The First Twins: Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush
News clippings concerning the President's twin daughters, Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

  • What would the Amish say? The Amish don't use high tech gadgets like cell phones! ( has this gossip as well) Jenna woos the Amish Vote! People, this is going to be an exciting election

    The Astrobot Diaries - What We Do | The Planetary Society
    Follow the biweekly communications of two LEGO minifigures who are flying to Mars
    as part of the Mars Exploration Rover mission set to land in January 2004 on ...

  • You’re involved in one of the most exciting and technologically advanced space missions in history

    New dad comments on parenthood, New York City, and other topics of personal interest.

  • The women were organized enough to get corporate sponsors like Nokia, Red Herring, Technorati, Yahoo & Google

    Pie Time...The Legend of Pieman - Happiness is A Cream Pie.


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    7 Links
    Resources and help for PSP 7 users and tutorials. Large link list for PSP6 users.

  • Use simple techniques to correct dark photos and increase depth of field By Ramona Pruitt

  • These dudes are cute! Cute rabbit! Your own high tech looking radio

    Star Trek The Next Generation
    Commentary about all episodes from the series.

    Jeff Allender's Precarious House of Cards
    A resource site for non-sports cards and entertainment cards. Card trading is
    encouraged for various non-sport trading cards, as well as collectible card games.

    jeffro @ MindSay
    A well-written blog featuring regularly-posted articles and vehicle designs.
    One of the best Car Wars resources on the Internet.

  • jeffro Jeffro's Gaming Blog: Car Wars, Star Fleet Battles, Ogre, Battletech, and more! Roll Two Dice and Pray Tags : If you're role-playing in the Car Wars setting, it'd be nice to have a little bit more to go by than 'Driver-1 Gunner-3.' However, elaborate rules such as those presented GURPS Autoduel and Autoduel Champions seem a bit overboard for a game with such high death rates

  • The more or less lo-tech equipment combined with a couple of rules simplifications make for a very playable game

  • Benefits

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    Symantec Corp.
    Makers of popular Norton Antivirus product.

    USS Enterprise vs. The Death Star @ WWWF Grudge Match
    It's the battle for the universe as Darth Vader and the Death Star battle James T.
    Kirk and the USS Enterprise.

  • Many people wrote in, and gave technical or analytical reasons why one or the other would win

  • It's not so much the technology, as the crew, here's the breakdown: Scenario 1: The Enterprise warps into close proximity to the Death Star (with pilfered Klingon cloaking device)

  • If Scotty saw that hunk of tech looming over him, he would turn to the dark side just to see its drive systems

  • 4 - Imperial technology - Also a strike against the good guys

  • As we all know, protective headgear is essential to any risk-intensive endeavors (rock climbing, race car driving, space exploration, technological terrorizing, etc.)

  • Third, and most importantly, we have the special technical officers who gear up and fire the Death Star's destructive ray

    Kwai Chang Caine vs. Walker Texas Ranger @ WWWF Grudge Match
    Caine battles Walker Texas Ranger on a dusty Old West street.

  • (And after spending approximately three hours in a college chemistry course I am, technically, an expert.) The mixture of Garlique and Rogaine hypes up Caine to the point where he is having tie-dyed flashbacks of his mentor streaking Woodstock, the Woodstock 25th anniversary 'We are still alive and didn't die of overdoses like you expected' reunion, and Game 3 of the NBA finals

  • As you may know, the 'Boot to the head' technique was popularized by the Canadian comedy group 'The Frantics', as they explored the martial arts discipline of 'Tai Kwan Leep'

  • - Chris Bisbee, Cal Tech Caine, using his mystical Kung-Fu shit, kicks Walker's ass

    Vodkapundit - All the News That's Fit to Drink
    Stephen Green's writer and investors conservative political journal.

  • DECK DUDES TECH ? | Online shop for all your OEM Unlocked cellular ...
    Sales and activation of numeric pagers, equipment buyback and prepaid cards.
    A large resource for news, reviews, interviews, free downloads, audio and video,
    concert listings, contests and merchandise.

    Provides a range of products for digtal media creation and editing, multimedia
    authoring, and web development. Site contains extensive documentation and support ...

  • Industries Solutions Products More technologies Support Announcements Discover the most complete development solution for rich Internet applications

  • Tips, techiques, and other developer resources

    Outlook India: RK Narayan
    Review of "The Indian Epics Retold," with links to other Outlook India articles
    about Narayan.

    AZ Lyrics Universe
    Lyrics collection organized by artists alphabetically. Search engine included. - Posters, Art Prints, and Framed Art Leader.
    Collection of posters, fine art prints, and photos.

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