Learn Faux and Decorative Painting at The Finishing School
Information covers classes, workshops, seminars, books, and videos concerning
the art and business of decorative painting, including wood graining, glazing, ...

  • The Finishing School is one of the nation's oldest and finest teaching studios for the art of decorative painting

    FauxFilled Dreams, a faux finishing school where you learn how to ...
    Expert instruction in decorative painting, including faux finishing, murals and
    trompe l'oeil. Classes tailored to those seeking a new career and creating home ...

  • FauxFilled Dreams ® LLC School of Decorative Arts Give us 5 days and we'll give you the skills for a lucrative career There are 22 reasons to choose FauxFilled Dreams for your decorative art education: At the Missouri facility, you can lodge with your fellow artists on-site at the studio while taking classes

  • At our faux finishing school, the faux finish techniques that we teach can be mastered by all

  • Although we have hundreds of large samples of different finishes on display, our faux finishing school is the only school offering a unique opportunity for students to be inspired by the incomparable rooms displaying diverse faux finishes, murals, and Venetian plaster

  • Your concern & patience was limitless & I know you must have had to go to the patience bank after I left! I'm so glad I chose your school over several others I had researched

    Learn the Faux Painting Process at our Faux Finish School - Faux ...
    Classes in multi-color glazing, textured faux finishes and advanced wall glazing.

  • Welcome to Go With The Faux, Faux Finishing School

  • We understand that choosing the right faux finishing school is important

  • You have probably spent hours or even days researching faux finishing schools, faux finish classes, studios and instructors

  • As it gains in popularity, more faux finishing schools are launched every day

  • How do you, the prospective student, choose the right faux finishing classes for you? At Go With The Faux, Faux Finishing School, we have designed the most integrated, innovative, progressive professional faux finishing class on the market

  • At Go With The Faux, Faux Finishing School, we prove it! Sign up now for our up-to-date, informative newsletter on the business of Faux Finishing: Name: Email: 817.265.3289 (Dallas/Fort Worth) 877.495.0198 (Toll Free) 817.459-4262 (FAX) e : 2304 W

  • Park Row, #28 Arlington, TX 76013 Faux Finishing Certification: The Real Story ! What is certification in faux finishing? Every faux finishing school in the country will offer a Certificate upon completion of a professional faux finish class

  • Unfortunately, “certification” in the United States, no matter how attractively packaged, is just a faux finish school certificate

    Faux Effects Inc. corporate site with links to faux finishing ...
    Faux finishing and decorative painting resources. Products and information for
    contractors, distributors, artisans, plus classes and links.

  • It contains as well as providing a convenient, one stop access to some of the most accomplished Faux Artisans and Studios in the new world, along with the industry's finest Faux Finishing Schools and Decorative Painting Classes


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    Faux Like a Pro - The faux painting, faux finish Web site ...
    Offers an interactive learning section, and on-line store. Includes illustrations,
    explanations of painting techniques, step-by-step directions and tips.

  • Make sure to visit the learn section for inspiration and instructions - or take a class at our renowned faux finish school

  • Enjoy exploring! Our faux painting school offers a variety of classes and workshops

    Dundean Studios: NJ School of Decorative Arts with faux finish ...
    Offering a variety of courses on the technique of faux finishing, as well as
    supplies. Online schedule, course description and fees.

  • Centrally located between New York and Philadelphia in Northern New Jersey, our faux finish school is considered one of the best by leading professionals

  • 2006 Dundean Studios is a premier decorative painting studio, school and showroom in northern New Jersey serving New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Carolinas, etc

  • Our faux painting school in New Jersey is not product based so we teach with any and all materials that are readily available and best for the job at hand

    NASODA - Decorative Painting Art Faux Finishing Finish School ...
    Learn faux finish techniques such as trompe l'oeil and the business of decorative
    painting from master instructors. Located near Chicago, Illinois.

  • The premier resource for decorative painters in North America NASODA - North American School Of Decorative Art NASODA's director brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your NASODA studies

  • Page updated 13-Jan-2004 NASODA - North American School of Decorative Art 334 South Ardmore Avenue Villa Park, Illinois 60181 Phone: 630-833-5050 | Fax: 630-834-1969 Email: | Web: © Site by

    Faux Painting classes, Frederick, MD Orlando, FL The Faux School ...
    Provides supplies and classes for decorative painting, faux finishing, and venetian
    plaster. Has class schedule with fees, products, registration and facility ...

  • Attending The Faux School ™ can help you launch an amazing career and make your dreams become a reality

  • The Faux School ™ classes will teach you the skills that will inspire you to explore your passions and creativity

  • Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, decorating your own home or operating your own decorative finishing business, The Faux School ™ has much to offer

  • Learn The Art of Exquisite painted Marble & Wood Graining with The Faux School ™ , and many of our instructors have been featured in several national, international, trade and regional publications

  • faux painting schools faux finishing classes faux finishing workshops mural workshops faux painting workshops faux finishing school Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary The Faux School 5711 Industry Lane, Suite 28 Frederick, MD 21704 The Faux School - Florida 663 Harold Avenue Winter park, FL 32789 1-877-GET-FAUX 301-668-5110 301-228-3100 fax Studio hours: 9 a.m

  • Benefits

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    Paint School
    Learn about decorative wallpainting and colorwashed walls. Available on VHS or DVD.

    Faux Painting Schools developing unique faux painting techniques ...
    Faux finish school. Also offers 3-dimensional and traditional murals, faux
    finishes, textured finishes, and decorative painting for the home or corporate ...

    Faux Finish Painting Classes School Venetian Plaster Class
    Specializes in faux painting techniques and art workshops. Details of training,
    galleries of examples, guidance on techniques and newsletter.

    Faux Painting School for Faux Instruction, Mural Workshop Painting ...
    We teach faux finishing and other faux painting techniques such as ragging,
    sponging, graining, murals, trompe l'oeil.

  • Faux Painting School for Faux Instruction, Mural Workshop Painting, Venetian Plaster, Trompe l'oeil Courses, Professional Faux Finishing and Business Faux Painting, St Louis Welcome! Attend professional faux painting instruction in venetian plaster, Trompe l'oeil & mural techniques, faux finishing business and other painting styles of faux finishing at the 'Decorative Arts Center' faux school

  • Our 'state of the art' faux finishing school is owned and operated by the european trained and internationally known master decorative artist, Brian Bullard , who has 20 years experience in the 'faux' trade

  • Faux Painting School for Faux Instruction, Mural Workshop Painting, Venetian Plaster, Trompe l'oeil Courses, Professional Faux Finishing and Business Faux Painting Faux Instruction Our faux painting instruction is geared towards homeowners, decorative artists, faux finishing contractors, and future faux decorative artists

  • There are no faux finishing or faux glazing products or tools to be 'locked into' or buy in our faux painting workshops, you can use almost any paint or venetian plaster! faux painting st louis Real Benefits Attending the faux school entitles you to use our 'Continued Support' faux painting assistance


    Venetian Plaster taught at the School of Italian Plasters
    Offers training on the ancestral techniques of over 20 Venetian plasters.
    Locations in San Diego, California and Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Venetian Plaster Decorative Stuccos At The School of Italian Plasters your staff will be trained in the ancient techniques of applying

  • Whether you are a seasoned professional, or new to the business, The School of Italian Plasters offers the best training with the best plasters from Italy

    Faux Painting - Vigini Studios | Finishes
    Faux finishing studio specializes in murals, trompe l'oeil, grottesca, and
    restorations. Also offers faux and decorative finishing classes and products.

  • Name Email Through the Classical Art of Faux Finishes and Decorative Painting, We Make Illusions Appear as Reality OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR FUTURE Have you been searching for motivating faux finishing workshops where you can learn not only unique finishes, business strategies, but also art historical information? Imagine what you can learn from European educated instructors highly experienced in the American faux finishing industry at the most recognized school in the United States for training beginner and advanced faux finishers, plasterers, muralists and trompe l’oeil artists? Can you visualize the growth of your finishing business with the assistance and support of Vigini Studios Inc.? Nicola Vigini, author of by Yannick Guegan , past instructor for many American and European schools, student of the highly respected IPEDEC, Paris, instructs and supervises a superior program with true passion and love of the craft

  • Our curriculum sets the standard in the United States and separates our school from the rest

    Definitive Faux School
    Offers faux finishing training for furniture, walls, stenciling, marble and other
    ornamental arts in two day modules.

  • Interior Design School - Definitive School for Decorative Arts - Definitive Faux - Houston, Tx , Definitive School of Decorative Arts, founded in California with a move to Houston in 1983, has been in existence as a Institue for over thirty-five years

  • Get Out of the Crowded Classrooms! Definitive's enrollment is 8 students providing maximum attention to each student! 7026 Old Katy Road, Suite 159 : Houston, Texas 77024 : School 713-802-9022 : Store 713-802-9021

    Faux Design Center: faux painting and finishing classes, and showroom
    Finishing showroom offering faux painting services, design ideas, and instruction.

  • has committed its business to supporting all facets of the decorative painting industry by joining the needs of the master craftsman with retailers, schools, and manufacturers

  • Decorative Painting Schools: By offering the Principles of Applied Arts Curriculum

  • If you are an aspiring professional decorative painter, there is no better resource for education than that from a school teaching the Principles of Applied Arts™

    Creative Evolution Home Page | Faux Classes | Faux Finishing ...
    Teaching faux finishes, decorative painting, Venetian plaster and murals.
    Provides online tutorials and travel information.

  • Visit Our Store Our faux finish school utilizes the same decorative painting products in our classes, as we do creating murals, faux finishes and decorative plasters in the field

  • As the popularity of finishes increases, so does the demand to stay abreast of current techniques and trends; our school provides the cutting edge information needed to stay competitive

  • This school's classes specialize in teaching those interested in learning to create murals and faux finishes of all types and styles

  • The school's focus is teaching new and unique faux finishes and providing classes that dedicated to the hottest trends in faux decorative effects

  • The cost of school tuition can easily be earned within your first jobs

  • 866-775-3289; The Official Faux Forum What To Expect In Class Our school is the only full service institute in Connecticut

  • In this way our school provides a classroom where students will create and evolve

    Directory of Faux Painting Professionals
    Faux Painting Listings of faux finishing professionals, fresco painters and
    muralists throughout the world!

  • Be a part of a world-wide Virtual Community dedicated to supporting talented decorative painters, faux painting professionals, faux painters, faux finishers, and artists - like you! No schools, workshops, manufacturers, suppliers or stores...just artisans

  • All Professional decorative painters, faux painters, faux finishing professionals, faux finishers and muralists..enter your business in the: International Directory of Decorative Painters No schools, workshops, manufacturers, suppliers or stores...just artisans

    Contemporary Fresco Painting Resource Center, The True Fresco ...
    Information on fresco technique and history, directory of projects around the
    world, picture gallery, painting and creative arts public forums.

  • FRESCO School

  • It also includes original Modern Fresco Gallery and Nationwide Fresco Painting Workshop Program (FrescoSchool.com) and it is targeted to develop a foundation for the Fresco Painting Society

  • - Looking for a Studio? -Want to Announce a show? -Buy/Sell Studio Equipment? -Hire an Artist or Designer? FROM FRESCO GAZETTE A lost art found in the children of San Diego iLia Anossov and his team of 3 assistants went to Diegueno Country School recently in San Diego to bring a full day of learning and practical experience of the most ancient of arts to 24 7th grade students

  • The Faux Finish School® was the first faux painting business program in the country that taught not only faux painting, but also the "business" side of this lucrative career

  • The Faux Finish School® now offers course with Ilia Anossov

  • Whether you are a beginner in the trade, or have many years of experience, with our school, you will embark on an incredible journey which will stimulate and educate even the best faux and decorative finishers in the trade

  • 'Discover Fresco Workshop' can also be easily taught by school teacher or parent using our 90min Video and 'Discover Fresco Workshop' Materials Kit

    Faux, NJ, Faux Painting, New Jersey, Murals, Wall Finishes ...
    Small company in central New Jersey specializing in faux finishing, decorative
    painting, and other interior painting. Includes sample images, introduction, ...

  • Sean Crosby and Pascal Amblard are also highly regarded instructors at some of the finest decorative painting schools in the world including the Institute Superiore de Peinture Decorativ de Paris in France (IPEDEC), Vigini Studios in San Antonio, Faux Effects studio in Vero Beach and Nadai-Verdon Studios in Bordeaux, France

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