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  • We have been in the business long enough to know what makes a quality Egyptian shisha pipe

  • We carry the Nakhla, Al Waha, Al Fahker, Al Amir and Havana brands of tobacco for your shisha pipe

    The Sacred Narghile (Hookah, Shisha, Waterpipe)
    The definitive work on middle eastern waterpipe culture and history.

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    Shisha, Hookahs - Experience the Egyptian Water Pipe : BUY ONLINE!
    Offers Egyptian water pipes.

  • info: HOOKAH PIPE

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    SnarkDreams Shisha Exports: A Hookah Mecca!
    Offers hoohahs, shisha and coals.

  • So what is a hookah ? A hookah is known by many different names in different parts of the world: a shisha, a nargile (pronounced nar-geelah), a hubble-bubble or hubbly-bubbly, a waterpipe

  • A hookah consists of a hollow glass (sometimes clay or brass) base which is filled with water, a vertical pipe topped with a clay bowl for the shisha and coals, and a usually colorful hose

  • When one sucks on the hose, the smoke is drawn down the pipe and through the water, which cools and filters it

  • And because it takes a few minutes to set up and then a long time to savor (similar to pipes and cigars), shisha smoking is unlikely to entail that psychological addiction for a quick puff that cigarettes can

    The Pipe Shop
    Sells pipes, tobaccos, and accessories.

  • More Poul Stanwell 2006 The Pipes of the year 2006 of Stanwell are excellent

  • There seldom were more beautiful pipes than this year

  • • • • KU-design, all-finest cattle leather Nappa or water buffalo leather in completed processing from the house Klaus Ueberholz The queen of all pipes, meerschaum pipes from Turkey in best quality

  • A low-priced free hand of Butz Choquin Real free hand pipes of renowned manufacturers, must be not expensive

  • This proves this pipe

  • [pipoo] p i p o o I am in the trend Article search: Shopwindow new Stanwell pipe a fitting pipe for every season

  • Whether four pipes are sufficient for a pipe smoker likes to be open

  • A pipe which you should allow yourself

  • from 58, 00 EURO Pipe cabinets Pipe cabinets which suffice also for larger collections

  • handmade one of many new and beautiful "Noerding" pipes with a large filling volume PAY IN THE SHOP •Visa •Mastercart •DinersClub Cash in advance SMART IDEAS • • • •contact: HOBBY: Pipe carve Briar-wood block, bent stem, for creating & carving your own pipe

    Tabakpfeifen Pfeifentabak Tabak Pfeifen Pipoo
    Tabakpfeifen, Pfeifentabak und Zubehör für den Pfeifenraucher.

    HeadShop : Shop for waterpipes, chillums, pot pipes, cigarette ...
    Offering a selection of waterpipes, wooden, and metal pipes.

  • head shop, headshop, cannabis seeds, cannabis seed HeadShop for those of you who like to shop with and for their head In our head shop you will find all your smoking attributes like Chillums, Pure Pipes, our famous Waterpipes, Papers, Bongs, ...etc

  • And now also the best quality Cannabis Seeds! Cyber HeadShop is just updated with more than 300 new products! 100% Secure Shopping! What you can find in our headshop: The pipes and smoking accessories sold here are intended for tobacco smoking only by persons over the age of 18

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  • Don't Miss 4-20 Pipe Madness in 2006!! Thursday April 20 - Sunday April 23

  • The deal with our sale this year is if you buy one pipe at your regular club discount, you get a more expensive pipe half off! This includes briars, meershcaums, hookahs, and glass

  • Success with hookah pipes have led us to expand our services to providing theme parties with traditional belly dancers and hookahs

  • Pipe collecting has come back into fashion, and I have had a great time buying cool and unusual pipes

  • sends you to other cigar and pipe sites to learn more and find out what is going on for tobacco enthusiasts in the area

    White Ash Cigar Co. - One of the widest selections of cigars on ...
    On line retailer with over 200 brands to choose from.

  • Luxuriate in the ripe, rich flavors and aromas of the exotic hookah pipe within this handmade cigar

  • Luxuriate in the ripe, rich flavors and aromas of the exotic hookah pipe within this handmade cigar

    Vielfältiges Sortiment an Wasserpfeifen, sowie Zubehör. Als besonderen Service
    bietet der Shop ein monatliches Abo für Kohle und Tabak an.

    Alan Bennett Ilagan
    Profile, articles, reviews and photos; in upstate New York.

  • Feeling fine from all the wine, we ended up doing the hookah pipe thing at one of his favorite joints


    Pipes, Bubblers, Waterpipes, Stealth Pipes, Vaporizers, Grinders ...
    Offers smoking products such as liquor bottle waterpipes and kif boxes.
    Includes customized pipes.

  • At $2 for a Fumed Glass Pipe, we are practically paying YOU to take these bargains

  • April 20th, 2006 Happy 5th Birthday to SuperPiece! March 22nd, 2006 Some items have been added to the , so act now while supplies last! Red Lipstick pipes are on sale for 50% OFF in the section

  • We've added to our inventory as well as some new bottle hookahs, acrylic herb grinders, and metal pipes

  • August 29th, 2005 Most of the glass items that were kept on backorder status have been removed from the website so the glass pipes, glass bubblers, and waterpipe pages will be easier to navigate with most items in stock and ready to ship immediately

  • July 30th, 2005 The area is open where you can create your own metal pipe from many different anodized parts! We'll also be adding complete Metal Pipes soon, as well as some other new products

  • June 9th, 2005 We've added a lot of new products to our inventory including glass pipes, glass bubblers, pipe pouches, bottle hookahs, acrylic waterpipes, herb grinders, cleaning solution, and more

  • Still to come this week are new heady glass, metal pipes, build your own custom pipe, and the bargain bin

    Pollstar -- HotStar ekoostik hooka
    Interview, photographs of the group, and audio clips.

    The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe and the Archaeological ...
    An article by Craig Cessford from Assemblage, with references and bibliography.

  • > > Cessford, clay pipe The archaeology of the clay pipe and the study of smoking by Abstract Studies of clay pipes represent one of the major fields of research in Post-Medieval archaeology but one that generally remains under-theorised, fetishising and decontextualising a class of artefact due to its prominence in the archaeological record and its suitability for typological dating

  • There are a number of possible ways forward to more adequately theorise clay pipes and this study focuses upon one way of doing this, by concentrating upon their functional role

  • To do this adequately, it needs to be recognised that clay pipes form only one element of a larger 'tobacco consumption package' and represent only one of a number of alternative modes of tobacco consumption

  • To consider the functional role of clay pipes, it is necessary to challenge the twin assumptions that clay pipe fragments in the archaeological record automatically represent use-related discard and that clay pipes were used solely for the consumption of tobacco

  • By doing this, it is possible to link practice in the present (the study of clay pipes) with meaningful practice in the past (smoking and the consumption of tobacco)

    weedguru.com, a site for stoners made by stoners covering weed ...
    Information database for marijuana-related issues. Includes pros/cons, cannabis
    varieties, recreational tips, and forums for reader contributions and ...

    Encyclopaedia of Meerschaum Pipes and Briar Pipes-Meerschaum Store
    Information about pipe manufacturing, styles, meerschaum, tobaccos, and history.

    Great Master Ravisankar
    Extracts from GN Joshi's book, "Down Melody Lane" (1984).

  • One day, I remember, I wanted to do something special to please him, and recalling that he occasionally enjoyed smoking, I went out and bought him a pipe and pouch for tobacco and a lighter

  • Often, he would be seated on a mat with some pillows on his hard sofa-bed, smoking a hookah, a big Indian pipe that goes hubble-bubble, when a student came in

    ScienceDaily: Tobacco Smoke Flavoring Contains Hazardous Chemicals
    Scientists have new data that toxic flavoring chemicals put in cigarettes are
    reaching smokers through cigarette smoke and may pose health hazards of their own.

  • > (November 10, 2005) -- Smoking a hookah also known as a water pipe is becoming an increasingly trendy menu item in Mediterranean restaurants, cafes and bars

    Pashto dictionary
    This dictionary contains all of the words from the glossary of Herbert Penzl's
    A grammar of Pashto: A descriptive study of the dialect of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

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