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  • I'll give it right back to you, one of these days - - - Jimi Hendrix I don't believe in destiny or the guiding hand of fate I don't believe in forever, or love as a mystical state I don't believe in the stars or the planets or angels watching from above But I believe there's a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love and make it last


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    Harry's Blues Lyrics Online, Jimmy Reed Lyrics, page 1
    Large collection of lyrics of his songs complemented with links to sound clips.

    Harry's Blues Lyrics Online, Taj Mahal Lyrics, page 1
    Collection of lyrics of his songs complemented with links to sound clips.

  • Statesboro Blues by recording of 1992 from , (Here we go, Statesboro Blues, take one:) One, two, three, four! Wake up, mama, turn your lamp down low Wake up, mama, now, turn your lamp down low Have you got the nerve to hide (drive) Willie McTell from your door? You know I woke up in the mornin', now, I had them Statesboro Blues I woke up this morning now, I had them Statesboro Blues I looked over in the corner, grandma and grandpa had 'em too Mama got 'em, papa got 'em, sister got 'em, everybody got 'em I'm goin' to the country, mama do you wanna go? If I can't take you, I believe I'll take three or four more Mama died and left me reckless, papa died and left me wild, wild, wild Mama died and left me reckless, papa died and left me wild Ya know I ain't good lookin', but I'll stumble on a sweet angel-child (Alt

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  • The lone keeper, then, is "Downtown, " a cool and slinky electro track with a lovely (yes, really!) falsetto coo on the chorus and understated (yes, truly!) rapping on the verses

    Tori Amos Quizzes and Trivia -- FunTrivia
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    Crazy Lyrics
    A collection of lyrics of classic songs that have been translated back to English
    with some odd results.

    Song Lyrics for Favorite Songs
    Fansite for band Policechief. News and information, audio downloads and contact

    Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
    Celtic cat stories, poetry, news, and songs. Blog and podcast for cat lovers.

    AZ Lyrics Universe
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  • 21.07.2006 New lyrics: - 'Feelin' You', - 'State Of Emergency', 'Sleepwalker', 'She's Only Evil' (from 'Up In The Attic' album), - 11 songs ('It's About Time' album), - 'SexyBack', - 10 songs ('Enjoy The Ride' album)


    Gackt Lyric Translations Index [created by Mina-P //v4, the library]
    A collection of romanized lyrics for all of Gackt's released songs, as well as
    the translations.

    Cultural criticism with an international scope. Offers reviews, interviews, and
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  • Conventional wisdom says that Psychocandy will stand as the Jesus and Mary Chain's ultimate statement

    Syd Barrett Lyrics
    Detailed lyrical witticisms of a certain Mr. Sydney Barrett.

    Jesusfreakhideout.com Interview: Luna Halo
    Interview with Nathan Barlowe and Jonny MacIntosh.

    Jesse dbassman Jocson's MIDI Sequences
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    Prindle Record Reviews - Talking Heads
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  • It is so understated

  • People from rural areas are stereotyped as closeminded and prejudicial - and there is quite a bit of truth inside that stereotype - but Byrne's turned it around on the people doing the stereotyping, showing that what people diagnose isn't actually so far from their real states of mind

    George Gordon, Lord Byron
    The Incompetech website's somewhat satirical take on Byron.

  • The Byron estate was mostly tied up in lawsuits, but Mrs

  • The Wicked Lord (George's grandfather) hated his sons, so he set about ruining Newstead so his sons would have no proper estate

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