), - Mobiles, Heroes and textures for your games, - PCX and FLI utilities

  • This is a collection of monsters, objects, texture sets and sounds that you can use in your games

    EepĀ² - The Sims
    Technical information on modification and customization.

  • 9/17 : The Sims 2 is finally here! So far not much can be edited with it--only body textures (skin, hair, clothes, etc) but hopefully the object/mesh/sound formats will be extractable soon enough and then we can really do something with this game

  • I'm not sure how I'll divide up the site for Sims 2, but I'll probably just create a whole new section for it with separate software/textures/other links for it--but I don't know; I'll deal with it as the info comes..

  • 3/20 Walls and Floors added to Textures

  • At this point I still have not received the additional info from Maxis with regards to file formats so I'm still dead in the water (hence the time spending working on these other new features).' Moved Software, Textures, and Other sections onto another page, as these news/updates are getting lengthy..

  • Body type #s added to Textures

  • 3/12 Found some other texture/model extractors and SimEdit

  • 3/11 : Added nude censor patch, body skin template, basketball textures, social worker skin, & FAR extractor

    Acoustic Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Drywall Repairs
    Specializes in acoustic popcorn ceiling removal and drywall repairs. Site contains
    texture samples, discusses the removal process and features a frequently ...

  • Popcorn in the morning, modern texture by night

    Lode's Computer Graphics Tutorial
    Computer graphics tutorials about fractals, fourier transform, demo effects,
    software 3D engines, raycasting, etc. Examples (with C++ source code).

  • 2D Drawing : Painting with brushes of various colors, opacities and sizes : Filling areas with a new color : Clipping 2D Lines Fractals : Make trees with fractals : Sierpinski Triangle and Sierpinski Carpet : Those pretty fractals Oldskool Effects : The plasma effect : The classic : It looks like a 3D tunnel Raycasting : Untextured and textured walls : Floor and Ceiling : Sprites 3D Graphics : How 3D graphics work, building a Camera Class : Project 3D points and sprites on screen, control the camera : Drawing and clipping 3D lines Filtering and FT : Blur, Find Edges, Emboss, ..

  • : Introduction to FT and frequency spectrum of signals an images, and using it on RGB color images Texture Generation : Not artistic, but handy : Turbulence, Clouds, Marble, Wood, ..


    Lordly House Museum and Community Access Program
    Furnishes information about the house, its owners, architecture, location, hours
    of operation, and contact details. Specifics of the computer services offered ...

  • The texture is what makes it important

    Flagstaff Taping & Texturing - Drywall Taping and Ceiling Texture
    Offers drywall services.

  • Killam is located at the crossroads of Highway 13 and 36 Drywall Taping and Ceiling Texture Services Commercial and Residential Over 20 years experience No job is too small Drywall taping Ceiling texture New construction Renovations/Additions Contract & Hourly rates Free estimates Please feel free to contact me at any time

    Do It Yourself Rental Inc.
    Offer a range of equipment and tools for rent. Map, contact information, hours,
    price list.

  • Day Week Ceiling Texture Sprayer, Complete Kit N/A $37.00 $45.00 $52.00 $132.00 Drywall Taping Banjo N/A N/A N/A $7.00 $23.00 Glitter Gun N/A N/A $7.00 $9.00 $31.00 Mixer N/A N/A $7.00 N/A N/A Scalfolding 5 Ft

  • N/A N/A $33.00 $38.00 $114.00 Sheetrock Screw Gun N/A N/A $9.00 $13.00 $46.00 Sheetrock Tools N/A N/A N/A $7.00 $23.00 Texture Gun W/Hopper N/A N/A $9.00 $13.00 $46.00 Wallpaper Steamer N/A N/A $20.00 $24.00 $85.00 SNOW REMOVAL Item Description Per Hour 4 Hrs

    Preschool Education Arts & Crafts : Holidays > St. Patrick's Day
    Thematic art projects appropriate for use with young children.

  • Texture Shamrocks added 2-25-99 Original Author Unknown Need: Green paint, grits, paper Directions: Have the children use green finger-paint that has been mixed with grits (to give it a texture) to cover a shamrock shape

    Brand Lighting - The Name Brand Lighting you are looking for!
    Specialists for commercial, industrial and residential lighting.

  • Its textures and colors pay homage to the eloquent work of art of Claude Monet

  • The hand blown glass has the texture of a babbling brook

  • The Elements, by Fine Art Lamps, features a rich texture of form shaped by curves, swells and angles

  • Elegant and modern design with a soft yet crisp edge, it combines defined sculptural lines and flowing elements in a finish at once smooth and textured

  • Hand-tailored textured shade in Clayborne Cream or shimmering bronze organza

  • Muted silver leaf with palm leaf accent and textured solid crystal pendants

  • Featuring a sophisticated starlight gold finish, as well as textures of shimmering bronze organza and pristine white crepe

  • The velvety texture of the pieces and brilliance of the crystal is enthralling

  • Textured seedy glass

  • Stylized quatrefoil design features Marbella wrought iron finish and subtle iridescent textured glass

  • Features textured seedy glass panes

    The Trading Spaces Drinking Game
    A humorous drinking game based on Trading Spaces.

    LA By Night
    Roleplaying in the JOSSverse.

  • Even the darkness inside the hood seemed to have gained texture

    Hampton Walls And Ceilings Home Page
    Stretch ceilings which create curves, angles, domes, and other various shapes.
    A concept already utilized in more than thirty countries.

  • You determine the finish, smooth plaster, Integral Color, texture or a combination of both! We also offer a high quality decorative acrylic wall coating with unlimited creative potential

  • With over 160 colors and different textures, that can be put into any shape or size room, we are sure we can find your PERFECT CEILING for you

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