DEEP-SEA Pages (Paul Yancey, Whitman College)
Dr. Paul Yancey's description of deep sea habitats and photographs of the organisms
found there.

  • DEEP-SEA Biology: Habitats from mesopelagic to abyssal to methane seeps; animals from viperfish to rattails to tubeworms DEEP-SEA BIOLOGY Paul H

  • One unexplained but fairly common feature of deep animals is (such as oarfish, the giant squid, etc.)

  • Bacteria, salps, shrimp, jellys, swimming (cirrate) octopods, vampire and other squids, and fish are typical; many are bioluminescent

  • Examples of deep pelagic animals are shrimp and anglerfish, though no fish has ever been seen or caught below 8, 400m

  • BENTHIC ZONES Rattail fish; Giant sea spider BENTHIC ZONES : 'Benthic ' refers to life on or in the ocean bottom; animals swimming just above are " benthopelagic ." -- The shallow zones are the Intertidal (between high and low tide levels) and the Subtidal (on continental shelves)

  • Mary Wicksten, Texas A&M University James Orr, Nat'l Marine Fisheries Service, Seattle; Leslie Harris, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Stace Beaulieu, Scripps Inst

    NPR : Feeding the World with Deep-Sea Fish Farms
    Story reporting that a Hawaiian firm has become one of the first to launch deep-sea
    fish farms: in waters some 200 feet deep, Kona Blue is raising fish in giant ...

  • | | | | | | Business Feeding the World with Deep-Sea Fish Farms by A school of fish raised in a deep-sea Kona Blue fish farm off the coast of Hawaii

  • Video courtesy Kona Blue/ Big Island Television Scroll down to read about environmental issues involved in running a fish farm

  • , March 21, 2006 · The world's ever-growing population is eating more and more fish and the oceans can't keep up

  • Fishing has depleted wild stocks of tuna, swordfish, cod and many other species

  • Some scientists say the answer is a massive growth of fish farming -- a so-called 'blue revolution' to help feed the planet

  • So far, fish farming has occurred on land or in protected harbors

  • But some see a future with large-scale off-shore fish farms in waters hundreds or thousands of feet deep

  • It is raising fish in giant, netted cages off the coast of Hawaii, submerged in waters some 200 feet deep

  • Some scientists say that farming in such deep waters can avoid environmental concerns raised by fish farms close to shore

  • If you get too many caged fish in a harbor, the fecal matter will pollute it

    Deep Sea Fishing Maine
    Offers bottom fishing for cod, pollock, halibut, haddock, hake, cusk, and wolffish.
    Depart from Ogunquit.

  • Bunny Clark Deep Sea Fishing Deep Sea Fishing Maine Every year we have an angler or two who comes to the forefront in the success department

  • That was the largest fish of the trip that day

  • This year hasn't produced the quantities of fish or the numbers of large fish that we have seen in other years

  • That isn't to say the fishing is bad

  • It's actually been one of our more consistent good to very good fishing trip years

  • This hasn't seemed to mean anything to Danny as he has had excellent fishing on every single trip he has attended, despite the variable success of his fellow anglers aboard on the same trip

  • He uses a jig and jig stick but it doesn't matter where he fishes on the boat - and he fishes everywhere

  • Well this is the mystic of fishing and, for me at least, adds to the fun of the experience

  • Special fish like Danny's are the kind of fish we like to see caught on the Bunny Clark

  • Bank on it, baby! Best Fishes, Tim Tower

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  • info: DEEP SEA FISH

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  • Photo Contest: Win a Free Whale Watching Trip Describe the fun you had on a deep sea fishing trip or whale watching tour aboard Yankee Fleet and submit a photo or two

    Fish images :: Marine species :: Deep Sea
    Pictures of fish, shrimp, starfish and other Norweigen marine wildlife taken by
    Thomas de Lange Wenneck.

  • Fish-view Marine species from the North West Atlantic ...............................................................................................

  • 92 of these species are fish

  • There are also pictures other species like shrimps, starfish and other animals found in the ocean

  • The pictures have been taken in the Spitzbergen-area (Greenland Sea, Polar basin and Barents Sea), the North Sea and in Lofoten (in the Norwegian Sea) Many of the fish species are linked to the international fish database, where you can find scientific information about the species

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    Riptide, Whale watching, ocean sportfishing, deep sea fishing ...
    Salmon, rock fish and tuna fishing off the San Mateo/San Francisco coast.
    Whale-watching, burials at sea (scattering ashes).

  • TOLL FREE 888-747-8433 LOCAL 415-469-8433 Let's go Fishing! Salmon Fishing is OPEN! Rock fishing opens July 1st ! Whales are Everywhere Make your reservations by either calling or emailing for date availability for singles or groups YOU CAN PURCHASE THEM BE E-MAIL OR BY CALLING WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD OR BY SNAIL MAIL Both individuals and groups are welcome aboard

  • Now booking: For Reservations & Availability Your Small Charter Specialist Ocean Recreation & adventure Beginners & individuals Welcome ( ) For more info go to NEW information on the MAVERICK'S SURFING CONTEST GO TO Salmon Season opened April 1st And fishing has been GREAT!!!!!! Make your reservations soon! Rock Fishing ( season opened July 1st!! ) Additional information can be found at the below sites: And here Now a species list Whale Watching & Nature Trips ( All Year & New Just Added! ) New cabin Heater!! Along the San Mateo, San Francisco coast

  • CUSTOM CORPORATE CHARTER PACKAGES Riptide Sportfishing is an owner/operated independent party boat located in Pillar Point Harbor, El Granada (near Half Moon Bay), California

  • Let us customize your trip to meet the unique needs of your group! Offering deep sea fishing and whale watching tours off the San Mateo, San Francisco Bay area coast

    Al Gauron Deep Sea Fishing & Whale Watching - Hampton NH
    Half day, full day, and night time excursions out of Hampton Beach. Whale watch
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  • Ticket prices now include the cost of bait, fishing license and fuel surcharges


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  • is ready for 2006! SALTWATER FISHING in the Gulf of Mexico FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Deep Sea Fishing Trips 4, 6, or 8 Hour Trips The Flying Fish Fleet offers three large vessels for fun trips in the Gulf of Mexico

  • The Flying Fish and the Flying Fish II large party fishing boats that run on a regular schedule of The is our sparkling new 41 ft

  • private charter boat with state of the art equipment that carries up to six guests for custom fishing trips

    CNN - Researchers explore deep sea oil seeps - June 24, 1998

  • Researchers at Louisiana State University are exploring the bottom of the sea this summer to find out whether fish turn to these colonies for their food supplies and whether there are any new species of fish swimming around down there

  • Carney and his colleagues want to know what's out there and if there's any interaction between those fish and the seep colonies

  • 'There may be in the deep sea whole sets of as-yet undiscovered fish, ' he said

  • As principal investigator, Carney is spending the summer on a research vessel to collect large fish and crabs in deep water near oil seeps and bring them to the surface

  • Carney believes they'll find evidence that the big fish are nipping and chewing at the oil seep tubeworms

  • The animals that live on the seeps would seem like a smorgasbord to the fish, ' he said

  • By inference, if deepwater fish are eating animals that ingest oil and methane, and fish nearer the surface dine in turn on these deepwater predators, then humans may be eating fish that several links back in the food chain were eating the naturally leaking oil and methane


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  • Jo Island!! WHY ROCK 'N ROLL ON SINGLE HULLED PARTY BOATS WHEN YOU CAN RIDE WITH STABILITY AND COMFORT ON OUR CATAMARANS!! 22 pound Red Snapper caught by Bruce Murray of Plano aboard the Scat Cat on September 13, 2005 "Best fishing trip of my life and one I will never forget! "Thanks Again, Bruce Murray RESERVATIONS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ON ALL FISHING TRIPS AND WE WELCOME WALK-ONS WHEN SPACE IS AVAILABLE

  • At Fisherman's Wharf, our deep sea fishing schedule is based on the seasonal migrations and availability of various species of fish in the Gulf of Mexico

  • We offer half and full day drift fishing trips aboard the Wharf Cat for king mackerel, ling, dolphin, bonito, shark, etc., from mid-May through Labor Day

  • Year round, the Scat Cat, equipped with "electric tackle" makes 12 hour and special extended trips to far offshore banks (coral and rock formations) for red snapper, grouper, amber jack and other highly prized bottom fish

  • Bait, tackle, rods and reels are included and no fishing license is required on deep sea fishing charters

  • Both "Cats" are comfortable, smooth riding catamarans for deep sea fishing at its finest

    Fishing videos bait rigging cast net video sailfishing deep sea ...
    Instructional tapes how to catch sailfish, marlin, grouper and yellowtail.

  • Florida Keys fishing videos brought to you by Graphic Solutions, publishers of the Florida Keys Info-Net Florida Keys fishing videos !! Because you wa nt to Catch more fish!! Capt

  • Bob & his BIG Groupers Ordering Information Order All 5 videos $109.95 $119.95 Catching our warm water fish is different from catching fish in other areas you've fished! If it's your first trip to the Keys or you've been here before , Our Offshore Florida Keys fishing videos can help you to get the most out of your fishing trip! Our fishing videos are packed with lots of information on what tackle to use, how to find the best fishing spots, and all the techniques for rigging bait & trolling for these special fish

  • If you're going on a local fishing charter, all the captains & mates will help you to get the most fish in the boat for the day

  • there's no substitute for you getting acquainted with these wily fish ahead of time! ! The detailed information & extreme closeups in our fishing videos can definitely help! Specifically, we target these fish: ..........

  • & more All videos are filmed on location in the Keys with local captains & mates who have spent the greater portion of their lives just fishing

    Myrtle Beach: Captain Dick's Water Sports, Murrells Inlet
    Marina featuring fishing charters, boat rentals, and parasailing.

    Deep Sea Fishing Trips | Intimidator Sportfishing Charters
    A 2001 model 65' sportfisher. Bottom fishing for Snapper, offshore fishing for
    Tuna and Blue Marlin. Photos, rates and contact.

    fishing in Kenya with Sea Adventures
    Offers big game fishing charters, specialising in marlin in the Pemba Channel
    and Pemba Island. Includes information on boats, accommodations, prices, ...

  • Welcome to Sea Adventures Ltd., sport fishing at its best in the famous Pemba Channel, one of Africa's premier marlin destination

  • If you are an experienced deep-sea angler, a salmon fishermen, fly fisherman, or a complete novice who would like to experience big game fishing then Sea Adventures has what you are looking for

  • Come fishing with Pat and Simon Hemphill , World-renowned skippers who between them have more than 60 years experience in these waters

  • Fish aboard one of our top class sportfishing boats "Broadbill", or the new "Kamara II" - consistently the # 1 boats on the Kenya coast

  • Search Sea Adventures offers deep-sea fishing charters into the Pemba Channel plus 4-8 day safaris to Pemba Island where some of the best fishing in Africa might be found

  • Night Fishing - for broadbill swordfish either from Shimoni or as part of a Pemba Island Safari

  • If you take a trip to the seamount then one night is spent fishing for broadbill as part of the trip

  • We then fish for broadbill overnight and after fishing the early morning rise we return to Shimoni arriving at around 15:30 on day 2 Customized Safaris - As well as our Pemba Safaris we are offering safaris to Mafia Is and Kilwa in Southern Tanzania or to Kiwayu in Northern Kenya

    Cairns Diving, Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef with Deep Sea ...

  • It is little wonder as there is such an abundance of underwater reef teeming with brilliantly coloured corals and an infinite number of vibrant tropical fish , making it the ideal destination for warm water Great Barrier Reef Diving or Snorkelling

    Florida Deep Sea Fishing | Florida Charter Fishing | Gulf of ...
    Deep sea fishing with Captain David Pinkham on the Gulf of Mexico from Englewood,
    Florida. Fish grouper, kingfish, tarpon, and shark.

  • Florida Deep Sea Fishing | Florida Charter Boat Fishing | Gulf of Mexico Fishing | Florida Deepsea Fishing Located in Venice FL, near Sarasota Fla, Orlando Florida, Tampa FL, Bradenton Fla, Ft

  • Myers, Lakeland, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, port charlette, Englewood, Longboat Key, and Siesta Key Saltwater FLORIDA DEEP SEA FISHING ON THE CHARTER BOAT LEGACY ON THE GULF OF MEXICO The Gulf of Mexico offshore of southwest Florida is well known for its calm sea conditions and excellent year round deepsea fishing

  • Venice, Florida, located just south of Sarasota, Florida, and directly on the Gulf of Mexico is the perfect take-off point to access and enjoy this awesome deep sea fishing

  • Depending on the fishing season, you will catch all sorts of different species of fish while fishing offshore of Venice, Florida aboard our deep sea fishing charter fishing boat

  • Deep sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico for grouper and snapper is good most any time of the year

  • Other offshore fish such as kingfish, cobia, tuna, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, dolphin, shark, barracuda, tarpon, permit, mahi and giant red fish are all caught as they seasonally migrate through the deepsea waters of the Gulf of Mexico offshore of Venice, Florida

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