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Free Chess Game, Play Chess Games Online -
Offers correspondence chess with web based postcard system. Includes book store,
problems and a chess playing CGI program.

  • Play a Chess Game ! - - the online free chess game site ! Play a with our online automatic web based postcard system! Our server keeps track of all the chess moves

  • Our visual correspondence email chess system is a perfect way to fit a chess game into a busy schedule! You can also in an online chess game! This is our own unique Internet chess computer

  • Try solving our Tell your chess friends about free chess at PostCardChess!!! Bookmark this online chess game site now

  • We hope you will play many good chess games through postcardchess with friends and family, as well as refine your skills by playing against our online chess computer

  • This site is dedicated to the great game of chess and we sincerely hope you enjoy it

  • Thank you for visiting! Play a Chess Game at Post-Card-Chess ! One click

  • A lot of fun! Interested in advertising on this site? If you enjoy this free chess game site then please don't be shy about giving us a link! ©1999-2005

    FlyOrDie - Play Free Online Multiplayer Games - Pool Games ...
    Developer of online 3d multi-player web games.

  • Games Play Free Online Games Players online: Welcome to our gaming community offering FREE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAMES and to play

  • FEATURED GAME: FODBall New! Multiplayer table-soccer game! Boiiiiing...! QUICK START Multiplayer Adventure Multiplayer Arcade Multiplayer Multiplayer DOWNLOAD Poker tournaments Addictive puzzler Tile matching Computerized billiard games

  • Compete in tournaments, play friends online, or challenge a stranger! 8-Ball Pool 9-Ball Pool Snooker Come and test your skills in FlyOrDie's chess game

  • Command your own tank in four different battlefields in this military action game

  • The point of the game is to explore the world with the character created by you

  • Pente Play Pente on the beach! Xudoku Extended Su-doku puzzles Blitz Chess Fast paced chess game

  • Go Surround enemy pieces with your color! FlyOrDie GemJam A compelling arcade game

  • Boulder Dash® XMAS™ Special Christmas edition based on the legendary game Boulder Dash®! Boulder Dash® Treasure Pleasure™ Exciting arcade-puzzler with many new features: 90° screen rotation; detonators & TNT; bombs; reverse gravity and more! Full-featured game that will provide you hours of non-stop action and surprises! Mahjong Remove all 144 tiles from the board! Speedy Shooter A game of the classic Bubble Shooter kind


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    Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
    A free chess server with players of all levels, with lectures to help you improve
    your play.

  • Whether serious with your chess or just looking for the occasional game, whether looking for another player or eager to challenge a strong computer, whether you like a blitz chess or you are fond of one of the many variants, here you can play chess over the internet for free

  • To celebrate its birthday FICS has produced, in collaboration with a video on the Ivanchuk-Svidler (Linares 2006) game

  • Moreover you will be able to play our online tournaments, save games for later analysis or have your games annotated by the Teaching Ladder reviewers

    Online Chess
    Browser based online chess with database, forums and links.

  • Features include: The ability to play multiple chess games at the same time

  • Thematic chess games

  • You can replay, analyze your games, comprehend variations, and visualize your moves

  • Games are rated according to the ELO System

  • Completed games are saved, and you can access games at any time

  • A correspondence chess server keeps track of games, validate moves, and notify players of submitted moves by e-mail

  • The length of a game played by correspondence chess can vary depending on the method used to transmit the moves - a game played on the internet via online chess server may last from several weeks to several months

  • In correspondence chess several games are usually played at once

  • All games in a tournament section are played concurrently

  • Register and play chess online! Are you ready to play some interesting online chess games ? Do you want to improve your chess ? Do you want to make some new friends? Yes! then now to play chess

  • - GM Amir Bagheri It is one of the best web sites ever to be developed for online chess games, The site has many nice and useful features, such as game analysis, real time chess, chat room, and great online tournaments

    Play chess, backgammon, dominoes, gin rummy, poker rush, cribbage ...
    An online chess database of 2 million games.

  • (1485 - 2006) | Play & online & chat live! Play, online - FREE or money games and Tournaments

  • Play, online - FREE or CA$H games and Tournaments

  • Play, online FREE or CA$H games and Tournaments

  • win CA$H! -, and online -, and on line - Last database update: August 2006 Java based interactive of 2 million chess games (1485-present) move pieces on Java chessboard; search and analyze any position for free search games by position, players' names, years, etc

  • over the Internet for free interactive study of chess games, generation of PGN ChessLab Interactive Magazine - visual interactive puzzles, instructive games, tutorial Latest world (updated June, 2004) Latest Java/frames capable web browsers required - Play free online chess
    Online correspondence chess played against friends or other members. Includes
    community forum and email notification of moves.

  • Games don't have to be finished in one sitting - your opponent doesn't even have to be online as you make your moves

  • You can also play multiple simultaneous games

  • All boards viewable online, so there is no need to set up a conventional board for your games

  • Quick start options for new users, either use a wizard to find suitable opponents after registration or offer a game to anyone using the 'open invite' feature

  • Feature-rich interface including an interactive analysis board for experimentation with lines or reviewing the game history

  • Private notebook for each player in every game

  • Play one or more games simultaneously, all at your own pace

  • Games can be played over days or even weeks

  • Puzzles, riddles, games and other challenges

  • Organise games

  • Benefits

    Photo by - - Play online games: chess ...
    No downloads, no java, just free turn-based (not live) games with thousands of
    opponents. Play 30+ games including backgammon. WebTV and set-top box compatible.

    Play games online. Gin Rummy, cribbage, backgammon, dominoes ...
    Play online games: backgammon, chess, checkers, gin rummy, cribbage, and dominoes.
    Daily money tournaments with instant cash prizes.

  • Head-to-Head Games of Skill * Multiplayer Tournaments * Free to Join! Cribbage BuckMan Pyramids Rush-21 Solitaire Poker Rush Solitaire Dominoes Gin Rummy Pharaoh's Treasure Lines-Collapse Chess Aqua-Rush Backgammon Pool Games Checkers Pool Rush Canasta Darts Copyright© 2006 Game &

    MSN Games - Free Online Games
    Microsoft's gaming network. - Online Correspondence Chess Club. Play free ...
    Club offering correspondence chess and variants in-browser.

  • User name Password Remember me Not a member yet? Click to register free as a player and start a game of chess right away

  • SchemingMind is not a 'live' chess site - your opponent will probably not be online at the same time as you and games may take days, weeks, or even months to play! All your games are recorded on the server..

  • Registration is free for lifetime standard membership! Take advantage of the deeper analysis correspondence chess allows and improve your game

  • Players are rated, so you can select opponents of your own ability (or try your luck with the experts!) No need for any additional software - you can make all your moves in your web browser! Play Chess Variants As well as being able to play standard chess, it is possible to play several popular chess variants, for example Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess) Upside Down Atomic Crazyhouse Dark Chess KriegSpiel Suicide and Loser's Alice Chess Shatranj Take the Tour! You don't need to be a registered player to see all that has to offer, just sign in above with the username guest and the password guest , you will be able to see games and read the forums without registering


    Kurnik Online Games (hassle-free chess, draughts, canasta etc.)
    Free online board and card games in Java.

  • hassle-free online games online games – play against live opponents: board games: (966) (109) (460) (126) (19) (358) (15) (19) (44) (755) (209) (1) (18) (20) (1) (10) card games: (1154) (125) (545) (61) (623) (555) (762) (38) (1) (25) (0) (319) (153) (98) (11) (871) (385) (3155) misc

  • games: (1005) (372) (463) (758) welcome to kurnik! a community supported, hassle-free online games site.

  • featured game a popular card game international festival of chess, bridge & games players online: 17980 | ©2006 marek futrega :

    Discover Bruno's free online chess problems of the day
    Features levels of difficulties in problems ranging from very easy (checkmate in
    1) to very difficult (checkmate in 6 or more). Solutions are given the next day ...

  • Since its creation in 2000 we have added new sections: The chess directory , chess news , and the masters games in PGN

  • We wish you a good visit! Do you spend your day looking for logic puzzles, free chess strategies or tactics? Come on, visit our site and find our free chess games

  • Visit this site daily before or after work and try to solve free online chess games

  • Improve this skill with our free online chess games puzzles

  • Download PGN games : these thousands games of chess masters will help you to progress - free online multiplayer chess games community ...
    Offers news and gameplay. [Membership required.]

  • members 11394 online * 10 playing live! * 0 games playing 637 games completed 19942 Main Menu Top 10 Chess Players 1

  • Cowplay is a free games site which currently offers free multiplayer chess

  • The key feautures of cowplay are as follows: Free - Its free to sign up and begin playing right away Many Games At Once - You can play many games at the same time as you like against any member Games Lists - All of your games in progress are accessed from your main chess area, where you click on their link to view/continue playing Timeouts - Each game created has an optional move-time limit, which the cowplay server monitors periodically Games History Kept - All of your previous games are kept in your completed games section for further viewing Starting Games - Games can be started by searching and challenging a particular opponent or by creating an open game for anyone to join Chess Variants - We currently have 12 variants on cowplay, which include MetaChess and Alekhine Chess and are adding more all the time

  • [] ELO Rating System - Each member begins with an ELO rating of 1200 which is maintained throughout each game played

  • Also, each variant on cowplay has its own individual ELO rating system, so member may have 9 chess ratings, one for each of the variants Preferences - There are many options in the preferences section such as different board graphics, email notice receiving for members to change as required, etc Vacation - Members can declare vacations upto a maximum of 80 days per year for when they are away and cannot access any games in a given time Cowplay LIVE! - This is the live version of CowPlay which is available to subscribers of CowPlay Getting Started Well, the first thing you need to do is go ahead and sign up for your free game account

    Free Online Chess
    Offers turn-based correspondence chess. Also has a forum.

  • Online Chess Players 247 Active Games 18169 Members 32249 Teams 404 Clubs 164 Tournaments 2553 Online Chess Comments Thursday, August 10, 2006 Online Chess Video Betty Boop: Chess Nuts An initially realistic chess game becomes a chaotic, animated quest for the favors of Betty Boop (the black queen) by Bimbo (white king) and others, with elements of bowling and football

  • Koko appears.This short is one of the most eccentric cartoons the Fleischer Brothers ever did! It opens with two men at a chess board, apparently playing a match and then turns its focus onto the pieces for the most bizarre game of chess played since Lewis Carroll penned Through the Looking Glass! Very odd, even for a Betty Boop in the early 1930s

  • Josema Online Chess Links Reading List Classic Games Endgames Online Chess Database King Side Attacks Mini Games Bobby Fischer Articles Free Online Chess e-books Alekhine Interview 10, 000 California Games 50 Brilliances Online Chess Puzzles International Clubs Privacy Policy Play Online Chess If you have a website or a homepage, feel free to link to ChessManiac using these links: Rate at ! help? This work is licensed under a

    Internet Chess Club: Where the Grandmasters Play Online Chess
    Top level competition for serious players. Chess variants are played here as well.
    There is a small fee for use of the server.

  • It's time to get your game on! Details, prizes, and rules will be announced soon

    Free Online Games for Kids: Yahooligans! Games
    Games for kids including chess, checkers, and dominoes.

  • - - A D Yahooligans! Games > Games Categories Sponsored Game Release Featured Game Are you ready for some rowdy, rolling, rodent racing? Race your hamster to the goal before time runs out! But beware -- those fiendish obstacle courses are specially designed to stop you

  • Top 10 Games 1

    MSN Games - Free Online Games
    [Official] Microsoft Zone site, offering portals for entering the game, news and
    events, server status reports, and downloads. Play Free Online Chess
    Web based play-by-email server. Features include tournaments, leagues, forums,
    voting, and annotated games.

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