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  • ( ) 1 2 3 Submit PRO is a once off website optimization and search engine submission service which incurs a once only charge

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  • The URL-submit secrets will help you track and improve your ranking, and to submit your website URL at the TOP of the major search engines for free - it will get more hits to your website than banner ads.'> <TITLE>Ranking Optimization Secrets, Increase Your Position!</TITLE> <META HTTP-EQUIV='CONTENT-LANGUAGE' CONTENT='EN'> <META name='Copyright' content='Free Website Ranking Position Secrets'> <META name='Author' content='Daniel'> <META name='Robots' content='ALL'> <META name='Revisit-After' content='14 days'> </HEAD> Our Free Online Meta Tag Analyzer and Validator will examine the meta tags found on your web page: FREE Meta Tag Analyzer! Your Url: Powered by - - TITLE This is the content that will determine the title of your site as read in a search engine

  • If you submit multiple pages that contain the same content they will not be added

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  • Just like website submission helps you submit your website to several search engines using one form, Product Feed Submission helps you submit your products to several shopping search engines using one feed

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  • Also remember that some search engines and directories take longer than others to index; some may be 24 hrs, others may be up to three months and Yahoo possibly never! Wait How are your < >? Use our meta tag generator to refine your 'keywords' and 'content' descriptions before submitting (java enabled browser required)

  • And ending with a forward slash ( / ) if there is no filename, i.e: E-Mail Address: Additional data is required for submissions (this information is not required if you only wish to submit your site to the sites listed above, go direct to "Launch")

  • No HTML) Keywords (separated with commas) : Category of site: Starting Point ( : Your first name (or initials) : Last name: Postal code (Zip code) : Telephone: Town or City: Your company or organisation name (optional) : Country (optional) : Bookmark this page NOW as your 'Launch pad' To bookmark press Ctrl+D Once you have submitted your site to these engines, come back to submit to search engines & directories! Do you manage a search engine or directory? Would you like "Launch" to submit entries to your search engine? Let us know at: TO BE UPDATED | Constructed and maintained by: NNH

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  • Your site Your Keyword Programming for beginners: Check Domain name availability .com .net .org .biz .info .name How does a webmaster increase number of visitors to a website? First, by submitting their site to search engines

  • , There is no point trying to submit to these search engines..

  • Excite - Dead, now uses pay-per-click results Direct Hit - Replaced with Teoma Northern Light - No longer available to the general public Lycos - Uses AlltheWeb's index Submitting my site is enough? No

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    Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce ...
    This two volume book, which covers Standard C++, is available free on-line.
    Includes reader comments and a link to subscribe to Eckel's mailing list.

  • If you like the book, please: Recommend it to your friends, mention the URL on newsgroups, and submit it to your favorite search engine

  • If you think you've written a piece of code and/or prose that would fit well within the book and you would like to see it published, feel free to submit it


    Online PDF to HTML Conversion
    Web form translating arbitrary PDF files to HTML, hosted by Adobe. Designed
    specifically to make PDF accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Adobe PDF Conversion by Email Attachment If the Adobe PDF file is on local media, such as a hard drive, CD-ROM, or internal server, it can be submitted as a MIME attachment to an e-mail message

  • Enter a URL to an Adobe PDF document below: URL: Format: HTML 3.2 Text Why aren't you using the Adobe Reader to read this PDF? There is no Reader for my platform The Reader is not compatible with my assistive technology I prefer the content as text or HTML because: On what platform will you use to view the resulting text or HTML? If Other: Other Comments: By submitting content through these tools, you understand and agree that Adobe may occasionally access the content you submit for purposes of quality control and administration of the conversion service

    AWStats - Free log file analyzer for advanced statistics (GNU GPL).
    An open source log analyzer. Along with the usual web statistics of pages, hits,
    also shows busiest hours, a search engine breakout with keywords, robots, ...

    India Book: India Search Engine,Indian Web Directory,Portal,News ...
    Searchable Web directory of sites specific to India, with hit count for each
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  • - Love Stories Indian Sites Of The Week • - Web Directory of Search Engines • - Web Submit Your Web Site to 300 Directories Just for $50

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  • For more info, visit (27.09.2005) Programming directory added a new, where you can submit your own programming website (14.09.2005) Programming forum Now the is included in website design

    Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
    Collection of over 300 links to web pages that perform statistical calculations.

  • , lets you dynamically alter the interval width and see the effect immediately -- type in or upload a data set or give a URL; submit; returns a colored histogram that you can copy from the page; also does polygons and cumulative -- Given a set of numbers, this page iteratively isolates potential outliers for removal

  • from a set of points, using Epanechnikov, triangular, biweight or Gaussian kernels , that is: estimate when, in a long sequence of occurrences, the occurrence rate underwent a sudden change -- type in or upload a data set, or give a URL; submit; returns a colored boxplot that you can copy from the page -- type in or upload a bivariate data set with a continuous variable and a group indicator; submit; returns a colored parallel boxplots that you can copy from the page -- type in or upload a data set, or give a URL; submit; returns a colored q-q plot that you can copy from the page [] Confidence Intervals ..

    JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code ...
    Hundreds of unique cut-and-paste scripts. Network Domain Registrar (Italian Version)
    Servizio di registrazione domini. Disponibile la procedura di contestazione per
    i nomi rubati.

  • Categorie di Inet-cliX: Webmaster NetRegister.Biz: Submit to Search Engines Domain submission guaranteed within 48 hours to over 125 Search Engines and Directories like AOL, MSN, Hotbot and Freeserve (main engines list)

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  • Use the right online tools, e.g.: "Is my web page valid HTML", "Search engine optimization", "How do I improve my web site's ranking", "Submit your URL", "Verification" (did the optimization work, did my ranking improve), and "more about search engines"

  • Use the right online tools, e.g.: "Is my web page valid HTML", "Search engine optimization", "How do I improve my web site's ranking", "Submit your URL", "Verification" (did the optimization work, did my ranking improve), and "more about search engines"

  • Use the right online tools, e.g.: "Is my web page valid HTML", "Search engine optimization", "How do I improve my web site's ranking", "Submit your URL", "Verification" (did the optimization work, did my ranking improve), and "more about search engines"

  • Generate Meta Tags for your site before submitting it to the search engines

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