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  • Gas mileage (MPG), greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety information for new and used cars and trucks Gasoline - Ethanol Vehicles In the News..

    E85 Vehicles
    Information on vehicles designed to run on 85% ethanol fuel (E85). Also lists
    stations where ethanol fuel can be found.

  • E85 E85 Cars E85 Trucks E85 Vehicles E85 Cars , Trucks and SUV's E85 is 85% Ethanol and only 15% Gasoline

  • By using E85 you immediately cut funding OPEC by 85% ! Cars that can run on E85 are called flex fuel vehicles ..you may already be driving a flex fuel E85 vehicle and not even know it..

  • our site will show you most the vehicles that can run on E85, if your car is listed check your owners manual, gas cap or VIN for verification

  • As a flexible fuel vehicle, it could run on ethanol, gasoline, or a combination of the two

  • GM dealers are handling record numbers of enquires about Flex Fuel vehicles and they are buying

  • This demand may cause problems for GM as they had planned on only making 400K Flex Fuel vehicles this year

  • GM E85 Silverado in the NASCAR Truck Series The GM E85 Silverado took 10th place in the last race and is looking to better that in the in Atlanta on March 17th in the Atlanta John Deere 200 GM FLEX FUEL 250 If you're even the least bit interested in Flex Fuels vehicles then you dont want to miss the race in Daytona on February 17th

  • GM dealers are handling record numbers of enquires about Flex Fuel vehicles and they are buying

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  • Posted: June 1, 2006 HOLSTEIN, Iowa (June 1, 2006) — Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Candidate Mark Leonard is traveling throughout the state the final week before the Iowa Primary on the Leonard For Iowa “Momentum Tour, ” covering an average of 10 counties per day in the E85 vehicle he drives to campaign appearances

  • Posted: May 15, 2006 HOLSTEIN, Iowa (May 15, 2006) — Secretary of Agriculture Candidate Mark Leonard, Holstein, makes a notation every time a new E85 station opens in Iowa so wherever he is on the campaign trail, he knows where to buy the high-octane blend to fuel the E85 vehicle he drives to appearances

    Ethanol: A Tragedy in 3 Acts
    A BusinessWeek article that explains three main aspects of ethanol use that
    illustrate why it is not a good substitute for gasoline.

  • Shortly thereafter, in yet another attempt to broaden the product's usage, Congress enacted a law that allowed car manufacturers to take excess mileage credits on any vehicle they built that was capable of burning an 85% blend of ethanol, better known as E85

  • General Motors () took advantage of the credits, building relatively large volumes of the Suburban as a certified E85 vehicle

  • Other manufacturers also built E85-capable vehicles -- one such car was the Ford () Taurus

  • Congress may have intended simply to create a market for this particular fuel by having these vehicles available for sale

  • From General Motors, an ad campaign called 'Live Green, Go Yellow' gave America the impression that by purchasing GM vehicles capable of using E85 ethanol, we could help reduce our dependence on foreign oil

  • Yet not one of these studies takes into account that when E85 is used, the vehicle's fuel efficiency drops by at least 25% -- and possibly by as much as 40%

  • It doesn't change the fact that once ethanol is used in gasoline, the vehicle's fuel efficiency dives

  • info: E85 VEHICLE

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  • Here's why, in a nutshell:All US vehicles can burn 10% ethanol (E10), but the US does not even produce half as much ethanol as universal E10 would require

  • Since most flex-fuel vehicles get roughly 2/3 the mileage on E85 as they do on gasoline, they burn about 90% as much fossil energy even at their best.Even if we can use 'cellulosic ethanol' to reduce the inputs of fossil-derived fertilizer and whatnot, we can't make enough no matter what we do

  • The efficiency of the average gasoline-powered vehicle is about 15%, and we just can't grow enough inputs to make up for throwing 85% of our produced energy away

  • From an emissions standpoint it is far preferable to drive a fuel efficient gasoline car than a low efficiency flex fuel vehicle running on E85.E85 fuel is not a solution

  • It is a distraction, like hydrogen vehicles

  • Further, every E85 vehicle is also a gasoline-compatible vehicle

  • If you subsidize a technology which can only replace half our gasoline (and none of our diesel, jet fuel, or anything else), you're probably going to be stuck with it.A hobbyist wrote an article about his home-built plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

    Ethanol gas, e85 fuel Information
    Providwa safety and conversion information on ethanol fuel.

  • Last week, the struggling automotive giant General Motors admitted with a surprisingly candid admission: They apparently created Hybrid vehicles for the sole purpose of improving public relations and perception

  • "The reduction in fuel consumption does not pay for the technological content and cost of the vehicle." Nonetheless, the company is attempting to do what it can to help turn the tide in what is undoubtedly viewed as a desperate financial situation

  • The reduction in fuel [consumption] does not pay for the technological content and cost of the vehicle so therefore economically it remains fairly nonsensical, so that's the left-brain analytical argument

  • 2006 Posted by at 20:41 Are you already using a domestically produced alternative fuel in your vehicle? If you live in a major U.S

  • If you are driving a flexible fuel vehicle, you have the opportunity to fuel with E85 , a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline

  • Ethanol blends (10% or less) are successfully used in all types of vehicles and engines that require gasoline

  • From a consumer perspective, there is no noticeable difference in vehicle performance when low-level ethanol blends are used

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  • In 2002, almost 5 billion liters (1, 3 billion gallons) of hydrated ethyl alcohol fuel were produced in Brazil, to be used in ethanol powered vehicles

  • Beginning with the model year 1999, an increasing number of vehicles in the world are manufactured with engines which can run on any gasoline from 0% ethanol up to 100% ethanol without modification

  • Some of the problems experienced with ethanol include: Ethanol-based fuels are not compatible with some fuel system components.[] Examples of extreme of components, the formation of deposits, jelly-like deposits on fuel strainer screens, and internal separation of portions of rubber fuel tanks have been observed in some vehicles using ethanol fuels.[] The use of ethanol-based fuels can negatively affect electric fuel pumps by increasing internal wear and undesirable spark generation.[] E-85 is not compatible with fuel level gauging indicators and may cause erroneous fuel quantity indications in vehicles that employ that system.[] Ethanol will mix with either water or gasoline, but not both

  • Actual performance may vary depending on the vehicle

  • For the EPA-rated mileage of current USA flex-fuel vehicles, see

  • Benefits

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  • Learn More » Get MPG and HP for this vehicle » ACTIVATE A HOTSPOT Rollover to reveal vehicle feature Overview Dodge Durango Limited 4x4 as shown: $39, 400 2006 Dodge Durango 4.7L V8 is a flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV)

  • With an available 368-watt eight-speaker plus subwoofer Alpine® sound system and DVD rear entertainment system, Durango's audio and sound system lineups are as grand as the vehicle itself

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  • DOE will provide up to $2 billion in loan guarantees for projects that support the President’s Advanced Energy Initiative and “(1) avoid, reduce, or sequester air pollutants or anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases; and (2) employ new or significantly improved technologies as compared to commercial technologies in service.” Commercial technologies are defined as “technology in general use in the marketplace.” In order to be eligible for the program, a project must be in one of the following categories: biomass hydrogen solar wind and hydropower advanced fossil energy coal carbon sequestration practices and technologies efficient electricity transmission and delivery and energy reliability alternative fuel vehicles industrial energy efficiency projects pollution control equipment Examples of eligible sub-categories for each of these are listed in the solicitation document ()

  • The Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development and the WSU Extension Energy Program have of all the flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) registered in the state

  • Lastly, Oregon has adopted California’s low emission vehicle rules, which means the rules will be applied in Washington as well

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  • Hydrogen may indeed be the ultimate fuel of the future, and hybrid-electric vehicles and ethanol grab headlines

  • Listen to Drew Winter’s WJR Radio Report Sep 21, 2006 9:00 AM, Ward's AutoWorld, By Drew Winter Many skeptics say we won’t see hydrogen-powered vehicles on our roads for decades – if ever

  • cuts the price on XM Satellite Radio installation 39% on most '07 models, as it looks to expand infotainment options on its vehicles

  • can save a million barrels of oil a day, without spending a dime.All we need is a simple education campaign that shows consumers how driving a little differently can improve a vehicle's mileage

  • Materials Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM, Ward's AutoWorld, By Bill Visnic Despite perpetual complaints from the auto industry that materials prices are crippling its competitiveness, steel, often listed as one of the primary culprits, may be on the verge of increasing its application for light vehicles

  • by shifting focus to the hottest product trend in the industry: car-based utility vehicles

  • Sep 6, 2006 11:42 AM, Ward's AutoWorld, By Christie Schweinsberg Coming from an auto maker known for conservative styling, the '07 Acura MDX cross/utility vehicle is a good way to silence the critics

  • E85 VEHICLE ?

    Alternative Fuel Vehicles Resource (AFV, CNG, LNG, electric ...
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  • Our goal is to provide a network of cleaner alternative fuels to area fleet operators helping them achieve local, state, and federal vehicle emission standards

  • Clean Cities Technology Areas: Alternative Fuels include: Biodiesel (B20 to B100) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Electricity Ethanol (E85) Hydrogen-Hydrogen Fuel Cells Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Heavy Duty Vehicle Links School Buses Transit Buses Garbage Trucks Trucks Current Average Alternative Fuel Prices in the San Joaquin Valley Fuel Type (Click on link for more info about the fuel) Current Average Fuel Price (For July 2006) $ 1.04-1.44 per LNG gallon (out-of-state supply) Retail $ 1.66 per GGE Natural Gas (uncompressed) Wholesale $ 0.55 per therm $ 2.01 per gallon $ 2.78 per gallon $ 2.65 per gallon (B20) $ 2.77 per gallon (7.7% ethanol by vol.) $ 1.20 per gallon(bulk deliveries) Gasoline (Regular unleaded $3.15 per gallon CA Diesel $3.17 per gallon To have current information sent to you via email, please register for our monthly newsletter by becoming a member

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  • Friction - 12.6 % Wear No measurable wear indicated Horsepower + 15.6 % Fuel Economy + 17.5 % ( from 25mpg to 27.7 mpg ) Our FlexTek Bi-fuel Converter enables your existing vehicle’s fuel system to burn ethanol (E85), gasoline, or any blend of the two fuels

  • By utilizing this technology you will be actively supporting the use of Clean, Renewable, Domestic Fuel! We also carry a line of products for Flex-Fuel Vehicles

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  • Cosponsored with the Nebraska Ethanol Board and participation from the American Coalition for Ethanol, the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council, this event featured presentations by ethanol producers, marketers, transportation companies, and investment groups

  • GM has lent vehicles like the E-85 powered Avalanche to more than 30 members of the Governors’ Ethanol Coalition

  • CFDC has brought the vehicle to various events in and around Washington, DC over recent months

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  • Upcoming USDA Reports Jun 9 Crop Production/Supply/Demand Jun 14 NOPA Crush Jun 22 Cold Storage Jun 23 Cattle-On-Feed Jun 30 Acreage / Grain Stocks Jun 30 Hogs & Pigs Jul 12 Crop Production/Supply/Demand Jul 14 NOPA Crush Jul 21 Cattle-On-Feed Jul 21 Cattle Inventory Jul 21 Cold Storage Can you use E85 in your vehicle? Charts/Quotes Available Click on in the left hand column for delayed quotes

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  • Federal and state policies and programs promoting increased use of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles are intended to achieve these dual goals

  • In 2000, NCSL published 'Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentives: A Decade and More of Lessons Learned'

  • The World Wide Web pages listed below offer information on alternative fuel vehicles, alternative fuels and state and federal incentives for alternative fuels


  • This useful guide offers a state-by-state listing of alternative fuel vehicle incentives and laws as well as points of contact in each state

  • The is a collection of information on alternative fuels and the vehicles that use them

  • ELECTRIC VEHICLES (EVs) This site and its search engine offer easy access to electric vehicle information, including updates on state incentives and other legislation

  • NATURAL GAS VEHICLES (NGVs) is a national organization dedicated to the cooperative development of a growing, sustainable and profitable natural gas vehicle market

  • The NGVC represents more that 200 natural gas companies; engine, vehicle and equipment manufacturers; and service providers, as well as environmental groups and government organizations interested in the promotion and use of natural gas as a transportation fuel

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