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the fast food nutrition fact explorer
A searchable database containing the nutritional information of the world's most
popular fast food restaurants.

Flavor Hut International
Producer of flavors for use in a wide range of feeds and pet food. Product list
and contact information. Located in St. Charles, Illinois.

Four Fat Chicks -- Uru: Ages Beyond Myst Review
Review with screen shots.

Life in the Fast Food Lane: Are You Living in the Fast Lane?, HYG ...
Fact sheet from Ohio State University Extension, on fast foods and how to make
wise choices for healthier eating.

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Fast Food Facts | Calories, Fat and other nutritional information.
Nutritional information on over 1000 fast food items in a searchable database,
plus fast food news, chat and discussion forum.

Low Fat Recipes like Low Fat Baked Goods Recipes, Low Fat ...
Blender cocktail made with raw beets, pineapple, carrots, celery, pineapple-orange
juice, and sugar.

Low-Fat Blueberry Popcorn Bars Recipe | Low Fat Desserts Recipes ...
A microwave recipe using popcorn, dried blueberries, marshmallows, and vanilla chips.

The Body Hut Ltd.
Offers brand name supplements. Contact information and catalogue.


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The Correct nutrition for athletes
An article debating the issue of carbo-loading by athletes.

Manuscript 1:i, Autumn 1995
Essay by Charlotte Crofts. Discusses Plath's appropriation and use of Holocaust
imagery in her poetry.

H-Nilas: Stories for the Seasons
An Altay folktale translated by Kira Van Deusen from the book "Skazki narodov sibiri".

Pizza Hut
Some history and facts, basic recipe with animated movie, ideas for allergy free,
fat free, vegetarian, and fruit pizza.


PediatricObesity.com | Helping Parents Raise Healthy Children.
Free site featuring the Traffic Light Diet, links to Dr. John La Puma's recipes
and resources, and current medical research on treating and preventing pediatric ...

NPR : British journalist and documentarian Jon Ronson
US National Public Radio audio, discussing his research for his book "Them:
Adventures with Extremists".

Diet Plan-Weight Loss Program-Free Diets-Calorie Counting-Low Carb ...
Articles relating to diet, nutrition, exercise and health.

Daily Life in Ancient China - Welcome to Ancient China!
Learn about Taoism with Winnie-the-Pooh. Explore daily life in 4 Chinese Dynasties.
Read things written in BC times. Take a quick look at 11000 years of ancient ...

BerliCon WDC XVI
The next World Championship will be in Berlin, Germany, 3-6 August, 2006.

CNN.com - Interview: Tips from the 'food police' - May 23, 2002

Wes Clark's "Avocado Memories"
A personal memoir of seventies design, unfortunate home improvements and life in
Burbank, California in the 60's and 70's.

Two-Letter and Three-Letter Scrabble Words
Complete listing of all two and three-letter words (TWL and SOWPODS standards)
acceptable for use.

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