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ZIP Codes, area codes, cities, states, addresses, information about non-profit
organizations, people who have contributed to political campaigns, ...

Zip Code Database List - US Zip Code Data Map - US Postal Code ...
United States. Includes some statistics and histories of the post office and of
the development of the ZIP (zone improvement plan).

  • Zip Code List & Demographics Database Download: Digital Zip Code Database & Maps Free Zip Code Finder Zip Code: AreaCode: State: County: Town/City: Only ONE field is required for your database search

  • Free Radius Search Find all zip codes Within And of this ZIP Code: Free Distance Calc Calculate the distance between two U.S

    White Pages Phone Directory with Free People Search
    Search for people and businesses in the United States by name, address or phone number.

    AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages ...
    Phone numbers and addresses for persons and businesses in the United States.
    Includes links to directories for other countries.


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    Search Systems
    Collection of free public records databases. Specializes in US records, but also
    includes Canadian and Worldwide information sources.

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  • Online since 1997, continues to be by far the best resource of business information, corporate filings, property records, deeds, mortgages, criminal and civil court filings, inmates, offenders, births, deaths, marriages, unclaimed property, professional licenses, and much more

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    Community Information by Zip Code
    A guide to statistics and other data available by zip code, including population,
    education, health, environment, business and politics; from California State ...

  • Search by address, city, or business name to find zip codes

  • Examples include and, which offer free searches to find the distance between Zip Codes and/or Zip Codes within a certain radius of another Zip Code

  • Searchable several ways, including by zip code

  • Search by Zip Code to identify community schools, then view the data available on each school and its students

  • Population and housing data from Census 2000 searchable by zip code

  • Includes the following, many of which are based on data from government sources available via the (but searchable at that site by school name/district rather than by Zip Code):

  • The free services section of this site allows you to search for hospitals by zip code

  • Search for medical specialty (zip code searchable) or name

  • Searchable by Zip Code

  • Environmental Information by Zip Code Sources covering the entire United States (Environmental Protection Agency) Environmental information searchable by Zip Code

  • Includes information from various sources, including the database (which can also be searched by Zip Code from its own site)

  • Searchable by Zip Code but generates a map of a larger area

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    Search for a new home or find mortgage rates, real estate agents, and relocation
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    RubiStar Home
    A tool to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics, but does not have the time
    to develop them from scratch.

    AT&T: Directory: Directory Assistance
    Offers residential, business, toll free, and reverse number lookup.

  • Search Directory Assistance Additional Resources Use our online directory to find phone numbers, addresses, maps and directions for businesses and people in the U.S - World Weather - Local Weather Forecast - The ...
    Features radar and satellite images and 5-day forecasts for United States locations.

  • FREE ZIP CODE SEARCH ? Free College Scholarship Search, Financial Aid ...
    offers a financial aid search and loan information free of charge.

    Free ZIP Code finder - Zipoid
    A ZIP Code verification, look-up and distance calculator tool.

  • The search can de done by a ZIP Code, City Name, Area Code, or County Name

  • It features only three tabs - Distance Calculation; Radius Search; ZIP Code, City Name and Area Code Lookup

  • There is an for customers who want to save search results

    Simtel: Free Download of Computer Software, Games, Tools and ...
    A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain
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    Zip Codes Directory & Postal Search Finder
    Provides search for ZIP and area codes for a city.

  •   Free zip code directory search and US postal code finder lookup.  Simple, fast, and powerful

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  • People Search First Name Begins with Last Name * Begins with City or Postal/Area Code Province or State  * required Business Search Business Type  –OR– Business Name  City or Postal/ZIP Code Province or State  * required allows you to find people, business listings, phone numbers, addresses, area codes, ZIP codes and postal codes

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    Data pertaining to the sums, distribution, and usage of money donated to public
    officials for elections purposes.

  • Select the multi-year search for 2006, 2004, 2002 cycles

  • Major donors included the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America $150, 000; AT&T (TX) $55, 000; Pepsi-Cola (NY) $50, 000; RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co

  • The new company we have formed has a long-term contract to maintain the databases and searches on an exclusive basis for the CQ PoliticalMoneyLine

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