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  • The GameSpot Unofficial Game Guide to Half-Life is here to help the player navigate through the Black Mesa research facilities, defeat his enemies (human and non-human), and, after the mystery of Half-Life is finally resolved, continue online with multiplayer deathmatches and other upcoming adventures

  • The GameSpot Unofficial Game Guide to Half-Life contains: A complete and detailed walk-through of the entire game Tips on what to look for, what you'll find, and how to go about finishing each level

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  • By: , Genre: Release Date: Nov 16, 2004 ( ) Players: 1 Player () Also On: Most Popular Download Dec 20, 2004 Movie Nov 16, 2004 Movie Jan 11, 2005 Game Guide This game guide includes a full walk-through of Half-Life 2's campaign, tips on getting by each enemy, and more than a dozen different instructional videos to help you navigate through the game's toughest parts

  • Posted Nov 12, 2004 3:42 pm PT Popular Videos Posted May 14, 2003 | 1'59' | Hi-Res: 30.6MB | Lo-Res: 24.2MB Posted May 8, 2003 | 34'27' | Hi-Res: 507.2MB | Lo-Res: 417.8MB Posted Nov 16, 2004 | 4'20' | Lo-Res: 52.7MB Posted Jul 14, 2003 | 0'00' | Lo-Res: 0KB Essential Files This singleplayer demo for Half-Life 2 lets you play through some of the earlier parts of the game, as well as the zombie-infested area of Ravenholm

  • The game is available through Valve's Steam downloading service and will be distributed with Half-Life 2

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  • /NOCLIP - walk through walls/fly


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  • Bring the two turrets through the door and continue on

  • Put 2 in the middle of the hall pointing up the hall at the forcefield at the end of the hall, locating them just before the shortcut between halls so they cover the end of the hall and any Combines coming through the shortcut, and put the other one nearby facing the other direction towards the turret on the balcony

  • Just hide into the left of the computer console against the right wall and kill any Combines who get through your defences

  • You'll reach a long hall and Alyx will go through a massive doorway and turn and face you

  • This is a level changing bit where you can be seperated from your five turrets, so shoot them all through the door behind Alyx using the Gravity Gun, then run through and she'll shut the door

  • The next bit involves Alyx going through with the other doctor into the teleporter area at the back

  • Be aware of another door that will close behind you as you walk through

  • Shoot all five turrets through it into the room beyond, being careful not to shoot them through the forcefields

  • (1 sets the game back to normal speed) slow 0.05 mid-slow 0.5 super-slow 0.1 stop time 0.0 Cheat Codes Bring DOWN the console and enter 'sv_cheats 1' Effect - Code All weapons and ammo - impulse 101 Enemies don’t attack - notarget Infinite power for your suit - infinite_aux_power Kill all npc’s in the area - npc_kill No damage - god Never Die - buddha Skulls - impulse 102 Spawn a scout car - ch_createjeep Spawn an airboat - ch_createairboat Walk through walls - noclip All-Knowing Vorginaut While riding the water ski in the Canal levels, you come to a point where you fight a Combine Gunship before you can progress

    CNN - Get more out of Half-Life with Opposing Force - November 24 ...

  • MESSAGE BOARD This is Half-Life played through the eyes of Corporal Adrian Shephard -- one of the marines sent in to deal with the situation at the Black Mesa Research Facility

  • Left behind by his comrades, he must find his way through the ruined installation over the course of seven 'chapters' -- Opposing Force is about half the size of Half-Life -- while facing new and familiar enemies

  • Gearbox also shows off its level design abilities throughout the game with puzzles that are concise and intuitive as well as sweeping story elements (like the Marines leaving the base)

  • How do you make the AI smart enough to go through a puzzle room? But it felt wrong

    AVault | PC | Half Life: Blue Shift Review
    [2.5/5] By Josh Horowitz. "...[E]ssentially a graphics enhancement pack bundled
    with a short single-player campaign..." Includes screen shots and system ...

  • New players can run through a slightly modified Hazard Course to learn the controls, but Half-Life fans can bypass this despite the novelty of a holographic security guard replacing an orange-suited woman

  • Following the tram-ride and the Black Mesa accident, you go through some hardy crate smashing and head crab bashing before reaching the underground canals

  • After moving through the canals and steam tunnels, you find yourself in a crusade to rescue the elusive Dr

    Half Past Autumn
    An interview of photographer Gordon Parks on the occasion of a retrospective
    exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery. RealAudio and a transcript.

  • So you do wind up caring, or, in some cases, loving the people you photograph? 'The photographer begins to feel big and bloated and so big he can't walk through one of these doors because he gets a good byline; he gets notices all over the world and so forth; but they're really--the important people are the people he photographs

  • The photographer begins to feel big and bloated and so big he can't walk through one of these doors because he gets a good byline; he gets notices all over the world and so forth; but they're really--the important people are the people he photographs

  • He was the magazine's first African-American photographer and used the technique in which he would focus a series on one person to tell a broader story about humanity, itself--like a 1948 life and death story on the violence of gang wars in Harlem through the eyes of Red Jackson, a 16-year-old gang leader

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  • We have recently found out through your ScrTV demo and other matches that he is using some form of wallhack

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  • Welcome to the best halflife page.In here you will find: Pictures, Cheats, Tips, Walk throughs and Links to other good halflife sites

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  • We'll be updating this post as needed throughout the course of the day! If you missed out on any of our QuakeCon 2006 roundups over the weekend, then you can catch up with these handy dandy links: ET in Competition Enemy Territory | 02:30 | Today on they have four matches scheduled for ETTV coverage

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  • Already we've seen a number of great articles on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and some steamy tournament action, but there's still plenty more to come! Keep your eyes on this very post throughout the day, as it will be updated with links regularly! General News and Articles Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Tournament Coverage Photo Galleries Site Watch Today's QuakeCon 2006 schedule includes Splash Damage on the main stage, BYOC games (ugliest case contest, etc.), Bawl Chugging Contest, take on id Software, Tournament Finals, Quake Jam on the main stage, and more! Morning Wakeup Call Community News | 04:49 | Happy Work Like A Dog Day ! Awesome, since most dogs don't hold down a job

    The Heart: An Online Exploration
    From the Science Learning Network, visitors will learn about the heart, blood
    vessels, circulatory system development, cardiovascular health, and a history of ...

  • This life-sustaining power has, throughout time, caused an air of mystery to surround the heart

  • Follow the through the blood

  • Wander through the weblike

  • Our will help you find your way through the exhibit

  • Plan a visit to The Franklin Institute to see the original, famous walk-through Heart exhibit which inspired this online exploration

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  • Index to the Ocarina of Time section A complete boss guide for OOT Character Reviews for just about everyone Treasures that are rewarded from finding Fairies Learn the tricks of the trades and reap its rewards Dungeon song list and how to play Song list and how to play Maps to help you find your way through Hyrule A bunch of OOT Screenshots from the game The famous music from Zelda in midi format for your pleasure Wallpapers of OOT Nintendo USA

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  • Introduction page, with overall links, and credits Characters and a brief description to give you some background Two part walkthrough one for Sora and a second for the Reverse Rebirth How maps and colors work with the map cards List of different cards and basic information for each List of Sleights for each character and their uses Simple information regaurding the game and systems you use List of the controls and situations you can use them in Kingdom Hearts: COM Images Kingdom Hearts: COM Assorted Wallpapers Square-Enix USA

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  • Capcom Classics Collection is scheduled for release throughout North America 27 September 2005

  • Characters drive through the hostile post-apocalyptic environment for power, wealth, fame, and ultimately… to take over the world

  • To sum it up: the offline game is a very indepth walk-through for online playing

  • The petition will remain online through March, after which it will be delivered to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for consideration

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