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  • · · › › Iron Maiden's work has inspired other sub-genres of heavy metal, including power metal and speed metal, and is generally thought of as an influence to any 'metal' music containing dual- guitar harmonization

  • One example of their far reaching influence is that many bands from virtually every rock and metal sub-genre list Iron Maiden as one of their influences

  • Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie, is a perennial fixture in the band's horror-influenced album cover art, as well as in live shows

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    Hans Claesson's Wallpapers & Graphics > Iron Maiden
    3D graphics and wallpapers inspired by and dedicated to Iron Maiden and Eddie.

  • "Millions of images served" Welcome! This part of " Wallpapers & Graphics " is a page inspired by and dedicated to Iron Maiden

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    Maiden World - Iron Maiden news, discussion, information and articles
    A collection of Iron Maiden news, articles and resources accompanied by a discussion

  • Site Content Downloads Maiden World Welcome to Maiden World, a site for Iron Maiden discussion, news and articles Maiden World is a website dedicated to Iron Maiden , featuring news, tabs, lyrics, wallpapers, and articles

  • We also have an ever growing collection of information on Iron Maiden Bootlegs, Collectables / Merchandise and Tribute Albums

  • Maiden World hopes to be definitive source of information for the increasingly large number of Iron Maiden fans out there, and those yet to be enlightened by Eddie and the boys

  • News A gathering of the latest Iron Maiden related news and articles on the internet 2005 Tour Dates! From ironmaiden.com on Saturday 5th February 2005 May 28th - Czech Republic 29th - Poland (Mystic) June 7th - Iceland 11th - Italy (Gods Of Metal) 12th - Switzerland 16th - Portugal 18th - Spain 21st - Greece 25th - France 26th - Belgium (Graspop) 28th - Norway - Sold Out! 29th - Norway - Sold Out! July 2nd - Germany (Full Force Festival) 3rd - Holland 6th - Finland - Sold Out! 7th - Finland - Sold Out! 9th - Sweden - Sold Out! Iron Maiden 9th in list of top earning artists From skynews.com on Friday 20th February 2004 Iron Maiden have come in ninth in the list of top earning artists for 2003, due to the phenomonal success of their album 'Dance Of Death' and the Dance of Death world tour

    FEAR OF THE WEB - Web española de Iron Maiden
    Historia, discografía, singles, videos, letras de las canciones, componentes,
    fotos autografíadas, el autor de las tapas y archivos para bajar.

  • ¡¡¡Bienvenid@ a Fear of the Web!!! Aquí encontrarás todo aquello que siempre quisiste saber sobre Iron Maiden: su historia, discografía, componentes, singles, videografía, tours, videoclips, midis, software, tablaturas y las mejores imágenes de Eddie


    Photo by www.kultureshock.co.uk

    Iron Maiden MIDI Music Songs Homepage
    MIDI versions of Maiden songs organized by album, pictures of the band and Eddie,
    backgrounds, and discography.

  • See Below†   My Iron Maiden Collection of MIDI songs and album covers are for FREE for everyone's enjoyment

  • Lastly, to all you Head Bangers, Earthdogs, Metal Maniacs, Hell Rats and River Heads from All Around the World: Thanks for Visiting & Help Spread the WORD about IRON MAIDEN! AND UP THE IRONS!!!! Iron Maiden SINGLES ONE SINGLES TWO Eddie Download both fonts as listed on the 2 buttons shown here

  • Now you are ready†† Iron Maiden MIDI Homepage Guestbook Thanks for visiting my personal version of an Iron Maiden Webpage

  • I am a big fan of Oldies music and I also love Iron Maiden

  • Iron Maiden is also the only heavy metal group that I ever saw live in concert

  • I still enjoy listening to my Iron Maiden records after all these years and only have one more thing to say to you: 'Rock On Forever Iron Maiden And Up The IRONS!'

    Rolling Stone : Iron Maiden
    Includes biography, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, and message board.

  • Advertisement Welcome | Iron Maiden Main page | Shortcut: www.rollingstone.com/ironmaiden Articles August 29, 2005 Foo Fighers, Pixies, Bloc Party make for festival July 8, 2005 Comic books, wine-tasting and trailer trash at the Warped Tour April 18, 2005 Metal men play live and online March 18, 2005 Coldplay, Springsteen, Eminem, Weezer hit the road Recordings and Reviews 1982 RS: 2of 5 Stars Photos Videos Links Advertisement Key Tracks Most Popular Songs on Discography Radio Trivia Who knows more about Iron Maiden than you? Show what you know

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    Main Page - NOTB :: WOTB
    A fanzine dedicated to Iron Maiden and its members. Includes news, interviews,
    discography, bootlegs, records and show reviews, message board and mailing lists.

    CNN.com - Showbuzz - February 14, 2002

  • Iron Maiden 'Eddie' hits toy stores NEW YORK (Reuters) -- After 22 years of leering at heavy metal fans from Iron Maiden album covers and the concert stage, the British rock band's tattered and ghoulish mascot 'Eddie' is making his debut in the world's toy stores

  • At New York's annual Toy Fair this week, head-banging Maiden fans were on hand to marvel at two new miniature figures depicting the grimacing skeleton, based on the group's macabre artwork dating from the heavy metal heyday in the 1980s

  • Eddie first spooked fans on the cover of Iron Maiden, the eponymous first record named for a medieval torture device, in 1980, and continues to grace new covers and even stalk the stage in a 12-foot tall costume when the band is on tour

  • Iron Maiden's outspoken singer Bruce Dickinson said the mascot -- depicted on one new doll that is already in stores as a bloody hatchet killer in T-shirt and blue jeans -- remains a sort of anti-hero for the band and its throngs of fans

  • Aside from the toys, Iron Maiden will be reissuing 15 studio and live albums this year, including such hits as 'The Number of the Beast' and 'Powerslave' in vinyl- replica packages with bonus tracks and multimedia content

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    MaidenZone.com desde el 2000 con Iron Maiden // A Matter of Life ...
    Todo sobre Iron Maiden, noticias actualizadas diariamente, fotos, wallpapers y
    por supuesto Eddie.

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  • The IRON MAIDEN ring [ | ]

    Thy Majestie - Symphonic Power Epic Metal band ...
    Italian power metal band. Biography, discography, reviews, interviews and links.

  • www.thymajestie.org, Official Site Official Web Kingdom - Thy Majestie 2005-2006 © All Rights Reserved - Visitors: thy majesty heavy The battle of hastings 1066 Teatro Massimo Terry Brooks The sword of shannara fantasy literature The lord of the ring Edguy, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Stratovarious, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Warlord, Manilla Road, Metallica, Iron Maiden 14 (Catorze) Bis - 4 X - 4/3 De Trio - 4Front - 5uu's - 6-North - A Piedi Nudi - A Triggering Myth - A.C.T

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    allmusic ((( Iron Maiden > Overview )))

    Roman Turek (1996-present)
    Biography, transactions, accolades, injuries, records, game directory, and quotes
    about the goaltender.

  • CATCHES: Right STYLE: STRENGTHS: WEAKNESSES: HIS MASK: 'I'm a huge Iron Maiden fan, I wnated to have 'Eddie', their mascot, on my mask

  • With this mask, I just told the artist I wanted Eddie from Maiden, and he went out and bought a poster of him and did a great job

  • I still listen to Maiden - they rock.' (ESPN The Magazine, 1/21/02, p

  • DID YOU KNOW? Roman's favourite music group is the heavy metal band 'Iron Maiden'

    ::web Iron Maiden - Noticias actualizadas de Iron Maiden en espanol
    Contiene noticias, biografía, datos sobre sus integrantes, fotos, fondos de
    escritorio, discografía, letras de canciones, información sobre giras y fechas de ...

  • Sábado, 2 de Septiembre del 2006 :: Actualidad :: Iron Maiden :: Multimedia :: Especiales :: Enlaces :: Tickets :: Recomendado :: Alexa Toolbar :: Disco recomendado :: Últimos posts Últ

  • :: www.ironmaiden.com actualizada! Con motivo del inminente lanzamiento del nuevo 'A Matther of Life and Death', la web oficial de IRON MAIDEN, www.ironmaiden.com ha sido actualizada (como viene siendo habitual en los nuevos lanzamientos) en cuanto a estilo se refiere

  • fuente: www.ironmaiden.com 30/08/2006 03:09 :: Exito del single de IRON MAIDEN El último lanzamiento de IRON MAIDEN, el single “The Reincarnation of Benjamín Breeg” ha entrado directamente a algunas listas de ventas europeas colocándose, en algunas de ellas en las más altas posiciones

  • 28/08/2006 03:23 :: Nuevo tema de IRON MAIDEN En la web oficial de la banda, IRON MAIDEN han liberado una nueva canción de su esperado 'A Matter of Life and Death'

  • Concretamente se trata del tema 'Different World', y podéis escucharlo en varios formatos: 11/08/2006 03:24 :: IRON MAIDEN anuncia edición limitada El lanzamiento del nuevo álbum de IRON MAIDEN, “A Matter of Life and Death” está previsto para el 28 de Agosto y se ha anunciado que se lanzará también una edición especial limitada de este CD que incluirá un DVD de bonus, con material documental de una hora de duración, vídeos y fotos

    eddie Fingers ojeda home page
    Official site of the former guitarist. Information, pictures, and how to get an
    8x10 glossy photo.

  • Eddie played on seven albums (which earned a combined 25 gold and platinum records worldwide) and performed in over 3000 shows, opening for groups such as Iron Maiden, Dio, ZZTop, Whitesnake, and Motorhead

    Legend of the Mummy (1997)
    Cast, crew, production information.

    action figures, Spawn, McFarlane movie maniacs, buffy, angel and ...
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  • From series 2 of Neca's range of action figures based on Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot, and the cover art involving him

    Wayne Guitars: Handmade in the USA
    Solid body electric guitars by Wayne Charvel.

    Pigdog Journal -- Burning Man Nonsense
    An index of articles by Pigdog writers and others.

  • Bad 2000-05-10 Wow! Check out the cover of the new Iron Maiden CD

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