Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
Description and history of the founding of the gardens.

  • This is the 'hot spot' that has created the entire Hawaiian archipelago

  • The most notable work of the elements was Onomea Arch, carved from the cliffs by restless waterpower

  • A famous landmark, the arch attracted visitors to Onomea Bay long before the Garden was established

  • Onomea Arch fell during an earthquake in 1956 after standing for thousands of years

  • Today the fallen arch appears as a wide crevice in the cliff on the north side of Onomea Bay, but this favorite Hilo landmark is preserved in antique postcards which recall its glory from the turn of the century

  • Low-growing taro plants can also be seen, carryovers from village life at the turn of the century when starchy poi, made from taro roots, was a staple of the Hawaiian diet

    Sycamore creek, garden furnishings, handcrafted copper, garden ...
    Copper garden trellises, arbors, and lawn decorations.

  • Our designs are inspired by architecture, garden design, and plants

  • for our material is a natural Above photo: Custom arch with tower (see furnishings page)covered with clematis 'Betty Corning' in background

    Our Garden of Dreams
    Provides an enjoyable photographic tour of a lush garden and pond in the Pacific

  • By Peter & Carol Bricel In the Pacific Northwest of the USA The Lily Pond Amadeus Pond Fountain Pond Northgate Arch of Triumph Watermill Garden Background Gazebo Winter in the Garden Spring Time Visitor's Page Links Page SCORE Business Help E-Mail New: Last Update 6, August 2006 © Copyright 1999-2006 by Peter Bricel, All Right Reserved

    Simple Gardens - FREE SHIPPING! - Window Boxes, Large Planters ...
    Offers garden supplies including arches, ornaments, accessories and decorations.

  • info: GARDEN ARCH

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    Miniature Railroad in Garden
    An interesting private 5" gauge railway in Japan.

  • A & B Reports (Third stage) [Jan.4, 2004] (New trailer, water tower, driving of Sapphire) [Jan.12, 2004] (New coach, goose, driving of Sapphire) [Feb.1, 2004] (Small coach, cutting pine trees, logging car) [Feb.12, 2004] (Tiny ideas, small coach, tipper wagon) [Mar.3, 2004] (DL kit construction, TV interview) [Mar.18, 2004] (Shingaku-do, New line construction) [Apr.1, 2004] (New DL, construction, Gulliver Line) [Apr.15, 2004] (Stone pavement, point equipment) [Apr.25, 2004] (Stone pavement, track works, signal) [May 9, 2004] (Brick wall, painting, flat car) [May 16, 2004] (Brick column, block wall, flat car) [May 23, 2004] (Arch bridge, deck track construction) [June 2, 2004] (Arch bridge, brick structures) [June 13, 2004] (Path and stream, G gauge small layout) [June 27, 2004] (Dusk in the garden, test run of new line) [July 4, 2004] (Main line reopened, evening run, signal) [July 16, 2004] (Construction completed, Shay of G gauge) [Aug

    Landscape Architecture <I>online</I>
    A guide to landscape publications on the world wide web.

  • Environmental Design Library Landscape Architecture online Landscape Architecture online lists a few web resources pertaining to landscape architecture, in support of the landscape architecture program at the University of California, Berkeley

  • Note that abundant print resources related to landscape architecture are also available at the Berkeley campus; please consult the reference staff for assistance

  • Compiled by Deborah Sommer Landscape Architecture Librarian Environmental Design Library Last updated: 7 July 2005 Gateway Sites: (Univ

  • of Nevada, Libraries) Topics covered in Jeanne Brown's guide include architecture, building and construction, design, planning, preservation, energy and the environment, and landscape architecture

  • (Univ

  • of Toronto) (Univ

  • of Greenwich) Intended for landscape architecture teachers, learners, and practitioners

  • Research Guides: Here is a selection of guides to web &amp; print resources for landscape architecture

  • For additional research guides see

    FarmTek; commercial greenhouses, tension fabric buildings ...
    Sells storage buildings, canopies, gardening supplies, animal enclosures, and
    fencing materials. Includes online catalog. Locations in South Windsor, ...

    Utah - Arches National Park
    An illustrated guide to area attractions.

  • | UTAH | Arches National Park Sites in Utah NPS Units Arches Other Places Arches National Park is of course famous for the red arches of Entrada sandstone that occur there in great profusion, and the visitor centre sells a map showing the location of over 1, 000, ranging in size from Landscape Arch with an 89 metre span to small cavities 3 feet across, which is the minimum dimension for an opening to be officially classified as an arch

  • As with most other low lying regions in south Utah, temperatures in Arches National Park may reach 110&deg;F which restricts hiking activities, although summer brings frequent cooling afternoon thunderstorms

  • This settlement, once a base for the uranium mining industry, is now a major center for recreation and is close to several National Park areas including and as well as Arches, and is a starting point for many boat trips down the Colorado River

  • The route then crosses an open, undulating landscape of petrified sand dunes and eroded pinnacles for 5 miles, before a turn-off on the right leads to the Windows Section , the first major concentration of arches and other formations, that bear self-explanatory names such as Double Arch, Cove Arch and Balanced Rock

  • Benefits

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    Cooking Clan of the Cave Bear Style
    Comparison of hot rock and leather pot over fire cooking methods.

  • Auel (page 140) While looking for a project to explore for an archaeology course at Simon Fraser University (Arch 372, taught by Michael Wilson) I recalled that I had read somewhere that cooking could be done in a hide container over a fire

  • Inquiries to knowledgeable persons failed to yield any knowledge of this method, and a query to Jean Auel to date remains unanswered [April 26, 1995: received letter from Jean Auel, but no specific references as they are buried in her research notes, and she is hard at work ~ good news Earth's Children fans! ~ on book 5.] Looking for information on construction of such a pot, I came across the book Plains Indian and Mountain Man Arts and Crafts: An Illustrated Guide, by Charles W

  • METHOD The first trials took place on Sunday the 10 th of March, 1996 at Rosewood Gardens (a garden centre) in Hope, British Columbia, the proprietor of which is my sister Betty

  • Trials continued on March 23, 1996, focusing primarily on the hot rock method

  • However, most fascinating from an archaeological perspective is that it is virtually invisible in the archaeological record

  • But even if rawhide artifacts shone forth from the archaeological record as brightly as stone, I doubt, based on the results of this experiment, that we would find skin pots that had been used for cooking over a fire

    Demonstration Vegetable Garden
    Created and maintained by the Master Gardeners Association of North Alabama,
    their Demonstration Vegetable Garden is a composite of various types of gardens to ...

  • Enter under the wooden arch covered with hyacinth beans

  • These are said to be the same beans as in 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Search for toads, butterflies, and ladybugs among the beautiful plants and flowers

  • The purpose of the Association is to Enhance and supplement the consumer horticulture in extension, teaching, and research of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Universities, Extend the Master Gardener's knowledge of and interest in horticulture and related activities, Disseminate to the Alabama citizens and residents information on horticultural practices and techniques in accordance with standards approved by the Alabama Cooperative Extension Universities, and Provide opportunities for its members to meet and associate with others who have similar horticultural interest

    Garden of Gethsemane Tabernacle No. II
    Richmond, VA, USA. Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests.

    Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
    Information site for this invitational appendant Masonic order. Often
    abbreviated "HRAKTP".

  • The Grand College of America Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests (HRAKTP) An Honorary and Invitational Organization with Membership Limitations INFORMATION SITE ANNUAL MEETING February 9, 2007 Hotel Washington, DC 2006 Grand Preceptor George Arthur Chipouras 2006 - 2007 For Official Information Contact: Eminent Lawrence E

  • Tucker Grand Registrar E-mail: [ for 2006-2007 ] BRIRF DESCRIPTION - The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests is an honorary and invitational organization with membership limitations and cannot be applied for

  • The Grand College of America, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests was formed in the United States in 1931

  • In as much as the Grand College of America, HRAKTP does not have a 'home page', this web site has been created as an 'INFORMATION SITE' to present available information on the Order of Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests


    Glossary definitions of garden history and garden design terms
    Glossary of terms used by garden historians and landscape architects, with links
    to examples in eTexts.

  • Appadana A method of construction using a flat roof and columns (but not arches) Arbour A garden shelter, usually curved and made with vegetation

  • Arcade A set of arches supported by columns

  • Arch A structure of wedge-shaped bricks, stones or other material, which lock together and can be supported from the sides

  • Architect Architect derives from the greek arkhos (meaning chief) and tekhne (meaning the art of doing something)

  • Bastion The term comes from military architecture, meaning the projecting part of a fortification (from the Italian word 'bastire', build)

  • Burj a fortified tower, as found in Indian gardens Buttress From the French bouter=to bear against, and used to describe a mass of brick or masonry which resists the outward pressure of a wall, arch or vault

  • Garden archaeology The scientific study of the physical evidence of gardens recovered through the excavation

  • - DEFINITIONS Mahal : Indian word for temple, as in Taj Mahal (Taj means crown) Mali : Indian word for gardener Mausoleum A tomb, usually of fine architectural quality

  • In architecture, Neoclassicism led to the work of the Adam brothers in England, Ledoux in France and Jefferson in America

    The Arches - Middlefield - Historic Railroad Arch Bridges - Hidden ...
    Information about guided tours of Keystone Arches.

  • Thursday, September 14, 2006 The Arches Historic Railroad Arch Bridges

  • Please call (413) 667- 8755 to arrange a trip to the Keystone Arches

  • The Arches Postcard Series These postcards are available from the for $1 each, or $5 for the group with free shipping

  • The Keystone Arches draw people from near &amp; far into the wilderness of Chester, Middlefield &amp; Becket, Massachusetts

  • The Arch pictured here is the second highest which towers 65 feet over the Westfield River

  • The colossal 70 foot arch is the largest ever built along the rail trail in the 1840s

  • Folks who have discovered this arch for the first time often describe the experience as if they had found a pyramid in the jungle! A train passes over the double arch on a warm October morning

  • This is the only double arch built along the rail line

  • Today, the arches are still structurally sound and casually support modern locomotives that weigh in at approximately 412, 000 lbs! Two modern CSX locomotives pass over the majestic doube arch on a sunny afternoon in February, 2005

  • Built in 1840, this is the only double arch built along the rail line - Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Disk 1
    Walkthrough for the game.

  • When you talk to a person at Gaisenmon , or a memorial arch, the next events will happen

  • Then Quistis, Selphie and Zell manage to reach the gaisenmon , or the memorial arch

    Hieronymus Bosch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article about the Dutch painter includes a brief biography and list
    of works.

  • In 1488 he joined the Brotherhood of Our Lady, an arch conservative religious group of some 40 influential citizens of 's-Hertogenbosch and some 7000 'outer-members' from all over Europe

    Garden State Parkway
    Contains details of the planning, design, and construction of the road, as well
    as commentary on the issue of tolls.

  • (Postcard supplied by Bryan Katz.) DESIGN CRITERIA: Gilmore Clarke, the landscape architect and engineer who worked with Robert Moses on the New York-area parkways, designed the Garden State Parkway

  • Less common are the approximately 100 concrete girder-and-beam and 25 concrete elliptical arch bridges, all of which were constructed in the 1940's by the New Jersey State Highway Department for the NJ 4 Parkway

  • Note how the stone-arch overpass design borrows from the New York parkways designed by Robert Moses

    Arches National Park |
    Includes information for lodging, activities, guides and outfitters in the area.

  • Vacation Services Search Arches National Park Arches National Park contains the world's largest concentration of natural stone arches

  • This National Park is a red, arid desert, punctuated with oddly eroded sandstone forms such as fins, pinnacles, spires, balanced rocks, and arches

  • The 73, 000-acre region has over 2, 000 of these 'miracles of nature.' A 40-mile round-trip paved road in Arches National Park leads visitors to the major sights, including Balanced Rock, Skyline Arch, Double Arch, Fiery Furnace, and the park's most famous geologic feature -

  • Activities at Arches through the rolling sandstone of Arches National Park is to follow in the footsteps of prehistoric Native Americans

  • Rock Climbing Horseback Riding (list of area tours and outfitters) Location of Arches The entrance to the park is found 5 miles north of the town of Moab via US 191

  • Note that, is full of various accommodations, and Moab lodging options provide an excellent home base from which to explore Arches National Park

  • Visitor Center/Fees for Arches The Visitor Center is open year-round

  • The entrance fee for Arches National Park is $10 per vehicle, or $5 per person

    Sustainable Architecture: Eco Design and Landscaping, Urbanism
    An archive of information about sustainable architecture and urbanism collected
    by Robert D. Hotten, MLA.

  • SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE: Vernacular Architecture (natural building and eco design); and Environmental Design (green architecture, sustainable landscape, andurban design, and regional resource conservation) Sustainable pole house, integrated withthe landscape, Kauai, Hawaii / 'City within a City' Venice, 2000Robert Hotten this section is under construction home latest 1

  • sustainable architecture pedagogy and poetics 2

  • sustainable doctrine pedagogical sketchbook practice office for sustainable architecture links forum contact home 1

  • sustainable architecture introduction Sustainable Architecture:Vernacular Architecture (natural building and eco design)and Environmental Design (green architecture, landscape, and urban design)Introduction/DisclaimerThis is an archive of information about sustainable architecture: effective low cost houses, ecological planning, design, integrated architecture and landscaping for tropical, sub-tropical or temperate climates.Most of these resources are available at libraries or as government publications, etc.Sustainable Development Theory IntroductionThe sustainable approach to site planning and design goes beyond combining and comparing site inventories

    Buildings of Ireland
    An official online gazetteer of historic buildings in Ireland. For each there is
    an image and description. The database is searchable in several ways, ...

  • | Text Size - - Welcome &quot;Welcome to Buildings of Ireland, the website of the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH)

  • The work of the NIAH involves identifying and recording the architectural heritage of Ireland, from 1700 to the present day.&quot; BUILDING SURVEYS | BUILDING OF THE MONTH NIAH PUBLICATIONS | GARDEN SURVEYS | RESOURCES | A service provided by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government

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