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"Despite a rather short campaign and a disappointing storyline, Halo 2 is an
exceptional shooter that frequently delivers thrilling, memorable, ...

IGN: Halo 3
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  • Previews - May 10, 2006 Bungie fills in crucial details as we describe the blow-by-blow Halo 3 video

    IGN: Gears of War
    Screenshots, movies, news, previews, and features.

  • Previews - May 10, 2006 Get down! Shut up! This game will own you

  • info: HALO 3 PREVIEW

    Photo by halo.dasmirnov.net

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    Video Game News, Video Game Previews, Video Game Reviews, Xbox ...
    Rated [91%]. "Even if you took away the interaction with villagers, the marriage
    and the home-building, Fable would still emerge as a robust and absorbing RPG."

    Community site with the latest news, forums, comics, fan art, Bungie exclusives.

    Provides movies and E3 trailers.


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    Offers walkthroughs, guides, image galleries, videos, and forums.

    GameSpy Xbox: Cheats, Trailers, Screenshots, Previews and Reviews
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  • | • | • | • | Platforms Console Handheld Sections Resources Planet Sites Get Games Subscriptions Contact Us Partners FilePlanetDaily Download World Premiere! Special Features See the latest trends in game development from the front lines! Get GameSpy Daily! for our daily gaming news email! Search for a Game Well, there hasn't been a lot of big Xbox news recently, but today brings us an exclusive preview of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy , in which Phil 'Lil' Lobot' Theobald checks out The Empire Strikes Back

  • We've also got a preview of FIFA 07 , which sounds like it's going to be one of the best soccer games around

  • - I'm Playing: (X360) (X360) Preview: We take a look at the stages of the Empire Strikes Back

  • Preview: With some major changes, EA Canada aims to shake up the way you play soccer

  • Preview: EA's done with the subtitles and gets straight down to business: the race itself

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    TouringNet Online Computer Gaming Community – Clan Gaming Name ...
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    The Maw - Halo News
    A news summary site.


    Halo Planet - News, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides
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    Xbox Live's Major Nelson
    News about upcoming games and hardware, plus tips and tricks.

    Halo PC Review
    Reviewed by Jakub Wojnarowicz [80/100]. "Here, finally, I can appreciate the
    clean port that Gearbox has done..." Includes screen shots.

  • L atest Articles T op Game Downloads Halo PC Review > > October 10, 2003 > | Image Gallery | Forum Thread Overview Guess which game Editor’s Note: As with our Halo PC Preview, we experienced a small error with our screenshot utility and Halo; where the Windows mouse cursor was caught in every picture even though it was not visible on the screen

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    cookedgamers.net | We're kind of a BIG deal.
    News and forums on the Halo series of games as well as PC and Xbox gaming.

    News (Sep 23rd 06) | Sector 7 Halo
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    Rampancy | Se7en Years Of Halo
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