Hydrogen Boost
Offers a gas mileage enhancement system based on hydrogen gas generator.

  • Home    Savings    Test Results    Diesel    FAQ    Testimonial Video    Demo Video    Newsletter    Order    Contact Home Savings Test Results Diesel FAQ Testimonial Video Demo Video Newsletter Order Contact What is the Hydrogen-Boost Mileage Enhancement System? The Hydrogen-Boost System is a gas mileage enhancement system based on the main component, an on-board hydrogen gas generator

  • Our typical hydrogen generator will produce 1.5 to 2 liters of alternative fuel gas (hydrogen and oxygen mixed, Brown’s gas) per minute using at 20-30 amperes.  This is only the beginning of our system.  The complete system is required to expect considerable increase in mileage on your vehicle.  Please read the report at

  •   With the complete Hydrogen Boost system we have achieved typical increase in mileage of 15-25% on the vehicles we have tested, without the use of driving tips, and well over 50% with the implementation of the driving tips in our manual.  See our video taped demonstration by choosing a link below: Higher quality video 39 MB           Lower quality video 4 MB For demonstration of the affect of our gases on a running engine view the following video:  idle demo

    12 Proven Ways To Improve Gas Mileage
    Provides 12 fuel economy tips.

  • Welcome to 12 proven ways to improve your gas mileage Keep your engine tuned up

  • Incorrect fuel ratio, bad spark plugs and incorrect spark timing can have a big effect on gas mileage

  • Ask other people with the same type of car what kind of gas mileage they get, it may alert you to a problem with your car

  • Keeping your highway speed at 55 mph can improve you gas mileage by as much as 25%, compared to 75 mph

  • Open windows actually reduce gas mileage compared to using the A/C

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    Howstuffworks "How Hybrid Cars Work"
    Graphical tutorial explains the workings behind these vehicles. Also includes
    some current real-world examples and related links.

  • | Sponsored By: Top Auto Categories Read Reviews From the Editors of Consumer Guide® > > > > > > Sponsored By: Popular Searches > > > > > > > Subjects > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Explore Stuff > > > > > > > > How Hybrid Cars Work by and Table of Contents Photo courtesy The 2006 Honda Insight hybrid car Have you pulled your car up to the gas pump lately and been shocked by the high ? As the pump clicked past $20, $30, $40 or even $50, maybe you thought about trading in your car for something that gets better mileage

  • How does a hybrid automobile work? What goes on under the hood to give you 20 or 30 more miles per gallon than the standard automobile? And does it pollute less just because it gets better gas mileage? In this article, we'll help you understand how this technology works, and we'll even give you some tips on how to drive a hybrid car for maximum efficiency

  • It attempts to significantly increase the mileage and reduce the emissions of a gas-powered car while overcoming the shortcomings of an electric car

  • The car should be able to: Drive at least 300 miles (482 km) between re-fueling Be refueled quickly and easily Keep up with the other traffic on the road A gasoline car meets these requirements but produces a relatively large amount of pollution and generally gets poor gas mileage

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    Ethanol: A Tragedy in 3 Acts
    A BusinessWeek article that explains three main aspects of ethanol use that
    illustrate why it is not a good substitute for gasoline.

  • Shortly thereafter, in yet another attempt to broaden the product's usage, Congress enacted a law that allowed car manufacturers to take excess mileage credits on any vehicle they built that was capable of burning an 85% blend of ethanol, better known as E85

  • But what the excess mileage credits actually did was save Detroit millions each year in penalties it would have owed for not meeting the CAFE regulations' mileage standards

  • estimated the drop in mileage at 40%.) But one final setup for the public has gone unnoticed

  • At the Web site, which confirms the 25% to 30% drop in mileage resulting from the use of this blended fuel, another feature lets users calculate and compare annual fuel costs using regular gasoline to costs using E85

  • More smog, infinitely worse gas mileage, huge problems in distribution, and skyrocketing prices for gasoline

  • But this assertion misses the entire point of my column: If you don’t like paying $3 a gallon for gasoline, then use E85 where available -- and your effective costs for fuel, because of the dramatically reduced gas mileage you’ll get, will make that $3 per gallon more like $4

    Electronic Engine Ionizer Fuel Saver
    Offers electronic engine ionizer.

  • Increase Gas Mileage Up to 30% Electro Chemically Increase Horsepower Up to 18% Reduce Emissions Up to 60% Improve Combustion Efficiency of ANY Gas Engine Self-Install in Minutes-No Tools Required Extend Engine Life of Old or New Cars Does Not Void Warranty Customer Service 800-967-0452 GUARANTEED 10 YEARS! Check out our testimonials Only $10.00 per cylinder Corona research has led to many things, including the Electronic Engine Ionizer Fuel Saver

  • That's more efficient fuel utilization (better gas mileage), increased horsepower, and lower octane requirements

  • You can use the cheaper fuel and get better mileage with more horsepower! If that isn't enough, racers, it also improves throttle response

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    News and Information about Hybrid Vehicles
    The Department of Energy's fuel economy site gives gas mileage tips, gas price
    info, and a tool to compare fuel efficiency of hybrids and conventional cars.

  • How Hybrids Get Such Great Gas Mileage It is no accident that the most fuel efficient vehicles in some classes for the 2006 model year are hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs)

  • Benefits

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    Bassani designs, tests, and manufacture the ultimate in high performance exhaust
    systems. .

  • Get maximum performance from your GT with the Bassani long tube headers and Power X add our axel-back performance mufflers with polished tips for that signature Bassani sound! 2006 Dodge Magnum/ Charger aft-cat system Increase your gas mileage and performance with our new Aft-cat exhaust system

  • Increase your gas mileage, performance and get that Bassani signature sound with our new axel back system

    Maple V.4 worksheets for use with a course at Georgia Tech.

  • Gas Mileage Analysis : Gas mileage data is provided from a 4000 mile trip

    Carnot Cycle
    Explains the basics of the Carnot cycle. Includes thermodynamic diagrams and theorems.

  • As Schroeder puts it 'So don't bother installing a Carnot engine in your car; while it would increase your gas mileage, you would be passed on the highway by pedestrians.' Reference Sec 4.1 ***** R Nave Entropy and the Carnot Cycle The efficiency of a cycle is given by For the ideal case of the, this efficiency can be written Using these two expressions together If we take Q to represent added to the system, then heat taken from the system will have a negative value - JOHN'S TOOL BOX: EXPERT ADVICE ON AUTO ...
    Expert advice on auto maintenance and repair with Consumer Reports' auto mechanic
    John Ibbotson.


    Visual Lizard | standards-based web design and application development
    Offers a variety of new media services, including interactive content development,
    internet-related, print, media and consulting.

  • Ross, June 16, 2006 - More electric than gas, hoping plugin hybrids increase gas mileage

    Motorscooter weblog focused mainly on Vespa and Lambretta scooters. Features articles
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    The Detroit Project - by Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars
    Ads linking SUVs to national security, an Arianna Huffington project by Americans
    for Fuel Efficient Cars.

  • Now we have produced a new ad showcasing the high-mileage, high-performance cars and trucks Detroit could build today -- but won't

  • Gas Mileage Hits 22-Year Low NRDC and the Detroit Project Rip Automakers for Broken Fuel-Saving Pledges WASHINGTON, D.C

  • With humor and polish, they turn a glossy car commercial on its head - showcasing the high-mileage, high-performance cars and trucks Detroit could build today, but won't

    Unique chemical products for gas mileage, horsepower and protection
    Sells automotive additives and chemical products, including Militec-1 metal
    surface lubricant, Duro-Care for leather, vinyl and rubber and GTA fuel enhancer.

  • retail customers!! New technology for increasing octane and horsepower, reducing emissions and improving gas mileage

    Ed Hanson's Muffler Service in San Diego, can help you get better ...
    Automotive exhaust services. Contact information and map.

  • We can help you get better gas mileage with a quality, energy efficient exhaust system for your car, truck, or motorhome

  • Whether you need a small repair on your daily driver, restoring a vintage beauty, or need to increase your towing performance and gas mileage on your mothorhome, we've got you covered!!

    InsightMan and his Honda Insight hybrid auto
    Experiences, opinions, press kits, owner's manual highlights, auto shows, pictures,
    and drawings.

  • New Insights now use the same windshield wiper blades as the Civic and cruise control is finally available, but the Insight's reason for being, high gas mileage, has not advanced since the car was designed in 1999

  • Indeed, many owners have seen their gas mileage actually degraded by Honda's updates to the Insight's engine control module

  • So year after year, the Insight maintains its top spot in the mileage charts, eliminating any reason for Honda to make any changes to it's lowest-production automobile

  • Even though Prius owners are often disappointed when they realize it's impossible to match the EPA's mileage figures for their car, they're happy to be doing their part to reduce the damage they're causing to the environment

  • With the slick new bigger and faster 500-volt 55 mpg Prius about to debut this fall, I'm very happy to learn that Honda will retain the high-mileage crown

  • Well, one other thing is different: it gets only 68 mpg in the EPA highway mileage ratings

  • Of course, because Honda wanted to achieve the highest possible mileage rating when they introduced the Insight, they used an Insight without the air conditioning system

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    The Dodge Daytona - info, performance, specs, more
    Year by year history, specs, VIN decoding and recall notices. Dodge Daytona forum.

  • In both cases the five-speed stick-shift provided a substantail speed and gas mileage boost

  • Zero to sixty times were in the 8 to 9 second range for the turbo, which was very good for the time, especially given the gas mileage

  • The had about the same gas mileage, but provided more power (especially on the low end) with less noise

  • DO THIS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE! Grab your owner's manual and look up what routine maintenance needs to be performed on your vehicle based on its mileage

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