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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's translation of Dante Alighieri's classic.

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    La Divina Commedia di Dante: Inferno by Dante Alighieri - Project ...
    Il sito permette di scaricare il testo integrale dell'Inferno di Dante.

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    The World of Dante
    Hypermedia study of the Inferno includes a searchable text in the original Italian,
    illustrated with selected images, and annotated using JavaScript pop-ups.

    Dante's Inferno, Etchings, Mazur
    A web facsimile of fine art book of 40 original etchings by Michael Mazur and
    excerpted translations by Robert Pinsky of the Inferno.


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    ILTweb Digital Dante
    Complete texts of Dante's original Italian and the translations of Longfellow
    and Mandelbaum, arranged for comparison.

    Dante's Inferno
    User ratings, photos, and variant rules.

    Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629)
    An online exhibition of illuminated Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy.

    index042 - Progetto Dante a cura di Giuseppe Bonghi
    Il sito contiene i testi con introduzione critica delle opere del poeta fiorentino.

  • E fece la Commedia, ove in pulita rima, e con grandi e sottili questioni morali, naturali, strolaghe, filosofiche, e teologhe, con belle e nuove figure, comparazioni, e poetrie, compuose e trattò in cento capitoli, overo canti, dell'essere e istato del ninferno, purgatorio, e paradiso così altamente come dire se ne possa, sì come per lo detto suo trattato si può vedere e intendere, chi è di sottile intelletto

  • CXXXVI) CRITICA E APPROFONDIMENTI - È in corso di elaborazione cura di Giuseppe Bonghi una biografia più approfondita ed elaborata con questo schema: parte prima - il fiorentino 1282-1290 1290-1301 parte seconda - l'esule 1302-1313 1313-1321 Divina Commedia a cura di Adele Garavaglia Inferno a cura di Adele Garavaglia a cura di Giuseppe Bonghi Purgatorio a cura di Adele Garavaglia a cura di Giuseppe Bonghi Paradiso a cura di Adele Garavaglia a cura di Giuseppe Bonghi di Tommaso Casini (1885) a cura di Giuseppe Bonghi - - Tratto da: a cura di Giuseppe Bonghi - - Tratto da: -, con pagine chiarificatrici sul rapporto tra Dante e il padre di Petrarca e sul conteggio del tempo nel Medioevo

  • VII - Galileo Galilei, circa la figura, sito e grandezza dell'Inferno di Dante, [1588] (da ) - Manoello Giudeo - - Cono A

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    Dante's Inferno
    An internet discussion group on Dante's Inferno and Divine Comedy.

    The Divine Comedy: Inferno - Preface
    Longfellow's translation.

  • The Divine Comedy: Inferno by Dante Alighieri (Tr

  • Ten copies of 'The Inferno' were privately printed in 1865 in time for one of them to be sent to Florence for the celebration of the six hundredth anniversary of Dante's birth

    Twilight Creations Inc - Dante's Inferno
    Official site. Features rules, a preview, frequently asked questions, and strategy
    suggestions. Also includes a Swedish translation of the rules and quick start ...

  • Dante's Inferno Dante's Inferno is a new boardgame from Twilight Creations

  • Breitenstein and Kerry Breitenstein Artwork: Dave Aikins Playtesters: Mark Bordenet, Jonathon Breitenstein, Dan and Amy Frohlich, and David Carl Our Number: TLC 3000 UPC: 823973030009 Suggested Price: $29.99 Status: Available Now as of September 30, 2004 update Official Dante's Inferno Stuff The rulebook in pdf format Some images from the game

  • Translation of the Dante's Inferno rules into Swedish

    Dante's Inferno Online
    Satirical use of Dante's structured vision of Hell using contemporary politicians
    and public figures.


    The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
    Features multiple editions of the Divine Comedy in a variety of customizable
    viewing formats. Includes the original Italian and translations by Longfellow and ...

    Divine Comedy
    Electronic realization by Charles Franco. Includes Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso.

    Dante's Divine Comedy
    A personal website devoted to study of Dante, includes, among other things, maps
    of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven as envisioned by the poet.

  • Search: The Web Angelfire « | » Dante's Divine Comedy This page is devoted to Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy : Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso

  • It is divided into 3 sections: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso

  • Each one of these sections is divided into 33 cantos (except Inferno, which has 34 cantos), which are written in tercets (groups of 3 lines)

  • Inferno quick summary: Dante Pilgrim has not been a good boy

    Jacob's Ladder (1990)
    Cast and crew, plot summary, viewer comments and rating.

  • Group Leader Also Known As: Dante's Inferno Runtime: 115 min Country: Language: Color: (Technicolor) Sound Mix: Certification: / / / / / / / / / / Trivia: The confrontation between Jacob and Geary originally takes place in a courtroom corridor

    Dante Alighieri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    His life and works.

  • Dante (a White Guelf) pretended that his family descended from the ancient Romans (Inferno, XV, 76), but the earliest relative he can mention by name is degli Elisei (Paradiso, XV, 135), of no earlier than about 1100

  • Brunetto later received a special mention in the Divine Comedy (Inferno, XV, 82), for what he had taught Dante

  • describes Dante's journey through ( Inferno ), ( Purgatorio ), and ( Paradiso ), guided first by the Roman epic poet and then by his beloved

  • While the vision of Hell, the Inferno , is vivid for modern readers, the theological niceties presented in the other books require a certain amount of patience and scholarship to understand

  • (Inferno, XV, 76)

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  • [] Dante's Inferno Even close to death, Blake's greatest mental occupation was in his art

  • The commission for Dante's Inferno came to Blake in 1826 through John Linnell, with the ultimate aim of producing a series of engravings

    Dante's Clickable Inferno
    Various canti, as translated by Ciardi, Pinsky, and Mandelbaum, as well as images
    based upon Inferno.

  • Dante's Clickable Inferno Welcome to Dante's 'Clickable' Inferno This site offers selections from Dante Alighieri's Inferno in an 'interactive' format

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