International standard date and time notation
International Standard ISO 8601 specifies numeric representations of date and time.
It helps to avoid confusion caused by the many different national notations.

  • Date The international standard date notation is YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY is the year in the usual Gregorian calendar, MM is the month of the year between 01 (January) and 12 (December), and DD is the day of the month between 01 and 31

  • For example, the fourth day of February in the year 1995 is written in the standard notation as 1995-02-04 Other commonly used notations are e.g

  • write “1995-02-04 22:45:00”) the notation is short and has constant length, which makes both keyboard data entry and table layout easier identical to the Chinese date notation, so the largest cultural group (>25%) on this planet is already familiar with it :-) date notations with the order “year, month, day” are in addition already widely used e.g

  • are already used to at least the “month, day” order a 4-digit year representation avoids overflow problems after 2099-12-31 As dates will look a little bit strange anyway starting with 2000-01-01 (e.g

  • like 1/1/0), it has been suggested that the year 2000 is an excellent opportunity to change to the standard date notation

  • All of these alternatives can easily and automatically be distinguished from each other: The hyphens can be omitted if compactness of the representation is more important than human readability, for example as in 19950204 If only the month or even only the year is of interest: 1995-02 or 1995 In commercial and industrial applications (delivery times, production plans, etc.), especially in Europe, it is often required to refer to a week of a year - 2News - Utah's source for breaking news, weather and sports
    Salt Lake City. Local news, weather, sports, and job listings. [CBS]

  • KUTV: 2News - Utah's source for breaking news, weather and sports 1 Search Seen on 2News Services Lifestyle Collections In Our Area Other Ways to Get News About Us Our Partners Tuesday, August 08, 2006 | 02:37 am US/Mountain Primary Children's Hospital Doctors have successfully separated 4-year-old twin sisters born fused at the midsection, with just one kidney and one set of legs, and were continuing with reconstruction surgery

  • It's the time of year when people love to barbeque yet you may have heard some reports that grilling is linked to cancer

    Ecclesiastical Calendar: Enter a Year...
    Calculates the Ecclesiastical calendar for any year; includes movable and fixed
    Western Christian Feasts, as well as the movable Orthodox Feasts; includes links ...

  • | Please enter a year after A.D

  • Ecclesiastical Calendar for which year: A.D

  • Here is a list of years with the same Julian date or Gregorian date of Orthodox Easter, AD 1875-2124

  • Here is a of years with the same date of Western Easter, AD 1875-2124

  • (These Feasts may or may not be celebrated by other Christian denominations.) For years before 1583 , only the dates of Christmas and Easter are calculated

  • If the date of Easter was based on local observations, then it would be possible for different parts of the world to celebrate Easter on different dates in the same year

  • And some countries that switched to the Gregorian calendar used a different definition of Easter for some time (parts of Germany and Sweden used tables based on the observations of Tycho Brahe to determine Easter for many years after the Gregorian calendar was adopted in those locations)

  • An interesting upshot of the algorithm is that the cycle of Easter dates (in the Gregorian Calendar) repeats every 5, 700, 000 years - and no sooner! (See the for why the period has this particular length.) Using the algorithms, I have calculated the distribution of the Gregorian Easter dates over various periods of time

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  • This is the latest in a series of attacks and retaliations initiated by Hezbollah's July 12 capture of two Israeli soldiers, though the political entities have been involved in sporadic fighting for more than 50 years

  • Lohan Hospitalized, Second Time This Year Lindsay Lohan , up from the number 22 spot to number 16 on our list, was hospitalized July 25 for extreme heat exhaustion while working on the set of her new movie 'Georgia Rule.' The 105 degree California heat may have been partly to blame for the actress' illness; however, Lohan reportedly received a letter from 'Georgia' producer James Robinson berating her for 'late-night partying, ' which he believes the explanation for her constant exhaustion on the set


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  • FEATURED FULLSCREEN THIS WEEK | is hosted by: July 23 2006 VR Photo © Not many years ago America had hundreds of oil & gasoline companies

  • 2006 April 4 Photo © Since March 7 millions of people across France have protested against the new job laws, Contrat Premiere Embauche (CPE): a new work contract for under-26s which allows a two-year trial period where the employers can end the contract without explanation

    Preservation Online: Story of the Week Archives: A Museum's Many Miles
    Article by Carolyn Battista on a tiny museum in the Uncasville section that
    chronicles Indian history in Montville.

  • The next year Gladys Tantaquidgeon joined her father and brother in opening the one-room Tantaquidgeon Indian Museum, in the Uncasville section of Montville, Conn., 80 miles east of New York City

  • The family has looked after a beaded belt from the 1700s, hung portraits of Mohegan leaders on pegboards, and arranged traditional baskets of oak and ash (some more than 200 years old) on homemade shelves

  • More than 6, 000 people a year visit what’s become a one of the oldest Indian-run museums in the country

  • As the years went by, they attended local schools, took jobs, and fought in their country's wars

  • Melissa Tantaquidgeon welcomes high school students On a late spring morning this year, Tantaquidgeon smiled at students who'd just arrived from Tolland High School in Tolland, Conn., some 30 miles away

  • The museum will remain a small, homey place, although the tribe has recently experienced an enormous shift: In 1996, the Mohegan Tribal Nation opened a casino resort in Uncasville that attracts more than 12 million visitors a year

  • The casino’s profits have allowed tribal members to provide their children with material goods and college educations, and the tribe itself to undertake projects like the renovation and new addition completed last year at its 1831 Congregational church, just up Mohegan Hill from the museum :: home of fine hypertext products
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  • about a camp in North Dakota 'where kids as young as 6 years-old are taught to become dedicated Christian soldiers in God's army'

  • I had the idea for this about a year ago and was going to write it up for the site to see if anyone wanted to collaborate on a prototype, but never got around to it

  • Thirty years earlier, : 'But segway into the Roxbury hillside.'

  • Update: : 'Researchers at Michigan State University are growing and examining seedlings that have sprouted from seeds buried 120 years ago on campus

  • They've been doing this roughly every five years since 1879, when William Beal, a professor of botany at what then was Michigan Agricultural College, buried them in anticipation of learning how long seeds can remain viable.' (thx, susan) Update: There are

  • 'Unlike many 'special edition' and 'director's cut' movies released over the years, Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut will essentially be a completely new film.' (thx, )

    The New Yorker: Fact
    With Bush's second term, more wars, neocon expansion, and Pentagon clandestine
    activities are on the way.

  • This is the last hurrah—we’ve got four years, and want to come out of this saying we won the war on terrorism.” Bush and Cheney may have set the policy, but it is Rumsfeld who has directed its implementation and has absorbed much of the public criticism when things went wrong—whether it was prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib or lack of sufficient armor plating for G.I.s’ vehicles in Iraq

  • is out of there.” For more than a year, France, Germany, Britain, and other countries in the European Union have seen preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon as a race against time—and against the Bush Administration

  • Many Western intelligence agencies, including those of the United States, believe that Iran is at least three to five years away from a capability to independently produce nuclear warheads—although its work on a missile-delivery system is far more advanced

  • ‘Otherwise, our Air Force will take care of it.’ ” In 1981, the Israeli Air Force destroyed Iraq’s Osirak reactor, setting its nuclear program back several years

  • Last year, Musharraf professed to be shocked when Khan, in the face of overwhelming evidence, “confessed” to his activities

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  • That's got to be the worst spin job of the year

  • (R-SD): [If] I were running in [South Dakota]' this year, you obviously don't embrace the president and his agenda.' He's talking about South Dakota

  • [I]t is one of the two best books I've read in years about the Democratic Party, its myriad problems and challenges -- Charlie Cook, National Journal Menu About Recommended Diaries by 714 comments by 194 comments by 334 comments by 248 comments by 33 comments by 114 comments by 151 comments by 56 comments Recent Diaries by 0 comments by 0 comments by 1 comment by 11 comments by 9 comments by 17 comments by 24 comments by 17 comments by 8 comments by 23 comments by 16 comments by 9 comments by 2 comments by 8 comments by 16 comments by 24 comments by 8 comments by 10 comments by 5 comments by 33 comments by 9 comments by 59 comments by 155 comments by 7 comments by 43 comments by 25 comments by 20 comments by 56 comments by 1 comment by 6 comments Candidates DailyKos Feeds Blogroll Other Kos Sites Kos Blogfather Kos Alumni Blogroll Dems and Allies (DSCC) (DNC) (DCCC) © Kos Media, LLC Site content may be used for any purpose withoutexplicit permission unless otherwise specified Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
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  • Seen On Tonight, a 44-year-old homeless man, is searching frantically for his faithful companion, Oxter

  • Nestor De Venecia says his 12-year-old black chow mix, Oxter, was taken after he left her for a few minutes in front of the Grand Central Bar on North Charles street, July 29th

  • Supports Emergency Contraception Entertainment MTV's Barkers Heading For Divorce Water Cooler Today In History - August 10, 2006 Movie Reviews 'World Trade Center' Years at the station: 5 | See the entire news team Newsletters and Alerts Want breaking news delivered to your inbox or cell phone when it happens? WJZ Baltimore, Maryland News Weather is always on with a full offering of email newsletters and wireless alerts

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  • (Posted 8/10/2006) Northrop Grumman Mission Systems holds the current DTS contract, which expires at the end of the fiscal year
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  • - 8:28 am, August 2 German brewer Beck's ran clean out of lager in last month's Euro heatwave 20 years ago, China had zero theme parks

  • - 5:51 am, August 1 A welcome return :, one of the best weblogs [full stop, no qualifier], is back after about a year in mothballs

  • -5:50 am, August 1 Only a city full of treacherous, greedy shitbags would 'honour' a distinguished citizen by and then selling out at the first whiff of cash, just 14 years later

  • The copious experience of veterinarians, who kill scores of injured and ill mammals by this means every year, shows that the method is effective and carries minimal risk of adverse reaction

  • dollar depreciation is boosting inflation unnaturally in the region (þ: Sean Jordan) - 6:55 pm, July 21 A Japanese child murderer from a bridge Surrealist headline dept.: In Indonesia , a 17-year-old boy scout to plead for tuition help Meanwhile, it seems Faced with a higher bill for Bolivian methane, Argentina passes the peso by Zim watch: ZANU-PF insiders say and leaning back towards a protegé previously tarred with coup d'état smears Nothing sucks like Electrolux -- from innovative rivals 35 farmers from a central Indian village, frustrated by repeated crop failures, A Chinese journalist faces criticism and praise YouTube has Japanese media companies scrambling to launch imitators--but (doy) , on the 100th anniversary of his rehabilitation Can it be true? - 12:16 am, July 17 Holy cow! A guy named Trevor Stenson has created one of my Top 5 Websites That Should Exist And That I Could Probably Build My Own Self If I Weren't So Lazy

    DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security
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  • Ten years on, the Qana..

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    Alderney Week | Home
    Official site for Alderney Week, the island's biggest annual carnival.

  • Every year since then, the organisers come up with a new theme and new events

  • Meet the Alderney Week Team 2006 left to right: Zoë Sowden, Lee Flewitt, Ilona Soane-Sands, Ronnie Cairnduff and Janine Page Super Puffin is the Alderney Week 2006 logo and Super Puffin was the Alderney Week 2006 logo and mascot and very aptly represents this year’s theme “Heroes and Heroines”

  • This charming creature is the result of an island-wide “design-a-logo” competition for under 18’s and with over 50 entries for this year’s logo, the judges had a tough choice to make but are convinced that Super Puffin is just perfect for the job

  • He has been featuring prominently on the Alderney Week programme, on posters and all merchandising items including T-shirts and baseball caps.  Public opinion is that Alderney Week 2006 was the best for many years, with lots of fun and frolics, beautiful sunshine, gorgeous Miss Alderney and her charming entourage, fantastic floats, great shows, wonderful music, including the first ever “Battle of the Bands”, and Alderney’s very own “X-Factor Show”, superb entertainment – in particular the Wednesday night Gala Spectacular  and many other events, silly competitions, the first ever Pedal Kart Grand Prix, a fantastic “Man-Powered Flight Show” and definitely the best fireworks display ever! Alderney was alive to the sound of music, the weather couldn’t have been better and everybody was out to enjoy themselves and entered into the spirit

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    Group weblog on evolutionary theory, the claims of the anti-evolution movement,
    and the defence of the integrity of both science and science education.

  • Continue reading “” Posted by PvM on August 07, 2006 | The has published the The document is titled “Countering the Wedge: A multi-pronged, multi-year strategy to oppose creationism and intelligent design in the science curriculum of public schools” and is authored by Massimo Pigliucci, David Baum and Mark McPeek Anti-Wedge Document wrote: The existence of a massive and well-funded network of anti-evolutionary groups has contributed to the persistence of creationism, but at the same time scientists could have been more effective in outreach and education (Pigliucci 2002, 2005)

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