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  • Computer Monitor Reviews Web Reviewing the Reviews Desktop Computers (Budget) Reviews You are here: >> Desktop Computers (Budget) Best Desktop Computers (Budget) Reviews: (out of 17) Best Desktop Computers (Budget): (out of 111) CyberPower Gamer Ultra 7500SE, Dell Dimension 5100, HP Media Center m7170n Photosmart PC Fast Answers - Best Desktop Computers (Budget) Top Rated What the Research Says • (*est

  • $1, 000) >> Best desktop-computer value

  • This computer system even comes with 5.1 Logitech X-530 speakers

  • CyberPower offers an industry-leading 3-year warranty on the whole computer system, with one-year on-site service

  • $1, 040) >> Best name-brand budget computer

  • As with most Dell computers, you can configure this model in a myriad of ways

  • The Dell Dimension 5100 comes with integrated graphics and sound (though you can upgrade these components at extra cost) so if you’re looking for better video chops, the CyberPower computer is a better choice

  • This HP computer comes with the Windows XP Media Center operating system, which is optimized for those who want to incorporate their PC into their home-entertainment system

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  • Europe's online computer memory supplier Best deals on memory upgrades! Navigation: [ ] [ ', STICKY, RIGHT, OFFSETX, 35, WIDTH, 195, SNAPX, 18, CAPTION, 'products', TIMEOUT, 5500);' onmouseout='return nd();'>products ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] memory search search for compatible memory

  • enter email address: Trade Customers: [ ] [ ] Transcend memory: Dell memory: Buy computer memory online! Welcome to - online supplier of top quality memory upgrades for desktop, laptop, and notebook computers, servers, workstations, digital cameras and much more

  • Computer memory types, - flash memory types, - and gadgets, Overclocking : We have everything in DDR RAM for overclocking, in speed ratings

  • Also works as a USB drives, so it is ideal to move data around between different computers

  • Choose memory type here: - or view our Computer memory New Products: Transcend 512Mb MMC Mobile Latest release from Transcend, this RS-MMC Dual Voltage card is suitable for the Nokia 6630/6680 and all devices using RSMMC or ordinary MMC cards

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  • This Week's Specials Extra Computer Tips How to Add/Remove Software Drivers What are Software Drivers Copyright 1997-2006

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  • AOL CTO resigns, others fired, Thomson hires computer journalists and RIAA wants to shut down musician share sites

  • Best of all, they're FREE! Featured Event: Wednesday, August 23 and Thursday, August 24 PCMagCast is hosting a free, two-day virtual tradeshow August 23-24, 2006 on two of the most critical technology topics for business success: Computer security and workforce mobility

    Personal Computers
    PCMag names the G5 a winner at the 20th Annual Tech Ex Awards.

  • Search PCMAG.COM REVIEWS Popular Searches: Product Guides > > > Personal Computers 11.18.03 Winner: Apple Power Mac G5 — ADVERTISEMENT Graphic artists and content creators are rejoicing over the Apple Power Mac G5

  • In a dazzling display of disruptive technology and processor independence, Apple's top-of-the line G5 is the first dual—64-bit computer and the first desktop application of the IBM PowerPC 970 CPU

  • The G5 is an important step forward in desktop computer technology and a vital cornerstone of Apple's future

  • (Apple Computer Inc., to read our review of the Apple Power Mac G5 as part of our roundup.) Add PC Magazine: New Product Reviews to your or Get's FREE email newsletters delivered to your inbox

  • Best of all, they're FREE! Featured Event: Wednesday, August 23 and Thursday, August 24 PCMagCast is hosting a free, two-day virtual tradeshow August 23-24, 2006 on two of the most critical technology topics for business success: Computer security and workforce mobility

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  • The average price of a new desktop computer is $717, and the average price of a new notebook is $1, 311

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    General hardware news,as well as reviews and benchmarks of the latest 3D graphics
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  • It differs from the previous Intel® wireless cards by connecting to the computer via a PCI Express x1 slot, it's smaller, and it's supposedly more immune to interference

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    Simputer: Not a common man's device anymore
    Three years ago, the Simputer was the biggest story to come out of the Indian IT
    industry. This is an update on its development and marketing.

  • It would be a 'personal computer' costing less than half the price of the conventional desktop available in the market

  • At the conference, a group of IT industry professionals and professors discussed the idea of a computer that has relevance and is affordable to the common man

  • Well, it's not a cheap computer

  • Its proponents have since discarded the buzzword -- 'cheap computer' -- that brought the Simputer into the limelight

  • 'We are not making a cheap computer

  • The Simputer will give them applications that they can handle easily.' But clearly, somewhere along the line from conception to development, talk of the Rs 9, 000 Simputer that would become the computer for the poor man, has been lost

  • The Gulbarga Electricity and Supply Company's spot electricity billing system, and Bhoomi, the land records computerisation effort

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  • Time Address Houston , USA News Computer Shopper: ' has the stuff tinkerers dream of

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    About Acorn computers and ARM processors
    Includes an introduction, history, hardware and software details, photographs,
    and screenshots of the RISC OS operating system.

  • and why should I bother? I am perfectly aware that your computer and your OS are far better than what I will be talking about - but if you learn a little about Acorn, you might find that even though the system really can be considered exotic, it is well-planned with consistent design and some clever details which aren't present in any other OS

  • The Acorn platform is probably one of the smallest computer platforms, consisting of some estimated 500, 000 machines (excluding older 8-bit computers)

  • However, there are also a lot of private users of Acorn computers, mostly - in order of importance - in Great Britain & (Northern) Ireland, Germany, France, Australia & New Zealand, the Netherlands and Italy

  • In the 1980s, practically all British schools were equipped with their computers (and Acorn machines were also quite popular as home computers), but when Wintel PCs began to gain importance, more and more schools switched over to that platform

  • Most importantly, seperate companies were founded for supporting the UK education market ( Xemplar was owned in part by Acorn, in part by Apple), developing RISC OS ( Acorn RISC Technologies ; ART, although this didn't exist as a separate company for very long), working on the 32-bit processor architecture ( Advanced RISC Machines ; ARM ) and on Acorn's NetComputer models ( Acorn Network Computing ; ANC, again, not for a long time)

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