President of the United States - George W. Bush
Biography of the president from the official White House web site.

President George W. Bush
Official White House site presents issue positions, news, Cabinet, appointments,
offices and major speeches. Includes biography, video tour and photo essays.

George W. Bush or Chimpanzee?
Side by side photos comparing George W. Bush to a chimpanzee.

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    George Bush Bulges
    Slide show demonstrates the bulges in his clothing during the 2004 presidential
    debates was a communications device.


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    The Life of George W. Bush presents an online photo album of Bush's life from childhood
    through his presidential campaign.

    Bush Speaks
    An irreverent look at President GW Bush through touched up photographs and quotes
    from his own mouth.

    George W Bush is the AntiChrist
    Using Biblical and historical references, argues that President Bush is really
    the anti-Christ.

    Blogs for Bush: The White House Of The Blogosphere
    Weblog supportive of reelecting the president, including lots of links. Matt Margolis
    runs this blog.

  • The deficit picture is even better when measured against the size of the economy, which is the comparison economists think is most important

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    Political Humor - Jokes Satire and Political Cartoons political humor section with articles.

    JibJab|Funny Stuff - Hilarious Jokes, Cartoons, Flash Animation ...
    Animated cartoons and riddles. Famously known for political parodies.

  • Video, picture and written jokes accepted Simply forward them to Discover the latest and greatest in online laughs Username: Password: An antelope is being fiercely pursued by a cheetah

    George Bush Pictures
    Actual photos of Bush 43, with fictional captions.

  • George Bush Pics The Best Damned Pictures of George W

  • Could Bush look any more like King Kong in this picture?!?! posted by George Bush Pics at Tuesday, February 07, 2006 George Bush gets the cold shoulder from Rev

  • Bush takes a pretty freakin' good picture

  • I will post pictures of George Bush and then post comments about the picture

    boycott bush
    Contends that people who have supported pro-Bush companies have advanced his
    corporate agenda and thereby exacerbated global warming.


    GWJokes.Com | George W. Bush Jokes, Pictures, Cartoons, Quotes ...
    Offers pictures, quotes and cartoons plus jokes from Leno, Conan O'Brian, and

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    George W. Bush, Jr. - The Dark Side
    Opens the doors to highlight GWB's many personal and professional transgressions.

  • Before considering each of the dozens of individual deceptions, lies and misleading statements that Bush and his aides used to push the US into war in Iraq, let's not lose track of the big picture

  • But don't forget the big picture

    The Huffington Post
    Offering syndicated columnists and news.

    The American President: George Bush
    Fact file and comprehensive biographical sketch based on a PBS series. Also includes
    gallery and quotations. From the Miller Center on Public Affairs.

    Too Stupid to be President
    Top lists, video and flash cartoons dealing with George W. Bush. Also satirizes
    other prominent Republicans, and related political issues. Features archives.

    Billionaires For Bush
    A satirical group of "billionaires" making appearances and campaign materials
    about how Bush has been lavishing help on the wealthy.

    Rolling Stone : The Worst President in History?
    One of America's leading historians assesses Bush, and finds that among historians
    he is in serious contention for the title of worst president ever.

    Gold Star Famillies For Peace : Index
    An organization of families who lost loved ones fighting in Iraq, who seek to
    have a speedy withdrawal of US military troops and have President Bush explain ...

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