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    US Infant & International Adoption Agency
    A full service adoption agency specializing in domestic, Ukrainian, Chinese, and
    Haitian adoption.

  • | A non-profit, licensed agency established in 1992, CASI Foundation For Children is committed to creating families through adoption and improving the quality of life for orphaned children worldwide

  • Please select one of the following options: If you are unable to download the packet or would like to speak with an adoption professional, please contact us at (800)376-0558 or

  • Adoption Teleconferences Click Here Meet CASI Adoption Professionals and learn about our programs from anywhere

  • We started our adoption process in October and had a baby boy in February! One little girl and her mother make a journey that changes their lives

  • 2005 - adoption agency

    Adoption Associates, Inc. | Domestic Infant & International ...
    Domestic infant placement agency, working with both adoptive and birth parents.

  • Adoption Associates, Inc: Domestic Infant and International Adoption Agency Futures built through adoption Call us now at 1.800.677.2367 September 11, 2006 Listed below are the families who brought children home from China, Guatemala, or Russia during August of 2006

  • An adoption agency you can trust With over 3, 000 children placed since 1990, Adoption Associates, Inc

  • (AAI), has quickly risen to the forefront of Michigan's adoption agencies with proven domestic infant and international programs

  • But more important than any number is the commitment AAI has to each child and parent: to guide families carefully through every step of the adoption process

  • Learn how we can help you make an adoption plan

  • Things to consider when deciding if domestic adoption is right for you

  • Adoption funding, donations, and products

  • News and stories supporting the mission of adoption

  • Latest Adoption News August 30, 2006 Significant program fee reductions are available through October 31, 2006 for families that have previously adopted from Russia through AAI or any other agency as well as families who are new to the Russia adoption program

    Christian Adoptions - International, Baby, Child Adoption, Agency ...
    Articles, poems, message board and mailing list.


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    China adoption - Beacon House Adoption - Russia adoption ...
    Licensed, non-profit child placing agency. Offering adoption alternative including
    domestic (caucasian and minority) and international adoption programs.

  • beaconhouseadoption060125 Beacon House is pleased to be an accredited agency by the Russian Federation for international adoptions from Russia

  • There has been no adverse effect on our Russia adoptions

  • Beacon House has been involved in hundreds of Russian adoption placements over the past few years, and has an experienced staff waiting to provide the personal attention you want for your Russian adoption! Beacon House is a not-for-profit, private child and infant adoption agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, providing domestic adoption, and services from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Guatemala

  • The process is as follows: Families are invited to attend an interview at the National Adoption Center in Kiev, Ukraine to receive referral information regarding the children

  • Once a family decides on their forever child, Ukrainian adoption representatives will handle the remainder of the adoption matters

  • They arrange for a court hearing and the required official meetings, prepare the child's international adoption case and handle post international adoption certificates

  • Beacon House is a not-for-profit, private child and infant adoption agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, providing domestic adoption, and international adoption services from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Guatemala

    Infant Adoption, Baby Placement, Adoption Services, Adopt Help, Inc.
    Located in Encino. Providing assistance to pregnant women considering adoption
    and families seeking to adopt.

  • Toll FREE & CONFIDENTIAL 1-800-637-7999 ADOPTION & SURROGACY AdoptHelp Law Center is the nation's premier domestic adoption center specializing in both independent and collaborative agency adoptions

  • If you are a birth mother searching for the perfect adoptive parents or adoptive parents searching to adopt a newborn baby or a child who is a toddler, our innovative adoption services and professionalism represent the highest achievement in adoptions in the United States

  • Whether you are just looking for a resource for information or are looking for professionals to handle every aspect of your adoption plan, our organization and its attorneys, caseworkers, and affiliated counselors, are always available to assist you

  • If you are pregnant and would like to place your baby for adoption, AdoptHelp has a family waiting that is just right for you

  • We specialize in private infant adoptions and finding wonderful homes for American children throughout the United States

    Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. - Our Services - Caring ...
    Several centers in Middle Tennessee offering free pregnancy tests and counseling,
    material assistance, adoption assistance, and prenatal care.

  • Thomas, Department Director 30 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37205 Phone: 615.352.3089 Phone: 800.CARE.002 E-mail: Jan Clifton 30 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37205 Phone: 615.352.3089 E-mail: Deasree Williams Clarksville Caring Choices 1905 Madison Street Clarksville, TN 37043 Phone: 931.645.9969 Kathy Gupton Infant Adoption Awareness 30 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37205 Phone: 615.352.3087 Nancy Salyer Worth Waiting For 709 Franklin Street Phone: 931.645.9793 Kim Tant 30 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37205 Phone: 615.352.3089 E-mail: Programs and Services | (Caring Choices and Worth Waiting For) | ADOPTION Caring Choices is a state-licensed adoption agency serving all races and religions

  • A sliding scale helps to make adoption affordable for virtually all qualified adoptive parents

  • Adoption is a three-step process

  • The next step is the home study, a state-mandated legal requirement in all adoption placements

  • In the domestic infant adoption program Catholic Charities has a few minimal requirements

  • In the case of special needs or minority adoptions the requirements of infertility and the limit of children need not be met - Internet Adoption Resources
    Listing of adoption resources on the Internet, organized in topical categories.

  • Here you will find everything prospective adoptive parents need to know about adopting: &nbsp How to get started &nbsp Links to hundreds of adoption agencies, facilitators and attorneys &nbsp Letters to birthparents from families looking to adopt a newborn &nbsp Support groups &nbsp Information on adoptees' rights, perspectives and more &nbsp Emailing lists, newsgroups, bulletin boards and chat &nbsp Waiting child photolistings Everything you need to know to help you choose the path to adopting that's right for you can be found on the internet, and if it's out there, it can be accessed from

  • (Disclaimer: Inclusion in this listing does not imply an endorsement of that organization or individual by (Please see below for general listings) World Partners Adoption URL: Email: WPA is a non profit agency specializing in adoptions in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, China, and Guatemala

  • Visit our photolisting! Independent Adoption Center URL: Email: Nationwide Open Adoption Agency

  • Nearly 4, 000 adoptions completed

  • Affordable with $10, 000 adoption tax credit

  • Benefits

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    Adoption Agency Alternative - making your own choice
    Brings mothers with an unexpected pregnancy together with qualified adoption families.

  • Adoption Agency Alternative The site is currently down

    Saskatchewan Social Services - Adoption
    Government information on a wide range of adoption issues and topics. Includes links
    to regional offices.

  • Common Questions | © 2006 Government of Saskatchewan Last updated June 01, 2006 Adoption Who can adopt in Saskatchewan? You must be a Saskatchewan resident, unless the court has waived residency requirements

  • Married adults jointly; an unmarried adult; or any other person or persons that the court may allow, having regard to the best interests of the child, may make application to the court for an order of adoption

  • What adoption programs does the Department of Community Resources Offer? Domestic Adoption Domestic adoption refers to the adoption of a child who is permanently in the care of the Minister of Community Resources

  • Children who are permanently committed to the care of the Minister of Community Resources may be adopted if they are legally free for adoption and adoption is considered the best lifeplan for them

  • Processing the adoption through court is done by Community Resources

  • Assisted Adoption The Assisted Adoption Program may provide assistance to adoptive families who are interested in the challenge of parenting children who have special needs and are in the care of the Minister of Community Resources prior to adoption

    Open Adoption Agencies | Child Adoption | Planning to adopt
    A listing of adoption policies that guide the formation of this national organization
    of values based open adoption agencies.

  • Open Adoption Adoption in the Best Interest of the Child American Association of Open Adoption Agencies The purpose of these AAOAA pages, and the attached, is to give you the best information possible about the adoption of a child

  • Understanding this information, and using the attached Adoption Agency Selection Checklist , will help you find the agency providing the highest quality of infant and older child adoption services in your area

  • (See .) While the truths of adoption remain constant, the business of adoption is constantly changing

  • Far too many adoption service providers work to become wealthy by unethically manipulating the human tragedies surrounding adoption

  • The goal of these pages is to help eliminate such manipulation and help your adoption experience be the most positive

  • Understand well what is written on the pages before you use the attached Adoption Agency Selection Checklist to help select an adoption agency

  • Adoption is one of most delicate and crucial processes in life

  • Bill Betzen LMSW (Emeritus) July 22, 2005 AAOAA Statement of Purpose: We are committed to providing and encouraging the provision of adoption services of the highest quality

    An Open Door Adoption Agency
    Helping Christian families find loving children and children find parents.

  • :: :: “Adoption is a loving choice” An Open Door Adoption Agency is a Christian not-for-profit adoption agency founded in 1987

  • The adoption agency offers domestic adoptions of Caucasian and African American children as well as international adoptions from Eastern Europe, China and Latin America

  • An Open Door has well established adoption programs in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America

  • These adoption programs help children find parents and adoptive parents complete their families with a child

  • Jackson Street Thomasville, GA 31799 © 1998-2005, An Open Door Adoption Agency Inc


    A Loving Alternative
    Offers facilitation services for birthparents and adoptive parents throughout
    the United States. Profiles of waiting parents, description of services, ...

  • Birth Parents Please call (anytime): 1-800-556-5635 A Loving Alternative Adoption Services We provide domestic adoption services to pregnant women and to couples hoping to adopt

  • We work closely with some of the most reputable adoption agencies and adoption attorneys in the country, to ensure birth mothers get adoption counseling and legal services at no cost

  • | © Copyright 2003 A Loving Alternative Adoption Service Adoption Facilitator, LLC

    Adoptive parent profiles from A Link
    List and information about various couples waiting to adopt through private open

  • Copyright © 1999-2002 A Link&#134 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED If you have any questions and/or comments about the site, please contact us by e-mail &#32&#32 Adoptive Parents There are those who conclude that the most loving provision they can make for their unborn child is to arrange for placement by adoption...adoption to a loving Christian home

  • No couple will be brought forward for consideration to adopt unless they meet the pre-adoption requirements of their resident state

    Pregnancy Counseling Service
    Located in Des Moines. Offers pregnancy testing, counseling, and referrals for
    medical, financial, and housing resources.

  • Des Moines, IA 515-244-3761 , Adoption Coordinator -- 515-237-5016 Pregnancy Counselor -- 515-237-5082 Pregnant? What is your next move? An unexpected pregnancy can lead to a lot of unanticipated questions: What am I going to do? Who can I turn to for help? How do I take care of a child? We will help you sort out your feelings, and work with you as you sort through the steps and choices of parenting or adoption, whichever is appropriate for you

  • Services are available for women and men of all ages to assist them in deciding whether to parent their child or make an adoption plan

  • Parenting or Adoption? You Decide! We acknowledge that there is no easy or perfect outcome to an unplanned pregnancy

  • If you decide that you cannot parent this child we will help you create an open adoption plan which allows you to choose and know the adoptive family and your child

  • Your pregnancy counselor will also help you understand the legal aspects of adoption and will address the emotional and psychological needs that may arise

  • What services are available? We offer professional, unbiased counseling on pregnancy-related issues, referrals to other agencies or resources as needed, and adoption services if the client chooses to release her child for adoption

    Exploring Adoption
    Explores all aspects of adoption. Very thorough.

  • Exploring the many facets of adoption About Your email address: Powered by Book of the Week 'Exploring Adoption' Featured in 'Best of Blogs' Forbes Best of the Web Review 20 Most Popular Articles Categories Adoption Statistics Links to Laura's adoption and infertility articles This is the second in a two-part series that examines the role finances play in building a family through adoption or fertility treatment

  • An essay about open adoption, co-written by Laura Christianson (adoptive mom) and Jen Steele (birth mom)

  • In this, the first of a two-part series, we examine the critical role finances play for people who build families through fertility treatment or adoption

  • Feature introducing University Presbyterian Church's Heartbeat Ministry - to nurture and support those who are waiting for a child through birth or adoption

  • Tips for how friends can provide hope and healing to those who are waiting for a child through birth or adoption

  • Sidebar: Single Moms Discuss Adoption

  • Reprinted in Adoption Week magazine, 2003

  • Personal essay that overviews the outdated and hurtful cliches people often use to describe adoption

    Infant Adoption, A Act of Love Agency
    Non-profit agency that focuses on domestic infant adoptions. Located in Sandy, Utah.
    Includes testimonials, history, and list of requirements.

  • | Adoption Information Adoption Award Kathy Kunkel received a from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI)

  • 100 Adoptions Last year we helped over 100 families adopt, thank you! Infant Adoption A Act of Love is a non-profit, private, licensed adoption agency

  • Our website provides adoption information for those seeking to adopt a child or those considering placing their child for adoption

  • We focus on domestic adoption and infant adoptions with an emphasis on speed and quality

  • Our staff always goes the extra mile to make sure the adoption process is smooth and enjoyable

  • We are a different kind of adoption agency that cares about individual children, birth parents, and adopting families

  • We are an adoption agency that respects the differences and wishes of each person involved in the adoption process

  • We are an adoption agency that understands that adoption is nothing less than a act of love

  • We hope you can find the adoption information you are seeking

  • Free adoption information: If you are seeking to adopt a child please call 1-888-767-7740 or to receive information in the mail

    Hands Across The Water International Adoption Agency
    Non-profit, licensed adoption agency working with families pursuing international
    and domestic adoption.

  • We have international adoption programs in many countries including Guatemala, China, Lithuania, and many Eastern European nations

  • Families work directly with our International Programs Specialist throughout the adoption process

  • In addition to international adoption, we have two U.S

  • adoption programs - infant domestic adoption and Waiting CHild domestic adoption

  • Our goals, as a licensed adoption agency, are to help you with your adoption decision, to guide you through the adoption process, and to support and assistyour family formed by adoption

  • So come along and join us on an adoption adventure

  • Our dreams have come true through adoption...Hands Across The Water will be happy to help you in making your dreams come true too!! HATW Families, click to access your program area! ©2000-2006, Hands Across The Water | Web design and maintenance by

    Fertilethoughts - Adoption
    Various forums on related topics.

  • Adoption User Name Remember Me? Password Search Forums Sub-Forums: Adoption Forum Last Post Threads Posts Moderator (2 Viewing) If you are new to adoption then come here

  • by Yesterday 11:01 AM 45 211 (2 Viewing) Please feel free to post your questions, provide information and interact with other members about all aspects of Domestic Adoption

  • by Today 12:01 PM 413 3, 048 , This board is to help those that are going or have been through an adoption that did not end in finalization

  • We hope you are able to find the information and support you by 09-08-2006 10:09 PM 192 985 by 08-16-2006 05:39 PM 14 64 (5 Viewing) The primary mission of the International Adoption Forum is to provide support for those interested in International Adoption

  • We welcome anyone that would like to share or learn more about parenting after adoption

    Adoption Open, Open Adoption site for birthmothers seeking open ...
    Features information about workshops and support groups, profiles of families
    hoping to adopt (from specific agencies) and resources.

  • How To Use This Open Adoption Web Site is an informational web site for people seeking a basic knowledge of domestic open adoption

  • Even though open adoption has been taking place in the United States for over 25 years, to the majority of the population, it is a form of adoption that many know little about

  • Please read through and enjoy the different categories on our site, keep in mind though that we at are not open adoption specialist

  • If you are a birthmother and are considering placing your baby through open adoption or a family who is considering open adoption as a way to build your family, it is essential that you acquire the services of an adoption professional that you can trust to guide you through the adoption process

  • Enjoy the site, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at, Thank You!, Founder of, and co-founder of

  • Make sure to visit our new Open Adoption Gift Shop with gifts for all members of the adoption triad, apparel celebrating open adotive families, birthmother gifts and baby gifts

  • just click here, What is Open Adoption? on our site was provided by, The National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect

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