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Steve Taylor - On The Fritz
KingDavid8's fan site with news and MP3 downloads of full albums.

  • Also, the version of 'Squint' on Scott's space was ripped at a better quality than the one I had here previously, so if you're looking for a better sound quality, you might want to download it again

    Roy & Hg Fan Site
    Fan site containing memories, images and links.


    Joss Stone | MetaFilter
    Community bulletin board for discussion of the album 'The Soul Sessions.'

  • Listen on or download full mp3 versions of the first 2 songs at

  • A new song sung in a version of a vintage style, however heartfelt, is not the same as a new song sung by on original singer in the original style when it was new, when it was an emerging and not yet entirely codified style

    Features news, articles, photographs, and a message board.

  • (08/07/06) With this year's version just around the corner, we take a look back one year to Harry's original RECAPITATION of TNA HARD JUSTICE! Join Harry as he dissects the pay-per-view that subtly alludes to prison rape, and find out whether Jeff Jarrett and his perennial title reign bent us over and had his way again, or if we got a reprieve! Click to read! UPDATED! RETRO-RANT!: SUMMER SLAM 2005! (08/06/06) With this year's event fast approaching, Sean Carless takes a look back at last year's 'Biggest Party of the Summer'

    Altercation: Slacker Friday So Long - Altercation -
    Eric Alterman comments on political journalism and the election process.
    MSNBC weblog with the slogan "is this the right room for an argument".

  • Alter-reviews: Books on Tape: In the past few months, I’ve listened to complete versions of “Oh the Glory of It All, ” by Sean Wilsey, “Revolutionary Characters” by Gordon Wood, “MayFlower” by Nathaniel Philbrick, “The Big Bam, by Leigh Montville, “Sea Change, ” by Robert B

    The Fall - Frequently Asked Questions
    Includes the band's history and reviews of their live performances.

  • THE FALL - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - 10 Feb 94 CONTENTS: A SHORT DISCOGRAPHY albums videos REVIEWS albums videos RECOMMENDED LISTENING poll of fallnet favorite songs recommendations for a new fan BAND HISTORY phases THE FALL LIVE ephemeral whingeing aspects - uk live in amsterdam the high point of chris's life WHY ANYONE LIKES THE FALL why do people like the fall? aesthetic deconstructionists perversion of language in decline? MISCELLANEOUS covers the fall has done covers of fall songs sound-alikes most unlistenable tracks FOR FURTHER REFERENCE net resources books A SHORT DISCOGRAPHY = ALBUMS --------- From: Jeff Higgott From: (David Golumbia) From: Eston Martz From: (Brian J

  • 'Neighborhood of Infinity, ' which appears in an inferior live version on 'Palace...' is here

  • RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A NEW FAN ----------------------------- 'John Coryell.' Tue, 03 Nov 92 ..I'd recommend first off _The Frenz Experiment_ and secondly _Domesday Pay-Off_ (the American version, which has more single sides and is somewhat less moody than the English version which has the title _Bend Sinister_

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    Michael Ballack
    News, profile, biography, and links.

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)
    Richard Scheib gives the movie one star.

  • There were three mediocre book sequels - Life, the Universe and Everything (1982), So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (1984) and Mostly Harmless (1992), along with The Salmon of Doubt (2001), a work that was released uncompleted following Adams's death and may or may not have been material for a further Hitch Hikers book; the radio series was re-edited and released as a set of LPs; there was a play that first appeared in 1979; a text computer game version released by Infocom in 1984; the original radio scripts were released in print editions; there was a comic book; a wiki website ; a third BBC radio series adapting adapted Life, the Universe and Everything (2004); and all sorts of merchandising items including T-shirts, badges and even printed towels

  • Certainly Adams' one creation was a frequently side-splitting read - the best versions of Hitch Hiker's are generally regarded as being the radio series and the first two books - where Adams brought the cruel and absurdist British wit as patented by The Goon Show and Monty Python's to bear on various science-fiction clichés

  • Certainly the film touches bases with many aspects of the original - there is a Hitch Hiker's Guide, Babel Fish, Vogon Poetry, Slartibartfast and his Norwegian fjords, Deep Thought, the white mice, even the whale and bowl of petunias - but it feels like one is sitting through a Reader's Digest Condensed Version of Hitchhiker's

    Interview conducted at Coast-Con XXII, March 1999, by The Apollo Smile Appreciation

    Cowboy Songs
    A reference library of classic western and cowboy songs.


    PopMatters | Music | Interviews | Kristin Hersh
    Interview with Kristin Hersh.

    The Observer | Special reports | The Stephen King interview, uncut ...
    The Stephen King interview, uncut and unpublished. Tim Adams.

  • TA: Is that one of the reasons, do you think, for the tremendous loyalty of your readership? SK: I'm the literary version of the Grateful Dead, I guess..

    deepsicks - my headspace is a readspace
    Creative nonfiction, fictive fractured narrative, the up-to-date daring, and the
    dangerously fake. Prepare to get your head stomped. - Three to get ready...
    Idol coaches Rona Elliot, Rich Martini, Gene Sculatti and Don Waller analyze the
    final trio, and conclude that it is Hicks' contest to lose.

    Izzle! Izzle pfaff!
    Life of a stage actor.

  • Other name choices they offer are far more troubling (parentheses suggest the shortened versions of the proper names that the parents would presumably opt for): Jasper (Jazz) Viggo Axel Leif Cosmo Reidar Dashiell (Dash) 'JAZZ! FINISH YOUR GREEN BEANS!' 'Jazz still isn't sleeping through the night.' These are a couple of sentences that the world doesn't need to ever hear, you know? And--this is horrible--I just now came up with another one

  • Look, I don't want to sound like an asshole, but I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion, and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids

    Sandbox Automatic 5.97
    Underground hip-hop mailorder store online.

  • Atmosphere '' CD [free with any Rhymesayers purchase, limit 1 per order] Summer's here and the Sad Clown is finally Happy - and you'll be too now that the latest installment of Atmosphere's legendary rare album series is ready to hit the streets! Originally available only at their live shows and off their web site for $10, selected RSE retailers are now authorized to offer 'The Fun EP' absolutely FREE with purchase of any regularly priced Rhymesayers CD, vinyl or gear item! A 'real' factory-pressed disc made and shipped directly from RSE headquarters, 'Happy Clown Bad Dub Eight' contains 7 tracks unavailable anywhere else - alternate recorded versions of 'Say Hey There' and 'Panic Attack' which are different than what's on their album 'You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having', and then 5 additional songs that have never been released on any format whatsoever

  • Shipping now! Ghostface Killah '' CD [$13] Starks Enterprise (FCM6005) Audio-only version of the legendary BB King's Concert already released on DVD

    The Truth According to Iago (& Mrs.) Steele by Scott Charles Adams
    The truth about life's big mysteries and senseless little annoyances.

    Battlefield Earth FAQ
    News and rumors about the film. Excerpts from reviews by more than 100 newspapers,
    magazines, broadcasters, and web sites.

  • It's not a pretty baby....."Fear not! That stampede you'll hear will be audiences racing to the box office for a refund, because this attempt at a sci-fi action epic fails on just about every count." What was Travolta thinking, wasting his time on Battlefield Earth? "........Could there be in the film version a stealthily crafted message designed to swell the ranks -- and coffers -- of Scientology? More likely, astute viewers will think: "If the guy's fiction is that juvenile and dopey, how silly must his religion be?" ...

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