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  • Hells canyon is carved into the heart of the Columbia basin like a divine inscription, in being the deepest river gorge in North America with an average depth of 5, 500 feet

  • Pictographs, petroglyphs, pit houses and burial mounds fill the canyon with watchful spirits

    Salmon River Motel
    Features include cable TV and air conditioning. Offers offroad tours to nearby
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  • Situated at 1, 800 feet, Riggins lies deep in a canyon at the confluence of the Salmon River and the Little Salmon River

  • To the west is Hell's Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America and towering above the powerful Snake River in Hell's Canyon and the Salmon River canyon stand the Seven Devils mountains

    The impressive Fish River Canyon in Namibia. With photos.
    Description and photo of the Fish River Canyon. Published by Namibia Online Travel

  • Namibia Central South Fish River North Fish River Canyon Namibia The Fish River is, at 650 kilometres, the longest river in Namibia

  • The Fish River canyon, situated along the lower reaches of the Fish River, is one of the most impressive natural beauties in the southern part of Namibia

  • With a depth of up to 550 metres, the Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world, before the Grand Canyon in America

  • The canyon starts near Seeheim, is 161 kilometres long and ends at Ai-Ais

  • The Fish River Canyon probably formed about 500 million years ago

  • The canyon is part of a Nature Conservation Park

  • From there, you have to drive another 10 kilometres to the actual Canyon which offers a stunning view of "Hell's Bend"

  • The Fish River Canyon has become a popular hiking destination

  • Much easier hikes, no less beautiful, are offered in the bordering private "Canyon Nature Park"

  • The adjacent and also private "Gondwana Canyon Park" offers scenic hikes

  • Top: Hell's Bend in the Fish River Canyon

  • Left: In the Fish River Canyon

    Minam Motel
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  • The Minam Motel in northeastern Oregon is situated on the banks of the Wallowa River, at the junctions of Hell’s Canyon Scenic Highway, the Eagle Cap Limited Passenger Train Excursion, and the confluence of the Minam and Wallowa Rivers: two officially classified Wild and Scenic Waterways

  • Or while exploring the nearby vast floral canyons or wilderness areas you may find delicious morel mushrooms as you get a glimpse of the indigenous wildlife such as deer, elk, bear, songbirds, or the soaring bald eagles

  • Where is Minam Oregon? Minam is the gateway to the Wallowa Mountains, a rugged chain located in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, and home to both the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area and Hells Canyon

  • Hell's Canyon was formed by the Snake River

  • The Snake proceeds North through Hell’s Canyon, which at a depth of nearly 8000 feet is the deepest gorge in North America

  • Hell’s Canyon forms the border between Idaho and Oregon

  • Wallowa County Oregon is on the western side of the Hell’s Canyon gorge

  • Upon exiting Hell’s Canyon, the Snake River meanders north to its confluence with the Columbia River, over 1000 miles from its point of origin

  • info: HELL CANYON

    Photo by www.artworkessentials.com

    Daphne and Joel's 1999 Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, Introduction
    A day-by-day description and photo tour of Joel and Daphne's 1999 Grand Canyon
    rafting trip.

  • The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is a place that is both heaven and hell

  • Heaven is also in the larger things, the pinnacles, the spires, the cathedrals, which makes up the architecture of the canyon itself, the Great Unconformity with its wonder of a missing billion years

  • I have over looked the canyon from the rim only once in my life

  • From the rim you see its architecture in full glory, but something of the canyon itself is missing with just this view

  • There is no intimacy with the canyon itself

  • It is not the grand views that define the canyon to me

  • The temperatures inside the canyon can get well over 100 degrees in the summer

  • This website is about my third raft trip down the Grand Canyon

  • Grand Canyon | Contents copyright © 1999 by Daphne and Joel Gould

    Hells Canyon Ranch

    Ministry of Environment and Tourism : Fish River Canyon

  • FISH RIVER CANYON THE PLACE : Although the canyon extends for 160 km, the most spectacular section is 56 km long, starting a few kilometres upstream of the northernmost viewpoint and ending at the southernmost lookoutpoint

  • Viewpoints : Several viewpoints along the western rim of the canyon afford visitors splendid vistas of the dramatic canyon

  • The two most popular vantage points, the main viewpoint and the northernmost lookout, reveal dramatic views of Hell's Corner, while the Sulphur Spring viewpoint, about 10 km south of the main viewpoint, and the southemmost viewpoint, 12 km further on, offer visitors a different perspective of the canyon

  • These meanders were probably incised by the mature Fish River when it flowed over the broad, level plain which today forms the floor of the upper canyon

  • From these viewpoints visitors can gain a clear insight into the forces which shaped the canyon

  • WHERE : Car: If you're driving from Keetmanshoop, take the B4 south-west for about 44 km before turning off left onto the C12, then continue 77 km before taking a right and following the signs to Fish River Canyon

  • ADMISSION FEES : Adults N$ 10.00 Children (6-16) N$ 1.00 Sedan N$ 10.00 Mini-bus (up to 10 seats) N$ 10.00 Bus, 11 - 25 seater N$ 30.00 Bus, 26 - 50 seater N$ 80.00 Bus, 51 and more seats N$ 120.00 Overnight Accommodation Price per day Camp or Caravan site N$40 Hiking Fee N$50 Hobas is situated 10 km from the canyon

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    Mutant Reviewers from Hell do "Joe Dirt"
    Movie review with Mutant Meter ratings.

  • But no, I'm stuck in my little push seat, screaming away like Homer Simpson 'Stupid Movie! Be more Funny!' Which is the exact reaction I had to 'Joe Dirt.' The charming little story of a Trailer Trash - Wig Wearin' - Acid Wash - Jean Lovin' - Rock Concert - T-Shirt Sportin' - Hero searching to find his parents who left him in a garbage can in the Grand Canyon

  • The film follows his quest across the country (and its many trailer parks) to find his parents, who left him at the Grand Canyon as a child

    California Guide - Death Valley National Park

  • | CALIFORNIA | Death Valley National Park Sites in California NPS Units Death Valley Other Places Named features on maps of Death Valley include the Funeral Mountains, Coffin Peak, Hell's Gate, Starvation Canyon and Dead Man Pass - this is clearly a place with a bad history, reflecting the troubles and misfortunes endured by the pioneers who first traversed, inhabited and mined the region during the end of the last century

  • The area may have a foreboding reputation, but visitors to the valley today will find a place of amazing beauty with many colourful rocks and canyons, miles of pristine sand dunes, unique evaporative salt features and even a diverse range of wildlife.There are also many relics from a hundred and fifty years of history, which give an insight into the harsh life of the early settlers - borax and metal ore mines, ghost towns, charcoal kilns and other ruins

    Colorado River Rafting, Moab Mountain Biking and more - Holiday ...
    Offers rafting and mountain biking on the Colorado, Green, Salmon, Yampa, Snake
    and San Juan Rivers. Based in Salt Lake City.

  • Family rafting trips, Grand Canyon Rafting, mountain bike trips, and round out our special offerings

    Taxus brevifolia Nutt

  • and 8.5 m (28 ft) tall- is at the bottom of Hell's Canyon in an area that receives about 500 mm (20 in) of precipitation annually (21)

  • In dry interior forests, the species develops best along mountain streams, and in shady canyons, ravines, and coves


    Travels in Oregon
    Beautiful photographs and interesting descriptions of travel in nature areas and
    parks in the state of Oregon USA.

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    Steelhead and Dorey fishing and float trips.

  • Jet Boat Adventures on the "River of No Return" and Hell's Canyon

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    GORP - Canyonlands' Call - Smooth Paddling along the Green River
    A description of floating the Green River through Utah's canyon country.
    Stories about canoeing the calm waters of Labyrinth Canyon and the white water rapids ...

  • | Search: from Away.com Related Guides Popular Cities in Utah from Away.com DESTINATIONS Canyonlands' Call Smooth Paddling along the Green River By Tom Dunkel Mid-afternoon in the barren, blistered desert of southern Utah

  • Who knows? The Paleo-Indians who inhabited these primordial canyons and washes might have been pretty happy-go-lucky folks, living in a kind of Rock Garden of Eden

  • The Green River carves a path beneath the cliff walls, exposing an 84-mile cross-section of time whose depth rivals the Grand Canyon

  • John Wesley Powell floated into these canyons in 1869 after a nearly fatal passage through the Gates of Lodore

  • Named after his beleaguered group's condition, Desolation Canyon now ranks as one of Utah's most popular floats -a run rich in history, geology and the thrills of over 60 Class I to III rapids

  • The parallel walls of Trin Alcove Canyon, which stand no more than 20 feet apart at this particular bottleneck, poke toward the baby-blue sky, enveloping us in a corridor of stone that twists and turns as far as the eye can see

  • I am anxious to see first-hand the famous, flame-broiled canyonlands of Utah

    Hit the Trail | Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon and the Southwest
    Former Grand Canyon ranger talks about hiking and backpacking at the Grand Canyon
    and in the desert southwest. Learn what equipment and preparation is necessary ...

  • What does this mean for hiking in the Inner Canyon? Perfection!!! It will be getting into the low 80s°F during the day and the low to mid-50s°F during the night! It will be warming up later in the week, but it will still remain mild and perfect for your hiking trip

  • The last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October have always been my favorite time for hiking the Canyon, and this is the reason why

  • Enjoy! The continuation of the Southwest's decade-long drought, along with a poor summer rainy season, is drying up springs and seeps throughout the inner canyon

  • The Grand Canyon is NOT a forgiving place!!! If you plan on hiking or traveling in the desert regions of the southwest at anytime, I highly recommend reading Mark Johnson's highly acclaimed

  • So many books have tons of information on hiking in mountainous regions, but so often, the advice found in these guides is basically worthless for the Grand Canyon and much of the southwest

  • In 2002, Grand Canyon hosted its first ever Grand Canyon History Symposium

  • The park listened, and thanks the dedication of some passionate souls, the second symposium will be hosted at Grand Canyon National Park in February of 2007

    The Last Resort Outfitter and Guides
    Offers guided whitewater rafting and guided fishing trips on the Salmon and
    Kootenai rivers and Payette Lake. Full and multi-day trips available.

    Cycling Utah - Utah Mountain Biking, Utah Road Biking, Utah ...
    Mountain West Bicycling Journal with bicycling news, events calendar, club
    directory, and racing information for Utah and Idaho.

  • is now available as a PDF (6.6 mb download) - Soldier Hollow MTB Race, Mountain Biking for Women, Catch the Spirit of Cycling at Tour of Utah, Bear Lake Road Race, Payson Canyon's Blackhawk Trail, Five Mile Pass MTB Race, Results, Commuter Column, Mountain Biking the Great Divide Trail, Wired to Win Review, Complete Medical Guide Review, Calendar and More! Pick up a copy at your favorite bike shop or other location today

  • is now available as a PDF file (6.5 mb download) Bike Month Preview, Bike Clubs II, Tour of Utah, East Canyon RR, Nine Mile Canyon, RAGSLOW, Cactus Hugger, Riding with Cancer and Disease and much more! May 4 -- East Canyon Road Race Photos Posted (Also Hell of the North, RMR Crits) April 19 - Share the Road Sign to be placed April 22nd where Bill Corliss was killed - Cyclists encouraged to attend

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