Sundial Sculptures by John Carmichael, Jr.
John Carmichael makes sculptural stone sundials (US). Website has some technical
information on sundials and chronology.

  • People are amazed that they can even tell time at night on my dials by using the shadow from moonlight! In The Sundial Owner's Manual , I give you detailed instructions on this and other useful information such as sundial history, theory, installation, operation, maintenance, basic astronomy, and sundial references – along with a weather-resistant copy of the Equation of Time

    Florida Boat Lifts - DECO Power Lift of Safety Harbor, Florida
    Manufactures aluminum and stainless steel boat lifts ranging from 4000 to 40000
    pound capacity. Also dock and lift accessories such as handrails, ramps, ...

    Researching the History of Your House
    A bibliography and links provided by David L. Langenberg for the American Library
    Association's Reference and User Services Association, History Section.

  • The House Research Guide: A Step by Step Manual for Owners, Occupants and Other Old House Lovers

    Introduction to Letterpress Printing
    Comprehensive beginner's guide and listing of resources including reference
    sources, programs, museums, equipment, paper and suppliers.

  • Whether you are learning on your own, with a mentor or in a class, probably the most important thing you can do to further your letterpress education is to get yourself a solid instruction manual on basic letterpress printing

  • Pitkin .: [Bloomington, Ill: McKnight & McKnight Publishing Company, 1941-1963, 195pp.] Probably the best all-around introductory book for traditional letterpress printing, this manual is profusely illustrated with detailed and useful photographs

  • Polk) [Peoria, Illinois: The Manual Arts Press, 1937-1945; later editions Charles A

  • The most ubiquitous letterpress printing manual of the twentieth century

  • as the advanced printing manual for their mass-market presses

  • illus.] This manual is the first choice of letterpress cognoscenti who are printing on platen presses, and serves as the missing "owner’s manual" for traditional platen presses such as Chandler & Price, Gordon, Pearl and other floor-mounted job presses

  • California: Bieler Press, 2001 This is one of the few letterpress manuals currently in print, and the only one specifically addressing both (the gold standard for current fine letterpress printers) and photopolymer plates


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    Expert Consulting for Industrial Automation, Controls, and Equipment
    Consultant on technical, commercial, and litigation matters related to computers,
    automation, instrumentation, electrical engineering, and patents.

  • SCADA Manuals (approximately 1500 technical and tutorial pages) College instructor at University of New Orleans and Tulane University College

    Quality Plans & Software - Tools for Building Professionals
    Purchase site for Chief Architect, Quantum Leap Estimator, Architectural Graphic
    Standards CD-ROM, BeamChek, and construction details.

    Mahatma Gandhi on education
    An essay by Barry Burke exploring Gandhi's views on western education system.

  • He was also of the opinion that manual work should not be seen as something inferior to mental work

    Art Terms and Definitions
    Single-page glossary of art and architectural terms, from Your Way to Florence.

  • The term is derived from the name of an architect from Bologna, Sebastiano Serlio (1475-1555), who proposed the design in his manual of architecture, but it was already known in Roman times

  • Benefits

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    CATHOLIC LIBRARY: Laborem Exercens (1981)
    Encyclical on human work, promulgated 14 September, 1981. All in one file. 130K.

    AAPA: Resources for Letterpress Printers
    Resources for letterpress printers.

  • (Originally managed by Ton Cremers.) (Octavo Corporation) You can view excerpts from The Manuale Tipografico of Giambattista Bodoni -- a CD ROM containing ``the greatest type specimen book ever printed.'' Chris Chen has taken a lot of digital photos related to letterpress printing

  • Manuals and technical information on letterpress equipment

  • All kinds of information about Vandercook Proof Presses: model descriptions, manuals, articles, etc

    Antique Tools FAQ
    FAQ designed to address the most frequently asked questions about antique tools
    on rec.woodworking.

  • The 5 1/4 is a junior jack made for smaller hands, and for manual training courses

    The Revised Stanley B&G - Bench Planes
    Gratuitous graphical blandishment by Allan Fisher.


    Tseries FAQ
    Categorized and indexed list of technical questions and solutions for TD series car.

    1968 Porsche 912 Restoration
    Site provide tips and suggestions for 912 restoration.

    Links to Nebraska Manufacturing, Food Processing and other ...
    Directory of manufacturers, food processors, shopping malls, and services.
    Includes website descriptions and locations. Organized by general topic and then ...

    Philosophy- Squashed Plato - The Republic - Condensed Abridged
    Selection of excerpts from this dialogue by Plato. By Glyn Hughes.

    :::::DARLA.COM v3.0...darla records:::::
    San Francisco based indie Pop, Electro-ambient and Drum 'n Bliss label. Home of
    the "Bliss Out" and "Little Darla Has a Treat For You" compilation series.

  • Reviews: | MANUAL - Bajamar CD (Darla: DRL172: 708527017227) $12.00 Danish artist Jonas Munk Jensen's second nearly pure ambient record for Darla follows footprints in the warm, wet sand made by his 2003 CD The North Shore, which was acclaimed by critics and fans

  • He’s one of the great all-time heroes of the current bliss pop generation, which includes Mahogany, Auburn Lull, Ulrich Schnauss, Manual, Sweet Trip, Windy & Carl, Landing, Aarktica, Yellow6, and many others

  • MANUAL 'Dizzy Sun' (Darla) 9:16 Exclusive track

  • Ending on the glacial beauty of ‘Everlasting’, this EP is evidence not only of Guthrie’s unsurpassable talents, but also of his waves of influence across the music scene – first with shoegazer music and then with the post shoegazers such as Ulrich Schnauss and Manual

    Club Photo
    Uses Club Photo to host pictures of his Cobra build with history.

  • Intake: The Upper End consists of a satin finished Edelbrock F-28 dual quad, low-profile, cast Aluminum Intake Manifold with two polished Edelbrock Performer 500 CFM, square-bore, manually choked Carbs on top of two TD Performance Products 1 inch thick, 4-hole, swirl-torque, Billet Aluminum Carb Spacers, which stimulate low end torque and improve driveability while two MotorChrome 6 in

  • Suspension & Brakes: Flaming River 15:1 Manual Rack and Pinion Steering, Jack Rosen designed F/R adj

    Credit Union Talk Discussion List
    Discussion among senior and mid-level management of credit unions. Participation
    from the public, private and academic sectors is welcome.

    The "Looting Question" Bibliography
    Hugh Jarvis lists Internet and published resources on the archaeological politics
    of private collecting, commercial treasure hunting, looting.

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