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CNN - Collective Soul makes big changes with latest release ...

  • Collective Soul MULTIMEDIA Listen to a clip from 'Run' or Listen to a clip from 'Heavy' or (Sound courtesy Atlantic Records) Mega-rock 'Dosage' Collective Soul makes big changes with latest release Web posted on: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 11:08:12 AM EST By Donna Freydkin Special to CNN Interactive (CNN) -- There's nothing wrong with a little musical formula, especially if it is actually energized and somewhat inspired

  • Collective Soul's catchy brand of melodic hard rock is pretty much pure formula, but through a string of number-one hits and platinum albums, the group has more than proven that its own musical recipe is very easy to swallow

  • 'We always approach each song individually, try to make the most of each song and bring it to life as much as possible.' With its chunky guitar sounds, churning rhythms, gigantic choruses and the requisite arena power ballads, the album, which hit stores on February 9, retains Collective Soul's brand of dense, tuneful and very polished rock that's easy on the ears and very palatable to radio -- their single 'Run, ' which was featured on the soundtrack to the hit movie 'Varsity Blues, ' is on heavy rotation on modern rock radio stations nationwide

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  • Others, like Sydney’s The Herd and London’s GM Baby, convey the soldiers’ experience of being in a battlefield: often either deadly or soul destroying

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  • Check the new site - !!! R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Gospel and Reggae lyrics


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  • BEST LIVE ACTS? U2 COMES IN 1ST PLACE August 07, 2006 posted by: Tassoula In a recent poll conducted by Spin Magazine, U2 took top honors for the category 'Greatest Live Band' (currently performing)

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  • And there comes a point at which people need to realise that saying so is not always a flame or personal attack; that no matter how much a fan writer loves writing, and feels great about sharing their work, and pours their heart and soul into their fiction, all the good intentions in the world cannot make a bad story a good one

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  • Styles: rap, rock, pop, hip-hop, punk, alternative, country, blues, folk, soul, love


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  • They Might Be Giants: Birdhouse in Your Soul 6

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  • Sufism provides a cure for the illusion of selfhood and its flip side, isolation, in the soul's annihilation

  • Maybe in a moment where we forget ourselves in the music, where we lose ourselves contemplating the repetitive a chant of "Allah-hoo, " (the name of God, the Sufi mantra (listen to Sabri, "Allah-hoo")) we are a flying fish: momentarily out of the water, seeing and hearing clearly, before plunging back into the sea of our rational--and therefore un-Sufi--way of thinking.**] The merging of the soul in God cures the self of isolation, because the self is merely part of a whole

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  • lots of fast songs and drum solo's British punk rock band from Manchester Original jam music for the mind, booty & soul Music that is a cross between punk/ska/metal/swing with costumes and capguns to boot! West Virginias Hardest Working All Out Blues Band The officical website of the legendary jazz pianist, composer and producer

  • Music/pictures/complete discography, official AOR a special blend of rock, blues, funk & soul for one unforgettable sound., Official Performing with the likes of Madonna's maverick records boys & summercampbre, Official Great Alternative Rock/Pop band site includes News, Message Board, Sounds, Backlash is the ultimate original/cover band in the dallas/fort worth metroplex

  • This is the official website of soul-funk-jazz-hip hop masters Dealers in Groove Denovo is an Indie Rock band from Columbus, Ohio.

  • All you need to know, fab graphics, fun, frolics, pics and chat Christian rock soul R&B Official Homepage...Desert punk with a Southwestern flavor! Unnoficial Info

  • Official Chaplin Fataar started in the Flames 60's South Africa Soul

  • Comprehensive Discography of Savage Garden Officila Homepage, Old school soul from Austin Texas

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    Essay on alchemical aspects of Faust (focused on Part 2), by Adam McLean.

  • For Goethe's working of the Faust story differs from other dramas based on the archetypal legend of a conjuror who sells his soul to the devil, sealing his pact with a drop of blood, ultimately to suffer the fires of Hell, in that Goethe reveals through his drama various transformational processes working in the human soul, personified in Faust

  • The Fairy Tale (Marchen ) is an allegory of inner transmutation of the soul, in which various polarities emerge and are brought together again

  • Part One opens with Mephistopheles entering into a bargain with God for the soul of Faust

  • For Goethe, the proper development of the human soul lay in its forming a proper relationship between its feminine and masculine facets

  • Thus Part One of Faust sets before us the central problem of Faust's soul, his difficulties in relating to the feminine side of his being

  • This little man in the flask lies outside of the domain of Nature, a soul and spirit without a proper material body

  • Through the figure of Homunculus, central to the play, Goethe illustrates that the path of humanity seeking a rebirth of enlighten- ment in their being, lies within themselves - the recognition and acceptance of the feminine component of the soul

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  • Real Music That Rocks Your Soul I I I I I I I I I I I I New Music • Band Booking • Live Music • Music Reviews • Music Downloads *Book One Of Our Artists For Your Concert Or Event Today! *Get Your Copy of Kimberlee's Newest Release - ' '!

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  • You can also find t-shirts, hats and other fantastic george goodies there, as well as CDs from Elixir, Palimpsest, The Neighbourhood Groove Collective and Katie Noonan! Tyrone Tyrone has been very busy doing soundtrack work for film and theatre, collaborating with fantastic avant garde musical group Topology, performing with his jazz/latin/soul band Palimpsest ( - awesome CD available!), and also undertaking several local solo and DJ gigs

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