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  • Engagement Rings, Antique Jewelry, Custom Jewelry Design Custom engagement rings, fine jewelry design, diamonds, colored gemstones and antique jewelry are among our specialties

  • Whether your interest is jewelry from the past or a contemporary design, diamonds or colored gemstones, designing an engagement ring, or just learning more about jewelry and gemstones, we hope that you enjoy the Bijoux Extraordinaire web site

    all about diamond engagement rings :: Diamond Engagement Rings by ...
    Diamond engagement rings buying guide includes a diamonds tutorial as well as
    related articles and resources.

  • all about diamond engagement rings Web Are you about to propose and the engagement ring choice seems a little bit harder than expected? Worry not, you are now on the right website

  • Traditionally, thinking of the engagement ring is visualizing a diamond engagement ring

  • Women are drawn to diamonds not only for their natural beauty, but also because of the history and magic associated with them

  • It is these qualities that have made the diamond the ultimate symbol of love

  • So our first advice is: choose a diamond ring! You'll find inside everything else you need to impress your loved one in that special moment

    International Colored Gemstone Association - ICA
    The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) provides consumer buying
    advice and educational details about colored gemstones.

  • Traffic on the show floor of Hall 3, known as the Hall of Elements – home to the industry’s leading gem, diamond and pearl companies – appeared particularly active through much of the eight-day fair

  • Faced with high polished diamond prices, jewelry designers are being driven to incorporate colored gems into their finished pieces to maintain price points

  • The pavilion will cover close to 250 square meters and include up to 30 booths for ICA members compared to 19 booths at the last IJT show...[ ] ICA PRESS RELEASE ICA members cooperate to create a magnificent exhibit of traditional Indian jewelry at Israel Diamond Museum Ramat Gan, Israel, June 20 - Here is a fail proof recipe: Take two prominent members of the International Colored Gemstones Association (ICA), one from India and one from Israel; draw freely from their boundless passion for gems, their contagious enthusiasm, their diverse design capabilities and excellent photographical skills, add some Indian fervor and a dash of Israeli tenacity to the mix, and voila, one has created an unbeatable creative team

  • Aquamarine is a fascinatingly beautiful gemstone...[ ] Diamond Jewelry from Jaipur, India The Diamond Museum in Ramat Gan is the sole museum in Israel dedicated to the collection and display of diamonds from all over the world

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    Search for loose diamonds by cut, color, clarity, carat weight or price.

  • Need help? 800.781.8883 Images/DarkBluePixel.jpg' WIDTH='1' HEIGHT='30' BORDER='0'> SKU or Phrase Search Diamond Search Jewelry Search 8 Sides

  • The 88 CUT diamond is an innovative and fashion forward design with 88 facets, providing unparalleled brilliance, fire, and sparkle

  • This patented design bridges ancient mysteries with modern elegance in a diamond like you've never seen before

  • Every design is handcrafted with the finest precious metals, exquisite diamonds, and luxurious leathers


  • WITH EVERY STEP, LOVE GROWS Journey Diamond jewelry features a sequence of graduated diamonds arranged from smallest to largest, symbolizing a love that grows stronger and more intense over time – a couple’s journey together

  • | Items: 0 Sub-Total: $0.00 Description: Ladies 100' 8-8.5mm Fresh Water Pearl Necklace Price: $435.00 Description: Ladies 'Forever Yours' Bezel and Pave Diamond Fancy Circle Pendant on Cable Chain Diamond .40cttw Price: $1, 400.00


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    Absolute Titanium Design - New Black Zirconium Metal rings ...
    Wedding and engagement rings in titanium and diamonds.

  • | ( Select an above image to enter the Absolute Titanium Design Ring Collections ) Featuring Designer Maria da Costa's™ Signature Line of stunning tension settings in titanium and diamonds

  • Privileged, top value 10, 000+ diamond purchasing for your ring, for seamless diamond & ring matching & sourcing

  • 4367 (G-E-M-S) for diamond inquiries (This line is not for orders

  • - A tension-set diamond is pressure held at its girdle within a gap created at the two pressing ends of a ring

  • The result is a stunning visual and aesthetic effect which exposes much of the diamond to the eye, and renders it to appear to almost hover in midair

  • - Absolute Titanium's line of tension-set diamond rings offers you unique jewelry designs of breathtaking beauty and simplicity, each a jewelry marvel in itself, and is marked with its Titanium grade

  • - Our tension settings are hand finished, and each diamond is set-to-order by hand and carefully tested

  • Release from the workshop and shipping always pend, first, on the sourcing and the completion of the diamond purchase, as well as, evidently, the actual setting job

    The Jewel Case Inc. - Estate Jewelry & Liquidators
    Jewelry store specializing in estate jewelry, diamonds, gold and out-of-pawn items.

  • Diamonds, Jewelry, Appraisals, Auctions, Jewelry Estates Purchased 98 Main Street #223 Tiburon, CA 94920 By Appointment 415-789-9106 Jewelers' Resources: PLEASE VISIT ALL THE JEWEL CASE INC eBay SITES: Welcome to The Jewel Case Inc., operated by Marshall D

    Certified Loose Diamonds at Excellent Prices
    GIA certified loose and fancy colored diamonds.

  • | Contact an experienced IceStore diamond professional for personal service and attentive help in finding your ideal GIA certified loose diamond during our normal business hours: 10:00am-6:00pm PST

  • Toll Free : 800-276-5301 TESTIMONIALS 'You were incredible throughout the entire process, and not only did we get an incredible diamond (thanks to your expertise), but we got a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring as well.' Welcome to IceStore, Inc

  • offers the highest quality GIA and AGS Certified Loose Diamonds, Natural Fancy Color Diamonds and Fine Jewelry at Excellent Prices all with our 30 day money back guarantee

  • our inventory of GIA and AGS certified , and loose diamonds

  • NEW: Hand selected from among thousands of carats of loose diamonds, our premiere line of Diamond Elite ™ exemplify the visual perfection of the Ideal Cut

  • Diamond Elite ™ IceStore Inc

  • offers the largest online collection of GIA certified Natural Fancy Color Loose Diamonds

  • Our Natural Fancy Color Diamonds with GIA diamond grading reports include Extraordinary fancy color diamonds set in handcrafted works of platinum and gold

    Old European Diamonds : home
    Specializes in the procurement of old cut and old European cut colorless as well
    as fancy color diamonds.

  • If you are a seller , we are proud to pay more for your Old Cut Diamonds

  • and colorless as well as Fancy color diamonds are sought after by my client base both here in the United States and abroad

  • Being a senior member of the Accredited Gemologist’s Association and a lecturer on the subject of , fine Platinum Estate jewelry and gemstone treatments, I am often asked to difficult to locate old cut diamonds and Fine Platinum Estate Jewelry as well as Fancy Color diamonds w hich we pay a premium price for

  • Old cut diamonds offer value as well as security above that of conventional modern cut diamonds

  • “One client turned to me after searching the Eastern seaboard estate jewelry buyers and gemologists for a $6, 500.00 offer on a 'Fancy Yellow Diamond' set in an 18K yellow gold mounting

  • I was able to locate a buyer within three days who paid $18, 500.00 for the piece .” *** If you have Old Cut diamonds to sell, do yourself the service of contacting me for a quote on the diamond or pieces that you have

  • Box 533 Hanover, New Hampshire 03755 USA Phone: 603-643-3600 4 carat F VS2 Asscher diamond Edwardian 3 carat old European diamond platinum ring 5 carat plus cushion shape diamond in platinum ring Rare natural pearl diamond and emerald Edwardian brooch © 2006

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    Portal for the international diamond business worldwide with comprehensive trade
    show schedule calendar for jewelry and diamond buyers.

  • New online diamond magazine – It's 'Fan-Brand-Tastic' There will possibly never be a consensus as to what a brand is in the diamond industry, as there are so many different dimensions to the subject

  • In the next few months, we'll be taking a look at various brands and what they are all about on my new online magazine about natural diamonds

  • But in order to do this I need your input – so, please let me know if your retail store has its own favorites, or if you are the patent holder of a proprietary cut and you are looking for a partner or a distribution network, or if you just want to let consumers and retailers know about your branded diamond cut

  • Click to send with information about a branded diamond round or proprietary cut

  • World Of Diamonds Redefined The diamond business has been redefined by branding and the fundamentals of advertising, public relations, and marketing - all of which are geared to the downstream retail and consumer jewelry markets with their unique customer segmentation features and demographics

  • Online access to the multiple brand environment of the diamond business including articles about Lev Leviev & Bulgari - May 2004, the Art of Marketing and Branding Diamonds, and The Case of the Missing Icon - De BeersLV

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    A B2B ecommerce exchange floor for the professional certified diamond trade and
    jewelry industry.

  • | Welcome to More and more diamond professionals are connecting to the future of diamond supply through's extensive inventory

  • Our international diamond exchange is manned by a professional, courteous and knowledgeable support staff on hand to help you 24 hours a day

  • Join the new international diamond market place today and allow to increase your bottom line

  • TRADING ONLINE More and more diamond buyers and marketing professionals are connecting to the best way of doing business today in diamonds - online: offers direct access to multiple diversified sources of polished diamonds

  • offers an extensive inventory of rounds and fancy cut diamonds; special cuts; hearts and arrows; ideal cuts; private labels; signature cuts; wonderful fancy colors; sightholder goods, and much more

  • Direct Access to hundreds of sources, diamonds, and suppliers - worldwide - including sightholders of the DTC and clients of Rio TInto, BHP, Alrosa, Russia, Angola

  • Levels the Playing Field Vast Inventory • Choice • Options Find diamonds online including: hearts and arrows, ideal cuts, cushion cuts, asscher cuts, classic rounds and fancies, straight edged fancies, princess cuts, natural fancy colors, enhanced colored goods, composite shapes, proprietary shapes, multi-faceted modified rounds, diamonds highlighting the origin of the rough diamond, etc

    Diamond Broker - Home
    In business since 1979, an extension of two diamond cutting facilities one located
    in Lisbon, Portugal, and the other domestically in the United States.

  • Featured Designer Links Diamond Shape Carat Weight (Min/Max) Diamond Color (Min/Max) Price Range Diamond Clarity (Min/Max) 333 First Street, Los Altos, CA 94022 650.941.7856 Since 1979 The Diamond Broker has supplied Diamonds to Diamond wholesalers and major Diamond and Jewelry Retailers around the world

  • Through and our Diamond Broker offices located in the heart of the famous Silicon Valley private customers are able to purchase Diamonds direct from one of the most trusted and respected Diamond distributors in the world

  • The Diamond Broker specializes in Diamonds cut using the latest technology maximizing the brilliance of every Diamond

  • Top Quality Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry at UNBEATABLE prices

    Upholstery classes on videos how to upholster
    Training for basics of upholstering, making slipcovers, and starting an upholstery

  • Learn the art of diamond tufting by hand, plus cutting, sewing and filling channel backs and attached pillow backs

  • Learn to sew diamonds and channels (tuck and roll) and work with vinyl


    Diamond Sutra
    A relatively modern-language translation by the Lotus Sutra Study Center.

  • The Vajracchedika Prajna paramita Sutra (The Diamond Sutra) This is what I heard one time when the Buddha was staying in the monastery in Anathapindika's park in the Jeta Grove near Shravasti with a community of 1, 250 Bhikshus, fully ordained monks

  • Wherever this sutra is kept is a sacred site enshrining the presence of the Buddha or one of the Buddha's great disciples." After that, Subhuti asked the Buddha, "What should this sutra be called and how should we act regarding its teachings?" The Buddha replied, "This sutra should be called The Diamond that Cuts through Illusion because it has the capacity to cut through allusions and afflictions and bring us to the shore of liberation

    DiamondLover WebRing
    Several web rings to join; jewelers, wedding professionals, engaged couples and
    I love diamonds.

  • Weddings Community Stores Search our Diamond Database Shape Depth - Pav

  • Depth - Color - Crown Angle - Budget $ Clarity - Crown Height - Submit Diamond Education Services Jewelry Books Consumer-oriented book filled with useful information, drawings & pictures for 1st time diamond buyer

  • Photo Masters is a compilation of 244 extraordinary photomicrographs, suitable for students or experienced diamond graders

  • Blood Diamonds cost torture & death for Sierra Leone residents

  • Conflict Diamonds finance civil wars & terrorists, including al Qaeda

    GemFind Network - Your Gem Community Portal - Home Page is a collection of hundreds of diamond importers and wholesalers
    under one network. At Gemfind, you can bid for the diamond, gem, jewelry and the ...

  • GemFind provides for jewelers, diamond dealers and jewelry industry professionals

  • GEMFIND DIAMOND SPECIALS: Last Updated : 8/30/2006, 8:33:16 PM Size (Weight) : to ct

    Jim Loy's Billiards/Pool Page
    Features billiards and pool articles, essays, and fiction, including many with
    how-to diagrams and graphics.

  • Pool fiction (also in my Fiction pages): (a book review) Local pool info: Others: Billiards (3-cushion and other carom games) articles: (also in my Jim Loy pages) (a book review) (and the other 3-cushion World Champs) Straight Rail / Balkline animations (may take a while to load): NEW Billiard/Pool links: (buy your Predator cues here) (excellent pool and billiards videos) organizations: BCA rules or magazines: Ultimate Poolplayer Ezine lessons: (some of the basics) (Jimmy Reid) (3-cushion animations) (3-cushion billiards videos) (Walt Harris' book on diamond systems) (free online pool lessons) (Secrets of 3 Cushion Billiards ~Doctoral~) (instructional pool videos) (about his books, tapes, and non-billiard works) (Dr

    Moissanite Jewelry in 14k gold & platinum
    Moissanite gemstones, moissanite hand-made fine jewelry, 14k gold, white gold,

  • Unquestionably the best & most realistic diamond substitute in the world

    Wells River Graded School
    Provides National Register nomination information for this location.

  • The lower band is cut in an imbricated pattern and the upper band in a diamond pattern

  • The slate roofing on both the gable and the pyramid roofs is grey in color with decorative bands in red cut in imbricated and diamond patterns

    DBS Diamonds - Diamonds Brokerage Service, Inc.
    GIA certified engagement and diamond rings, and jewelry.

  • | September 6, 2006 Over 44827 diamonds posted $6995.00 $14500.00 $18450.00

  • JEWELERS BOARD OF TRADE LISTED DBS Diamonds - Diamonds Brokerage Service, Inc

  • Welcome to Diamond Brokerage Service, Inc, your full service jeweler! We have over 40k certified diamonds posted, however, there are over 120k available to the trade! Please holler or email in

  • In ALL cases we will help locate the BEST OPTION for your budget! You can reach us toll free at 1-866-588-ROCK or email direct at

  • AGS - 000 Hearts and Arrows Appraised by AGS, these are industry leading 'ideal cut' round diamonds

  • Prices and availability subject to change without notice." ©2001 All Rights Reserved Diamond Brokerage Service, Inc - Celebrity Inspired Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
    Boutique features replicated designs in imitation jewelry inspired by famous
    jewelry designers such as Cartier, Tiffany, Michael Dawkins, and John Atencio.

  • Pear Drops Sale: $19.99 Oprah loves large, pear cut diamonds! Get these similar drops at our great price

  • Mudflap Pendant Only: $34.99 This sassy sterling silver pendant is one of our most popular charms of the season! Princess Cut Set Sale: $75 Light shines through three elegant princess-cut diamonds with this engagement set

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