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    Indian Baby Names and their meanings
    Contains a list of names with their sanskrit meanings.

  • Indian Baby Names Baby Names | Indian Baby Names And Their Meanings Here is a list of names originating from India with their Sanskrit meanings

  • These are Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain names

  • The purpose of this list is to help Indian Parents in choosing names for their newborns

  • Boys' names Girls' names This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources therefore we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity

    Baby Names and Meanings at Baby Names World
    Names, meanings and gender. Searchable by letter and origin.

  • Baby Name World has a large list of baby names from around the world sorted by origin

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  • Here you can find baby names meanings that come from all around the world

  • To begin your search either click on the letters below to browse by the letter the baby name starts with

  • Or click on an origin to find a baby name meaning

    Hindustanlink.com - Baby Names, Hindu Baby Names, Muslim, Sikh ...
    Offers baby names with meanings including list of names for twin babies.

  • CHILD PARENTING> Baby Names BABY NAMES Hindustanlink.com present Baby Names: list of Names originating from India with their Sanskit meanings

  • These are Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian and Jain names

  • Boys' names ? Girls' names ? FILM STAR'S Names > Baby Names for TWINS > Popular Baby Names Apsara > Rambha, Urvasi, Menaka, Tilottama

  • The purpose of this baby name's list is to help Indian & other Parents in choosing names for their newborns / babies

  • This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources therefore we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity

  • Any suggestions, comments or additions to this baby names list may be emailed to us at | || | Copyright (c) 2000-04 All rights reserved

  • info: HINDU NAME

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    Hindu - Indian Baby Names
    Directory of Hindu baby names.

  • > Indian - Hindu Baby Names Are you looking for a nice name for your newly born child ? Before giving a name think for a while

  • The name given to the child is going to get repeated throughout its life and may be even later

  • So the name should be one with deep meaning and sence in it rather than just serving as a tag

  • The shAstras talk about the various names the newly born child has to be given like the name of the liked deity, the star in which the child is born, the name of the forefathers etc

  • Now as it has become that only one name is given and mainly one name stays, that name should be selected with the care for the lovely child

  • Sometimes in the name of giving a stylish name, people forget about whether the name is meaningful or not

  • At times it results in names bearing bad meaning ! The names of the God and Goddess are very rich in their meaning and are really pleasent

  • Such excellent names when given to the children it is pleasent for the parents, child and the other associates who enjoy the name while calling

  • The names of the God and Goddess are thousands and thousands providing marvelous varieties to select

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  • We have boy names and girl names

  • The boys names and girls names are accompanied by the meaning of names and the origin of names

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    Indian Baby Names and meanings - boy, girl, names, Hindu child ...
    Contains baby names with meanings. Includes resources for baby names in Tamil,
    Bengali, Sanskrit and other Indian languages.

  • Indian Baby Names and their meanings Find exotic Indian baby names with the meaning of their name

  • Baby names Indian with meaning ! BOYS NAMES - Indian baby boy name GIRLS NAMES - Indian baby girl name Babies bring joy, They make you happy, They kick about in the air, Wearing a Nappy Their ever smiling face, Spreads the feeling of love, Their shiny wonderful eyes, Twinkle like stars above

  • MORE - some names commonly used in India

  • - A page on Namkaran ceremony popular in India - Baby names based on the 'Sun' - Collection of names for Sikhs babies

  • ( Shiva names) - Names for babies based on Lord Shiva

  • (Vishnu names) - Names for babies based on Lord Vishnu

  • - Names which mean the MOON - Famous ancient chart

  • - Articles guiding children on safe surfing for children's & parents Check out these Cute Pages below......you will Love them too ! Indian baby names

  • Although we've tried to make the information on Indian baby names & meanings on our web site as accurate as possible, we accept no responsibility

    Modern Indian Baby Names, Meaning, Indian Baby Name List, Modern ...
    List of alphabetically arranged modern and unique Indian baby names with their

  • :Indian Baby Name List Modern Indian Baby Names Giving a name to the baby is the first and most important task that would-be parents usually do

  • "A name is forever." The name stays with the baby through the rest of his/her life

  • Many believe that names have a significant effect on the child's development and personality

  • Since every name has a meaning, by taking the name of a child for years it will develop their personality traits according to the meaning for that name

  • So inorder to help the parents we have provided a list of modern Indian baby names with their meaning

  • These names are modern as well as unique

  • These baby name lists are organised alphabetically and contain hindu baby names, sikh baby names, muslim and christian baby names

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    A collection of names from around the world which was initially intended to help
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    Word AnyWhere: Hindi English and Other Indian Languages Dictionary
    Provides the meanings of Hindi or Telugu words in English and the meanings of
    English words in Hindi. Also includes message boards and links.

  • Hindi Movie/Song Name English Translation Dil Chahata Hai Heart desires Hum Ho Gaye Aap Ke I am yours now Tum Bin Without you Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Secretly quietly Ek Rishata A relationship Lagaan Rent (usually on agricultural land), Tax Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai I have something to say Love Ke Liye Kucch Bhi Karega Will do anything for love Gadar Revolt, Uprising Yaadein Memories Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat Love Love and Love Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke These are the paths of love Bas Itna Sa Khawab Hai Just a small dream Aks Urdu: Reflection Hindi:enmity, hatred Lajja shyness, modesty Tunak Tunak Tun It has no real meaning

    First name meanings, Find the meaning of your name, Small business ...
    Perform research on the origin and meaning of first names.

  • Do you Know the Meaning of your name? Ask Me! Hi and welcome to the Names Research Project Names Research has been involved in the names business for many years and we research the meaning and origin of names from all over the world

  • We have specialized in the meaning and origin of first names

  • After researching Western and European names we realized the importance of reaching other ethnic groups so our research covers the Globe

  • This research is ongoing and names are continually being added to the program

  • We claim the largest and most diverse first name database available

  • Apart from the Western names, of special interest is our research of African, Arabic, Chinese and Hindu, names

  • There is never a need to turn customers away as we have a unique names database which allows the operator to add new names unique to their area to the program

    online hindu Pooja,puja,poojas,homam and parayanam, Pooja at ...
    Offer to conduct pooja, homam, and other Hindu rituals in various temples.

  • For more infomration: Contact Us Sri Kollur Seva Ashramam(A Unit of Sri Kollur Seva Charitable Trust), R-15, Ram Nagar, PappanamCode, Trivandurm-695018, Kerala, India Email : services@hindupurohit.com , kolluriyer@gmail.com TO REMOVE BLACK MAGIC Bhadrakali Sahasranama Homam with 1135 Nama (names) of Sri Bhadrakali uses ghee, red flowers, black pepper, Sea sum, Gingili seed, cooked rice, etc

  • It is believe that, the great Monk Sri Adi Shankara done his mother’s Pithur Karyiam at this place.Thila Homam beingdone in the name of Athma ( Name and star to mentioned)


    Hindu Kush means Hindu Slaughter
    Accounts of the taking of captives across the Hindu Kush into West Asia and the
    possible origins of European Gypsies in these captives.

  • ABSTRACT All Standard reference books agree that the name 'Hindu Kus h' of the mountain range in Eastern Afganistan means ' Hindu Slaughter ' or ' Hindu Killer '

  • More likely, the mountain range was deliberately named as ' Hindu Slaughter ' by the Moslem conquerors, as a lesson to the future generations of Indians

  • The Hindu name of the Hindu Kush mountains was 'Paariyaatra Parvat '(5)

  • The name 'Hindu Kush' itself tells us about the fate of the original residents of Gandhaar and Vaahic Pradesh during the later period of Moslem conquests, because HINDU KUSH in Persian MEANS HINDU SLAUGHTER (13) (as per Koenraad Elst in his book 'Ayodhya and After')

  • Encyclopedia Americana comments on the Hindu Kush as follows: The name Hindu Kush means literally 'Kills the Hindu', a reminder of the days when (Hindu) SLAVES from Indian subcontinent died in harsh Afgan mountains while being transported to Moslem courts of Central Asia (15)

  • Such bitter journeys gave the range its name Hindu Kush - "Killer of Hindus"'(10)

  • The World Book Encyclopedia informs that the name Kush, .

    God in Hindu Dharma and Representation in Temples
    The concept of God in Hindu religion, with an overview of the major deities and
    their manifestations.

  • If you have ever wondered, if Hindus worship one God or many Gods, why do Hindus worship images and icons, why does the God in Hindu dharma have multiple names and multiple forms of God, then this is the where, we hope, you will find answers

  • For example, Why Do Hindus Worship Many Gods? Human beings through history have formulated many different names and forms for the Divine or Eternal

  • Just as we have many names and forms for other things, whether it is foods, or types of art, so too, in religion a similar great diversity has been created

  • Western religions have said that only the names and forms which refer to this One God are valid but those which appear to worship another God, or a multiplicity of divinities, must be false

  • They have restricted the names and forms they use in religious worship, and insist that only one set is true and correct and others are wrong or unholy

  • According to the universal view there is only One Reality, but it cannot be limit ed to a particular name or form

  • It is an inclusive, not an exclusive Oneness - a spiritual reality of Being - Consciousness - Bliss, which could be called God but which transcends all names

    How to Become a Hindu
    An on line guide for seekers and born Hindus.

  • by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami A history-making manual, interreligious study and names list, with stories by Westerners who entered Hinduism and Hindus who deepened their faith Published by Himalayan Academy, India, USA

  • Second Edition, Copyright 2000 Himalayan Academy Why is religious commitment important? Aren't all religions really one? How does one choose a name? Do you have to be born a Hindu to be a Hindu? Never have such questions been so boldly addressed as in this book about how anyone can honorably enter the world's oldest faith

  • Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, founder/publisher of the international magazine Hinduism Today, is a traditional satguru immersed in the global Hindu renaissance for half a century, named by Delhi's World Religious Parliament as a Jagadacharya, world teacher, elected as one of three presidents to represent Sanatana Dharma at the 1993 Chicago Parliament of World's Religions and presented the U Thant Peace Award during the historic United Nations' Millennium World Peace Summit for Religious Leaders

  • In an exhaustive glossary, the swami provides the meanings of the Hindu names, the Vedantic terms, and the informations about the hindu deities

    ABOUT HINDUISM - What You Need To Know
    Brief articles on the various facets of Hinduism.

    Ganesha: The Elephant-God - All About the Zoomorphic Hindu Deity
    About the Hindu god of success, the importance of his form and how he got his head.

  • Hence his name 'Ganapati'

  • Shiva also bestowed a boon that people would worship him and invoke his name before undertaking any venture

  • "He is both the beginning of the religion and the meeting ground for all Hindus." Next Page > Subscribe to the Newsletter Name Email From, Your Guide to

    Indian Baby Names, best found at HamaraNews.com
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  • | Untitled Document Indian Baby Names Find exotic Indian baby names with the meaning of their name

  • Can't come up with a name for your baby? The perfect name may be hidden in your past

  • Check out these great ideas for honoring your relatives, ancestors or heritage while creating a unique name for your little one

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    Indian Baby Names with meanings. Baby names, Indian names, Indian ...
    Find alphabetical list of names with meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format.

  • Inside NRIOL Search - Interactive NRIOL Site Information Indian Baby Names with meanings

  • Girl Baby Names, Boy Baby Names, meaning of Baby Names, Hindu Mythology, Bible, Islam

  • Names of Vishnu, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Mohammed Beautiful Indian names for beautiful babies Indian Baby Names

  • We are happy to present our comprehensive list of Indian Baby Names in a simple and easy to navigate format

  • Each alphabet below gives a list of Indian Names along with their English meanings

  • We have created two separate lists, one for girl baby names, and another for boy baby names

  • Our list includes popular Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Buddhist and Jain baby names

  • We hope you find our list of baby names useful

  • This compilation of baby names from India and their meanings has been from several sources including visitors like you

  • If you have a name from India that you would like to suggest for inclusion here, please Please make sure you indicate the gender and meaning of the baby name suggested

    Baby names by indian astrology - indastro.com
    Baby names for all community. Also suggested names on the basis of astrology with
    meanings. Names for Hindu, Muslims, American, English, French, Germen, ...

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