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Contains a list of official disease descriptions and their codes, plus alternate

e-MDs | topsE&M Coder | Evaluation and Management / E&M Coding ...
Calculates the correct code, based on guidelines. Includes screen shots, demo,
and purchasing information.

  • Coding Solutions Open Source Drug Database topsE&M Coder Improve Your E&M Coding Historically, most physicians tend to undercode, whether due to fear of an audit or to lack of time to sufficiently document the care given

  • With minimal data input, topsE&M Coder rapidly calculates the correct E&M code, based on 1997 HCFA/CMS guidelines*

  • If you are an "under-coder", you will see a full return on your investment in just one day! Medical Economics magazine has estimated a $40, 000 to $50, 000 annual loss to physicians who routinely down-coded one E&M level

  • An EMR that helps with E&M coding enables a provider to code correctly, with full supporting documentation

  • The distribution of E&M codes by users of e-MDs Chart was shifted toward higher-level codes

  • They also realized increased reimbursement approaching 20% when compared with the expected reimbursement if the clinic followed the standard E&M code distribution

  • If you "down-code" E&M levels due to fear of an audit, you may be losing up to $54, 000 annually

    Flash Code - Welcome
    Offers electronic diagnostic coding and compliance solutions with desktop, asp
    and intranet options.

  • In May, we cut the cost of our top ranked coding software, Flash Code Provider, in half --- from $499.95 to $249.95

  • The PROVIDER PACKAGE puts into your hands software that: -Gives you back time by finding ICD, CPT, HCPCS, DRG, and NDC codes in seconds -Eliminates compliance worries by providing one-click access to all of the NCCI edits and NCD-LCD medical necessity codes

  • They’ll make it easy to find codes in those spots where a computer just isn't handy

  • Flash Code is a registered trademark of Medical Coding & Compliance Solutions, LLC, a division of PMIC
    Offers a variety of programs, including several coding programs, cardiac risk
    calculator, growth chart, cardiac surgery risk, and cholesterol calculator.

  • Featured in the and Compatible with: Palm OS PDA's (Treo, PalmOne) or Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Dell, iPAQ, etc.) using the Coding & Billing Tools · Free Clinical Software · For Palm OS or Windows Mobile Pocket PC* also develops clinical algorithms for EHR systems Featured in: "This coding/documentation problem is costing me a lot of money

  • STAT E&M Coder™ is the gold standard tool recommended by coding professionals

  • Updated with 2006 E&M codes

  • "What is the V code for family history of GI malignancy? I need to code it myself to get it right." Introducing the most compact version of the complete set of ICD-9 diagnosis codes ever developed

  • All 15, 000+ codes allow you to use the highest level of specificity and code quickly and accurately every time

  • Why use software that only contains a small percentage of available diagnosis codes required to get your services covered? Uses the database program (registration required for continued use) Updated with the CMS ICD-9-CM revisions for 2006

  • "My coders miss things all the time

  • I need to code my procedures myself to make sure it's done correctly." Finally, a comprehensive CPT™ surgical, radiological, and anesthesia coding reference that makes procedure coding fast and accurate from your shirt pocket

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    ICD9-CM Reference Software
    Offers software for PC or Mac allowing diseases and codes to be clearly viewed,
    navigated and searched. Includes demonstration download.

  • HierCode ICD9-CM Reference Software Offering ready access to diagnostic codes HierCode™ software reproduces the Tabular List of Diseases (Volume 1) and the Alphabetic Index to Diseases (Volume 2) from ICD9-CM

  • Owing to an innovative design, the software gives ready access to diagnostic codes

  • It includes intuitive navigation aides, which automate routine tasks, such as searching for a medical term or looking up a diagnostic code

  • It even includes special tools for creating custom lists of commonly used codes

  • HierCode™ software provides a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of diagnostic codes

  • The software now includes all changes issued by the National Center for Health Statistics for year 2006, and therefore it includes all codes valid from October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006

  • Choosing between HierCode™ software and standard coding books requires little deliberation

  • Act now to the Standard Edition of HierCode™ software for just $14.95! Download Software To download and try the software, free of charge,

    Medical Coding and Billing Books - CPT, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS, DRG ...
    Features medical billing and coding books for CPT, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS and DRG.
    Also offering guides and software.

  • 1: | Fees On Disk: | • • • Featured Product Monthly Specials Our Bestseller On Sale ! AMA : 55.96 ! : 79.16 ! : 59.95! On Sale ! Our ICD-9 publications, offered now at discounted prices , will give you all the new codes you need to avoid having your claims denied or delayed

  • They will guide you through current modifiers, code changes, additions and deletions

  • Look to for publications that help medical practices become more efficient, enhance revenue, control costs and operate more efficiently

  • has a full range of books from nationally recognized experts in the fields of physician practice management and medical coding

    Medical Coding Software, Ingenix ( St Anthony / Medicode ) Books ...
    Reseller of electronic medical coding products including data, eBooks, and Palm

  • We have been very pleased! " L Farmelo HME Specialists, LLC Albuquerque, NM Medical Coding .Net Action Menu Medical Coding .Net Welcomes You! Since 2001, Medical Coding .Net has served as an expert source for Ingenix (St Anthony / Medicode), and ! Our products meet HIPAA ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS needs, achieve Medicare compliance, and improve medical coding accuracy

  • Medical Coding .Net Specials & Announcements Available for Immediate Download! Available Now! SpeedECoder is a rapid, online suite of search tools and customizable databases for medical coding and compliance

    Medical Coding & Compliance Books and More - CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, RBRVS
    Books and publications dealing with coding, reimbursement, Medicare, and healthcare.

  • Take a look at our and prepare for incredible savings on the books you need the most! 2006 & 2007 Coding Books! SUPER SAVER PRICES!!! MMI ICD-9-CM 2006 $70.00 Spiralbound The format of the manual is easy enough to understand to appeal to beginning coders, but will also meet the standards of any seasoned coding veteran

  • MMI ICD-9-CM 2007 $79.95 Spiralbound The format of the manual is easy enough to understand to appeal to beginning coders, but will also meet the standards of any seasoned coding veteran

  • AMA CPT® 2006 $60.00 Softcover The 2006 edition of the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology official coding reference contains all CPT® codes, modifiers and guidelines for 2006

  • AMA CPT® 2007 $69.95 Softcover The 2007 edition of the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology official coding reference contains all CPT® codes, modifiers and guidelines for 2007

  • MMI HCPCS 2006 $70.00 Spiralbound The 2006 HCPCS Level II Codes book rounds out a complete coding and reimbursement library

  • 2007 HCPCS Level II $79.95 Spiralbound The 2007 HCPCS Level II Codes book rounds out a complete coding and reimbursement library

  • You bundle this in your package deal for only $20 more! NEW! 2007 Essential References Package 25% off the retail price for all 3 titles from our popular Coders' Almanac Series! Code more efficiently than you believed possible

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    UnicorMed - Home
    Offers coding books, software, newsletters and hotline to meet your ICD-9, CPT
    and CCP needs.

  • Coding / Compliance References Now taking orders for all 2007 code books! CPT® & HCPCS books Look up codes and apply edits for medical necessity and bundling..

  • Easy Coder ICD-9 is the easiest way to achieve coding accuracy

  • Order today and see why thousands of coders rely on Easy Coder

  • 9763 total posts Free question and answer forum for coders

  • 0 item(s) in cart Subtotal: $0.00 Tip of The Day TIP: Carcinomas and neoplasms should be coded by site if possible

  • If the patient's record does not indicate the site, then code by cell type

  • Do not code by cell type if you can code by site

    Correct Coder for CCI Edits - Wasserman Medical Publishers, Ltd ...
    Medicare correct coding initiative software for the prevention of unbundling
    medical CPT coding and code compliance.

  • Correct Coder for Edits is a low cost Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) solution for complying with CMS's National Correct Coding Initiative

  • CorrectCoder for Edits is being used by providers, administrators, private payers, managed care, HMO/PPO/PHO/TPAs, billing services and health care consultants

  • With over 120, 000 'edit pairs' (two codes that cannot be billed by the same day by the same physician), and rules for exceptions (modifier -51) CorrectCoder for Edits is imperative for full reimbursement

  • CorrectCoder for Edits simplifies the government's Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) into one main screen with easy-to-use searches for only $159

    Ectopic Brain - What's New
    Riverside family practice outfits their resident physicians with Palms and provide
    this resource with links and reviews.

  • It provides portable, fast access to extensive information that will help determine whether image testing is necessary, and if so, assist in choosing the most appropriate exam.With interlinked content and a custom designed user interface, the Medical Imaging Consultant PDA Edition provides the most convenient and accurate way to select the single, best exam.Features include: Current information for over 350 clinical conditionsData on diagnostic procedureClinical benefitCPT CodeMedicare reimbursementRadiation in chest X-ray equivalentsOverall risk factorsClearly divided pediatric and adult sectionsEasy-search index The Medical Imaging Consultant PDA Edition is supported by over 160 references as the best way to weigh the risk versus rewards of using and misusing diagnostic imaging in the most common clinical care situations

  • With this tool you can look-up ICD-9 codes right on your Palm or Pocket PC device

    Medical Coding Degrees. Accredited. Exam Prep. Financial Aid ...
    Provides chart audits, on-site training seminars and contract coding and chart
    audits for physician practices.

  • Visit on Online StoreFront Below | Ritecode is a national, medical coding, training and consulting firm

  • 4 CEU's Available | Ritecode phone number (901) 517-1705 Friday, August 25, 2006 Summer Special ! New Course: ) Compare our Coding Certification Prep course at $499 to any other Prep Course

  • We offer the equivalent of a 12-day seminar for less than what others charge for two-days! | Ritecode is NOT a diploma mill, but a working, medical-coding, consulting firm

  • We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover & AMEX! Click on the Logo Below to Order: Step 1: Step 2: | Phone: (901) 517-1705 7204 Deventer Cove Memphis TN 38133 E-mail: Copyright© 2004 ® a division of Ritecode Incorporated All Rights Reserved


    Medical Dictionary, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Company and Medical ...
    Dictionary of medical and pharmaceutical acronyms, abbreviations and terms.

  • MediLexicon International Mexico Office: 0052 998 122 9793 © 2006 MediLexicon International Ltd We subscribe to the HONcode principles

    Online Tutorials: Medicine - medical tutorials, online CME, CME ...
    Providing paid subscribers with tutorials, aimed at medical professionals.

    Practical Evidence-Based Internet Resources - July/August 2003 ...
    The American Academy of Family Physicians presents a summary and assessment of
    five web-based research tools. Available as PDF download.

  • Clinical Evidence DynaMed InfoRetriever PDxMD UpToDate Uses systematic searching 1 X X Uses systematic surveillance 2 X X Cites best available evidence where rigorous evidence is lacking 3 X X Provides guidance when there is no evidence X X 4 X X Provides ICD-9 codes X X X Includes patient education materials X X X X Number of topics 5 211 1, 796 1, 036 4 450+ 6 See note 7 below Update frequency Every 6 months in print; monthly online Daily Every 4 months; InfoPOEMs added monthly online Monthly Every 4 months Annual price 8 $135 9 $200 10 $249 $149 11 $495 12 Other formats available Print; desktop computer; Palm and Pocket PC personal digital assistants (PDAs) Desktop computer Desktop computer; PDA (Pocket PC and Palm) Desktop computer; PDA (Palm and Pocket PC) Desktop computer; PDA (Pocket PC only) 1

  • 25-percent discount by using 'MAFP' group access code (Colorado AFP members use 'COAFP' code)

    Welcome to PDR.NET - The Physicians' Desk Reference web site ...
    Offers healthcare information tailored to physicians, nurses, pharmacists,
    physicians assistants and consumers.

    GLB Worldwide
    Publisher's book shop.

  • If you're not already using the Cheat Sheet, save yourself some struggle and hassle! You'll code accurately, easily, and faster than ever before

    Physician Reimbursement Systems
    Has coding and reimbursement information for medical practices and specialized
    consulting services for manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

  • PRS has committed to better patient care by providing organized and accurate medical procedure information (including CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, code bundling)

  • - Increase reimbursement rates - Avoid fraud and fines by coding correctly - Access related rules and regulations organized by code - Simplify the coding process; search by partial codes or words - Stay current with continuously updated information Current Subscribers LOG-IN: - - - - - - - - Chart Auditing Are you compliant? Experts recommend having an external audit of you E&M encounters at least once a year

  • Coding & Reimbursement Hotline 24-hour response to your coding and reimbursement questions by experienced professional coders

  • * ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS Level II coding * Evaluation and Management Coding * Correct modifier usage * CCI (Correct Coding Initiative) bundling edits * Difficult-to-code operative reports Physician Reimbursement Systems 1675 Larimer Street, Suite 410 Denver, colorado 80202 Phone: (800) 972-9298 Fax: (303) 534-0577 |

    Multiple Sclerosis
    Tells which treatments this insurance company will cover and which ones they
    consider experimental. Includes a list of references used.

  • CPT Codes / HCPCS Codes / ICD-9 Codes CPT Codes covered when selection criteria are met : 90283 99601 + 99602 CPT Codes not covered for indications listed in the CPB : 36514 36522 38204 38205 38206 38207 38208 38209 38210 38211 38212 38213 38214 38215 38230 38240 96912 96913 99183 HCPCS Codes covered if selection criteria are met : J1563 Injection, immune globulin, intravenous, 1 g (deleted 12-31-05) J1564 Injection, immune globulin, intravenous, 10 mg (deleted 12-31-05) J1566 Injection, immune globulin, intravenous, lyophilized (e.g Pocket Resource for Patient Education on the Internet
    Books designed for physicians and educators, regarding primary and chronic care.


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