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Provides searches from a database of millions of criminal records nationwide.

  • Criminal Background Check An can provide valuable information to help you make informed decisions

  • With a criminal background check from our database of over 170 million records nationwide, you get instant results

  • Perfect? Do your neighbors have a rapsheet? Get peace of mind and start a ! © 2006 | Criminal Background Check A criminal background check is becoming a standard operating procedure in our society

  • Online Dating Requires The Use of Criminal Background Checks According to one source, more than 40 million Americans use online dating services

  • So how do you protect yourself from criminals? How do you safely meet someone online? Answer: a criminal background check

  • A criminal background check is affordable and easy to get

  • Get a criminal background check

  • Workplace Violence and Criminal Background Check The U.S

  • This surge is prompting the necessity of criminal background checks

  • What could have prevented such attacks? In many cases, thorough background checks would have revealed a history of criminal activity and a propensity to violence

  • Employment background checks are simple and easy to conduct with Instant Background

    Background Checks and Background Check Employment
    Company provides criminal and background checks using record researchers from
    across the nation.

  • | Login Username Password Site Map Now Here! WebCheck ! * Background Checks Welcome to Background Network, Inc

  • If your company needs to check on prospective employees then our section is for you

  • Do you have a prospective business partner you need to know about? Perhaps you want to check and see what is in your own background that might be preventing you from getting a job? If you go to our personal section we can help! Background Network, Inc

  • Employee Termination Checklist: When an employee leaves your company, there are a number of system access and IT security issues that need to be addressed

    Background Check, Phone Number Lookup, Trace email, Criminal ...
    Offering records research, background checks, and personal information verification

  • Background Check Criminal Records Reverse Phone lookup Driving Records People Search Marriage Records Verify College Degrees Employment Check , Criminal Records, Court Records, Aliases, Education Personality traits, Consumer Preferences, Romantic Preferences Birth Dates, Names of , Rumors, Current Address & 30 year history, Police Reports Property Ownership, Employment Status, Tax Liens, Civil Judgments , Trace origin of email or Instant Message & find city, state, country, longitude, latitude & possible street or area of origin

    Free White Pages - People Search - International Phone Books
    Comprehensive white pages and yellow pages telephone directories for almost all
    countries in the world.


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    Intelius People Search - Public Records, Background Checks & More.
    Provides access to public records that assist in locating people and running
    background checks.

    Background Checks Systems: Personal and Business Use Search
    Offers tenant and employment screening background checks.

    Free Public Records Finder Index -
    Directory of free public record links from the United States and around the world.

    A-Check America - Instant Access to a World of Information! Toll ...
    Pre-employment background and drug screening agency.

  • » Complete Screening Services A-Check America provides a complete range of background, drug and pre-employment screening services to companies and organizations that recognize the importance of accurate, legally-compliant pre-employment screening practices

  • A-Check America is dedicated to providing solutions for all your screening needs

  • From drug screening and background checks on one candidate in a single location to customized screening services on thousands of applicants at hundreds of locations, A-Check delivers results

  • As a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners(NAPBS), A-Check ensures clients receive fast, accurate results with the highest levels of service and integrity

  • At A-Check, we always remember to ask 'What are your needs?', not ours

  • We will do this by delivering the following: Create great products as defined by our clients Exceptional customer service as defined by our clients Offer solutions which resolve client issues or needs Training and guidance on our business to clients and staff Follow up with clients to ensure we are delivering on our promise After months of hard work, A-Check America has earned a coveted ISO9000:2001 certification..

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    Online Tenant Screening | Background Check | Check Credit
    Online credit reporting service for landlords.

  • $4.95 Prior Address History Verification $3.95 Tenant Screening Benefits Results in 10 seconds Easy to read Credit Reports Instant Tenant Credit Reports Instant Eviction Searches Instant Criminal Reports Instant tenant evaluation Retrieve hardcopy No software to install Instantly sign leases Improve NOI Fill vacancies faster With You Check Credit, Property managers, landlords, property owners and others in the real estate and rental industry can now check credit online and receive instant tenant screening reports on prospective renters and tenants

  • When using You Check Credit tenant screening services, you will have the flexibility to just order an easy to read credit report for as low as $9.95, or you can order additional searches such as Background Checks, Eviction Records, Applicant Fraud Detection Reports, Criminal Reports, Sex Offender Searches, or Terrorist searches

  • NO MORE WAITING - You check credit can provide you with immediate tenant screening credit reports in less than 10 seconds via the Internet

  • As a client of You Check Credit, you will now have the ability to get fast, accurate tenant screening and background information when you need it

    Criminal Records and Free Public Records Links
    Pre-employment background checks based on public and private records. Online ordering

    Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Pre-Employment Screening, Employee Screening and Pre-Employment ...
    Offering background checks and pre-employment screening for employers worldwide.

  • Tips and Help Articles FAQ Pre-Employment Screening and Background Check Services Trust American Databank for the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive service online

  • Please for your successful and Today!! News for Pre-employment Screening and Background Check Industry I-9 Compliance!! Immigration Status Check

  • True Outsourcing - a full data input service is available; we know a web-based system is not for every one HR Department Functionality - we will act as part of your human resource department, not a just data service provider Strictly Adheres to FCRA, ADA, EEOC Pre-Employment Screening and Background Check 1-800-200-0853 820 Sixteenth Street 8th Floor Denver, Colorado 80202 Phone: 303-573-1130 Fax: 303-573-1779 Business hours: 9:00 - 18:00 / M - F (MST) © 1999 - 2006 American Databank All Rights Reserved


    Senate Republicans backtrack on 'gun-show loophole' votes - May 13 ...

  • EDT (2308 GMT) WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, May 13) -- Feeling the political heat from their rejection of a Democratic move to close the so-called 'gun-show loophole' by requiring background checks from non-licensed gun show vendors, Republicans are now searching for a compromise on the measure

  • The Senate first rejected, 51-47, Wednesday a Democratic amendment to the juvenile justice bill under consideration on the Senate floor that would have extended mandatory background checks, currently required from all licensed dealers, on weapons purchased at gun shows and flea markets

  • It makes voluntary background checks available at the shows while also repealing the requirement -- initiated last November -- that pawnshops conduct background checks on people redeeming their own guns

  • According to Craig, the new GOP compromise would mean all sales at gun shows would be subjected to instant background checks

  • They care very much about the result.' () President Clinton criticized the Senate vote Wednesday on GOP gun-control legislation Wednesday's procedural vote against the mandatory background checks at shows was a blow to Democrats and gun control advocates who thought the shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, which took 15 lives, might loosen the grip of the gun lobby on the GOP-controlled Congress

    CNN - NRA sues to block FBI from keeping lists of gun buyers ...

  • EST (2259 GMT) WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The National Rifle Association on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit to block the FBI from keeping records on the instant background checks that are now mandatory for all gun sales

  • 'It's an Orwellian nightmare.' The NRA suit contends that the Brady Act, the law that requires a background check before a gun purchase, specifically forbids the creation of a national registry of gun owners and directs the Justice Department to destroy those records

  • 'The clear intent of the Congress was to conduct the background check unobtrusively at the point of sale, without delay, and with all respect to the privacy of the gun purchaser, ' Baker said

  • for statistical sampling and internal audits, ' said Jim Kessler, program director for the National Instant Criminal Background Check system

  • Kessler said the agency needed to keep records on the requested background checks so it could audit the performance of its own staff and to ensure that firearms sellers didn't use the background checks for other purposes

  • 'You could use the system for a lot of purposes -- to check on your neighbor, to check on your daughter's boyfriend, and that's not the purpose of this system, ' he said

    Spell Check Software for Instant Messengers | Spell Checker Add-on ...
    IMSpellchecker XP application adds spell-checking and auto correction functionality
    to your favorite Instant Messenger.

  • Guarantee of your correct spelling! Spell check add-on for Instant Messengers Home Spell check add-on currently works with: Windows Live Messenger MSN Messenger AIM Triton Yahoo Messenger Skype Miranda IM Key features: Support top of the popular Instant Messengers Automatic spell-checking as you type Using different correction modes for different typist level Auto correct misspellings and typos "on the fly" Auto correct incorrect capitalization Dictionaries for other languages (French, German, Spanish and other) are available Download additional dictionaries for other languages directly from the program Our partners: at at Spell check your instant messages and chat without typos IMSpellchecker XP adds spell check and autocorrecting features to your favorite Instant Messenger

  • It checks spelling and corrects misspellings or typos automatically as you type

  • Use IMSpellchecker XP to greatly improve your typing and spelling

  • Benefits of using IMSpellchecker XP In-place spell checking You don't need to click any buttons or use hotkey to check your spelling

  • By default IMSpellchecker XP checks spelling automatically as you type, using wavy red underlines to indicate possible spelling problems

    Offers employment and rental reference checking services for job hunters who
    suspect a bad reference. Offers credit reports and driving records.

  • - They wish you well when you leave - find out what your job references are saying now with a confidential reference check

  • Order instant driving records, check criminal records or run a credit or job reference check from the comfort of your home or office

  • , the leading provider of reference checking and background screening services for job and apartment hunters

  • Think hard - can you honestly say that you know what your former boss or landlord will say about you behind your back? Have you ever checked your driving record, criminal history or credit report? With us on your side, you'll have the information you need for the decisions you face;public records:search people, background ...
    Company provides instant criminal record searches and business record searches.

  • Checking Your Business Partners? Protect your business from liability lawsuits and unqualified business partners

  • Get A Criminal Background Check Done First No employer can be too careful

  • Corporate human resource departments as well as small business owners take advantage of American DataBank's background checks and criminal record services

  • Whether you are buying a house, looking for old friends, conducting employment screening, running a background check on a potential new business partner, American Databank will take the mystery out from where it doesn't belong Find Missing Persons, background checks
    Fee-based service for private investigators and others involved in the business
    of finding missing people and running criminal background checks in the USA.

    Nevada Rifle Pistol Association: Promoting the Very Best About Gun Use
    Offers a list of officer contacts, membership information, a directory of clubs
    and ranges, event schedules, and details of pending legislation.

  • NSRPA The Nevada State Rifle and Pistol Association A Non-Profit, Nevada Corporation PO Box 7512 Reno, NV 89510-7512 'Nevada's Grassroots Gun Owners' Association.' 'Promoting the Very Best About Gun Ownership and Use.' GOOD NEWS!! The CCW exemption for the Nevada Instant Check is back in place

  • On this day, Nevada’s Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit will again qualify as an alternative to a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check

  • The Brady Law generally requires licensed dealers to initiate a NICS background check through the FBI (or the State in a Point of Contact State) before transferring a firearm to an unlicensed individual

  • However, the Brady Law contains a few exceptions to the NICS check requirement, including an exception for holders of certain State permits to possess, carry, or acquire firearms

  • In 1998, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) sent an Open Letter to all Nevada FFLs advising them that the Nevada CCW permit would qualify as an alternative to the background check required under the Brady Law

  • ATF's recognition of these permits as a Brady alternative was based on the fact that Nevada conducted background checks through NICS prior to the issuance or renewal of these permits, and denied a permit to anyone prohibited under Federal, State, or local law

    All employment background checks are NOT the same! HIRE-SAFE
    Provides employment background checks, drug testing, and integrity assessments.

  • Background Checks Pre-Employment Screening Drug Testing Legal Right to Work Integrity Assessment Profile Business Due Diligence Established in 1997 HIRE ~SAFE 300 Orchard City Drive Suite 130 Campbell, Calif

  • FREE Sex Offender Know who they are, and where they are! ! Background Checks Done Right! All employment background checks are NOT the same! HIRE-SAFE offers legally compliant Employee Background Checks and Pre-Employment Background Screening , a complete Drug Testing program and Overt Integrity Assessment Profiles

  • Employee Background Checking with HIRE-SAFE will protect your business

  • Here's what sets us apart from so many others: Our Background Checks are fast, priced right and compliant We offer nationwide criminal and driving records We are Licensed and Insured for your protection No setup fees, monthly minimums or contracts* With us, customer service is our practice, not just a slogan For a compliant pre-employment screening and background check, our approach is a very simple and logical one

  • Those appropriate levels of elevated screening can be added to the report for a customized background check

  • No significant financial decision involving another person should be consummated without FIRST completing this background check research

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