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  • • Photo gallery: >> More: | more from The White Sox were grateful Tuesday night for second chances they hope to parlay into more than just a dramatic victory

  • • Morrissey: • Rogers: • With the pressure off and the focus of the city squarely on the White Sox, the Cubs suddenly are looking like world-beaters - Baseball Index
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  • Just ask the White Sox

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  • - B New York Yankees vs Cleveland Indians Jim Abbott no hitter - B- 1994 Game Description Quality Purchase Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs Michael Jordan plays RF for the White Sox 3 hours B Ryne Sandberg Day The Cubs honor Sandberg after his 1st retirement - B- San Diego Padres vs Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field's 80th Birthday

  • - B 1997 Game Description Quality Purchase 6/16/97-Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox First interleague game vs White Sox.Cubs Win! 3 hours A 9/21/97-Philadelphia Phillies vs Chicago Cubs Ryne Sandberg Day

  • - B- Chicago Cubs vs Montreal Expos Kerry Wood's Major League debut - A St.Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs Wood dominates the Cardinals - B Houston Astros vs Chicago Cubs Wood K's 20 Astros - B- Minnesota Twins vs New York Yankees David Wells Perfect Game - B Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs Cubs win - A 1998 All Star Game From Colorado.Includes Homerun Derby

  • - A Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox Cubs lose in extra innings

  • - A Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox Cubs win

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    Blog Maverick
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    Bob Reno's - Where COPS meets SPORTSCENTER (includes ...
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  • a site anchored in sports that will be the definitive place on the Internet to find coverage of Black athletes, and Black involvement in sports at all levels") has an column called "Justice Delayed, Not Denied at Oklahoma" that claims that racism was behind Bomar's rise to the starting job last year over "Oklahoma's Black Starting Quarterback Paul Thompson who had clearly won that job in the 2005 pre-season and was so announced, was summarily humiliated by Head Coach Bob Stoops yanked from his position before even one regular season game was complete in favor of White Freshman Rhett Bomar." After that transgression, Thompson was converted to wide receiver but is now the only Sooner player with any experience at the QB position

  • The BASN column ends by saying--in a style that looks almost poetic--that "The only Question now is will Stoops and the Sooners repeat their mistake of last Season and ( aka Racism ) turn to one of their inexperienced White Quarterbacks in order to avoid naming Black QB Paul Thompson their Starting Quarterback and throw away this season or will they admit their Mistake and make Paul Thompson Starting Quarterback Again !" Earn Extra Cash From Home Working Only 30 Minutes a Day! Make money doing data entry

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    CNN - 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon' - April 5, 1999

  • Most of the pictures showed happy hikers either striding along a forest trail or standing at scenic lookouts, shading their eyes and peering across great wooded valleys at the time-eroded but still formidable peaks of the central White Mountains

  • By the time they got to the little dirt parking area on Route 68, her knuckles were white on the steering wheel and she was speaking in clipped tones which Trisha recognized all too well

  • He's wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt and he's got a gold chain around his neck -- he's got his back to me but I can see the chain winking in the sun

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  • -Yogi Berra On a fancy White House dinner he attended I don't see how he lost five games during the season

  • -Norm Cash, First Baseman for the White Sox and Tigers 1958-74 If you're not having fun in baseball, you miss the point of everything Travelers
    Links to over 20 personal travelogues that have appeared in the Iranian.

  • Nor is it the dramatic black of the banners of the Tasu'a and 'Ashura mourning processions, flying against a backdrop of white cotton and green silk, bringing to life the massacre of the Seventy Two Innocents and drawing tears from the great Lion of Persia

  • It can be the color of lead -- opaque and massive -- as in the paint on the windows of the whitewashed building of Chalus Hotel turned interrogation center and prison TRAVELERS Photo essay Ali Mobasser To all the people pictured in these photos, thank you for welcoming me as one of your own and allowing me to celebrate the life of a wonderful man and the father of the one I love
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  • The lawyers’ rare, open disagreement with civilian officials at the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the White House came during discussions of proposed new rules for the use of evidence derived from hearsay or coercion and the possible exclusion of defendants from the trials in some circumstances…

  • This is the precise argument the White House has tried, again and again, to get the Supreme Court to accept

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